Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breaking The Silence

Some time ago I decided that when/if I posted about the Yankees they would lose. It was one of those silly superstitions I developed from the Yanks actually losing after I would post about their exploits. lol Most Baseball people have silly superstitions galore. Its one of those odd things about being a Baseball person that comes with the territory.

So the past 2 months have taugh me a lesson. The Yankees lose plenty with or without my blogs influence. Now I have to face the truth.... I have absolutely no affect on the outcome of the games whatsoever. All I can do (as always is the case) is live and die (inside) when they play. So now I'm thinking this blog can be a Yankee blog once again, especially since I have no interest in blogging about anything else anyway. :P

So, this years Yankees...... Oy! The season started out rough but all during April I kept telling people that having a totally new Manager and coaching staff was the issue. The players aren't. I figured that the team would come around once they all got used to each other and then the Yanks would get on their usual roll. Well, we're all still waiting for that aren't we?

I really like Joe Girardi but so far I'm wondering if he isn't quite the motivator the team needs now. I have seen quite a few games this year and the basic team feel is odd. Kind of like they don't care. I thought that near the end of April and then I watched the Mets series and the team as a whole seems worse. Like they are just going through the motions.

As I watched the Yanks and Mets I was thinking that someone more like Willie Randolf would be a good Manager for the Yankees. Joe Girardi seems like a better fit for the Mets. Willie is a lot like Joe Torre and teh Mets need someone who handles that young group better. Wouldn't it be cool if 2 teams who think they have Manager issues could trade Managers for a month? Exchange Willie for Joe and see how things go. If things work better, then they could make a deal. That would be a sweet idea.

Not that I think Girardi won't turn the thing around. I still believe he will. The Yankees are too good a team to not turn things around. Plus the Yankee farm system has a lot of good youngsters that Joe G. will be a help to. But for now I think the team as a whole hasn't gotten behind the new management style yet. But thats just my feeling at the moment.

Being in last place and especially losing to the stinky old Orioles sucks. I sure hope they get it going soon.

It all will be a distant memory once the Yankees are back in first place where they belong anyway. I'm not too scared yet but I sure will feel better when they start playing like Yankees again. *sigh