Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Can I Say?

All I have to say about last night is that every single time Kyle Farnsworth comes in to "pitch", I have that nasty sinking feeling in my gut. Then he validates that feeling. *sigh

LaTroy Hawkins gives me that same feeling.

The Yankees are consistent at least. Over the past decade they have wasted more time and money and ultimately games on pitchers that everyone in the Baseball world knows are useless. But they don't seem to get it. The list is getting large. Along with the 2 listed above we had gems like Sidney Ponson, Randy Johnson (who everyone knew would not be effective in the AL), Roger Clemens, Hideki Irabu, Jaret Wright (who was the worst decision they ever made), Tom Gordon. I'm probably missing some more.


The lack of relief pitching is going to hurt. I sure hope they have something special planned for before the trade deadline.

Monday, June 02, 2008


I have been away living at the Beach for a week. It has been sweet. 10 days away from work makes for a happy YB. :)

But now here I am back at work. There is nothing that fills a person full of dread like the last day of a great vacation. Knowing that you have to get to bed early and will be up early to get ready for work really screws up a nice day. Yesterday everything was discolored with a touch of grey.

Even the Yankees lost. But they are on a good streak and are not far from first place so I am still optimistic about the season. They have won 10 out of 13 and are now out of the basement. Truthfully the rest of the division isn’t all that impressive other than Tampa Bay. Who woulda thought that one? The Devil Rays remind me of the Oakland A’s from a few years ago. Their pitching is awesome. But unlike those A’s I don’t know that they have the offense to sustain the momentum. They are good though. At least the bums from Boston aren’t in first place. That’s a plus until the Yanks get back where they belong.

I had an interesting experience on my birthday. Yes, last Tuesday was my Birthday. Birthday at the Beach this year. Too cool! We went to a nice restaurant for dinner after being beach bums all day. When we arrived we were the only ones in the room. They seated us by the big picture window looking out over the water. Then another couple came in and during their conversation with the Hostess (whom they were related to) we learned that it was the guys Birthday too. We laughed about it and chatted back forth for a little while. I had only ever met one other person that had the same Birthday as me and it was kind of neat.

Then another couple was led into the room and seated near to us. There were only 4 tables along the big window and the whole room was empty so I wondered about it. Then the Hostess started laughing and told us she had to seat the new couple at the window because the woman was having her Birthday also. She said when that couple walked in she jokingly asked if it was one of their B-days and the woman told her it was hers. lol

So now we had 3 people celebrating a Birthday at the same place.

Then a younger couple came into the room with a small child. A cute little girl. They were seated nearby but not with us Birthday people. The Hostess told them about the 3 b-days and they thought it was hilarious. Then it happened again....

Another couple was led in and seated at the last window table. That woman was also celebrating her Birthday. Now we had 2 women and 2 guys all in a row having birthday dinners. We ended up seated boy-girl-boy-girl too. It was an odd occurrence. I have now met 4 people with the same birthday as mine. After all this time never having met more than the one person and now I know (of) 3 more. What are the odds? lol

Anyway, here I am once again, back to the grind. Not much to look forward to except seeing the Yanks on TV tonight. There is no Lottery drawing until tomorrow night so I don’t even have that to look forward to. But maybe by Wednesday I will be able to retire. There’s something to hope for. I’ll let you know. :P