Thursday, September 30, 2004

2004 American League East Champion New York Yankees

Boy, that sure has a sweeeet sound, doesn't it? The Yankees finish the sweep of the Twins and along with it clinch the A.L. East crown. 7 straight! Hell yes!

They did it at home with a walk off home run by Bernie Williams. Pretty fitting way to complete the first step on the journey to the World Series.

To all you naysayers out there - HA! To all you boo hoo fair weather fans - HA! To all the crybabies that talked down the pitching staff - HA!

And a very special shout out to the self proclaimed 'best team' up there in Boston - HA! I sense your pain. It makes me smile.

Geez it's great to be a Yankee!!!

The Magic Number Is 1

Yesterday was a great day for The Yankees for many reasons. They beat the Twins twice, the Rays whipped the Red Sux (HA!) and as a result the 'magic number' for winning the division title was reduced from 4 to 1. Awesome day!

Highlights included: Matsui homers in both games, A-Rod triples in the first game and homers in the second, Jeter went 4/9 with 2 doubles and a stolen base and played awesome defense. His pick and throw from the hole in the second game had Ford (Twins LF) smiling in disbelief.

Another high point of the day was Princess Pedro getting whipped for the 4th time in a row and a transplanted Yankee helped. Tino Martinez went 3/4 in the Rays win over Pedro including a game busting 3 run homer in the 8th. Tino, we miss you! Thanks for the assist.

One more win and the Yanks have their 7th consecutive A.L. East title and 3rd straight 100 win season. Sweet! Ain't it great to be a Yankee!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Relationships - Part 3

This is part 3 of the huge post on relationships. (See the 'Relationships' post of 9/25/04 for part 2 and 9/23/04 for part 1.) I believe with editing I can finally finish this thing up with part 4.

Sometimes things happen in a relationship that cause tremendous stress and, handled badly, lead to one partner or both resenting or even hating the other. This eventual hating of each other doesn't make sense to me. No matter what happens, at one time the two involved liked many things the other had to offer. More so than the things they didn't like. That's how relationships start. You find someone you are attracted to for whatever reason, you evaluate the things you like and/or don't like, and the relationship progresses if the good stuff outweighs the bad. (There's always going to be things you like and dislike about almost anyone you meet. Pretending 'It's all good' is silly.) Unless it's based on sex alone, which is fun, but more like a shooting star. It quickly fades away. But to end up in a situation where hatred comes along, that's really sad. What happened to all the good stuff you liked in the first place? Is it all gone? Doubtful. But strong emotions can cloud a clear head, and some situations end up all emotion.

Sometimes in a relationship matters of the heart become secondary issues. Like one that is well established. Comfortable. It gets to be more of a businesslike partnership than a romantic entity. I think this is the most common state of things. People get into ruts. Most people like guaranteed routines, few surprises, knowing what the course of life is. This situation can be a romance killer. And romance shouldn't be left to die off. (Are you listening, guy's? Yes I believe we are the biggest culprits.) This situation is where I think a new system should be put in place. Maybe we should have marriage contracts. The kind where you re-evaluate the situation every 5 years, and if it isn't what you want, end it. No fuss, no muss. Or you can love the situation and renew the contract for another 5 years. You could add in plans and goals that will be in writing so you can ensure at least an attempt to keep things fresh. Like, a trip to the Bahamas within a year. Adding a new kid in 3 years... Stuff like that. I bet the lawyers wouldn't like that idea. No messy, lucrative divorces to be enjoyed. (Let's not get started on lawyers. My opinion has been well documented. Posted 8/11/04.)

To be continued.....

I've Seen The B Team In Action

For the past few nights on my way home, one of the roads I travel has been under construction. This is a small 2-lane road off the highway. Well, I've noticed that when I get onto the newly paved stretch of road, it gets pretty rough. That seemed odd to me, as the team of road workers has been working diligently to finish the job. Hmmm. So I decided to investigate this phenomenon.

When I checked out the new paving I noticed it was not so smooth. It had many nooks and crannies in the surface. Kind of looked like those pictures of the Moon's surface. This sure didn't resemble the job the highway pavers do. It just so happens part of the stretch of highway I travel in the morning is also being paved right now and that new stretch is pretty smooth. Hmmm.

This leads me to the only possible conclusion I can come up with; the highway pavers are the A Team and the back road pavers are the B Team. Maybe they separate the more experienced pavers from the scrubs like the high schools do for sports. They have a Varsity team for the athletic superheroes and a Junior Varsity team for the not quite so good athletes. That's what the highway people must do. The Highway team must be like the Varsity and the back road team is working hard to make the Varsity team. Once they get the knack for making a smooth road, they get promoted and get to do highway jobs. I'll bet they get pretty excited when they hit the big time, out there on some highway. Only thing that sucks is we have to put up with the rough B Team back roads until they get the system down. Oh well. Maybe the A Team will come over and help the B Team smooth out their rough paving job and everyone will live happily ever after.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Why Do We Do What We Do?

I was in one of our equipment storage rooms today and I saw a piece of equipment with a tag that said "Do Not Touch", and that the equipment was being used for something. Now, this was a storage room, the thing wasn't even plugged in, and I didn't care for the tone of the tag. So, of course, I touched it. With just one finger. Just because. And no one was there to see me do it.

It's not that this equipment is anything special. On occasion I've picked it up to move it. I've pushed it around. I've helped use it. Nope, it was the tag telling me not to touch it. And just touching it with a single finger was quite satisfying, I have to say. A small victory of some sort for me.

This started me thinking about some of the stuff we do when we are alone or there is virtually no way someone will catch us doing it. (Except if we write it down in a blog, of course.) Like walking past a mirror, having it catch your eye and stepping back just long enough to make a goofy face in it. Who hasn't done that?

Or how about going around a corner while hopping on one foot a la Dagwood Bumstead. Or pausing mid way around the corner on one foot, posing for a split second and doing a quick 90° kick to end up in the direction you want to go before moving on. It’s fun, if you aren’t caught.

Sometimes we do even more risky things, like walking behind someone and imitating their walk. Or cruising along the highway pretending we are an Indy driver, complete with the sound effects. Someone in another car may see that one, if you are demonstrative enough. And how about talking to the plants? I talk to many things, actually. Especially the PC screen and TV screen.

I guess the list of goofy things people do could go on and on. Maybe it’s a way of keeping their sanity? Personally, I have a good time with my ‘secret’ life. The kid in me likes to feel like I've gotten away with something sometimes. I’m no Walter Mitty, but occasionally it’s fun to escape, even for a few seconds.

The Highwayman Revisited.....

.....or the continuing sagas of the morning commute...

This morning we find our hero, The Highwayman, traveling his well known, perilous route of destiny when suddenly, from his peripheral vision there appears a blinding flash of light and color. Without warning the feared enemy of the road known as Lenny Lanechanger has appeared from the nether-regions and overtaken the Highwayman. With barely inches to spare, Lenny Lanechanger darts into our hero's path and immediately begins a controlled reduction of speed designed to infuriate even the most gentle of spirits. Especially annoying is the fact that there are few other vehicles around, so this disruption of the steady commute is unnecessary.

Undaunted and with his customary cool, calm demeanor, our hero patiently waits for his chance as the inevitable succession of lane changes that Lenny is famous for begins. As there is now a giant tanker truck to his right and grassy oblivion to his left, the Highwayman really has no alternative but to proceed as always; straight ahead, steady course. Why Lenny wastes his time and energy is the mystery that entertains our hero's thoughts this morning. He doesn't get any further ahead. Strange.

As the small group of now tightly packed road racer wannabes round the curve leading onto the main highway, Lenny decides he can change lanes several times in succession in an attempt to circumvent the crowd, causing flashes of tail-lights and most likely tempers. Seeing his opportunity, the Highwayman calmly slams his highway racer into 5th (an advantage to having 6 gears) and accelerates past the now dumbfounded and distressed Lenny Lanechanger. Unable to keep up with our hero, Lenny quickly becomes no more than a pair of dimming lights in the rearview mirror, no longer to be a pain this day. With a sneer on his lips and a happy glint in his eye, The Highwayman cruises the remaining miles in peace, the cruise control locked on and functioning at maximum efficiency.

Exiting the highway our hero once again feels the calm satisfaction of surviving the dreaded morning commute. Once again defeating the enemies on the road, the Highwayman prepares to face the day knowing he has a momentary respite from the enemies of the highway, until the next time..........

Tune in again next week for the continuing saga of, The Morning Commute.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Much Ado About Nothing

Turns out the much anticipated final 6 games between the Yankees and those other guys from Beantown ended up a draw. After winning 2 of 3 last week, then beating Pedro (HA!) again Friday, I thought the Yanks could grab an edge this month. Turns out they couldn't pull it off. We played 6, won 3. We spanked them twice, got spanked twice. Oh well.

Kevin Brown sure looked rusty. Actually he looked a little tentative. Maybe he's a little shy about the hand injury. Harold Reynolds (Baseball Tonight) was explaining that his follow-through wasn't complete, like he was favoring the hand. That would explain the lack of sink on Kevin's sinker. He'll get one more start to prove he's ready for postseason. Better make it good.

So the pre-game anxiety was for naught. But I did get to see the Yankees on ESPN. Didn't have to listen to the Yankee haters on Fox or Comcast. And we really didn't lose ground this past week. With a lot fewer games to go, that suits me OK.

And So I Wait, If Not Patiently.....

Just sitting around, semi-patiently waiting for the Yankees - Red Sux game. Kevin Brown is back today, just 3 weeks after surgery on his hand. Hey Kevin, no stupidity today, OK? Win or lose, we need you for the playoffs. Actually I've accomplished much this morning in anticipation of this afternoon's game. Don't want to feel guilty.

Nope, I'm not a 'typical guy' in that I barely notice the Football season has started while Baseball is still ongoing. Even then, Football doesn't hold my attention well. And after Football is over, there are no sports I can get too excited about. I play Golf (I guess what I do sort of resembles Golf in a way), but watching it is boring. Hockey and Basketball are pretty much the bottom of the barrel to me. Maybe a little Tennis. Truth is, I anticipate the beginning of the next Baseball season immediately after the World Series is over. All the rest is not too interesting to me.

I sometimes wonder what drives the 'gung ho super sportsman types'. Men and women can get that way. Mostly men I think, but I've known women like that. You know, the "If it's a sport, it's super cool!" type. I don't get that. After Baseball is done, I use the time for other hobbies that have been set aside, like movies, art projects, stuff like that. It's nice that Major League Baseball takes a 5 month break. That way I can too. Thanks guys. I know you do it just for me.


Saturday, September 25, 2004

Relationships - Part 2

This is part 2 of the huge post on relationships. (See the 'Relationships' post of 9/23/04 for an explanation.)

I think the hardest thing humans try to accomplish is being monogamous. I've never been truly convinced of the theory that monogamy is the 'way we were meant to live'. Maybe monogamy is contrary to true human nature. Perhaps we weren't meant to be with just one person. Almost anyone who claims they are completely satisfied with a single love interest all their lives isn't very honest. (Pay attention, I said ALMOST anyone.) If that were true, the percentage of committed people dabbling in the world of infidelity wouldn't be skyrocketing. According to estimates I've found via Internet searching, at least 50% of married men and 35 to 40% of women have had or are contemplating affairs. (This number is the people that respond honestly to polls.) The rate of women stepping out is rising briskly comparing the rate from a 1994 study that put the number at 17 to 20%. The divorce rate is about 50%, depending on where you get your stats.

We start out with so many plans. Such high hopes. I don't think people intend to be rotten to each other, but it sure happens a lot. Then, suddenly, the most special person you've ever met has become the most hated person you've ever known. That’s a sad state of affairs. (Pardon the pun.) A relationship can go from something amazing to something unbearable, real quick. If people were capable of being very honest and communicating very well, I think a lot of grief could be avoided. Being unafraid to talk about anything and everything is an amazing accomplishment. But I believe it is rare.

Let's face it; rarely do two people grow in the same direction. Especially people that get together young. The younger a couple is, generally speaking, the more chance of growing in different directions. Then the relationship becomes a hindrance to personal growth, and conflict arises. I personally feel like any relationship, good or bad, is a hindrance to the core individual in some way. How the pair deal with the inherent restrictions is a key to their future.

To be continued.....

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hellava Game!

That was a great ballgame! As always, the best part was whipping Princess Pedro. (Thanks to Shannon for that suitable nickname.) Hideki was the hero tonight, getting the go ahead home run off Pedro AND the double to put the boys up by 2.

The Yanks are 5.5 games ahead with 7 to go. The countdown to the division championship has begun. Tomorrow could be sweeeeet!

Team Appreciation Time

I was catching up on the Yankees in the blogosphere this morning and one theme has come through, appreciation of the Yankees 10th straight trip to the playoff season. When you think about it, it's quite an accomplishment. Other than the Braves (Bleech!) what other team can you count on to perform at such a high level consistently over the years? None. And the aforementioned team is just recent history. Not tradition like the Yankees.

So now let's take a moment to stop and appreciate this years Yankees for another great season. Here's the moment.....

We now can get on with the job of winning the division. Let's not let down for a second. The Yanks won't.

By the way, for those out there who aren't Yankees (No, I don't understand) thanks for taking this moment with us. Whether you planned on it or not, we thank you for the pause of appreciation you've just participated in. Was it good for you?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Relationships - Part 1

First, an explanation: About a month ago I started to write down my thoughts about relationships. This thought process was started for several reasons, some of which I'll detail, some not. Initially I intended to post this thing once and be done with it. Problem was, it got too big. Huge. I guess I have more than a few opinions on the subject. So, I intend to break down the original monster sized post into several smaller ones. Hopefully there will be some discussion on each part and then the next will come. So, without further ado.....

I have 2 friends who don't particularly like each other. That's not usually a big deal, but they are also married to each other. They go through the motions pretty well, but it shows. Nicci and I visited with them recently and it is showing more and more. They snipe each other almost constantly. And it's the kind of situation where one talks bad about the other behind their back. I guess to get a sympathy vote or something. It's a bit stressful for those of us put in the position of riding the fence, so to speak.

This started me thinking about relationships in general. It seems like no matter how passionate, exciting, romantic and/or all consuming they start, they always cool off. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes not so much. Usually enough that one of the 2 involved people end up offended, disgruntled, feeling alone. You get the drift.

At first a relationship is the best. The anticipation of knowing you are going to see her/him. Butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling. The romantic notions just don't stop. The daydreaming about things you just can't wait to share. The passion. When it's new, the passion is the most intense. The anticipation of seeing each other can be overwhelming.

The problem is, time passes and you get to know each other well, maybe too well. This is where the realization of what's going on pops up. The future is staring you in the face. This is where decisions have to be made. Honest decisions. Honest evaluations. And this is where some of us (I've done it.) miss the boat. We need to think with the head and the heart to honestly decide if this person is 'the one' for us. It's a nice romantic thing to believe that love conquers all, but let me tell you the truth, that's a load of crap. Don't buy into the sappy cliches too easily. They could jump up and bite you good. Sometimes what seems like a perfect match just isn't. And sometimes we won't, don't and/or can't see the truth. Without honestly looking the relationship over and not being afraid to be honest with each other about what is going on, you end up where my friends are now, together, but miserable.

To be continued.....

Yankees Win, Hello Post-season!

The Yankees 7-3 win over the Devil Rays today sends them into the post-season for the 10th straight time. Can you believe it? 10 straight years of playoff baseball! I guess I never doubted this team, though they have given me the heebie-jeebies from time to time. And check out Derek Jeter, going 3-4 with a home run! The Captain keeps rolling.

It's time right now to enjoy the moment. Tomorrow starts the drive for the division title. We get another crack at the Butt Sox with the division pretty much on the line. (Not quite, but close enough.)This could end up being the ALCS team matchup. Good time to warm up the ass kicking boots, eh?

So Money Can't Buy Happiness.....

What a crock! here's an example: Donald Trump is engaged to Melania Knauss.

I was stunned to see a picture of these two together. (Yeah, I'm behind a bit.) Now, can you tell me that this amazingly beautiful, very successful well educated woman would look twice at 'The Donald' if he weren't an uber successful real estate billionaire? I doubt she would look twice if he wasn't. She's 24 years his junior. Please!

Now, I'm not begrudging him his success. He has definitely earned everything he's got. And if that leads to his hooking up with someone like Melania, that's pretty cool. Check out this quote: "When we walk into a restaurant, I watch grown men weep."
-Donald Trump, on the effect beauty Melania Knauss has on other people.

I believe you, brother.

It's the crap about money not buying happiness I don't agree with. I think it's a line made up by the rich to try to help out those of us less fortunate. You know, ease the strain a bit. Sometimes it even works, a little.

Maybe money can't buy true happiness, but I bet it helps to find it. Without money worries, you sure would have enough time to check into the issue at least. And even if money can just rent happiness a while, I'd sure like to give it a try.

Hey Donald, are you listening?

Suddenly The Jays Are Good?

I don't think so. This series looked like it should have been fairly easy on the Yankees. Instead we are back to a 3.5 game lead. I guess it was inevitable that El Duque would lose one. I had hoped not, but at least it didn't come in post-season.

I thought the horror of Heredia was gone? (Didn't he get sent down in August?) Maybe I missed something along the way. Why does he keep showing up? He hasn't done anything for the Yankees but cause ulcers. He can't possibly be on the post-season roster.

So today it's Rays. We need this one. Already the weekend series has become tighter than is comfortable. Time to get serious, boys. Do we have to beg?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lotsa Blogs

Every now and then I'll hit the little button on this blog that goes to the next blog. Sometimes I'll check out a few and find some interesting stuff. Sometimes not. I started this blog thanks to becoming hooked on my fellow Yankee and Cap'n of the good ship Mystique and Aura Karen Bischer's blog. I found her's one day trying to find some Yankee info. After following the exploits of KB and her gang for about a year, I attempted to leave a comment, got into the set-up thing and somehow found myself with this blog. (Yes, I waited a whole year!)

At first I believed I would just post solely about the main driving force in my life, The New York Yankees. But once I got started with this thing, I found it was a pretty cool way to vent about anything and everything. Anyone who knows me knows I'm full of opinions on pretty much anything, so this forum suits me fine. No interruptions while venting/ranting etc..... Gotta love it!(This is going somewhere. Be patient!)

Turns out there are other fringe benefits. I've been able to connect with others in parts of the country that I may never get to visit. I especially like the great Yankees that are out there. Check out Shannon's blog. There is a true Yankee for ya! Or this one by Matt that has lots of variety along with the important Yankee stuff. Or my friend Terri's blog, who writes about her every day experiences.

But the vicarious adventures to be found are limitless. Some people are so honest about their feelings and reactions to things around them, it's almost painful. Most blogs seem to be used in place of a personal journal. A lot are like this one, a place to post observations and opinions.

I try to keep up with several that have caught my attention. I haven't added many to the links list yet. Not until I'm sure I will keep reading them regularly. Here's a list of some: (Theres a lot to said for a girl who prefers beer and blue jeans.) (Very direct, no BS style. Gotta love it.) (A picture journal! Good for people that don't read much.) (Aspiring writer. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.) (Intense teen in school. Very honest. Also a Yankee.) (Adventures of a newlywed. Could be interesting.)

I guess the point of this is that I'm having a kick ass time exploring the blog world. Maybe it'll last with me, maybe not. But right now, the adventures are pretty OK.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Yankees Secret Weapon

This year the Yankees secret weapon against the beanheads from Boston is the Baltimore Orioles. By now, I guess that's not much of a secret. Anyway, they beat them in Fenway again, saving a game in the standings for the boys, who couldn't beat the Jays. (?)

Vasquez was off again. If he was a Viking, he would be called Javy The Schizophrenic. You just never know which Javy will show up. And he was pitching against a rookie from AA. Sad.

I guess they had a let down after the weekend. How can you avoid it? I've noticed the Yanks have this annoying tendency to lose the first game of a series and then come back to win that series. It's been happening a lot lately. It sure would be nice to get a sweep and not settle for 2 of 3. Easier on the nerves that way.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Flipping channels between innings of the Houston/Milwaukee game:

Emmys are on, hmm…Gary Shandling just said that if the conservatives want to make gays stop having sex, they should allow them to get married. He said it worked for him. That’s hilarious!

There’s some kind of reality show on VH1. Flavor Flav and Brigitte Neilson getting it on? That’s too much reality! Hey, Ryan Starr is on the same show. Ryan Starr is fine!

I think Tony Gwynn is an excellent play by play guy. He’s a natural. Sure do miss seeing him hit, though.

How does someone stay a Brewers fan year after year?

Titanic is on. The most expensive movie ever made. Good movie, but Billy Zane doesn’t fit the character.

Very cool! Speed is on. A Sandra Bullock sighting! Now I’m in heaven. I was hoping to have a Sandy sighting on the Emmy show. This’ll do!

Clemens looks good tonight. (Pitching, that is.) Retirement my ass! How ‘bout, ‘I’m a lying dog.’ He’s still a Boston bum to me, no matter where he ends up.

Miami playing Cincinnati on ESPN. Miami sucks! Maybe they all should take up pot smoking.

Is there anyone better than Al Pacino?

How can anybody watch this wrestling crap!?! I can’t believe it has such a large following. I wonder how many people still think it’s real? Geez!

Brewers Manager Ed Yost interviewed. Says the franchise is still working on getting back to respectability. I sometimes feel bad for the good guys of baseball ending up in places like that. Is that too condescending? It wasn’t meant to be.

I wonder if the Astros are the oldest team in baseball in terms of average player age? If not, they are close to the top of the list.

Poker on Comcast Sportsnet. I guess it’s better than ESPN. One of the players name is Chip. Figures.

Cal Ripken sure does a lot of commercials lately. Probably needs the money.

How can Cheryl Ladd still look so good? She looks the same as she did on Charlie’s Angels. Good surgeon, I guess.

Cool! 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is on SciFi. Kirk Douglas starring. (The 1954 version.) Kind of funny, the ship that just got damaged was called the finest in the White Star Fleet. Same fleet that owned the Titanic. Weird coincidence.

That's enough for me. Nights like tonight make me wonder how the batteries in my remote work so long. Miracles of modern science!

Gotta have one more peek at Sandy first! So, I can't help it, I'm a slave to my passions! Woo Hoo!

Can You Say 'Butt-Kickin' Boys & Girls?

This weekend sure turned out to be a bit different than the loud mouthed, self proclaimed better team from Boston thought it would. Two SWEET games in a row where the Yankees out hit, out PITCHED (can you hear that Ortiz?) and just plain out classed the Blo Sox. Other than 1 inning Friday, the series was a complete sweep. The best part was the way they lit up Pedro! HA! Kudos to Moose, awesome form again. Same to Leiber, 6 2/3 of no hit ball. Same to the bull-pen, nearly flawless. Funny, that sounds like good pitching. I thought the Yankees didn't have any good pitching. Imagine that.

When the pitching is back in this kind of form and the hitting is great, like ARod hitting with RISP, the Yanks look like their old selves again. But what can you expect, it is late September and post season is close. The boys are bringing the A game at the right time.

I can't wait for next weekend.

Friday, September 17, 2004

War In The Bronx

There could be a war started tonight in the Bronx. Gary Sheffield says The Yankees won't stand for any of the crap from the last time. The BloSox are talking trash. Mo sounds as excited as he ever has. ARod an El Capitan are on a roll. This could be an epic weekend, as long as the rain stays away.

And what's up with this quote from the caveman,

"We know other teams haven't helped us out against them all year," Damon said. "We've had to battle. It seems like teams are playing us a lot better."

Well boo hoo! Are the other teams trying too hard to win their games? Poor little Alley Oop wannabe. I'd feel for you, but I just can't reach you. Get real! All MLB teams are trying to win every day. If they are trying harder to beat anyone, it would be the Yankees. That's all you hear anymore. That, and how it would be so great if the BloSox could get to the series. There's even a 'Priceless' commercial out stating that. Geez!

Ain't happening, baby! The road to the series goes through New York, and you bums don't get to pass.

Take The Pirate Test

You Are A Pirate!
You Are A Pirate!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown

I took the Pirate test (Thanks Karen) and passed. Unlike Karen's family, I don't think there were Pirates in mine (being mostly Irish), but I can still wish for it. My Pirate name is Cap'n Wally Ropeburn. Pretty cool, eh matey?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Who Writes This Crap?

The following is a sampling of text from a SPAM I got today. Ultimately it was an advertisement for drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc.....

The cars on the Central Pacific were nearly twice as high, and so proportionally airier; have lived longer and more richly than their neighbours; when they lay asleep they claim they were still active; and among the treasures of memory that all men review for their amusement, these count in no second place the harvests of their dreams. There is one of this kind whom I have in my eye, and whose case is perhaps unusual enough to be described.

Not only are these things exceptionally annoying, but complete morons are sending them out. What is this paragraph supposed to be about and how does it apply to the drugs?

'Yeah, I'll buy some of that! Just check out the advertising!' Please!

Those Damn Pitchers!

I have to bitch some more about the Yankee pitching staff and how they suck. It seems to work, so I don't want to jinx it. We have had several good games in a row by starting pitching, even Vasquez. Seems like old times! So I'll keep doing what works. Let's face it, the post-season for the A.L. East starts this weekend. So...

What the Hell is wrong with those damn pitchers!?! Sheesh! :)

Stupid Questions I've Been Asked Or Heard Recently

Sometimes people don't think before they speak. I'm especially guilty of this. But some questions that are asked really stick with you. I remember Juan Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter saying once, "My mouth was movin before my mind was groovin." Yep, I've been there. Here are some that beg for this question, "Did you really ask that?":

-- Is there weather today?

I'm not sure how to answer this one, not without sarcasm.

-- So, how many shoes do you wear?

Uh, two at a time.

-- Is that music playing?

Well, is that music you're hearing?

-- What does your watch say?

Not much lately. We aren't speaking.

-- Are you there? (When you've already answered the phone.)

Nope, this is a very realistic interactive recording.

-- Are you awake? (After already responding the first time.)

What can you say and still be nice?

-- Is that real?

Nope. We both have really good, identical imaginations.

-- What show is Sportscenter on?

That would be the show 'Sportscenter'. (This one is iffy. Some folks don't watch ESPN.)

-- Why are Flies called Flies?

I was too embarrassed for this person to answer. (Unless 'Flies' is a scientific term I'm not aware of.)

-- What's a soundcard for?

Uuhhh, well, could it be? nah. Um, well, maybe its.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More Stuff I Just Don't Get.....

.....the list is ever growing.....

- 'Old Guy' Security Guards

A good number of Security Guards are 'old guys' that are retired and working again for extra money. The only problem with this is, how do you take them seriously? They sure can't chase you down. Health is an issue here, not to mention lack of speed & stamina.

Also, some of them are technologically challenged. They have a hard time operating a PC or understanding a PLC screen.

And worse yet, some places give them guns. In one of the places I've worked, one of them dropped his gun in the restroom and it went off, killing the shower dead. That shower sure won't be messing with him any time soon.

- Miniature Dogs

I can't see the point of owning one of those mini, yippie, noisy, high-strung, step on them and they disappear dogs. If someone wants a dog, why don't they get a DOG. One they can wrap their arms around and hug and play with and it can be a buddy. Not some thing that's always nervous and has to be babied constantly. If size is an issue, get a cat.

- Desks Covered In Photos

Why do some people have to put 10 to 1000 family photos on their desk? I can see having your sweetie's picture on the desk, maybe a kid photo or 3. But some people have their entire family portfolio on their desk. 8 X 10s by the dozens. The whole family tree represented. Why? I knew a Manager that had so many family photos in her office that she set up a seperate shelving unit just for photos. Weird.

- Super Sized Gym Teachers

I remember having a gym/health teacher in the 7th grade that was so overweight that he would sit on a tall stool to count down the calisthenics we were doing. I remember everyone resenting the 'blob on a stick' (as he was referred to) so much that no one was even paying attention to what he tried to teach in the health class.

Recently I met a Phys. Ed. teacher from a local school that was pretty huge. I wonder how this kind of person gets the job? What happens during the interview that someone actually believes they know about good health? How is this person taken seriously as a health professional? I don't get it.

- Old Lady Perfume

Where I work there are a couple of older ladies that wear their perfume so strong that you know they are coming minutes before they arrive. Once they leave, their scent remains for an hour. I think the stuff they use probably costs about $.50 per gallon and they use about a gallon a week. It's a good thing they don't smoke. Lighting up a smoke would light them up quick.

Shouldn't 8 Runs Be Enough?

Again, The Yankees score 8 runs and lose. All K.C. needed to do was play the 5th inning. When you allow 10 runs in one inning, you will lose. Geez!

Example ahead:

From the Yankee Website,

Kansas City used a 10-run fifth inning to defeat New York for the first time in four meetings this season. Rookie Brad Halsey lasted just four-plus innings, while reliever Tanyon Sturtze was roughed up for seven runs in the decisive fifth.

New York issued eight walks and hit a batter, as seven of those nine baserunners came around to score. Two runs came in on wild pitches, while yet another scored on a balk.


This will be an interesting finish to the season, to be sure. I can't remember the last season that I had to worry so consistently about the Yankee pitching staff. It just seems weird to think about it. There have been hitting problems in the past, but nothing like this in recent memory.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Loves A Funny Thing

Well, I fell in love again last night. (It happens to me sometimes.) I went to a retirement party for an old friend, had a kick-ass time, and got re-aquainted with someone I've been missing for a while. One of those things you know is there but forget on purpose. Funny how that works. I knew I missed her, but I didn't realize how much until we met again. Oh, nothing can come of it, but it is fun to dream. Unless one of us wins the Lottery. Then we have promised to run away. Possibly for a while. Possibly for a longer time than that.

Sounds pretty melodramatic, eh? I wonder how many people have instances where they fall into and out of love so quickly? It happens on a fairly regular basis, I think. Don't know why, but it does. I believe that more often than not it comes from a person who wants to be somewhere else, as in free to be able to act on an impulse, but they currently can't. It can be exciting. It can be frustrating. It's sometimes imaginary, mostly infatuation. It's never dull.

I've felt this kind of thing before. I know that the feeling usually goes away in short order. But there are times when the feelings don't go away. When you re-aquaint with a kindred spirit. Then you have to force them back so you don't act stupid. Bury them. At least until you win that big 'ol lottery.

Have I Mentioned That El Duque.....

.....No, I won't say that El Duque is the man again. But he is!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Where Have All The Pitchers Gone?

WTF? I'm watching the Yankees game and wondering how the hell we are going to get through the post-season with this pitching staff! Vasquez allows the bases to be loaded with 1 out then proceeds to walk one, hit another and walk another. Geez!

And you call that relief? Don't just give 3 freebies, let them score 5 more. Good job!

I was still feeling good about the game for some reason until our buddy Loaiza gives up 3 more. Please stop!

I can tell this post-season will be one full of chewed nails, high blood pressure, hair pulling, teeth knashing and possible primal screaming.

Of course, after the Yanks win the series, I will have plenty of time to recuperate. My health insurance covers stress related problems, so I'm good to go!

It Must Be A Happy Day Everywhere

I just walked out the front door of our main building and the delivery guy that was leaving was standing on the step of his van singing. Really loud. Like, yelling with everything he had. When he saw me coming, he smiled, winked, got into the van and drove off, never stopping the loud singing. I didn't recognize the song. It actually sounded like a sad, soul song. But he was pretty happy about it. Whatever the song, that guy put a smile on my face.

I Almost Feel Bad For Lou


When the Yankees get a sweep like they did this week against the Rays, there is nothing but music in the air. (Just ask Karen.) Hats off to Sturtze who came through in the 4th, relieving Halsey with the bases loaded and 1 out. I have to admit, that was a scary spot in the game. I personally feel the jitters when Sturtze comes in lately, but he came through.

Moose was awesome in the first game! With every outing he gets better and better. And Sheffield is still on a roll. (MVP!)

Almost feeling bad for Lou comes from my memories of him playing with the Yankees a while ago. (OK, quite a while ago!) He was part of the 1977 & 1978 championship teams. I don't forget my childhood heroes, but I don't really feel bad for beating them when they are no longer with the Yanks.

It sure took a long time to get the games in this week thanks to the hurricane. I feel for Florida, looking at another one on the way. Hopefully this one will die out or miss them. Fingers are crossed.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Draft Dodgers Are Heroes?

Now there is a movement in Canada to erect a monument and have a festival to honor American draft dodgers. What next? Maybe medals for their heroism? What's so heroic about running away from your responsibilities?

I believe in being able to voice your opinions, join protests, disagree with anything, if it suits you. But to defy the laws of the country? Nope, thats treason.

And I personally don't believe the dodgers were all cowards, either. Some were, I'm sure. Who wants to go get shot at? I wouldn't. I think a lot of them had strong convictions about the war and did what they thought best. But many others found better ways of expressing this without running away.

And the organizers are not calling them 'dodgers'. They are called 'resisters'. If there is a resistance group in a country, they are defying the established laws of that country and they are commiting treason. Put a pretty name to it, it's still the same thing.

I'm amazed at what people come up with in this world. The veterans that did their duty came back to abuse and now some goobers want to honor the people that bailed out on their homeland. Something isn't right here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

ESPN Is Losing It

I gotta know, when did Poker become a sport? Almost every night on ESPN and/or ESPN2 there is a poker game or a thousand advertisements for upcoming poker games. Am I missing something? How did playing cards become a sports event? This is September guys! Pennant races galore. Football season starting up. WNBA. Lots of other SPORTS. Get the hint? Card games aren't sports. How freaking boring can you get? (I guess watching fishing is just as boring.) But still, is that the best you can do? The wild card races this year are the best they've ever been, and ESPN is showing a card game. Geez!

Sad, really. For a network made for sports programming, ESPN is really stretching it. Now I hear they may be televising the World Championships Of Thumb Wrestling. That actually would be an improvement over a card game. At least someone would be doing some kind of activity during the broadcast. I wonder what kind of workout you do to get ready for thumb wrestling?

I Guess We Won't Play 2

Well, it happened. The same storm that kept the DevilRays in Florida too long on Monday just killed our fun tonight. Rained out. What a bummer that is in the tense stages of the pennant race.

At least the Twins are keeping me entertained. They just scored 7 in the 2nd against the Orioles. Hmm, I wonder if they can do 22?

Testing 1...2...3...

I just checked in to see of any postings were working yet. Nothing has been working here all day. Now I see something I wrote this morning. Cool. Alive again!

Let's Play Two!

So the Yankees get to play 2 today. Hopefully we will see the Loaiza that we traded for, not the one that showed up after the trade.

I wonder if the rain will reach New York by this afternoon? Wouldn't it be weird if they got rained out by the same storm that caused the Monday controversy too? That would be bad as they have been getting back on track lately.

In the second game the rookie Halsey will start. I actually feel more comfortable with him starting than Loaiza. Weird, eh? I guess you just never know.....

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kerry And The Working Man

I received this info via e-mail. Seems to be pretty typical of Kerry, claiming one thing, actually doing/believing the opposite.

Heinz products
I checked and my bottle of Heinz catsup says "Product of Canada"! Guess I'll be checking out all the Heinz products at the store! Shortly after reading the following e-mail content, I happened to look at the label of a jar of Heinz sandwich slice pickles. Yep...."Made in Mexico." Check some of your Heinz products.

Sen. John Kerry keeps talking about U.S. corporations leaving this country and setting up shop in foreign countries, taking thousands of jobs with them. He is right, because that has happened. However, he is trying to blame it on George W. Bush. As far as I know, Bush has not moved one factory out of this country because he is not the owner of a single factory. That cannot be said about Kerry and his wife,Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kerrys own 32 factories in Europe and 18 in Asia and the Pacific. In addition, their company, the Heinz Company,
leases four factories in Europe and four in Asia. Also, they own 27 factories in North America, some of which are in Mexico and the Caribbean. I wonder how many hundreds of American workers lost their jobs when these plants relocated in foreign countries? I also wonder if the workers in Mexico and Asia are paid the same wages and benefits as workers in the United States. Of course they're not. However, Kerry demands that other companies that relocate should pay the same benefits they did in the U.S. Why does he not demand this of the Heinz Company, since he is married to the owner? If Kerry is elected, will he and his wife close all those foreign factories and bring all those jobsback to America? Of course, they won't. They're making millions off that cheap labor.

I Hate When That Happens.....

Yesterday I was in line at my favorite morning place, Starbucks, when a woman walked in wearing a Kerry/Edwards badge. Believe it or not, the badge caught my attention first. (Keep in mind, I haven't had my morning coffee yet.) Anyway, The barrista asked who was next and the woman looked at me and asked if I was next. When I answered her I realized I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't quite think of why. (Re: the no coffee thing) Once she ordered and I heard her first name, I realized that she was the Mayor of our city. Duh! As much as I've been paying attention to local politics lately and I couldn't recognize the mayor. Geez!

While we were waiting I went over to her and started a conversation. I've been wanting to meet the Mayor for some time. I like to watch the board meetings on the local channel and I've been impressed with the way she handles all the issues with professionalism and a no-nonsense approach. Of course, finally given the chance to speak with the Mayor, I found that my brain was still somewhere in sleepy land. We had a nice conversation, mostly small talk, but I really wanted to talk a little about some political stuff, especially the upcoming election. I think her views, (the insider kind of thing) would be really interesting. Needless to say, all I could manage was chit-chat.

Don't you hate it when an opportunity you've anticipated for a while finally presents itself and you choke? I'd love to have asked her about her views on the whole Kerry/Bush thing to see why she is supporting Kerry, but I was not able to focus like I normally would. Kinda started me thinking about this dependency on coffee in the morning. Maybe next time.....

Monday, September 06, 2004

More Complaining.....

I'm swithching back and forth between the Braves game and the Orioles game, waiting on the Yanks to start their game. It's the first inning in Baltimore and butthead Jim Palmer already started. A close play at 1st, the call went to the Os and he immediately starts with the comments about how those calls in New York ALL went to the Yankees. What a crock. Hey Jim, get a new line, would ya?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Relief For A Day.....

Tomorrows (Monday) Yankee game is on ESPN @ 3:00. John Miller & Joe Morgan will be doing the play by play. This might not sound like a big deal to some, but where I live, I only see the boys play on Fox (shiver) or on an Orioles channel. (Am I imagining the Yankees being on ESPN less this year? Paranoid maybe.) I'm looking forward so much to seeing a game that won't be called by obvious Yankee haters. The past 3 games were hard enough without having to listen to A-hole Jim Palmer explaining how the umpires don't call the games in Yankee Stadium the same as other stadiums. His smarmy "After all, would you want to make a call against them here in New York?" BS lines get tired quick.

Fox is the worst, though. King A-hole Tim McCarver always has something snide and crappy to say about the Yanks. Just seeing his ugly puss makes me want to pop him one. He always mentions his playing on the Cardinal team that beat the Yanks in the WS in 1964. Like that makes his opinion more relevant now. Anchient history, dick-brain!

Tomorrow will be a breath of fresh air. John and Joe are the best.

I know, I know. I need to move to New York or get a dish so I can get YES network. Then I won't have to rant about this stuff anymore. It is kinda fun though.

Tonight's Fun Fact

Did you know that Jorge Posada is the MLB active leader for walks to end games? Tonight was his 3rd. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it was enough of a stat that ESPN ended Baseball Tonight with it.

They really do keep stats for everything.

A Yankee Sighting!

This afternoon there was a Yankee sighting in the Bronx! A well played game that became a win. A nail biter, for sure, but a win in the 9th is better than the alternative. Good job Mo! Getting out of the mess in the top of the 9th. I haven't been this excited/relieved after a Yankee win for a while.

Gee, that doesn't sound good. Gotta quit that train of thought and enjoy the moment.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

What the F#$@!!!

At The Russian school in Breslan….. at least 322 dead, 155 of them children, over 532 wounded? All due to some a-hole terrorists who had a beef with the Russian government. What the hell did school kids and teachers in this small town have to do with their disagreement? I can’t believe that this kind of stuff happens. Innocents being murdered for no reason. Just because one group has a different philosophy than another. Sickening! Terrorists all need to be exterminated. When someone acts like this, they have crossed the line from a human being to a lowly animal.

The Yankees.....

Can’t afford that…..

The Yankees dropped one to the O’s last night, pretty much without a fight. This game had very little drama despite the low score. Kevin Brown got into trouble pretty often, not throwing a first pitch strike until the 4th inning. The Yankees loaded the bases with one out and didn’t score. Hit into another double play, squandering a scoring opportunity. Cairo lead off the 8th with a double, then Jeter and Sheff both swing at the first pitch they see and give away 2 quick outs. Cairo is left at 3rd when the inning ended. Sheesh! If not for Olerud and his awesome defense, the score would have been much more lopsided.

The boys just didn’t look inspired last night. Maybe it’s because they were 11-2 against the Orioles and they didn’t take them seriously enough. Whatever the reason, they need to get their asses into gear. Losing happens when a team beats you. That’s acceptable. (Irritating, but acceptable.) But to lose to a team you shouldn’t lose to in the middle of a very tight race, totally unacceptable. If they had even looked like they were trying, I wouldn’t be writing this now. But Yankees like me zone in on every pitch and we can see the difference when the team is flat. What other motivation do you need, guys? Post season is fast approaching and performances like last night don’t inspire confidence. You can’t afford to lose games to teams like the Os. Especially not right now.

And Kevin, stop punching walls! If you feel that bad about losing, kick ass on the field. At least it wasn't your pitching hand that was broken.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Wouldn't It Be Funny...?...

I was watching the GOP Convention for a while last night when this thought occurred to me, what if the President comes on and instead of accepting the nomination, he turns it down? If he would come on and say "Well, I've thought it over and my answer is, no thanks. This job sucks! Too much stress. Too little pay. Long hours. Eveyone trying to get me, whether it's terrorists or Democrats or annoying reporters trying to sell a story. I've had enough!"

Wouldn't that be the weirdest thing? I wonder what would happen if this ever did happen? Who could you get to run on such short notice?

I know, I wonder about weird things sometimes.

On a different note, I gave up on waiting on the President to do his speech. Why did he come on so late? I was tired of waiting and went to bed. Is he catering to the late night audience? Maybe that's the largest Republican voter base. People that don't sleep at night. Oh well, MSN has the whole thing on video anyway.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

More Stuff I Just Don't Get.....

Another addition to the ever growing list of stuff that doesn't make sense to me...

-Animal Crackers/Cookies

I wonder who's idea it was to take cute little animals and make them tasty treats to eat? What was it like the first time someone tried them: "These guys sure are cute! I just can't wait to get my hands on them and maul them!" What kind of lesson are we teaching kids? "OK Johnny, pick out your favorite cute animal and then crunch it up into little bits." They don't taste that good.


How come we keep reusing toothbrushes? We stick these things into our mouths every day, several times a day, and then let them sit to grow who knows what kind of beasties until next time we brush. Why aren't they disposable? This just recently occurred to me and now I get the heebie-jeebies when it's time to brush. Maybe since they are our own germs, they don't effect us? I hope I never grab the wrong brush by accident.


This has got to be the worst show for kids ever. That Angelica kid is the meanest little b#@&$. The things she does to the other kids probably inspire many pranks by loyal watchers of the show. (Oops! I forgot. Kids aren't influenced by their television/movie heroes.) And the cry-babies of the world claim that Bugs Bunny cartoons are bad for kids?

-Televised Fishing Shows

I was flipping through channels this weekend and came across this fishing show where a guy was fishing off the back of a boat and doing a monolog about the whole thing. The best part was the intense music that was in the backround. It was very dramatic and almost drowned out what he was saying. When he hooked a fish, the music became even more dramatic, like Da Da Da Daaaa! as the fish was first hooked. It was hilarious! How can you take something like that seriously? Exceptionally boring premise with overly dramatic music. Does anyone watch these shows?

-Yellow 'Dot' Highway Signs

Everyone has seen these things, the highway signs that use yellow dots to spell stuff out. The same ones that work for about 2 days and then more dots start showing up where they shouldn't. In a very short time the sign has so many dots where they shouldn't be that the message is completely unreadable. This happens every time without fail. Why do they still use these signs when none of them ever stays working properly for very long?


Yeah, I know this one has been beaten to death. I still wonder why anyone smokes anymore. It's a stinky, unhealthy habit, for sure, but my point is that the way things are going, it will be illegal soon. Eventually smokers are going to have to go to dealers just like pot smokers. They will have to hide in the basement to get a fix where no one sees them. Then the 'super cigarette' will be invented so that one a day will keep you going. Smoking in the bathroom at schools will be exceptionally more hazardous. (That's a tradition even non-smokers like me can appreciate.) Sounds far fetched? There are some crazy liberals out there who will push this issue as far as possible. Watch and see. Don't forget, they know how you should live your life better than you do!

Have I Ever Mentioned.....

.....that El Duque is the man!?! Yep,I have, but it needs to be said again. He reminds me of his form during the 1998 season. The guy you can count on to stop the bleeding. (The Yanks did some bleeding the previous game, for sure.)

Check out what his teammates think:

"Today, with all the talk of last night, to have Duque pick us up like that, it was reminiscent of '98 when he did it in Cleveland," said manager Joe Torre. "I don't think the magnitude of this game was the same as that game. This game wasn't that big, but we still needed a lift. He picked us up."

"It seems like the bigger the situation, the bigger the forum, the more he responds," said Alex Rodriguez. "And he's animated. He puts on a show. He's fun to watch."

(From The Yankee Website.)

Trouble is, the bullpen looks tired. Gordon especially looks tired. Maybe he need some rest before it's late in the month?

Well, we got a win. Mo got another save. At least he is looking strong. And the day has started out beautifully!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

An August To Forget.....

Well, I was sick yesterday and really didn't feel up to pretty much anything, so I checked the scores before crashing early and went to sleep. I wasn't too worried about the Yankees getting behind in the first. After all, Javy is a slow starter and the boys seemed to be hitting better lately. This morning I checked the scores, as usual, and now I feel more sick than yesterday! What the f#@%!?! 22-0 loss to a scrub team like the Indians? Stunning, to say the least. Sickening.

I've said it many times before and here it is again, I hate the dog days of August. If the Yankees are going to slump, it always seems to be August. The great thing is, it's now September. Time to see real Yankee baseball. With the lead a bit smaller, this month will be like the beginning of the post-season. We have 6 games with the Buttsox starting 9/17. That is where we will bury them once and for all. Before that the Yankees have time to get back on track. All real Yankees out there know not to panic. I'm not. Truthfully, I'm looking foreward to the Sox series more than I thought I would. It's crunch time, boys. Time to start kicking the bums to the back of the rack where they belong.