Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gracie Hart

You know what the worst thing about schools being back in session is? It's the long lines at Starbuck's. The kids are in there these days and all they ever order are the frozen Frappacino things that take forever to make. They don't even drink real coffee. This is another reason that I believe all schools should be placed in bum-fuck egypt and away from civilization. :P

I noticed something really odd yesterday. At the big company meeting I was feeling lonely. I never, ever feel alone. But in a room socializing with 500 people, free lunch and all, I kept feeling alone. maybe a little lonely. Lindsey was even there and after hanging with her a while I still felt it. Isn't that a weird thing? How can a person be in a room full of people and feel alone? I dunno, but I mananged it.

This morning the feeling persists. But I am embracing it today. I like being alone anyway. lol

I heard a story about a Carolina beauty contestant that apparently was a total dope. The judge even told her she was stupid or something and that her answer was so bad that it made everyone in the room more dumb. That cracks me up. (I want to see the video so if anyone knows where to find it.....) Then I hear she wants to go to Hollywood to do special effects. I'm thinking that maybe this isn't the right person to be messing with explosives.

But I'm not convinced that all the women in a beauty contest are dopes either. Ask Gracie Hart. She figured it out. Or maybe she didn't? I think this one is probably an exception.

The big talk on ESPN last night was all about the Yankees being done. Ha ha! We'll see, won't we? There is still a month to go dorks.

Every other day I have a meeting at 8:10 a.m. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? 8:10 a.m. Plus all we do is rehash stuff from the last meeting. I am headed there to sit and listen to the same boring stuff and mention in my own 2 seconds of time that everything is the same as 2 days ago. It's amazing that humans behave this way. All so we can own stuff and have a week or so off a year to enjoy life. Then we come back to it and do it all over and over and over..... We really are a goofy bunch that inhabit this world. If there is such a thing as global warming I think it comes from all the hot air blowing about in corporate conference rooms all the time.

Gotta run. As you can see, important stuff is happening somewhere in the building and I'm about to be a part of it. ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have so many impressions of my old friends in my head since the reunion thingy. I sorta went into it with an open mind knowing that 26 years apart would make for some interesting changes. But the one biggest surprise was that none of us changed all that much. Appearance wise, sure. We are all a little softer and rounder and that just makes for better squeezability. But the personalities are about the same.

Kent seems to be the same guy I knew. He is funny, smart and only semi-serious about things around him. Much like I see myself. I rarely answer someone with a serious reply the first time I respond. He and I are a lot alike. Plus he has the gift of great one liners even when you don't expect them. He also never seemed to age much. He looks the same as I remember him.

Rene is the same adorable babe I remember. She also didn't seem to age much. She and Kent. She is so sweet about her family and showed us this great video of her grandson shaving. It was hilarious. Plus she still looks so good. She always had the prettiest hair and eyes and nothing has changed (thanks for that). I know she'll cringe with me saying that because I think she hears it a lot. But it's true. She is also so direct. More so than I am (which did surprise me). I do remember her being like that but it still surprised me.

Robin, well what can I say? She is still Robin and I say that with great respect and admiration. She was always the most independent person I knew. Also the one who was the most adventurous. Nothing has changed except the level to which she has stepped it up. She has her own business, a home in Spain, travels to Europe regularly, hunts alligators one day and swims with stingrays the next. She still either wants to race dirt bikes or is still racing them. I didn't get that whole story. The woman has the most energy, just like always. She was disappointed that none of us wanted to keep going until at least 3 a.m. I'm sure she did though.

Rob is the same cool, laid back guy I remember. He is hilarious (as always) and kept me laughing. Not much seems to rattle him. He also remembers people and things that I could never recall without help. I remember how he was always into rap music and I totally forgot to ask him if he remembered "Rappers Delight". In high school he memorized the whole thing and would constantly recite it. Daily. To the point where I memorized most of it and never heard the record.

Rob was the only one to bring his significant other. His wife is adorable. A very classy (and good looking) woman. Made me feel good for him to have someone like that. Nicci would get along well with her I think. Too bad she didn't go along. Next visit will be at my house though so we'll rectify that one.

Rob set up the place to meet and even had these cool chips that were good for free drinks. We drank all evening without spending a penny. That was a great surprise to everyone.

During the evening several things kept happening that surprised me. One was the realization of all the deaths of people we all knew, which seems to have been a lot! A lot of classmates have died and some teachers as well. One of our favorite Teachers died in a car accident with his wife a few years ago just before Christmas. They were returning from Christmas shopping and never made it home. That was a shock to hear.

I was surprised at how much the others have managed to see old classmates. That’s the impression I got anyway. Rob seems to manage to run into many of them. I have never seen any except for one since graduation. Well, 2 including the visits Rob made to where I worked many years ago. I don't know how they do it.

All in all it was a great evening. I will try to relate some of the conversations soon (before I forget them forever). This is getting too long right now plus I need to get going. One thing I know now for sure though is this, I didn’t realize I missed my friends so much. Thinking back now, I think the past couple decades would have been much better had I kept in touch. Live and learn, I guess.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lunch Table Reunion

Saturday night was a blast! 5 of us from high school got together for a mini-reunion. It was labeled the 'lunch table reunion' since we all usually had lunch times together for our last 5 years of school. I'm not sure which of the girls invented the phrase but it definitely suits.

Here is a pic of us now:

Lunch table group

Left to right is Rene, Rob, Me, Robin and Kent. I think we look good. Looking a little older but not too bad yet. lol

It was so cool to catch up to old friends whom I have managed to miss for over 2 decades. Rob had managed to find me a couple of times but it never amounted to anything. Robin and I crossed paths a couple years out of school just long enough for her to decide she didn't like the person I was with then. She was happy to know it didn't last very long.

It was weird having people calling me Bobby again. As if it never changed. Plus the stories from back then that I had forgotten! My memory is a wasteland.

Everyone is doing well these days. Thats the best thing about us I think. We have all had the usual trials and tribulations that life throws at you but we have survived so far.

My impressions of the evening are mixed. I will post more about that when I get the chance. Two things I got from the evening that I know I need to change are that I need to stop being a butt and stay in touch with people and apparently the blog(s) are more interesting than I thought. I need to update better and not be so lazy. But that last part is a real challenge :)

Those two observations aren't even the least of what I got from the Lunch Table Reunion. I'll let you all in on that later. Its coffee o'clock right now.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Touch Of Grey

I'm having one of those stretches in time where everything is OK but nothing is OK. All things are basically there. Thats all. It should make me sad but it doesn't. It should affect me somehow but I don't really care much. I guess this is what life ends up being when you are settled and secure. Right? Boring but not boring. Thats a weird thought.

I'm not bummed per se. I don't know really what it is I am these days. Just tired I guess.

Today will be another day. Busy, annoying, not annoying. Whatever.

The song theme fits again today. The Dead had it right for my current mood. I think I'm one of those people lately who has it good but doesn't care one way or the other. If things are good, OK. If things get hairy, OK. Its all a push.

I have a touch of grey. lol

That made me laugh. See, things are looking up.

I need a vacation. Not a planned, generic vacation. A getaway from life in general. All by myself. No one to bug me. No 'significant other'. Nothing but a diversion from reality. An escape.

Nah, that sounds too much like fun. I'd probably never come back.

Busy day today. Blogging will suffer again. Thats my recurring theme for several months now. But I can't seem to care enough to blog from home. I read them all the time. I love reading blogs and all but writing is a chore. Just remember I'm here, watching all of you.

Everyone have a great day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures Of Lily

Wanna know how to shock someone? It goes something like this:

Everyone around knows that Lisa is my best friend in the world. We haven’t had a lot of time together recently and it is apparently obvious. Today the busy-body of the company approaches me and says (in a quiet, conspiratorial way) "I haven’t seen you and Lisa together recently. Is something wrong? You know you can talk to me about it if you need to.” Immediately I was irritated. With the faux concern, the doe eyed look like they really were worried for us. I know you better woman. So I said, “Oh, is she mad at me? That’s ok. If she is mad at me. Its one less person I have to care about in the world.”

The shocked look on her face was so great I almost laughed right there. But I just stared at her without expression. She said “Really?” and I just shrugged. Then she looked at me funny and walked away.

That was fun.

Does anyone else find the word ‘Analyst’ amusing? I wouldn’t want that title in the business world. To me it could mean a lot of things. Like someone who screws people over a lot, hence the ‘anal’ in the name. If it’s a sexual term then hey, I am proud to know you. But when someone tells me they are some kind of ‘analyst’ it always makes me smile.

There are a few old people who work here. I mean really old people. Women. It makes me sad to see it. They are old enough to retire. I wonder why they aren’t. I wonder a lot but I don’t ask. Don’t want to hear old people sob stories. It may make me feel a little sensitive to them. Can’t have that.

Two of them walked by a group of us this morning and one of the Maintenance guys started sniffing the air, claiming he smelled moth balls. It annoyed me a lot. Respect for elders seems to be a thing of the past anymore. There was no need for that comment and it still bugs me.

This weekend is the big High School Friends Reunion. 5 of us out of almost a thousand in the class. Imagine. Lol! I keep wondering if we will still like each other. It could go either way I think. I was a dork then. Probably still am. But how would I know it? I wonder if we will be surprised at each other’s appearance too. I look very different. Apparently we all do. I think about these things and then I realize that I am the only one who doesn’t know what the answers are. The other 4 have kept in touch over the years. I have been absent. The 4 closest friends I had from high school and I am the only absentee.

Guess we know who the weakest link here is?

The song title “Pictures of Lily” is there because I have that song in my head today. If you don’t know it check it out. It’s by The Who and it tells the story of a young boy comforted by a fantasy. Once he finds out it is just a fantasy he is devastated. His life is much better thinking the fantasy was real. Living a fantasy isn’t the best thing to do but sometimes it’s all that keeps someone sane. The song is in my head because that seems like life in general to me. If we have to face too much reality head on, all the time, it kills us. Best to live on the edge of it all I think.

Welcome to Philosophy 101 people.

Time to go. I have a fantasy date to hang with for the afternoon. Hope I get lucky this time. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Am A Yankee

So yesterday I start this project. I started prepping at 10:30, headed into the clean room by 11:00 and got it done by 4:15. That was my day. No breaks, no food, just steady.

On the way home I was starved so I forced myself to stop at the Burger King drive thru for a burger. Just something to take the edge off the hunger. I do the order thing and drive up to the window. The guy was really friendly and jovial. I didn't mind him at all. Then he notices my Yankee shirt. He smiles and says "Oh, you're a Yankee fan?" I told him yes and we chatted a bit about Baseball. I was thinking that he seemed pretty OK. He went on for a bit about how the Yankees were surging and they were coming back and how they always are so great. I started to like him even more. Then he said "They worry me a lot since I am a Boston fan."

That did it. My demeanor totally changed. I felt it and couldn't stop it. It came over me instantly and there was no avoiding it. Suddenly this guy was a jerk in my mind. An inferior being. A bum.

He started joking that maybe he should charge me more. He pretended to punch extra buttons like he was ringing up extra stuff. I flatly said "I think you should be giving it to me free." He looked at me smiling but the smile instantly disappeared from his face. I'm sure he saw the look on my face and it scared him. I have a special look that I reserve for Boston bums. It's a special look that instantly shows my distaste and disdain for a person. He could see that I was dead serious and that the playing was over. I was serious (at that moment in time) too. He didn't say another word, then I got my stuff and drove away feeling pretty good. :)

This morning I was thinking about it and realized that I am a bigot. I am a racist. For me racism isn't about a person's race. It's about their bad taste in Baseball teams. I can't stand a sux fan. They are inferior beings. Losers. Knowing someone is a sux fan instantly turns me off toward them. It has happened many times before and obviously it will keep happening. And you know what? I am so happy about it. I am a Yankee. That makes me feel pretty good if you wanna know.


Is that hardcore enough for the morning?

It's funny how we train ourselves to be certain ways about things. Over the years this hatred of sux fans has developed into a true part of my being. But people do that with lots of trivial things in their lives and don't even notice it. I have had that reaction a million times and am just now realizing it. I'll bet there are lots of people out there who have the same reaction to silly stuff too. Like what kind of ketchup a person prefers, what type of beer a person likes, who a person is friends with, how a person dresses, the usual dumb stuff we end up being so judgemental about. It's a goofy thing about humans I guess.

But I am glad for one thing. My goofy reaction to sux fans is justified and makes perfect sense, unlike all those other things people are prejudiced about. :P

There simply can be no doubt...... I am a Yankee.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Need Coffee

Trying to think of something to write.............. it's not working right now. Be back A.C. (after coffee).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Now And Later

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would get those Now & Later taffy candies? They were great but a lot of work. No matter if they were hot or cold the paper would stick to it. They sucked to try and peel the wrapper off. Then some of the wrapper would be impossible to get off but you didn't care and ended up eating a little of the paper anyway. But you never cared because it was so good.

Then when you started chewing they were always hard. It almost hurt but you knew it wouldn't last. So you stuck it out and once it softened up you would be in candy heaven.

A lot of work but worth it.

I just had one of those a minute ago. They have never changed since I was a kid.

And I still loved it. So now I'm having another.

I guess thats why they have that name. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm (Not) Your Boogie Man

I heard a K.C. and the Sunshine Band song yesterday. Remember them? It was the one where he repeats the line "I'm your boogie man, thats what I am...." about a thousand times. It made me laugh. Not just because I remember how people loved that crappy disco music, even though that still amazes me. It made me laugh because I started wondering how a boogie got to be a good thing? Aren't boogies nasty things?

When I was a kid calling someone a boogie eater was the ultimate insult. Being a boogie head was bad too. But that era, and probably still these days, dancing is boogying. (Is that spelled right???) Walking really fast is called boogying. Maybe other things are called boogying too. But to me, a boogie is something I don't care for.

Some things make me wonder.

There is a guy at work we call the boogyman. Nicci and I saw him in the grocery store a couple years ago. He stood right in the aisle and picked his nose and ate it. We were both really grossed out. To this day we call him the boogyman. He is a high level person here too. makes me smile every time I see him. But I never shake his hand.

Speaking of which, I went into the restroom yesterday to wash my hands. There was a guy there doing his thing and when he was done he turned around, said hello and walked out. No hand washing. That grossed me out too. He is another one I'll never shake hands with.

How did shaking hands become a thing anyway? Most of the time I avoid it. I think it's a weird thing to do. Especially when you know some guys shake hands with their privates and then don't wash up. No thanks.

So today will be an easy one. I'll be helping with physical work all day. I love days like that. The time flies by and I feel like something was accomplished. I think today has all the makings of a good one. Assuming of course that nothing breaks down.

Meritt posted something about the state fair she visited recently. (Click here to see the amazing statue she photographed. lol)It was a scary sight to me. Plus it reminded me of the first time I went to the fair here. I was all ready for some cool rides and some good food. Thats what I always called a fair where I'm from. Well, the food was great. The rides were scarce. The smell was the biggest thing there. That and all the goobers running around with their pigs and goats and cows.

I just stood many times staring at them in wonder. How does someone get so psyched about a snotty nosed, stinky assed cow? But they do. They even had 'prized chickens' there. I didn't get it. Prized chickens belong in KFC, not in a fair. Cows belong hidden away from view until they are ready for grilling. Goats? I dunno what the heck they are for. And pigs? I think hot dogs come from them so I won't say too much. Just keep them on a stinky farm way fro civilization please.

I guess I just don't get it. What do you think?


Time for coffee. Have a beauty day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quote Of The Day

*This quote is from a man of middle eastern descent. You have to imagine the accent.*

"That is what a suicide hotline is for? You would never see that in my country. They just let them do it and decrease the burden on regular society."

Guess I don't disagree with everything from the middle east. :)

Old Friends

It’s a morning for catching up with old friends. I managed to catch Peachy on chat today. It’s been forever. It was sweet! I also replied to my sweetie Rene’s email this morning. That is an amazing feat for me to accomplish. Emailing someone that is.

As a result of doing that email I managed to stop being a lazy ass and searched through a few dozen emails to find my high school friends email addresses. Then I added them to contacts. Now I really have no excuse for not emailing.

That may be bad since I suck at emailing regularly. One would think I’d be better since it is so easy. Have I mentioned how much I suck at emailing regularly? For no real reason? Yeah, I know………… Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence…………..

So I see a Yankee icon has left us. Scooter Rizzuto passed away Tuesday. He sure will be missed.

Maybe some day we'll see him again, playing on that Baseball diamond in the old corn field. Kevin Costner needs to get that thing built.

I hate to see the Yankee greats pass away. There just aren't many like that around anymore. With the exception of Jeter and Mo and Posada (and I include Bernie Williams in there) players like Rizutto and Dimaggio and Mantle are a thing of the past. It's sad really.

Plus, the guys from Rizutto's era weren't prima-donnas either.

Enough of that.

I'm feeling a little more like myself againg these past 2 days. The aftermath of the past week or 2 has gone by. I actually played Tennis well last night. So this morning feels OK so far. But I am headed to my first meeting so we'll see how it goes afterward. Be back soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday The 13th

I never believed in Friday the 13th stuff. I always have a great time on Friday the 13th. But I do believe in Monday the 13th. That is the true scary day.

I won't go into detail about my Monday the 13th horrors. Let's just leave it at this, I just finished up my Monday about 15 minutes ago.

I have been a bad blogger again this past week. I have tons of excuses but none that anyone wants to hear about. So forget about it and let's move on.

WalMart is a retard factory. I believe I have mentioned this before. Not only do the scariest people in the community shop there but they only hire retards and assholes to work there. The don't even have the courtesy to hire someone nice enough looking to take the edge off of their ineptitude and rudeness. They are ugly, annoying and stupid.

I was there for a quick stop yesterday. Had to get a few things and was in no mood for the place. Naturally the loser squad was on duty since I was in a hurry. I get to the entrance and the greeter smiled at me, all 3 teeth glinting yellow in the mood lighting I started by him and he tried to shake my hand. I was thinking "WTF?" He was an old guy who looked like he was homeless. I wasn't shaking his anything so I proceeded to walk on by. Then he starts talking to me, calling me Billy and asking me how I've been. So I stop and as nicely as I can manage I tell him he has the wrong person.

That didn't work out. He then starts talking about how he has known me all my life and how he misses visiting my family. He said the ones who live near D.C. he has lost touch with. *For the record - I have no relatives in D.C.* He then tells me he was best friends with my Dad but hasn't seen him in months. So I tell him that would be hard since my Dad has been dead since 1978. He then tells me I am wrong because he just talked with him this year and he looked healthy then. So I reiterate, "You have me mixed up with someone else. I have to go. I'm in a hurry."

That didn't work out. He just started telling me how he and my Dad were best friends for years and yada...yada.... So I interrupt him and politely say "YOU DO NOT KNOW ME!" NOW STOP BUGGING ME! And by the way, anyone named Billy has to be a fag so stop calling me that too."

He seemed shocked. But as I walked away I felt much better.

Then the stupid people in the aisles.... oy. How come people think it is OK to let their carts sit in the middle of the walkways while they walk halfway down the aisle shopping? A lot of those carts have screaming, snotty nosed, grimy kids hanging half out of them too. Not only do I not appreciate having to walk around their fat asses but I also have to squeeze past their loaded grocery carts with annoying germ infested brats hanging out breathing in my direction and some of them trying to grab me. Its better than the ones whose kids are running wild throught the store I guess. The ones grabbing one of everything and screaming "Mom! I HAVE to have this!" Those people need to leave those brats at home in their cages and keep them away from the human.

Next is the checkout girl. At first glance I thought I was out of the woods here. She was a young girl, cute and pleasant. But totally not into working at WalMarts. Yes, she said WalMarts. She also took her sweet old time with everything. She would take one item, look it over carefully and then scan it. Every item seemed to hold some fascination for her. It required a thorough inspection before being rung up. I only had 5 things but her way of doing things made me wonder. How long would I be there if I had done some serious shopping? A half day maybe? Then after the last thing was scanned she pretended I wasn't there anymore. She just stopped and started messing with her nails, not even looking at me, just looking at her nails. Leaned back against the register, looking down, fiddling with her nails, pretending that she was somewhere else. I swiped my card and had to try to get her attention twice before she finally looked up at me, looked at her screen and then with an impatient flourish, she hit the button that acknowledged my card.

Naturally I had to wait forever for the receipt. As I walked away she looked the opposite way and mumbled "Thanks for shopping at WalMarts."

It's never a smooth thing going there for anything. The retards are everywhere. But we all go there for the prices, eh? Yes, grocery shopping at WalMart is the new in-thing. It does save you money plus it gives some good blog material. I just have to wonder where they find the people they employ though.

Maybe KMart?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Still Here

It's been a hectic week here in YB land. Sorry for the silence Meritt. No, we haven't been drawn into the ex's mess. We know little since the boys involved aren't allowed to speak to anyone about it. Not even to each other and they live in the same house. lol The recurring theme is simply confusion. No one seems to know why this happened.

So I've been playing by myself for a few days. Keeping out of the drama. I hate drama anyway. I am a lucky one in that drama usually stays away from me. This is sorta on the periphery and I've managed to just keep moving along without too much involvement. Nicci is stressed but she is getting better.

The weekend was actually a good one. Mostly because no one bugged me a lot. This work week will be another rough one. Last week was the worst one scheduled yet so maybe this week will seem like an improvement. We'll see. But I just got a call about a problem so I already have to run. I will try to be back sometime today.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wasted Weekend

I know that with a title like that one anyone reading is expecting some kind of wild stories about a partying weekend. Sorry to disappoint you. I really mean that the weekend was a waste. Nicci insisted in doing a house project and it took the whole weekend to finish. It was worse than being at work. So I feel like I had no weekend.

Her insistance also led to an epic fight. That was kind of a highlight though. It lasted well over an hour and a half Saturday morning and the aftermath never left us. The thing about fighting with me is this, I end up liking the fight. When I see someone is pissed and they have pissed me off good, I have the unique ability to enjoy making them even more pissed. I can escalate the thing to amazing proportions and enjoy it immensely. Thats where we ended up Saturday morning.

I am an ass at times. So be warned, don't piss me off. I return the favor ten-fold.

And the angrier you get the better I feel about it.

At least Saturday evening wasn't so bad. Some friends had a cook-out and we quit long enough to go. Got to see everyone, had some great food. It was nice. Fresh Tuna steaks, marinated and grilled are awesome. One guy had just gotten back from ocean fishing and brought giant amounts of Tuna he had caught. Done properly on the grill they were amazing.

So here I am on Monday morning staring at a week of annoyances. Already had to fix 2 major problems with the main equipment. It has cost us 12 hours in our weekly schedule that we don't have. Nice.

I'm almost guaranteed to be taking a day off this week. Work has become too hard to miss out on a weekend. Lisa's birthday is tomorrow and we will be doing something together. Maybe Wednesday I will blow off a day.

So I'm hoping that someone out there has a cool post for me to see this morning. I need a good smile to get me going. Heck, I haven't even had coffee yet and it's almost 9:00! See how this week has started?

Yeah, it's just like that. Blah!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Can I Get A Witness?

I remember when Oldsmobile was something to be proud of. Now it’s gone. I think it’s sad. I’ve been thinking this since Wednesday night. I was driving home after dinner with JG, music blaring some great 80’s tunes, feeling a little melancholy anyway thanks to the memories the music brings. Then I saw an Oldsmobile in front of me. I smiled. It wasn’t an old one. It was just an Olds. It made me think of how sad it is when things end.

I had an Olds. It was and still is the favorite car I have ever had. It was a 1978 Olds Delta 88. Big ass car, big ass engine, lots of fun to drive around. Total luxury and power and sucky gas mileage. But I adored it.

I would take it to the beach almost weekly. Alone or with friends, it didn’t matter. Most of the time in the evenings I would grab a 6-pack and sit on the hood of “The Old Girl” (her nickname) and watch the sunset. Most of those times I ended up sleeping there.

My friends would always call me and ask to borrow that car. Trips and shopping, whatever. It could hold a ton of stuff and still be comfortable. Plus it was safe. No one hitting that car would survive. But you might feel a little bump and maybe have to stop to see what happened. Lol

Now there are no more Oldsmobiles being made. Too bad. I think it is a bad reflection on the modern society that we can be so greedy that we destroy things like our car industry (ie: unions suck). But I don’t feel like going there right now so………..

The music that night was great. I heard old Journey, Springsteen, The Cult, Tom Petty, Grand Funk Railroad, The Scorpions, Def Leppard and a few more I probably forgot about. Almost every song brought back a specific memory or instance from the past. It was great.

I think it’s cool that we have to ability to reflect on our past sometimes. Songs can be triggers to moments we may have forgotten about. The GFR song that came on was Some Kind Of Wonderful. It reminded me of a time when some friends and I thought we’d start a band. The problem was that none of us ever played any instruments. I had 1 year of Viola lessons at that point but that was it. So we chose songs we could work on that hid stuff like not playing instruments. That song basically is singing with a Bass background. All I can say was that it was a good thing we couldn’t play instruments. We butchered the song pretty well without them. Who knows how bad it would have been adding more to it. Lol

But when I hears the song it took me right back to that nasty old broken down garage where we talked each other into believing we were going to be rock-n-roll superheroes. It was fun thinking about it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

EBay Is Dead

EBay is dead.

I just realized that I haven't checked out EBay for a few months now. I used to look it over daily. Now it's looking sad. Most of the vendors I watched have sent emails saying that EBay is unfair and it sucks. They closed their pages on the EBay site too. So they have their own sites now. But I don't feel like looking over several websites for junk. I like my junk to all come from the same place.

So EBay is dead and so are the vendors that leave EBay.

Today has been harsh. Very busy and chock full of issues. None of which I ever wanted to address in my lifetime. Mostly I expect to have a smooth, easy life. Forever. So hanging around here isn't something I ever wanted. I can't wait until my lottery tickets finally win. Then I can just kick back and laugh at these days.

I wonder how many references to winning the lottery are on blogs? Any blog. Bet there are a few.

I'll be leaving here shortly with Jersey Girl. We are headed to the Mediterranean Grill for some food and wine. She's fun to hang with and we have earned the trip. It hould be a fun dinner. Mostly I'm really into leaving a little early. lol (BTW, black satin matching set in case you were wondering.)

Today I was missing the old days of blogger again. It's just not the same anymore. Quyen left me a comment recently and it made my day. I thought she had quit long ago. It was good to hear from her. I miss the mornings with YoJ chats and the HNTs and the dozen comments per post. *sigh

Ok, time for Vino. Wish me luck. :)