Sunday, October 31, 2004

Spaghetti – Maybe Not Your Best Idea

Nicci and I went back to my hometown this morning to visit My Aunt & Uncle. Before we went to their house, we stopped at one of our favorite places to have lunch. Pretty good food, decent prices. It’s a typical small town place that pretty much caters to an older crowd, especially evident when church let’s out. Nothing but blue hair as far as the eye can see.

We were there right before the after church rush and had ordered when I glanced around the room. Nothing I don’t usually do. I think everyone does. It was pretty empty at that point, so it wasn’t hard to see the couple 3 tables away. There was a man and a woman sitting there, just getting their orders. She was kind of, how should I say this, rather large. He was the opposite. Very thin. I started thinking how you see this type of pairing a lot in a small town, at least in this one.

As I was thinking about this, I glanced back and the woman happened to glance at me at the same time. When she did, her mouth was stuffed full of spaghetti and it was hanging out all the way to her plate. There was sauce surrounding her mouth, like a little kid and as she looked my way, she began chewing and dropping big strands of the spaghetti back onto her plate. It looked kind of gross.

Worse yet, when the spaghetti was short enough to all get into her mouth, the amazing amount of sauce on her face became even more evident. I’ve seen 2 year olds that were neater eaters. Before she was done chewing the first load, she scooped up another giant one and shoved it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe she could fit it in before swallowing, but what do I know?

I started thinking about the sounds she might be making as she chowed down. (More intrusive thoughts.) I imagined it sounding like a big pig snorting and grunting. I imagined her just slamming her face into the plate and going for it, damn the silverware, full speed ahead!

At this point our order came. (Whew!) My imagination stopped running away and we finished our lunch.

As the couple walked by us on their way out, I noticed some spaghetti sauce on one of her chins. I decided then and there that I wouldn’t ever order spaghetti in a crowded restaurant ever again. I think maybe it wasn’t her best idea either.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Things I Like Today

Things I Like Today:

Leaving Work – I had to go in but it wasn’t a whole day. Whohoo!

Microwave Popcorn – Right now and it’s hot, buttery and yummy.

The flock of birds in the trees behind my house – they keep landing and taking off again. I love the way they look when the whole flock moves in different directions together. Love the sound too.

Mel Mega’s comment on the ‘Eye of the Beholder’ post – thanks Mel. That made my day.

Scary movies tonight – Halloween 4 is on now. Salem’s Lot @ 8:00. Cool!

Clean cars – because I didn’t clean them.

1 more day is almost over – 1 day closer to opening day in Yankee Stadium.

Checker’s Burgers and Fries – it was a great lunch.

Princess Pedro getting paid back – he got beaned by a baseball in the parade. (He’s OK, so it’s funny.)

The smell of fresh cut grass – probably the last time this year it will need cutting. (sigh.)

The little girl in Halloween 4 – she’s amazing. Pretty believable acting job.

This blog – I can write anything I want and nobody can interrupt me, no matter how useless and boring it is. Like now.

My cool Victorian style clock – it plays music while dancers dance. It’s telling me to get going.

See Ya!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Election Results In Advance

Ok, here's how this Presidential election will end up:

Bush people will vote for Bush. People that don't like Kerry will vote for Bush. Kerry people will vote for Kerry. People that don't like Bush will vote for Kerry. One of these guys will win.

After all the wind, piss and excitement, the guy in the White House will increase the deficit, will ignore the illegal immigrant issues, will not help the working man/woman, will help more soldiers die, will screw up Social Security more, will not reform tort, will try to keep the US safer (but no one really knows how to do so), will piss off other nations, will kiss the ass of other nations, etc.....

Get it? He will continue the status quo.

And Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry, no matter the outcome this year, will continue to be rich, like they always have been, pretending to understand the working man/woman, something they never have, do or will ever really understand.

Then those who have seen many elections will vote in 4 years for the lesser of 2 evils again, feeling kind of empty doing it.

Those who haven't seen enough elections yet will rile up the world in 4 years with more wind, piss and excitement hoping that their new guy will change the status quo and that they've helped the world by helping their guy.

Time will cure them.

I'm just looking forward to it being over with. Can you tell?

The New Curse

It sure didn't take long for the Media to find a new Baseball sob story to grab hold of. This morning a prominent radio station sports guy was talking about the Cubs not having won the Series in 96 years and how there is plenty to be upset about with that team. (If you don't follow Baseball closely, the Cubs have their own curse that they blame their failures on. A goat.)

The Yankee blogging crew has been discussing this exact thing recently, and here it is. Neither Chicago team has won a Series in a longer period of time than Boston. It may be their turn to be 'the story.'

The Red Sox haven't even finished celebrating yet and their media love fest may be over. It's gonna be interesting to see who else jumps on this bandwagon.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


At first I thought that the show Joey would suck. I thought it couldn't possibly work with just 1 character from Friends trying to carry the whole thing. But I gave it a chance. Now I see sometimes I'm a dope and that it's a good thing I'm not in the TV biz. I really like Joey. I actually like it better than Friends. Let me clarify that, I like it better than the last couple years of Friends, which I watched only sporadically and just couldn't stand anymore.

I guess the character of Joey being well established helps. The other characters are well done. The agent is hilarious. His family members are cool. The neighbors are funny. Besides all that, I have a weak spot for Drea De Matteo anyway. Something about herrrrrrr.

Anyway, in lieu of Baseball, (since the season is over damn it!) I've been forced to find other ways to kill time and maybe I'll actually watch a few other things on the tube. So far I like Joey.

Let's see, just 154 days until opening day. It might be a long Winter.

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Last weekend this happened to me and I've thought about it many times since. I was in PetSmart getting supplies when I heard a little meow behind me. I turned around and saw someone holding a little tan striped kitten and it was reaching out and trying to bat at my jacket. I'm a sucker for little kittens so I reached out to pet it and started to ask the person if they had just gotten it at the store. All I got out was "Did you just get....?" because when I got to the last word I looked up and found myself staring into the most amazing deep blue eyes I've ever seen and at the most beautiful face I can ever remember seeing. She had very dark hair, almost black, almost curly and long enough to reach the middle of her back and a smile that could stop your heart. She was stunning. Beautiful beyond many famous women you see in magazines and movies.

As I stood there like an idiot trying to get my tongue back out of my throat, I heard her saying that she had gotten the kitty that day but at the Animal Rescue Shelter, she was there to get supplies.

Luckily for me the kitty started trying to climb up my arm and I was forced to look away from her. That's the only way I would have recovered quickly enough to save some face. After that, I was able to talk more sensibly and help her find some stuff she was looking for. But I didn't miss the slight blush she got when I handed the kitten back to her. I was busted. No getting around it.

As I was leaving the store, feeling like a smacked ass, I started wondering if people that have that kind of effect on other people ever get tired of it. I wondered if the blush she got was embarrassment or something worse, like anger or frustration toward me for my reaction. I'll bet she gets goofy reactions from guys all the time. I felt goofy.

It’s not just women either. I've known guys that have the same effect on women. Me, being the average Joe, I've never caused that kind of reaction in anyone, with the possible exception of "Oh boy, it's him again." Not exactly the same deal.

I didn't mean to offend her. I was as surprised by how I reacted as she probably was. But then again, maybe she wasn't surprised at all. Who knows.

Whoever she was, I won't soon forget her.

Yankees World Series Wins

Since the Series is over, and for those of us still feeling the pain of a Yankeeless Series, here's a list of Yankees championships with some written highlights. (From Enjoy. It helped me.

My Sentiments Exactly

I have tried to put into words what Boston winning the Series would feel like for me, but it's been tough. Luckily, the Yankee Blog crew has Shannon and Karen aboard and between them they've done an excellent job of it for all. This post from Karen and this post from Shannon pretty much sums it up.

Thanks Yankee Crew. I'm still too stunned from the ALCS to be that articulate.

Scream 2

Scream 2 was on last night and I missed the ending. (Fell asleep.) Can anybody help me out? I'd like to know how it ended. It wasn't good enough to spend money on. The last thing I saw was the skinny, funny guy getting hacked up in the reporter's van.

And does anybody but me think David Arquette is a hack? In every scene, no matter who he was 'acting' with, he was totally outclassed. Is it just his style to be so stiff or was that just this movie?

World Series Game 4

Congratulations to the Boston fans. It's been a long time coming.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another Quiz

You are Alice!
You are Alice in Wonderland! You are or will be a
drug addict who passes yourself off as a
functioning member of society. Maybe you just
love playing chess, and you work it into
everyday life. You're an enigmatic complexity,
very cheerful but a twisted psycho on the
inside. Maybe that's why I love you so much.
You'll also enjoy reading Through the Looking

Which Piece of Classic Literature are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Got this from Mel. Kind of a weird result, but I can't resist quizzes.

The Highwayman Revisited.....

.....or the continuing saga of the morning commute.

This morning we find our hero, The Highwayman, traveling his well known perilous route of destiny, suddenly surrounded by a pack of slow moving, idiotic enemies of the road. They surrounded him as he was entering the highway via the entrance ramp of life. Ahead is the dreaded Betty Brakelighter. Betty must drive with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. Even accelerating the brake light stays on. Such torture on a defenseless vehicle! The Highwayman is appalled.

Behind our hero is Tony Tailgater, an ex Mafioso stooge who believes he can push everyone ahead of him just by virtue of nearly bumping into them. The Highwayman is not impressed.

After traveling a short distance with antagonizers surrounding him, the Highwayman proceeding as always; straight ahead, steady course, our hero finally sees an opportunity ahead. There is a break in the right lane after an inferior exit (All exits that the Highwayman doesn't use are inferior.) and he intends to use it wisely.

Relaxing and calling on his customary cool, calm demeanor, the Highwayman smoothly slams his highway racer into 5th (an advantage to having 6 gears) and accelerates into the right lane mere inches from Betty Brakelighter's tarnished bumper. The move takes Tony Tailgater by surprise and he ends up trapped in the closing pack of highway enemies, fire in his eyes and spittle on his lips as he screams his obscenities into space where no one can hear you scream. With a sneer on his lips and a happy glint in his eye, The Highwayman expertly maneuvers in and around the remaining lesser road enemies in a serpentine maneuver not recommended for the faint of heart. Finally our hero breaks into the clear, laughing at the tear stained windshields left behind, once again able to cruise the highways freely, at least for now.

As the Highwayman cruises the remaining miles in peace, the cruise control locked on and functioning at maximum efficiency, our hero once again feels the calm satisfaction of surviving the dreaded morning commute. Once again defeating the enemies on the road, the Highwayman prepares to face the day knowing he has a momentary respite from the enemies of the highway, until the next time...........

Tune in again next time for the continuing saga of, The Morning Commute.

World Series Game 3

So Boston wins again. Hmmm. They've won 3 series games in a row, 7 straight postseason games overall. Impressive. (He admits grudgingly.)

Have I mentioned.......

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time To Be A kid Again

Too cool! Its The Great Pumpkin is on! I love this!

Lucy says people should wear a costume opposite of their personality. Then she puts on a witch’s costume. Haha.

There’s the WW1 Flying Ace! My hero.

Man, I love that sound when the kids run. It’s one of the things that make Peanuts shows special. Also, the sound Snoopy makes, waaahh!

Poor Charlie Brown. All he gets are rocks. When I was little, I always hoped he would get something better every year, but he never did.

Snoopys about to take off. Yikes! He’s hit! I love it when the plane is crashing and he stands on it and salutes. Our gallant hero!

Boy, is that Shrek/WalMart commercial pathetic. That girl playing the clerk is the worst. And they paid her for that?

Sally is taking up for Linus. Good girl. Funny what love will make you do. It never made me sit in a pumpkin patch all night but it has made me act stupid.

Now Charlie Brown is tricked into modeling for the pumpkin carving. Bummer for him. Why do I always feel so bad for him?

Flying Ace traveling across France. Quite the lonely trip. Amazing, he made it to the party. Climbed the house in France, went through the window and ended up home. Too cool.

Uh oh! Linus fainted when the Great Pumpkin showed up. Turns out it was Snoopy.

Bummer for him now. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or as it turns out, hell hath no fury like a woman cheated out of tricks or treats.

Isn’t it sweet that Lucy still goes out into the cold to help her brother even after he acts like a blockhead and embarrasses her?

Atta boy Linus! Never give up! Just wait till next year!

I do have this video but I always like to watch it when it's televised. It's like watching it with a million buddies at the same time.

Nope, I'm not all grown up yet.

An Explanation

CL asked a fair question in her comment after my last post. I'm not sure if she was serious or not, but I thought it best to give an explanation before posting any more G stories. There will be more. They will be more outrageous. These first couple are pretty tame. I'm just easing you in slowly.

G is an ex-friend by his choice. Not mine. He didn't handle it well when I 'went straight', as he called it. Most of my friends don't care that I drink Pepsi while they drink beer, but he cared. Truth is, I'm pretty much the same, I just don't go as crazy anymore. He wasn't up for taking that chance. At the time of the 'change of heart' I was even managing his band.

A few months after the 'going straight' thing happened, G also got fired from where we worked and decided that was a good time to break ties. I never heard from him since other than to let me know the band was breaking up. Attempts at contact were rudely smashed.

Keep in mind that G is a chronic partier and it will kill him. At the pace he's on, it won't take long. He doesn't keep to just booze. Someone like that doesn't want someone like me around to remind them of their impending doom. Last I'd heard, he's been through several jobs and several relationships and several failed musical ventures. Too bad.

I miss the guy. We were inseparable for nearly 7 years. For sure 5 years. But life goes on.

Another G Story

Another addition to the adventures of Yankeebob and ex-friend G. (Yes, the stories are true.)

Once G and I went to a bar to do what he called ‘Hoggin’. Sometimes we liked to find the worst redneck bars imaginable when we felt the need for some ‘alternative entertainment.’ When he went hoggin, G would always find a woman who was willing to be bad with him. Always, without fail. Weird.

Well, we went to a place called “The Place”. After being there a while, shooting pool and guzzling beer, we befriended a guy and his girl who were pretty drunk. The pool shooter guy kept buying pitchers and setting up the pool table. It had to cost a fortune. I kept playing while G was off doing his own thing. Every now and then I noticed he would disappear for quite a while and then show up again. Once he disappeared for about 30 minutes and came back with a big cheesy grin on his face and grass all over the back of his jacket. I asked him what he was doing to get all that stuff on his back and he casually replied that ‘we used it as a blanket’. Yep, you guessed it. The shorter disappearances were make-out sessions with the guy’s girlfriend. The longer disappearance was him boinking with her in back of the building, hence the need for ‘a blanket’.

After he told me this, and I was still in shock, he casually walked over to the pool shooter guy, put his arm around his shoulders and got him to order another pitcher. G had no scruples. While drinking his beer, the one pool shooter guy just bought, he just smiled and gave me a wink.

G never ceased to amaze me with what he would do.

I Like Canadians

Yesterday some big cheeses from our parent company in Canada came down here and got rid of a couple of this companys big cheeses. Then they held meetings with the whole company to explain the changes and let us know the direction they wanted to go, yada, yada, yada... the usual corporate stuff.

While the one cheese was going on with his speech, I started thinking that it would be really cool if he reached into his pocket and pulled out a donut, bit it and said "It's a jelly." I couldn't get that image out of my head.

One of the reasons for this image is that I thought stuff like that was just some goofy stereotype from the Bob & Doug McKenzie days. But, happily, I found out this isn't always the case. My friend G and I used to go to the "Jamboree In The Hills" country music festival regularly. We never went for the music. Neither of us cared for Country music much. We went for 2 reasons, the people and the party.

The whole place was set up as one huge party. The stage was built at the bottom of a hill formed in a semi-circle around it. Natural bleachers. Almost everyone who came would bring flags from their home, usually state flags and city flags. Some foreign country flags. Everyone was super friendly and always invited you into their group. I would strap a guitar to my back and G would grab his base, stuff his blues harp in his pocket and we'd walk around visiting as many places as we could. There was always a group jamming and invariably they would invite us to sit in. It was never a problem learning the songs. Most country stuff can be learned in about a minute.

When we first encountered a Canadian group, they actually saw us walking by and came down the hill to 'pass on a friendly shot'. Two guys and a woman from a large group. One had a 1/2 gallon of Vodka, one had a 1/2 gallon of gin. Well, being the 'fair and friendly guys' that we were, (that's what they called us) we joined their group.

It was amazing to us how they just embraced us as their own for the entire festival after that. Several of them would come to our trailer in the mornings with beer and donuts to share for breakfast. (No, I'm not making that up.) We would do our best Bob & Doug imitations for them and they would laugh hysterically at us. Silly Americans! I found it interesting that they preferred American beer to their own though. There I was with a cooler full of Molson Golden and they went out of their way for Strohs. I couldn't stand that stuff. They didn't care for Molson. Huh.

Anyway, this is getting longer than I had planned. Suffice it to say that every year after that we went looking for Canadian flags and met many friends that way. Every time the Canadian people were super friendly and a blast to hang with.We sure appreciated them.

All this went through my mind as the big cheese was talking. At the end I was wishing he would say (about the ones they let go), "We came here to tell them 'take off', and we meant it." That would have been too cool!

Monday, October 25, 2004

World Series Game 2

So the jerk-off Red Sux won again. No, I didn't watch it. I won't watch any games in Boston. St. Louis will hopefully win all 3 at home. I was hoping they would pull off a split this weekend. Oh well. Bitch-ass Yankeebob is still alive and well.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Red Sux?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

This one's especially for Meritt. Dancing Calvin & Hobbes I painted around my dartboard. Posted by Hello

My friends. Abby in back, Jenna in front. Posted by Hello

Another picture. This is the pond near my house. I didn't know it before but if you click the picture, it gets bigger. Yeah, I'm an amateur. Posted by Hello

Shopping 101

Well today was a quiet one. No Baseball to look forward to, not a lot of interest in Football. I did manage to notice that the Football season had started.

So I went shopping with Nicci. First a wonderful trip to the grocery store. There was a new one that just opened 2 days ago and she wanted to check it out. No problem. This shouldn’t take too long. 2 ½ hours later…

Next to the mall. We were going to find a sweater and maybe some jeans for her. Uh huh.
Well, the shopping part was too much for me. The first 20 minutes were the ‘just looking at what’s here’ stage. Not wanting to interfere with the looking stage, I went down the mall and got a book I’ve been wanting. It took a while, but when I got back, (hoping the shopping was over) Nicci had 3 sweaters in her arms and was looking at shoes. (?) After buying 3 pairs of shoes, we headed to the dresses. We managed to find one there and went to pay. Whew! (Or so I thought.)

Once paying, we headed toward the upstairs level to find a new blanket. I guess I missed something. I didn’t even know we needed one. Well, let’s just go get one then. We made it about 20 feet when Nicci found ‘the sweater’ she was looking for. Sooo, back to pay for it. Now heading back to the upper level. We find the blanket, take care of paying for it then head to the Courtesy Desk. (?) Another surprise. We’ve bought enough stuff to earn free stuff. As you can guess, the wait where there is free stuff is quite long, but finally we were off.

Back downstairs, headed for the door, I can see it right in front of me. Yay! But where is Nicci? I look back to see her looking at jeans. She hadn’t seen these earlier. They were what she wanted, so we go through the whole searching, inspecting, trying on and finally buying of the jeans. Finally, after putting blinders on her, (yes, I’m kidding) we made it out of the mall.

This is a typical shopping trip. It’s why I don’t go shopping much. I’m the type that knows exactly what I’m going in for, I go right for it, I get it and I leave. I also know that this type of shopping isn’t a gender thing either. I have guy friends who shop like this and women friends who are like me. One thing I do know is this: It wears me out.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

World Series Game 1

I just don't know if I can watch this. I watched a movie first. Timed it so I'd miss the stupid pre-game crap. As soon as I turn it on, Shrek hits a home run. 3-0 Red Sux. Geez! Within seconds, 4-0 Red Sux.

Joe Buck just said this is a good start for them. Duh! I wonder what they pay him for stating the obvious? I'd sit there and even take my current pay if all I had to do was say stupid crap like that. Where do I sign?

At least the Cardinals scored one back right away.

This is weird. I thought I'd be OK to watch the Series. Now I'm finding out that I have very little interest. Huh. I don't care about the details. I just want the Sux to lose.

Shrek is on deck. I've never seen someone spit so many times on his batting gloves. After almost every pitch that clown spits on his gloves. What kind of monsters must be growing on those things at the end of the game?

Just can't listen to these FOX commentators. Turning sound off now.

I wonder who it was that first figured out how to throw a knuckleball? It's pretty tough to hit. Except for that one. Larry Walker just hit a home run. Good job Larry!

That was cool. The Cards scored another one. I'm giving it one more inning.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Red Sux?

Hide The Kids

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

I did this test once before thanks to someone's blog link, but my computer crashed, so I can't remember where it was. Found it again thanks to Smashlee. I did get the same result though.

I Don’t Have 9 Lives, But I Do Have 2

That title is in response to another inquiry about my 100 things list. (I think everyone should do one of those.) My friend Laura brought something to my attention that I had left off the list. I have fought the battle with alcoholism and survived. Not a small feat, mind you. But so far, I’m winning.

You see, I’m a child of the 80’s to be sure. The mantra “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” was my creedo for many years. (Change the Drugs part to Booze for me. I never tried any drugs but Pot and when I tried that one, I got violently ill. I was lucky.) I tried hard to live it. For the most part, I succeeded.

I spent many years chasing bands, partying every weekend, living for the next buzz. I kept up with my job and with bill paying (mostly). I had to do well at work, I needed to fund the partying. Funny thing was, I never noticed when this became my lifestyle and not ‘just a social thing’ or ‘a way to pass time’. It became who and what I was. No one can survive that way.

My friends, the real friends, were growing out of this phase of life. They were working on careers, relationships, families, futures. I remember being so disappointed in them, thinking, “What the hell is wrong with them anyway? Growing up is boring. Why can’t they just stay like me?”

Separation from my core group of real friends and focusing on the boozer friends is when the shit started hitting the fan, so to speak. I got my first DUI in 1992. A slap on the wrist and a 90 day license suspension and I was back at it. I got my second DUI in 1994, though I deserved many more before that. I just didn’t get caught. A bigger slap on the wrist and I was back at it. Then came 1995.

July 4th weekend in 1995 I got my 3rd and 4th DUIs. Yep, the same weekend. One on Friday and one on Sunday. It was devastating. For the first time I was concerned that there just might be a problem Duh! I had plans to tour Ireland in the spring of the next year. That wasn’t happening. This was going to cost me.

After that weekend, I decided that maybe I should cut out the boozing for a while. So I did. For a couple of days. Then I tried again. I made it only a couple of days. Every weekend I woke up on Saturday & Sunday mornings hung over, broke and wondering how it had happened. I had planned to ‘be good’. There was always a reason though. Like, it’s a nice day, I deserve a brew. The weather sucks, I need a brew. The Yankees won, time to celebrate. They lost….. Get the drift? Where there’s a will, there is a usable excuse.

After a few weeks of this, I was freaked. That was when I hit my bottom. Everybody has a different bottom. Some folks dig deeper and in different ways. My bottom was the realization that some thing was controlling me. I wasn’t controlling it. My freedom, in a way, had been stolen. I was a bone fide drunk. (It’s important to note that not all alcoholics are the stereotype you see on TV and elsewhere. You know, the pathetic, dirty person, begging on the street, living in a box. Truth is, that person is the minority. Most alcoholics are like me, resembling a ‘normal person’.)

Once admitting that, I called a rehab center, arranged with work for a leave of absence, and prepared to lock myself away for 30 days. On October 15, 1995, I sucked down the last beers in the fridge. A last rebellious act, I guess. The next morning I hopped in the land yacht and headed to rehab. (This where life #2 starts, Oct. 16, 1995.) Along the way, I stopped twice trying to cop out, but I didn’t. I had realized I was truly in trouble and I needed to get help. Once there, I learned skills and techniques and truths about myself that have kept me grounded to this day. It wasn’t the best experience I’ve ever had, but it was needed.

Since then I’ve managed very well. My performance in my chosen career field has vastly improved. (I did well before all this. Improving is saying something.) My personal life has stabilized and become better. Many things have greatly improved. I didn’t know how much I had been holding myself back.

My friend Laura asked why I hadn’t added something about this part of me to the 100 things list. The truth is, I don’t really think about it much anymore. The ‘new Bob’ has become my lifestyle now and the ‘old Bob’ is held in check by him. The needed skills are so ingrained that it isn’t an issue anymore. Was I ashamed and hiding it? Nope, I just don’t think much about it anymore.

I have no regrets. I know that might sound funny after all this, (sorry so long winded.) but I think if someone has regrets about their past, they don’t like who they are now. Face it, we are all just products of our past. Everything we’ve seen, done, loved, hated, all experiences and all people we’ve known have combined to make us who we are now. I like me right now, so all that stuff led me here. How bad could that be then? Do I wish some things hadn’t happened? Absolutely. I’d love to change quite a few things in the past, but I can’t and I didn’t know how to back then, so why dwell on it?

The ‘old Bob’ is still alive and well inside me. I really like that guy, too. He’s the ultra sensitive one, the uber-creative one, the outgoing and spontaneous one. But he’s also trouble left to his own devises, so he isn’t allowed out to play on his own. There have been consequences to locking him up, some good, some bad, but generally, life is better. It’s my decision as to when he comes out to play and to what extent. My choice now. Not some chemical.

My first Jersey girl once told to “choose your direction with the wisdom of past experience. Therein lies the path to true success and contentment.” That’s how we all should live. Rely on where you’ve been to direct where you’re going, but be honest about it. Make a future without regrets. Life is too short to do anything else.

Thanks for the nudge Laura. I know you didn’t mean for your e-mail to be a nudge, but it’s real friends like you that keep me on my toes.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Some Old Shows I Miss

This idea comes from some comments/discussions stemming from my 100 things list;

Favorite TV shows I miss:

1. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Starred Corin Nemec. The show where ‘coolness’ was the catch phrase. It had the greatest asides and sound effects. Like when they would look away quickly and you would hear the swooshing of their head turning. I thought it was pretty unique. My favorite character was Principal Grace Musso. Every time she slammed, pointed to or looked harshly at her office door, the glass would shatter. Now for #2, everyone synchronize swatches…

2. Almost Live

The first place I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy. This show had so much crazy stuff. My 2 faves are:
1. The skit called Ineffectual Middle Management Suckups. Middle Management types that always were at meetings and every item that came up they would handle by scheduling more meetings to talk about it. (True corporate America.)
2. Billy Kuan, the martial arts guy. They talked out of sync, got into ridiculous kung fu type fights and the ending always resulted in Billy doing a flying kick that would go on forever before it connected, including around corners and over obstacles. It was great.

3. The Kids In The Hall

Possibly my all time favorite. The "kids" are Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson. This show was so different and innovative with so many awesome characters that I can’t possibly name them all here. I love the Headcrusher guy, especially the episode where he had a duel with the Face pincher guy. The Eradicator, 30 Helens agree, Buddy Cole, the list goes on and on.

4. MST 3000

I know it’s still available, but I miss Joel Hodgson. I liked him best.

5. Get A Life

Starred Chris Elliot. A goofy show about a full grown man who still lives with his parents and his only job is the same paper route he’s had since childhood. He still delivers papers on his bike.

I first hated this show because I thought it was soooo dumb, but after watching it the first time, I found myself wondering all week long what the next stupid plot would be. That’s how I got hooked.

6. Son Of The Beach

A crazy show about a lifeguard that saves the world time and again. A spoof of Baywatch. Totally silly and the most obvious sexual innuendo’s you will ever see anywhere. Loved the cast and the stupidity. What can you expect from a Howard Stern production?

I guess looking over this list I’ve noticed that when I’m not watching baseball, I prefer comedy. The more silly the better. It does excuse you from reality for a while. Probably why I like it. We all need a break from reality every now and then, eh?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fair Weather Enemies

***I had posted this earlier today but it disappeared along with a comment that had been left. I'm posting it again to see if it will stay this time. To the commenter, feel free to comment again please. I don't know what happened.***

I've been approached/hassled by 14 people so far that were happy about the Yankees losing. (There are some consoling souls too, but this post isn't about them.) I started keeping count because I was getting pretty pissed very early today.

Why pissed, you say? Simple, most of these people have NEVER BEFORE EVEN MENTIONED BASEBALL TO ME, not once. Now they are crawling out of the woodwork, full of joy, giving me crap about the Yankees losing. ?????

Here's some of the crap:

It's about time they lose!

Good, they buy their players so they deserve to lose.

I really don't care who wins as long as it isn't the Yankees.

I don't like baseball but I wanted the Yankees to lose anyway.

I never watch baseball but I wanted the Yankees to lose.

They win too much. Someone else deserves a chance.

Now, I don't mind some ribbing. It's all part of being a baseball fan. The few Boston fans I know have earned the right to dish out a little grief. I can take it. (We've given them plenty to grieve about.) The Baltimore fans (there are plenty of them here) are just frustrated. They can dish it out too. (With their owner screwing their team around, I don't mind.)

I do mind people that aren't fans of a baseball team and worse aren't fans of the sport giving me crap. What right do you have? You don't even have a clue as to what you are talking about. To those of you in this category, I say Piss Off! When you have a clue, come back with your still worthless two cents.

Thing is, it's a safe time to act the ass. These fair weather enemies are only showing up now because normally they can't give me crap about the Yankees. Usually the boys are busy winning. A lot. During the season, what can these goobers say? "Gee, you guys suck, being in first place and all."

But now the Yankees have done the unthinkable, they've managed to not win an ALCS. Suddenly we're fair game. I guess I should be able to understand this attitude better. And if you are a knowledgeable baseball fan, I'm OK giving you your opportunity to dish out some ribbing. But if you are just a band-wagoner who sees an opportunity to puke up some hate, screw you.

Enjoy it while you can, fair weather a-holes. Deep inside your pitiful stinking selves you know your time in the sun is very short lived.

The Morning After

It's now the morning after. The predominant thought this morning is "Why Boston?" "Anyone but Boston!" Shit! Shit! Shit! (Sorry for the cussing. I'm in pain.)

Series notes:

Thanks to Mo for blowing game 4 - that lead off walk was the kiss of doom. (Mo gets a free pass though. He saves so many and Boston is his nemesis.)

Thanks to Gordon for blowing the lead in game 5 - no excuse. 2 runs up in the 8th? no excuse. (Slight defense = probably overworked)

Thanks to Joe Torre for blowing game 7 before it started - no one in their right mind would start Brown against Boston at that point. They've been lighting him up since early September. (I don't remember ever being so disappointed in a Joe decision before a game even starts.)

Thanks to the Yankee offense for kicking ass in game 3 (awesome) then sitting out the rest of the series.

This was actually a damn good year. 101 wins, A Division Title, eliminating the Twins, all good stuff. The Yanks did it with a crippled starting pitching staff all year. That's why the bullpen was marginally effective in the playoffs. They were worn out. I know there will be improvements during the offseason to help the pitching staff. I know they'll be back in it next October. I just can't get past the issue of it ending against Boston. Anyone but Boston and it would be easier to take. Anyone.

I'm going to be a very bitch ass, grumpy, mean sonofabiatch Yankeebob if the N.L. team doesn't beat those jerks.

That will be me until next October, Bitch-ass Yankeebob. Count on it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And So It Ends.....

The Baseball season is over, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Fuck it.

Hand Me Down People

Do you get a lot of hand me down people where you work? You know, the kind of people that come from other companies for whatever reason. Or maybe they have been in the same business but out of it for a few years. The kind that ‘leave’ the other company mysteriously or have been ‘getting themselves together’ for a while before resuming their career. They are usually ‘a bargain’, moneywise.

You always get the same story, the old “Yeah, that company is struggling, but this person is not part of the problem. They are a standout.” Uh huh. Or, “This guy is OK. He’s just been taking a break for a while.”

Well, we’ve got a few of those here. In this business you see people moving around a lot. You could end up working with the same person at multiple sites. It’s weird that way.

We have one in a position of some authority. He is a big cheese and he drives people crazy. He was out of the business for a few years for...?... but has been brought in here to ‘help out’ and ‘get back into it.’ Problem is he’s a bit behind. When his people are preparing for audits, tours etc…. they always have to coach him on what to focus on and what not to focus on. He’s been here a while, but still doesn’t seem to get it. Recently his boss, Mr. Super Big Cheese, had to tell him in a staff meeting that he was totally off base on his preparation for an upcoming audit.

He’s a bargain, though.

I think the worst hand me down guy we have is an ‘engineer’ that was brought in by a cheese without even interviewing with the head of Engineering. Yep, you guessed it, he doesn’t have a clue. No matter what the issue is, he can’t/won’t handle it. He always (no exaggeration) runs to one of us and we end up taking care of his responsibilities. My group isn’t even part of the ‘on call’ group, but we have a better understanding of the technical side of process equipment, so he constantly comes to us. The goal is to keep things running, after all, so we help. When he is on call, it’s like 2 people being on call. Total waste of space, this guy. He now gets assignments like working with contractors for quotes on new carpet, ‘designing’ metal stands for under things, like freezers. You know, busy work that won’t affect daily production.

He's not a bargain though. (Apparently.)

I have to wonder how the hiring people pick the new recruits. At my last job I was a department head for several years. We got training updates every quarter to help us keep up with workplace issues like hiring. I was known as someone who took a lot of time to decide on hiring and/or firing. I didn't care about the tag, I wanted the right people in my area. As a result, our department had the reputation as being one of the best, most dependable areas in the company. We were a team and we did things right. I left there hoping to learn more here. Most of what I've learned so far is that my old company did things far better than this new one.

I guess that's what happens when you're not careful and you hire other people's hand me downs.

Game Sevens Suck!

I can’t believe we’re heading into another game 7! This is not good! You especially don’t want to play a game 7 against a team that lost one against you last year. They will be tough. At least we are home.

Now if the Yankees can’t pull off the win, a-hole Schilling will suddenly become a big hero. I do admire his playing hurt, but still, if the worst happens I’m burning my Reeboks and never buying any ever again. Screw you Reebok.

I’m so stressed out now it’s extremely hard to concentrate. I noticed that I’m getting a bit of a sore throat and some sinus stuff happening. Figures. Every year I’m very healthy until October comes along. The combination of the weather changing and my body being run down from stress allows those nasty germs to grow. Oh well, it’s the price you pay for being a Yankee. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The alternative sucks ass, so I’ll never complain.

Let's go Yanks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hello Again

Well I'm finally back. A major server crash at work kept me from using valuable time posting all day and I actually had to get some stuff done. What a crappy day! I hate it when work interferes with my personal fun.

It was pretty weird too. I have a routine now where I can get projects going and check the blog world in between. I'm able to check in several times a day. But today I couldn't and it was driving me crazy. A creature of routine, that's me.

I see my morning post actually made it through. I wonder how it did? Oh well, gotta go. Need to see what's up out there.

Home Sweet Home

Alright, the past two games were tough to take. The Yankees could have won either one. Should have won last night. (Thanks Gordon) Would have won if it was Yankee Stadium. Let’s face it; both teams have great records at home. What’s really important to remember is that Boston barely eked out wins at home. Barely. Now we get to come home to the ‘House That Ruth Built’, complete with Yankee mystique & aura and ghosts aplenty. So what’s to worry?

Speaking of mystique & aura, I believe our good Captain K.B. will be in the crowd tonight. Keep ‘em straight Cap’n. Your crew will be there in spirit.

As for our friend Gordon, I cringe when he comes in anymore. He’s so obviously worn down. First a home run to Shrek, then a walk. (Another lead off walk, basically.) Then a single to put runners on 1st & 3rd with no outs. Sheesh! Can’t you just throw strikes when you have a lead? Walks are killers. At least if they swing there is a chance to make a play.


"I wish I would've been able to hold that lead for our team," Gordon said. "It would've worked out a little better for us."

Well, duh!!!

After that, Mo gets tagged with a ‘blown save’, even though Gordon made such a huge mess. I think he should get the bad rap, not Mo. Mariano was once again put into an untenable situation. I think he got out of it OK considering.

Both teams have to be worn out. Both bullpens are used up. I'm so ragged out I can't think straight. (Actually, that's kind of normal for me.) At least that's what I thought until I saw this:

"You're not tired at this point. This is the postseason. If you can't get up for it, you shouldn't be playing," Jeter said. "We're still in good shape, still up 3-2, so we'll try to go home and win a game tomorrow night.

"It's good to get out of here and go home."

Yeah, Home Sweet Home.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rule #1

Could someone remind Mariano Rivera about rule #1 please?

Rule #1 - Leadoff walks = blown saves


I knew that lead off walk was trouble. It's amazing just how many times a lead off walk scores. When that happened, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. A premonition, I guess.

So tonight we have to look at Princess Pedro's smarmy fat face once more. Good thing is, Moose is pitching. Let's finish these bums off tonight guys. I need some sleep. I have World Series dreams to conjure.

Go Yanks!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

100 Things About Me

I've seen this done on many blogs. Karen and my other Yankee Blogger buds have inspired me to try. (I know Cap’n, I took the longest to finish. I’ll be swabbing the deck this day.)

1. I am a Yankee. (Let's get the obvious out first.) It's an obsession that I willingly embrace. There is a difference between being a Yankee and being a fan. The difference is that a Yankee knows the truth, that there is The Yankees and there are 29 other teams trying to live up to the Yankee standard. I am a Yankee.

2. I'm a hack musician. I play guitar, base and viola. I've been in bands, managed a band, been a roadie and written and recorded my own music. Nothing too spectacular, but it was fun.

3. I'm opinionated. (Duh!)

4. I'm extremely loyal to my friends.

5. I started and quit Art School 3 times. That is where my true talent is, but I have never embraced it.

6. I prefer being alone.

7. I think marriage is boring.

8. I have a pretty high I.Q. Hasn't gotten me any further ahead because.....

9. I'm not highly motivated to make millions. The search for the money tree has never been a priority. I'll leave that to Trump.

10. I have 2 brothers that I never see or miss but I miss my sister daily.

11. I'd love to do Fear Factor.

12. I'm in love with Sandra Bullock. (I know she wants me. She just hasn't figured it out yet.)

13. I think Soccer is really stupid.

14. I'm a big fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

15. I hate boy bands.

16. I believe in God and that Jesus died for me.

17. I love old movies.

18. I once hit a girl in the face defending my sister. There were three of them trying to hurt her. Afterward, I ran behind the bushes and cried for an hour. It was the last fight I was in. I was 13.

19. My dream car is a 1963 Impala SS. I had one once. Gave it up to save a relationship. Pure stupidity.

20. My heritage is easily traced. I'm 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 German and 1/4 Cherokee. The Irish part of my family were the founders of Pottstown PA. (Potts being the original family name.)

21. I miss my Grandmother. She taught me about treating women decently and thinking independently.

22. My Father looked a lot like Elvis.

23. I believe that Pepsi is the elixer of life and that Spaghetti O's were invented just for me.

24. I think that racism is a form of insanity.

25. I think people that can't function outside a relationship are pathetic.

26. I think it would be very cool to be friends with Sheryl Crow.

27. I love scary movies.

28. I fall in and out of love easily. (It’s probably not love, but infatuation. It happens a lot.)

29. I wish Paul O'Neill still played right field.

30. The one and only time (so far) I went to Yankee Stadium I was in such awe! Walking out of the entrance and seeing the field for the first time, I just stood and stared. I couldn’t move.

31. I think Seinfeld was the best show ever on television.

32. The 1999 Yankees were and still are my favorite Yankee team.

33. I’m a pack-rat. I call it collecting. Others call it junk.

34. My family and I were getting into the car one day to go home and I envisioned the door shutting on my sister’s foot. Then it did. Scared me a lot. I thought I made it happen.

35. I’ve been to Denmark and Sweden. They are amazing places, especially Sweden.

36. I once went to a biker friends Halloween party dressed as a bag of leaves.

37. I love cartoons/comics. Notably Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo.

38. I despise coconut and tomatoes.

39. I love meeting new people and making new friends, but…..

40. I have a tendency to be very private and don’t allow people to get to know me too quickly. But once I believe you are a friend, it’s a life long thing.

41. I wonder just what drives people to be politicians.

42. I prefer Rock music, but my friends used to call me Ballad Bob because I liked slow songs too.

43. I will sit in the same position until I cramp if the Yankees are winning a game. What, me superstitious?

44. I visited New York City on September 11 2000. My friend and I went to the World Trade Center to touch the buildings just to say we were there.

45. I had really long hair in high school. When tied back, the ponytail reached to the center of my back. (Ah, those were the days.) Now it’s leaving me, but I’m not really concerned about it.

46. My favorite toy when I was a kid was a Micro Machine Racer, a tiny little race car. I got it in 5th grade. I still have it.

47. I can make myself sneeze by looking at the sun. Sometimes it only takes a bright light.

48. I have never been more excited by anything as much as the ending of Game 7, 2003 ALCS. Aaron Boone will forever be etched in my memory as a bona-fide hero. It took me weeks to come down off the high. That was the Yankees World Series that year.

49. My neighbors are a lesbian couple. I like them a lot. We play golf together. One of them is close to being a golf pro. Her partner kicks my butt regularly.

50. It took me 20 years to realize that women liked the idea of sex too.

51. My blood type is O negative. They tell me it’s a little rare. They send it to hospitals for use with newborn babies. That makes me kinda proud.

52. I think The Simpsons is still super cool.

53. I think Dean Martin was an awesome singer.

54. A Christmas Story is almost my favorite Christmas show, next to A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life, which still gives me tears even after seeing it 8000 times.

55. I remember exactly where I was when Bucky Dent broke the Boston fans hearts in 1978. I still remember the look on Don Zimmer’s face too. It was great.

56. I hate shopping for shopping’s sake, with the exception of going to Border’s or cruising antique shops.

57. My hero when I was young was Willie Randolf. (I played second too.) I’d love to meet him.

58. I have autographed baseballs from David Cone and Andy Pettitte. They signed them after the 1998 season.

59. My favorite color is Orange.

60. I can’t pick a favorite song although I think the lyrics to Time Stand Still by Rush are my favorite.

61. I have had a crush on a friend for years. I wish we had met under different circumstances.

62. I’m confused by anyone who doesn’t like the Yankees. I just don’t get it!

63. Three of my favorite women friends are Jersey girls. As a result, I have a weakness for Jersey girls now.

64. My real weakness (in the looks department) is a woman with black hair and blue eyes.

65. I wear an Emerald earring. It’s my birthstone.

66. I think extreme liberalism and extreme conservatism are both equally detrimental to everyone.

67. I think the term ‘Diva’ is extremely over-used. It’s become cheap and meaningless.

68. I think Jessica Simpson is adorable. I just can’t listen to her singing too long. (It’s the style, not the talent.)

69. I miss silly TV shows like Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Soap and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Silly is fun sometimes.

70. I prefer almost all food cold. I’ll even order pizza one day to have it the next day cold. Left over spaghetti sandwiches are awesome!

71. My four favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet, Harrison Fisher and M.C. Escher. I’m currently working on painting an Escher that will cover the entire wall of the upstairs spare room/study.

72. I’ve never gotten a foul ball at a game. I really want one.

73. I love PEZ. I have many PEZ Dispensers including a Charlie Brown one that is over a foot tall and plays the Peanuts Theme when you get some candy out. It holds about twenty packs of PEZ.

74. I never go anywhere without something Yankee showing. I have 22 different Yankee shirts, two sweatshirts, 17 different Yankee hats, Yankee socks, Yankee pins on my jackets, golf bag and softball bag. My wallet and checkbook are embroidered with the Yankee emblem and my watch is a Cooperstown Collection 1952 Yankee replica. I have Yankee license plate frames on my car. I leave no doubt as to where my heart lies.

75. These people share my birthday: Vincent Price, Wild Bill Hickok, Louis Gossett Jr., Christopher Lee, Sam Snead, Peri Gilpin, Frank Thomas and David Duchovny.

76. I always wanted to try surfing.

77. I had a fling in high school with a teacher. It was pretty cool. I had no idea at the time what I had gotten into.

78. I like independent women. That’s a sexy trait.

79. I can’t read one book at a time. I usually have two going at the same time and they usually are opposite types.

80. I once hit a walk-off home run in a game when I was a kid.

81. I’m the same height now that I was in 8th grade. 5’ 6”. I grew quickly, then quit.

82. These are a few of my favorite things: The Yankees (I know, that doesn’t count as mine), my Alvarez, my huge crayon collection, my basement (it’s mine alone, a refuge), my digital camera, Nicci, my friends, my cool Looney Tunes Tiffany lamp, my record collection (yep, real records), this blog.

83. Math sucks. This seems to be a common theme with my Yankee blogger buds. I was an average math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry student. (Frequently below average.) I excelled at all the language arts.

84. Places I have to visit before dying: Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, The Garden District of New Orleans, Hollywood (see #12), Australia, Ireland & Greece.

85. My favorite comedians: Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock & Drew Carey

86. I think Brian Cashman should be in the Hall of Fame.

87. My best friends are usually female. I have 3 guy friends that I can honestly say are ‘best buds’, all of whom I’ve known for about 2 decades, but the majority of my close friends are women.

88. I used to work out daily and then run two miles. After an achilles injury, I became a lazy bum. Now I’m 30 pounds heavier and full of excuses.

89. I believe that Yankee Stadium is hallowed ground. Anyone messing with it will have to be beaten down hard. (You listening George?)

90. I tend to be brutally honest and speak my mind before I think. No malice intended, but sometimes I hurt people’s feelings before I know what is happening.

91. I agree with Shannon, hot, gooey, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies are almost orgasmic.

92. I wish I had met Marilyn Monroe.

93. I think the Beatles are sooo hugely over-rated. To me, they are just average.

94. Christmas is almost my favorite time of year, next to opening day. But the atmosphere during Christmas is the best.

95. I have had dogs, but I prefer cats. I have one that fetches and plays hide and go seek. She’s very cool. (Get it? A cool cat.)

96. The kid inside me usually wins over the adult. I find the adult world annoying.

97. I love ‘B’ movies. The kind you see on Mystery Science Theater. Plan 9 From Outer Space is one of my favorites. Also, the low budget movies that the SciFi Channel produces are great!

98. I’m very comfortable in crowds.

99. I like my current career although it’s not where I think I should be.

100. I think Disco sucked the first time around and it is worse now. Stop the insanity!

A Good Old Fashioned Ass Kicking

The Yankees kicked major ass tonight, scoring 19 runs on 22 hits, both stats being records. Matsui and Sheff are out of their minds, hitting everything thrown at them.

I was a little worried for the first 3 innings or so. It looked like neither team was going to get any pitching, but Javy settled down and ate up some innings, keeping the Butt Sox to 8 runs. After the 4th I felt that familiar calm that comes on when you realize the Yankees won't allow themselves to lose. After that, it was all fun. With every run the Yanks scored, I would start laughing. Every time they showed Boston fans getting more bummed, I chuckled. Maybe that's a bit mean, but the truth is, you can never beat someone too bad. Hey Beantown, I'd feel for ya but I just can't reach ya.

They interviewed Steven King again. I actually didn't get too pissed with him this time. He said Boston fans are just happy to have their team in the playoffs. They should be. And we'll be even more happy to remove them from the playoffs.

Tomorrow, actually later today, we get the chance to close it out. El Duque pitching, the boys hitting everything. Should be even more fun. I can't wait. Just a few hours to go.....

Friday, October 15, 2004

Rain Sucks!!!

I can't believe the game is rained out! I've been so pumped all day and now it's gameus interruptus. What a bitch!

It's like the Elvis song, I feel so bad, just like a ballgame on a rainy day.

This sucks!

Big City Mentality Vs. Not So Big City Mentality

Has anyone but me noticed the HUGE difference between the working mentality of people in a rural/small town area and a large city? I have many, many examples I could relate since taking this job in Baltimore, but this is what happened this morning that has me perturbed.

I was out yesterday; a fax that I had been waiting for came in. It was a quotation for some service work that we contract every year. When I found the fax on my desk this morning, the cover page was there, but nothing else. It was supposed to be a two page fax. 50% of my fax was missing.

I went to the receptionist to get help tracking down the missing page. As soon as I mentioned the problem to her, the security guard at his desk started snickering and rolling his eyes. That told me this would probably be a challenge.

Being ignored after the first inquiry, I tried once again to divert her attention from the all consuming Google search she was doing for mascara. I asked nicely if the page was still in her inbox. She calmly told me “I don’t know.” So I asked if she remembered it coming in. She said “I don’t know.” I asked if the missing page could have gotten mixed up with another fax. She said “I don’t know.” I asked if she could remember where, if any, another fax could have been delivered so I could check on a possible mix-up. She looks up finally, still one eye on the Google search, one eye toward me (an amazing feat I assure you) and slowly and snottily says “I don’t know.”

You get the direction this is going. Miss ‘I don’t know’ has nothing to do all day but answer phones, gab on her cell phone to friends, take 27 smoke breaks, lose 50% of peoples faxes and ignore me when I ask for help. The only answer I got from her was that 2 faxes came in yesterday. I can see where it would be hard to remember such a large number. All 2 of those faxes must have kept her very busy taking them to the mailboxes. The poor woman probably burned at least 2 calories walking from the fax machine to the mail boxes 20 feet away.

This kind of ‘don’t bother me attitude’ is rampant in this city. My last job was in an area where the people were from smaller communities and were much nicer, more helpful and if they couldn’t help you, they would at least try. That’s just not the status quo here. Here it’s just a ‘leave me alone unless you can help me’ way of life. I’m glad I’m only a visitor to this world. I’d hate to turn into one of these aliens.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

ESPN Is Losing It (Again)

I know I’ve bitched before about what ESPN decides is a sport. (Remember, they plan on televising the World Championships of Thumb Wrestling next year.) Well, I just saw on ESPN2 the Scrabble World Championships. Yep, Scrabble.

Now, I’ve been known to play the game at times. It’s OK. Kinda slow. But to have 2 people playing and to televise it? Please! When I came across it, the commentator was talking real excitedly about what every next move might bring, almost like it was a boxing match or something. It was actually hilarious!

When I first saw it, I thought it was a joke, like one of those funny beer commercials or something. Or one of those Geico commercials that start out looking like a real show. Nope, they were serious.

What’s next, the National Book Reading Championships? Like: The play by play man whispers; “Wow Mel, did you see that page turning? This reader is really cooking now!”


Pedro Is The I In Team

So ESPN just showed Princess Pedro (Thanks Shannon for the nickname. I just can’t stop using it.) being interviewed after the Yankees whipped his butt again last night. He was talking about how happy he was that the Yankee crowd was getting on him so hard, chanting “Who’s your Daddy” and “Paaaaydroooo!” He claimed that it made him really happy to be the center of attention for a whole city. He said that 15 years ago he was sitting alone in a banana tree (?) and didn’t have enough money to even buy a baseball. Now look. The entire city was excited because of him. Because of who he is and what he is.

Now some sentimentalists would say “Aww! Isn’t it good to hear such a nice success story?” and other crap like that. But let’s read between the lines. This guy likes to be the center of attention. Craves it. In a sport where the team is what matters, all that matters. Mr. Primadonna Pedro, the whole team. What a bum!

The guys on Baseball Tonight were joking about it saying, “There is no I in team, but there obviously is a me.”

Got that right.

Follow Up To The Previous Post

OK, so I managed to post a picture. It didn't come out as clear as I'd like, but it worked. What Calvin is saying is "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." I'll get better.

My first attempt at posting pictures from home. If this works, this will be a picture of Calvin & Hobbes I painted on my basement wall. This is a test, it is only a test..... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

2 And 0

Waaah Hooo!!! Yeah, I know that's a bit goofy, but that's the only way to describe how I feel about the Yankees right now! Winning the first two games in the ALCS is huge! Doing it with great pitching and timely hitting, sweet!

Let me repeat that for all the bums out there who wrote off the Yanks pitching staff, they are winning with great pitching.

The Yanks proved to Princess Pedro that they are his Daddy again, tagging him with another loss. I loved hearing the Yankee crowd chanting "Who's your Daddy?" while Pedro was getting beat. It was great.

Leiber looks awesome! And what would we do without Mo? Mariano is the best ever and he keeps proving it again and again.

I'm so psyched right now. I can't wait for Friday.

Go Yanks!!!

Another Interesting Quiz - What Color Are You?

You're black, you sexy creature! Seen as a
sophisticated and mature person, you are liked
by many an adult. But otherwise, you're a
rebellious and controversial person. On the
other hand, you're also very conservative and
and frugle. Is it possible that you enjoy
reading a heavy book? But seen as mysterious
and hidden, it may be hard to find someone to
talk to. You're not a particularly outgoing
person, but you do enjoy a good, long talk with
a person. Debating is one of your favorite
forms of communication. You just enjoy
stirring strong emotions inside people, and
watching the reaction. But as you watch, are
you sipping straight (unsweetened) coffee?

What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
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Thanks to smashlee for the link.


Geez, that game last night was an emotional roller-coaster ride that I'd prefer not to go through again. (Please.) I really hoped Mussina would make history, having the perfect game going into the 7th, but that's just not realistic against Boston. But to go from 8-0 to 8-7 in an instant, holy crap!

But the Yankees pulled it out thanks to Bernie coming through with 2 down in the 8th.

Giant props to Mariano Rivera who travelled all day from Panama, after funerals for his lost family members, got to Yankee Stadium and into the bullpen in the 5th, only to be called upon in the 8th to stop the bleeding. I was worried, as were all Yankees I'm sure, about Mo's emotional state going into the game. But he came through. There has never been any like Marino. Thanks Mo.

The best part of the whole game, with the exception of getting the win of course, was the boo-hoo look on big mouth Schilling's face in the dugout. He looked like he was gonna cry, poor baby. It was great when the Yankees shut him up. So much for him shutting up the 57,000 New York fans.

Tonight it's Princess Pedro's turn to be shut up. Who's your daddy, Pedro?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Uhh, What Is This?

A couple of us were trying to remember a song by The Crash Test Dummies, so we looked up their website to find the info. In doing so, we came across these lyrics from one of their albums. No one here understands just what the flock this is supposed to be about. Can we be enlightened?

Swimming In Your Ocean

When I'm sampling from your bosom
Sometimes I suffer from distractions like
Why does God cause things like tornadoes and train wrecks?

When I'm swimming in
When I'm swimming in your ocean
Floating aloft on creams
An scented lotions
I can get pretty side-tracked
I hope you'll understand

When I kneel before your bounty
Sometimes I wonder if there could be really
UFO's that come from other planets


And when you let me taste your fingers
I take them like fruit and as I linger I
Wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil ...


Yankeez Rool!

Shannon has this article posted on her livejournal. It's hilarious! If you're a Yankee, you'll love it. If not, you'll still find it funny. Even if you don't know baseball, it's still funny. Check it out.

Everyone Gets To Scream

I just found out that today is "International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day". We all get to scream out loud as needed. Screaming today will probably be common, judging from what I read in the bolgosphere. This should be especially interesting in an office/cube area. Have at it!

Which Muppet Are You?

scoot jpeg
You are Scooter.
You are a loyal, hardworking person, better known
as a doormat.

Going for stuff.
"Go For Broke!"

"15 seconds to showtime."

"300 New Ways to Get Your Uncle to Get You a
Better Job "

Coffee, clipboard, and Very Special Guest Stars.

What Muppet are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is Me! Thanks to Mel for the link.

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

It sure is hard waiting a couple days between games. The anticipation is killing me.
The hardest part of the waiting is all the 'experts' talking crap and all the hype. I know, it's the Yankees and the Sox, but give me a break. It never matters what the so-called experts think or say anyway. All that matters is who plays better baseball. All the sentimental boo-hoos for the hard luck Sox means nothing. Simply put, if they had played better in the past, they would have won.

Let's face it, this is October and these are the Yankees. The mystique and aura have been earned. Earned by winning against any and all comers. Believe in the ghosts at The Stadium, believe in the curse, believe what you want and who you want, the bottom line is - who's gonna blink.

It's not going to be the Yanks.


So when you look at these Red Sox, and you size up the other seven teams, is there any reason to think they won't win? Absolutely not. Except ...

"The Red Sox are the logical pick," said one scout, "except for one thing: They're the Red Sox."

Yep, that about covers it.

Gilligan For President

I remember when Gilligan (yes, Gilligan's Island) was dreaming that he was the dictator of some small South American country. The people were standing under his window and he had to address them, so he asked his advisor, I think it was the Professor, what he should promise the people. His advisor told him to promise "this and that and the other thing." So he went onto the balcony and said "I promise you dis and dat and de udder ting!" The whole crowd went crazy.

That's what the Presidential race reminds me of. All kinds of promises to get votes. How many will actually be upheld?

I think Gilligan would have done well this year if he had run for President.

We're With You Mo

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Mariano. Sorry to hear of your loss.

Stuff like that keeps the world in perspective. It is just a game after all.

True Love In One Hour

For some reason I was thinking of an old friend this morning (we'll call him G) that I haven't seen for years. We were nearly inseparable for about 5 years. Problem was, we were a terrible influence on one another. No matter what we did we ended up blitzed and in another adventure. (There were many.)

This adventure happened at a local bar on open mike night. This particular evening we were attempting to comsume every ounce of Tequila they had and somewhere during our brain cell homicidal rampage, two women showed up and weren't interested in leaving there alone.

Now I must preface this by letting you know that my friend G was a magnet for strange, freaky and scary people. No matter where we went, someone outside the realm of the standard human being would latch onto him and not let go. He lamented this quality often, but nothing ever changed. This night was no exception.

At some point after I had injested the worm from our first killed bottle (Which I had won in the 'coin bounce into the shot glass contest'), I noticed that one of the women had started holding tightly onto G's hand. Problem was, she had every intention of keeping it. Next she put her other hand behind his neck and was trying to draw him in for a big wet smooch. He couldn't get away from the super grip she had on him, so he did what any self respecting he-man would do, he started screaming into her face like a little girl. This of course sent me into hysterics and I was no help at all.

As I was catching my breath, I was able to see the bouncers finally arrive to help the terrified screaming little girl voice they were hearing. Once they assessed the situation, they tried to pry the amorous lady's hands free, but it wasn't working out well. My friend, his newest love and both bouncers ended up in a heap on the floor rolling around, yelling, cussing, and screaming. I couldn't stop laughing. (Some help I am.) This woman was professing her "undying love for this wonderful man she intended to be with for the rest of her life" so loud it was drowning out the music. How she had made this assessment about him during the one hour long courtship, I don't know.

It turned out to be quite the scene.

Soon the bouncers had the woman outside and we were leaving with our other friends, and as we went by the area where they were stuffing the woman into her truck, she started screaming out her love for G again. Then her partner came over as we were loading up to go and gave me her phone number, hoping we would call. That's when I lost it again and had to be lifted into the car. My ribs hurt for days after that one.

I don't know why I started thinking about this incident this morning. I haven't been involved in a scene like that for a decade at least. (I feel like I've lived 2 distinctly separate lives. One pretty crazy and one more normal that is only about 9 years old. I’m Mr. respectable/responsible now. More on that some other time.) I do know that there are so many G stories that I could entertain people for hours. This one is actually pretty tame. I think sometimes that I miss the adventures we shared, but I know for sure I don't miss the aftermath.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I Feel Divorced

I spent the day yesterday with one of my best friends. She was once married to another of my best friends, but that didn’t work out. She is a unique person, to say the very least. When we're together, we have this weird chemistry where we just can't stop making each other laugh. We don’t get together so much anymore, so when we do, it’s always special. I also got to see my Godson and share some time, so it was a good day.

I was best man in this ex-couple’s wedding. They honored me by asking me to be the Godfather to their only child, whom I love dearly. My relationship with both of them means a lot to me. We’ve known each other for nearly 17 years. Now everything is different.

Isn’t it weird when close friends get divorced? You kind of feel like you are divorced too. Now there are two different homes to visit. There is the fine line of remaining friends with both. The art of trying to remember two schedules, etc… It’s like, good friends share in the relationship and they also share in the end of it.

Recently another couple I know that have been very good friends for almost the same amount of time have split. They too are now in two different cities and their friendship also means a great deal to me. Now we get to be divorced all over again. It’s kinda weird.

The good thing about all of this is the adult way both couples are handling their splits. They still get along well. There isn’t any of the pitting friend against friend stuff you hear about sometimes. As individuals, they are all good people. That has translated into being good friends. Still, I feel a little sad when a visit is now with just one or the other. They are moving on, hopefully to better things. Hopefully to a place where they are happy. Things are just different.

This is harder to explain than I thought it would be. All I know is that I feel divorced too.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Yankees Win!! Theeeeee Yankees Win!!

Wow! The Yankees came back from 5-1 to take the series from the Twins! By the 8th inning, it was looking bleak, but Sierra tied it up with a 3 run homer. Sweet! And ARod coming through with the double and the steal in the 11th, unbelievable! I'm so wired right now I can't speak, even here where I'm not really speaking.

Watch out Boston, here we come!!!!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Good To Be In D.C.

Remember the Bush/Kerry "This Land" animated comedy thing from jibjab that caused such a ruckus? Well, there is a new one at It's called "Good To Be In D.C." It's hilarious! Check it out.

I love the cameos of the Clintons. Too funny!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'd Try Emerald Nuts

Does anyone out there love those Emerald Nuts commercials like I do? They are so goofy but I laugh out loud every time one comes on. I think my favorite is the one where the 2 older guys are in the grocery store yelling about how great they are. “Egomaniacal Neds”, I think is the one. The ones I remember are:

Evil Navigators Love Emerald Nuts
Egyptian Navigators Love Emerald Nuts
Electromagnetic Navigators Love Emerald Nuts
Eerie Name callers Love Emerald Nuts
Envious Nomads Love Emerald Nuts
Elegant Naysayers Love Emerald Nuts

I think there are more, but I can’t remember them right now. They seem to have a navigator fetish, though. I hope they keep this ad program running for a while. It’s hilarious! Makes me want to try the nuts. Hey! I guess the ads work!

I Think The Yankees Are Trying To Kill Me.....

.....but what a way to go! An awesome win in the 12th after a gut-wrenching blown lead in the 8th. Whew! I thought I was going to cry when both Flash and Mo couldn't hold the 2 run lead. But that feeling quickly went away. What did I have to fear? This is The Stadium. This is the playoffs. The Yankee ghosts were on the way. I was sure.

After Jeter scored the winning run, I felt so wrung out I couldn't breathe. I started wondering how my Yankees buds were doing, because I knew they wouldn't give up either. And this one was one of those nail-biters, to say the least.

The Yankees in the post season is the most addictive drug on the planet. I feel for those who don't know what it's like to feel every second of every game like you were there. It's like you are living & dying with every out, every pitch every second of every game. It's harsh, but in the end it's amazing. Check out Karen's account. It'll help if you "Just don't get it".

But beware, once you get it, you can't go back.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Weird things are happening this week:

My coffee machine blew up. For real! We have, actually had, a cool coffee/espresso/latte machine that I loved. Used it almost daily for 6+ years. It was the type that frothed the milk right into the cup. None of that heating the milk in a seperate container. As I was coming down for the morning coffee, I heard a very loud noise, like a small gun going off. I also heard Nicci yelp. As I got to the kitchen I saw steam and water all over the counter. The steam chamber gave up the ghost. Blew the bottom right out. Luckily it was designed to fail downward if it failed. It did. Good engineering.

The VP of our company asked to use my safety shoes, the steel toe kind. I keep them at my desk for use in the areas that require it. I thought she was kidding. She was serious. At least she said so. (She has a dry sense of humor, so it can be hard to tell.) She even checked them out for style & size. She wanted to go kick someone's ass and wanted to really get their attention. I told her to go ahead. She hasn't used them yet, but I do believe she would do it.

One of my co-workers PC was sabotaged. Apparently he had a bad habit of turning the sound up too much for those around him. So a couple industrious individuals took the PC apart and removed the sound button. They then placed the removed piece on his neighbor's desk, to throw any inspector off their trail. It's all in fun, I think. But the noise pollution is down, so it has worked out.

There was a guy in the restroom yesterday that apparently was really into taking a leak. When I walked in, he was humming really loud, had a huge grin on his face and a two handed grip down there. I didn't want to interrupt his fun, so I left. There are other restrooms, so maybe I'll avoid that one for a while.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Envious Me

The Yankee game will be starting soon. I'm basically calm right now. I sure won't be soon.

I was just thinking about my blogger buddy Karen who is at The Stadium tonight for the game. Up in the nosebleed seats. Not the best view, I'm sure. Freezing. Obnoxious drunks, some of them brave enough to be Twins fans. Getting home very late, actually early morning hours. Having to go to work early the next day. Trying to get it together to do it again tomorrow. Boy, doesn't sound like too good a time, eh?

Well, I'll tell you, I'm so envious I could pop! There can be no better time than to be in Yankee Stadium for the playoffs. None. I certainly don't begrudge anyone the experience, but I sure wish I was there too.

So when you see this post Karen, know that all of your Yankee buds were there with you in spirit. Go Yanks!!!

Some Dumb-Asses Do Get What They Deserve

When the last hurricane went through our area, it spawned a couple tornadoes. One of them pretty near my house. That's not something I care to see again. Obviously, some damage was done. Not to the extent of other areas of the country, but enough.
As you can expect, the folks that suffered damage and loss earned the sympathy and help of everyone around.

One home in particular, located in Frederick county, that had suffered some damage was in the midst of being repaired when the workers discovered something unexpected. The owner of that home had a significant collection of kiddie porn. Some dated as far back as the late seventies. The local D.A. said it's the largest collection he's ever seen.

Now as sick as the whole idea is, (just the thought makes me cringe!) the dumb-ass owner left the stuff laying around where the workers easily found it and reported it to the police. Now, it's bad enough to have that crap. Worse to be so into it that it obviously was a life-long disgusting habit, but to be so stupid as to let it out in the open where it will be easily found by someone you know is going through the house unrestricted? Geez! What an idiot.

From the sound of the latest report, this goober will probably get 90+ years. He's old enough to die in jail. I hope so. From reports you hear, long time inmates are pretty abusive to people like this guy. Some weird code they have about not tolerating any abuse of kids. Sounds like he's in for quite a ride, literally. For this one time, maybe one loser will get what he deserves.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Eight Men Out

I needed my Baseball fix tonight (yes, I know it's only a 1 day break until the playoffs) so I went through the baseball movies I have and decided to check out "Eight Men Out". It's been some time since I've seen it. I forgot how good it is.

When I see a movie like this, I really feel how different the eras are. Back then the players didn't even wear batting helmets. They worked in the off season. They were pretty much at the mercy of the team owners. Kids respected them.

Now, you probably couldn't get anyone interested in a scheme like what the Black Sox did in 1919. The players make more money than the crooks could offer. They have the owners backs to the wall most of the time. They have every conceivable piece of equipment known to man available to them.

But kids still respect them.

I remember when I was a kid and just being in awe of my Baseball heroes. Like the kid in the movie, begging Shoeless Joe to tell him the scandal wasn't real, I held the players way up on a pedestal. It's a great game, especially for kids. (Some of us still feel like kids during the season.)

I still feel bad for Buck Weaver and Shoeless Joe Jackson, who didn't want to throw the series in 1919. They played to win even with the other guys tanking. That would suck more than anything ever. Being in the World Series. Knowing you are easily the best team. Having most of the starters screwing you over.

It's a good movie. I recommend it to those who haven't seen it yet. If you have, check it out again. The whole story line is interesting, even if you're not so much into the Baseball stuff. And the music is awesome. Definitely worth the time.

'That Person'

Do you know someone like this...?...

They know something about everything. Even if you know something about something, they know better.

They always can top any experience you've had or will have. Don't bother to tell them anything. All you get out of it is something that starts with "Well that's nothing. One time I was....."

They are super friendly, until the time is right. Once the coast is clear, then the 'truth about that person' as they see it comes out. (Makes you wonder what happens when you leave the room...)

They have been everywhere. Your experiences don't compare. Don't even try.

They have seen everything. Whatever is on the news that day, they've done it, seen it, lived it, caused it, whatever.

They have no peer. What they do might not be utter perfection, but it's damn close. What anyone else does can not measure up to their quality. Lose that idea quick!

I'm sure most people have a little of some of these fine qualities in them. When you run into someone with all of the above squirming around inside them, a good day sure can end up in the pisser.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Baseball World

The Astros seem determined to make the post season. If they win, they are in and the Giants go home. It's the 3rd inning and Bagwell gets on by an error. He then steals 2nd (yep, Bagwell stole 2nd). Then Berkman doubles him in to make the score 3-0. Next, Berkman steals 3rd without a throw! Then Kent singles in Berkman, 4-0. Now Kent steals 2nd and advances to 3rd on a bad throw. Then an old Yankee bud, Vizcaino, singles with 2 down to allow Kent in, 5-0. Whew! They are taking advantage of their chance to keep playing. (Unlike the Cubs and A's)

If you're not into Baseball you probably don't care and/or don't understand all that. But even if you are a just casual Baseball fan, this weekend is one to remember. With so much riding on the outcome of so many games being played on the last weekend of the regular season, it's hard to stay away from the television, the radio, the news, ESPN.....You get the drift. This is what those of us who love the game live for. And once again we're not disappointed.

Karen posted a link to this article from the New York Post that better explains the rush this last week in Baseball has been. It is definitely a sad time in that the regular season is over. For some whose team hasn't made the playoffs, it's a bad time. For those whose team barely missed the playoffs, it's a bitter time. But for those who still have a team playing, this time of year is all-consuming. Every pitch counts. Every swing counts. Every little thing that happens counts toward something. Ultimately all these things have some bearing on the team you want to win.

This next month, fans like me will be losing so much sleep. (Thanks to most of the games starting late.) There won't be any doubt about what we will be doing with our evenings either. Though the location may vary, the game(s) that are being played take priority. This next month is what the whole season is all about.

I just noticed that the Twins are down 3-1. If they lose, they have to face the Yankees in New York for the first round. I'll bet they would prefer not to.

And it's now the top of the 6th in Houston. Same score, Astros up 5-0. Can anyone remember the mess the Astros were at the All-Star break? Near complete collapse, fired their manager. Starting pitching looking bad. (Except Clemens.) What a turn around. Don't know if they'll pull it out, but I'll tell you this, I won't miss it.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

A Yankee In Hostile Territory

I just wanted to give a friendly shout out to the lonely Yankee fan they just showed on FOX. He is in the stands in Baltimore where the Orioles are playing the Red Sux. When his picture was flashed up on the giant screen, the whole stadium starting booing. The cool thing is, he was wearing a Yankee road jersey and smiling broadly when it happened. He actually had no one sitting around him. You’re a good man Mr. Yankee fan! Good job bringing a little class to that place.

Man, I wish that were me. I’d eat it up!

Relationships - Part 4

Finally, the last installment of my personal take on relationships.

Some people can’t exist without being involved in a relationship. They just don’t feel ‘complete’ without a significant other in their lives, even if it’s not a good situation. I’ve known more than one person who has told me they just have to have someone. This type of person can go through a lot of stuff. They are the type that will hook up with someone and talk themselves into feeling something that really isn’t there. Just to have someone. When it ends, they do it again. And they really don’t like to hear that they are doing the same thing over and over. They will ask your opinion, but giving it is like talking to a rock, wasted time.

Then there is the type that can ‘take it or leave it.’ I think I fall into this category. If someone comes along, OK. If not, OK. That’s not to say this person won’t pursue someone. I’ve certainly been known to do so. But usually this person will simply fall into something and eventually realize that a relationship has started. That’s me. Problem is, this type will not be too broken up if something goes wrong. They tend to be a bit inattentive to details and it bites them in the ass a lot. (I’m definitely guilty of this.) If it ends, OK. If it goes on, without too much work required, OK. If I’m alone for a while, something will happen. Not to worry. Personally, there have been very few times in my life where I’ve felt lonely. Usually after heavy drinking the ‘lonely boy attitude’ would show up. It went away quickly. Being alone and being lonely are two completely different animals. The 'I've got to have someone' personality type doesn’t get this idea.

I think (personal opinion coming, again) that the worst person anyone could get saddled with is the ‘terminal romantic’. For this person, nothing is good enough. Even if you start out well, the romantic acts can’t keep being topped. Then you have a situation where the romantic ‘just isn’t getting what they need from the relationship’. This person will be searching forever for something that just doesn’t exist. They can’t be satisfied with real life. They live in their romantic fantasy novels and don’t come out. Romance is fun. It’s addicting. But no one can live like that 24 hours a day. And who would want to? All the good stuff would get to be old hat. Nothing would be special anymore. You know, the old “Gee flowers. How nice”. bored reaction after you make the same gesture too many times. No thanks.

And why does everyone think you have to work at a relationship? Shouldn’t it work well to begin with? If something is a lot of work, what’s the point? Maybe those involved should face facts and admit they aren’t compatible.

This dialog could go on forever. I’m certainly no expert on this subject, but I do have a few opinions, eh? Truth is, who really is an expert? The so-called relationship experts aren’t consistent with their advice. Everyone is different and they just try to generalize for all situations. Pretty much junk, in my book.

All opinions are pretty subjective. As with most people I know, I’ve been through the ringer with relationships. What I think isn’t necessarily what someone else can agree with. I guess the bottom line is to be true to your instincts. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself and with those you choose to include in your life. Don’t be a wimp with this one. Sometimes brutal honesty is all that can help the future work out. To be stuck in a long-term deal and to be miserable is the worst thing people can do to themselves. There’s a big world to be explored. Handicapping yourself doesn’t make sense. The clichés like ‘love conquers all’ and ‘you have to work at it’ and ‘If it was meant to be…’ all work out for only the terminally romantic minded. They don’t mean squat when facing the reality of living with and loving someone else. You only live once. Gotta make the best of it the first time around. (There’s a cliché I can deal with).

Friday, October 01, 2004

What A Day!

I was off work today thanks to the generosity of my boss. Two of us went into work last Saturday to do a job that 1) he needed done right the first time and 2) he preferred us doing. There is a trust issue lurking between the big guy and the group that should handle projects like the one my partner and I did. So when we got the thing done and everything was OK, he gave us a freebie day off. Well, me not wanting to disappoint Mr. Bigcheese, I took him up on his offer.

This turned out to be a weird day off. I did nothing. I had big plans for the day, like building a better toaster or inventing something cool like SpaghettiO flavored pop-tarts, but nothing came to fruition. The toughest thing I've done today is mow the grass. Whew! (And I love mowing grass.)

For a while this evening I thought about it and was feeling a little guilty. A whole day and I didn't accomplish anything of consequence. Then I realized that all the little things I did amounted to a pretty OK day, so now I don't feel so bad. It was a mental health day that I actually used as a mental health day. I just didn't realize it till now. So I'm writing this incredibly boring post to declare this day accomplished. "This day has been accomplished." Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.

Besides, like 'The Little Prince' I prefer not to get too tied up with matters of consequence. When I do, I miss some of the life that passes me by. And who's to say blowing off a day once in a while can't be a 'matter of consequence'? Sometimes it really is.