Tuesday, February 27, 2007

QotD: First Celebrity Crush

Saw this at J's and Grace's blogs. I thought I'd fess up too. :)

"Who was your first celebrity crush?"

The Mighty Isis

The first time I saw the show on Saturday morning TV I was smittem. I can't tell you much about plots or anything. All I remember is that Joanna Cameron was the hottest thing I had ever seen and I could not be moved to miss one show. Even after I had seen them all about 20 times. :)

The cool thing is that 2 years ago (or so???) I got to meet her at one of those comic book shows in Baltimore. She was there signing autographs. I got a pic and a handshake from her. She is still a hottie too. :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

You Are Healed!

I found this at a blog I accidentally came across this morning. It cracks me up!

A good way to start a boring Monday eh? A good laugh and the Starbuck's Cafe Verona I made this morning. Yum! I have been making it since last Monday and I have to tell ya, if you haven't tried it, you should. I make it the European way though, very strong. But it is my (current) favorite.

I kinda sound a little like Meritt there. Ha ha.

So the weekend was OK. Managed to re-uninstall the bathroom sink and re-re-install it again. The stupid thing....grrrr... Tell me what kind of manufacturer doesn't send the right stuff in a kit like that? The drainn wouldn't drain because it couldn't. They sent a drain without an overflow hole. It couldn't 'breathe' so naturally it couldn't let the water go down.

And of course I didn't notice it until after it was all installed. When the water went in and just sat there, waiting for help, I noticed. Duh!

But noew the stupid thing is back in place and sealed up good. The right drain had to be special ordered. It won't be here until Wednesday. Imagine, a simple new sink install taking 10 days and three re-dos. Sometimes projects just don't go the way they should.

I don't know about anyone else but have you also noticed that once a project starts it gains momentum and all these little add-ons keep creeping in? Spacebrain calls that "creeping-featurism". This was one of those projects. It's been like this:

"Well, since we have the sink out I should re-do the wall behind there. Maybe I should just go ahead and change the color? Yeah, I will."
"I got some new fixtures for the walls. The old ones didn't suit me with the new color."
"Can you replace that strip on the backsplash? I think it would look better since we have the room apart..."
"I think that should be moved over here. We have the opportunity now that the room..."
"I bought this for under here. Can you put this in while you're at it?"
"Those old door handles just had to go since we changed the color and all."
"Well, I had to get these since we changed the door handles."

Yeah, it really is like that. :)

OK, enough jabbering on about the latest home improvement project. Otherwise the weekend wasn't too bad. I did manage to play a little online too. I think I could really like WoW. (For those without kids, I'm including myself in that reference, WoW is World of Warcraft.) The one thing I don't like about the game is all the travelling. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to get places. But basically I think I like it. Once I'm done with the bathroom :) I think I'll try it a little more.

So happy Monday to all. Time to get more coffee and see what you've been up to.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Courteney Cox Works Here

I just saw Courteney Cox in our hallway! I really did!

Ok, it was just someone who looks like her. Not the real deal.

It wasn't the sexy Courteney either.........

It was this version of Courteney...........

Apparently we have a new employee and she looks a lot like the second picture there. If you know me you'd know how much I adore Courteney Cox. This woman looks a lot like her but she is probably 250-300lbs. Pretty still, but a very big woman.

I was a little excited for a minute there. But y'know? If it were Courteney and she was that big, I'd still have to go after her. Those eyes get me evey time.

What can I say? I'm a slave to my passions. :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So I'm A Dope

Peachy left a comment yesterday on the 'other blog' reminding me that I haven't been a good blogger buddy. I guess I haven't felt very social lately since my friend left for Grad School.

She has started Grad School at John's Hopkins. She is very busy with school and still works part time. I do see her occasionally. We had lunch together last week. But thats about it. She goes home a lot (another state) and she doesn't have a lot of spare time anymore. Other than wonderful Gmail chat, I don't have much contact with her anymore.

I miss her.

But thats it goes sometimes.

Other news.... well theres not much to talk about. Work has been crazy lately. It seems like nothing wants to work right this past 2 weeks. I've had a never ending flow of vendors, repair guys and official document signing meetings just to keep things running.

Oh, and we remodeled the bathroom at home again. Yes, I mean again! This is the 3rd time since moving into the house 1.5 years ago. I figure if we just keep to the schedule we can be expert remodelers. A redo every 6 months is good for you, right? *sigh* Have I ever mentioned here just how much I hate home improvement projects? I really do. Not that I can't do them well. I just don't want to do them. How people do that stuff after a stressful week at a real job I just don't understand.

My mother's birthday is this week. I have yet to decide what to do about it. Unlike other people out there who like to celebrate their parents special days, I just don't care. If not for Nicci and my Aunt I'd probably never see her. Some people don't get that, I'm sure, but my philosophy is pretty simple and straight forward; if someone is a freak and you don't like them, don't waste your time hanging with them. I didn't choose her as my mother. I got stuck. It doesn't mean I have to like her just because she could breed. So this weekend could have a little drama since I'll have to be coerced into a visit. Then I'll get crap for not being social...yada..yada..yada... Whatever.

Its not drama on my end. Its no big thing to me. It is a big thing to those around me who don't get it. Its nothing but a bore to me and it will come and go without me really noticing too much. If I get to hang with my Uncle for a while it's a good day. :)

I heard from Spacebrain that he may be coming back to work here where I am. He probably doesn't realize it but that would really make me happy. I don't like a lot of guys. I have very few close male friends. Mostly guys are a bore to me. Always the same thing in their heads. Rarely a good conversation or an original thought. Sports and sex. I like both of those subjects but there are a few more things to focus on in this world than just those. Spacebrain is a little different than that. He's one guy that I do miss. Knowing someone and seeing them around for 18 years will do that I guess.

Women are much better friends. They have more original and creative minds (in general) and have a wider range of interests and curiousities. I prefer female friends above all others. (I say all others because these days there are some that are about half and half. I don't know any of them so I guess I really don't have an opinion about that.) So I guess what people say about me is true, I am in touch with my feminine side. :)

So theres my update. I don't intentionally stay away long. I just haven't been available much plus I haven't felt like it for a while. Strained heart strings will do that to a person. But I usually recover quickly. Hopefully I'll stop being a blogger dope soon.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

Yesterday I got the big blow-off from my old company. It caused a tremendous effect where I now work. I am left wondering if it was driven by a personal reason or not.

We have an equipment failure at work that could cost us a lot of production time. A left over problem from previous dolts has finally come to bite the company in the nards. Bite hard. Even though they have been warned and warned.

So the old company where I worked previously has the systems and capacity to help us out. They do it as a regular thing, part of their business. So when we verbally set up things so we could make our production, everything seemd to be working out. They were very enthusiastic about creating a closer tie with my current company. Talking about how they want to build cooperation and trust between us. All that kind of verbage. The VP there even verbally guaranteed that our stuff would be done over the weekend. I just had to wait until they gave me an official cost quote to ship things.

That was the morning.

By 3:30 things changed. Suddenly they had a team meeting and decided that they didn't want to help us out. They didn't want the distraction. They blew us off.

On our end, the production plan was rewritten. The materials were prepped and ready to go. We had our immediate future planned and organized.

That verbal guarantee screwed us. I guess we now see what their word is worth.

What I don't get is that what we needed done was something they do every day. They do it for others too. We use the exact same components they use daily. It wasn't as if we wnated to do something off the wall. We needed about 4-5 hours of equipment time and we would have been out of the way. We even planned on doing it over the weekend. I just do not get how that would have been a distraction. Granted, I do not know what challenges they currently have but still, it was not a tough nor unusual request. Besides, they would have made good money on it.

I can't help but feel that it was a bit personal. That they chose to change up because they just didn't want to do it. I know there is one senior member who has snowed the big cheese and definitely has a major influence. The nose is so far up the butt that it has to be stained dark brown. That person is also the one I could not get along with and unlimately the reason I left.

It may be just that they made a business decision. It may not be personal. Even if it isn't personal, they still screwed us badly. Never, never, never guarantee something and then just do a 180. The worst part was that they didn't even have the courtesy to give us a decent, professional explanation. I got a voice message from the VP. "Nope, we changed our minds. Sorry."

So much for building a relationship between companies. If they knew the reaction here they would be cringing right now.