Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Grief!

Charlie Brown
You are Charlie Brown!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, it figures this is who I'd be. At least he's a snazzy dresser.

My New Glasses

Well, it finally happened. I had to get glasses.

I tried to pick out the coolest, sexiest pair. How did I do?

Ya Know Whats Cool?

The last few days of your notice. I am outta here on Wednesday. I have little to no work to accomplish until then although I'll find something, I'm sure. Otherwise I'll be bored. But the feeling of impending freedom is great and I'm really loving it.

Right now I'm leaving early to see what the insurance company thinks of my ruined carpet, so today isn't even a full day. I can't see Wednesday being a full day either. I won't have the patience for it.

Yep, these last few days are going to be kick-ass.

Question Of The Morning

So, is everybody ready for another fun filled, action packed Monday morning? ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quirky Is Cool

Have you ever known someone who you thought was full of quirky behavior? They would have habits and seemingly strange annoyances. Things that bugged them that may not bug someone else.

Everybody has their quirks. I sure do. I've noticed lately that I have developed quite a few of them. Just around the house I have many. For instance, I hate seeing footprints on the bathroom rugs. I'm not talking about dirty ones. Everyone hates those. I mean imprints of feet that you can clearly see in the rugs. If I see one, I rub it out. That really bugs me.

I also hate water rings. Water rings anywhere are totally unacceptable to me. I have coasters everywhere. Coasters are mandatory in my house. Which brings me to the next quirk; the placement of the coasters.

I have sets of them on each table. They are always nice and they go nicely where I've placed them. If one is sitting crooked or not spaced equally at the table corner, I have to straighten it out.

I also can't stand pictures that are not level. I've hated that all my life. I've straightened crooked pictures so much in my life that usually I don't even need a level anymore. Of course, I do go around my house periodically using a level to make sure the pictures are OK. Gotta be sure even though I do a good job just eyeballing them.

One other thing I'll confess to is that all the clocks in the house have to be in sync. I go around and set them all together and make sure they change the minute as close to one another as possible. I can't stand when clocks in the same house read different times.

Maybe this behavior sounds weird or even funny. Whichever way you view it, it is me. I don't even mind anyone knowing about it. If no one had quirks, then people wouldn't be all that interesting. We'd all be a bit more of a bore. So I say embrace your quirks. Enjoy them and don't let anyone tell you you're a nut. Remember, quirky is cool!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

BS Friday Answer

OK, this one got a lot of attention. I’m really starting to like this. It’s fun.

Anyway, the story is true. All of it. It was and still is one of the few times when I’ve been in a situation that I had to turn down sex. She was fun and attractive, but her personality was too flaky. I was scared that me being her first would attach us for life. I couldn’t take the chance.

Summer, I think I’ve told you too many stories. Your comment cracked me up.

Dixie Belle, sorry but you missed again. Maybe you should be like George Costanza and start going against your instincts. Choose the opposite. Hey, it got him a job with the Yankees and a hot date. How can you go wrong?

Thanks to everyone who played along. Have a great weekend. I'll be lurking......

Friday, October 28, 2005

TV Dinners

Here's a confession; I love TV dinners. I always have. I have loved them since I was a kid. I know I know, the food is probably not good for me. The whole idea of pre-packaged stuff like that is kinda wrong. (Ask Terra.) But I do love them.

Naturally I'm getting to the problem. Bear with me.

Tonight I have a few hours to myself. These nights are rare and I totally enjoy them. So I decided to make myself a TV dinner. I got it out and was psyched for my delectable treat, almost feeling like I was on my own again. Of course, there was a catch, the stupid thing was one of those that you microwave for a few minutes, take something out, stir something else and then cook some more. WTF is up with all that?

That is so annoying. I just can't believe that in this modern world someone can't invent a TV dinner that you pop into the Wave and let it there until its done. No stirring, no cutting away part of the plastic, no poking holes over some other compartment, no removing something because it can't cook as long as the other food. It should just go in, you punch a few buttons and out it comes. No fuss, no muss. Yum!

From now on I'm reading the instructions before buying one. I refuse to get any more of those dinners that take all that effort. I believe that if you are going for convenience, it should always be convenient. Extra effort is for real cooking. Taking that extra time cuts into my free FO time and I won't stand for it any more.

So there. ;)

BS Friday

Welcome once again to BS Friday. I'll write it, you tell me if it's true or just good old BS. Today's post is called: YB the Sex Maniac

A few years ago I was volunteering at the local Humane Society (where I had once been a full time employee) and I met a girl there. She had been working there about a year and was rather attractive. A sexy redhead with pretty blue/green eyes.

She and I hit it off pretty well. We joked around and laughed and then one day she asked me out. I had never been asked out before so I was taken aback a little, but I liked it, so I said OK. Then she said, "Yeah, I've got the Prom coming up and I'd like you to go with me." The Prom? Now, she had told me she was 18 and had mentioned college a few times but I didn't know she was still in high school. (I was 23 at the time.) This was my first warning. I should have listened to my instincts. But of course, I didn't.

So I decided that we should get to know one another better before this big Prom date, just to be sure we were compatible. I knew that no matter what happened in life, you still remember your Senior Prom date forever. So we got together that weekend. I was in for a surprise.

We went out and then went home to watch a movie. About 10 minutes into the movie, she was getting very cuddly. Within half an hour we had gotten into a good make out session. It started getting pretty hot & heavy when she asked me if I had condoms because she didn't want to get pregnant her first time doing it.

***Cue bright red light flashing in my brain***

Talk about a passion killer. I had to back off after that question. When I did we ended up on separate sides of the couch talking about it. Apparently she was a virgin, had never had a serious boyfriend, wanted to experience "everything" as she put it and had chosen me because I was an "older guy and probably knew more stuff that those high school boys". Now I was scared.

It didn't go over very well but I managed to put her off that night. I didn't feel right about being with a virgin that I barely knew. I also know you never forget your first time doing it. Besides, what if she was one of those types who couldn't let go of their first lover? I could have a stalker teenager on my hands. I just didn't know her very well. All this went through my mind as we talked.

We agreed to go out a few more times before the Prom (and before you know what) to see how things would go. We had about 3 weeks to go. We did hang out a lot. The thing was, every time we were alone, she got more and more aggressive. She was sure we had to boink. I wasn't so sure. She even went so far as to manage to schedule an overnight stay on Prom night she was so sure. Then came the Prom.

We looked great, I have to say. We had matching outfits of almost all white with pink accents. Yeah, pink sounds funny for a guy, but the Tux really did look awesome. So did she. We mingled, danced and basically had a pretty good time. Anyone who has ever been to a Prom knows that probably over 50% of the dances are slow dances. Needless to say she had plenty of time to get me in the mood. She mentioned at one point that it's a sort of tradition to have sex after the Prom. I have to say that I was leaning that way.

When we got back to my place, we got comfortable and the action started. It was getting very hot, but I couldn't get that nagging notion out of my head about the ex-virgin teenage stalker. I really really tried, but it wouldn't go away. So after a while, I just had to back off. Needless to say this did not go over very well. There was a... well, shall we say tantrum and I just sat and took it. I knew by this time I was never going to be able to get past that roadblock in my head. She ended up calling her Mom that night and going home. I did see her at the Humane Society after that, but nothing ever happened again. After a while, we were OK friends again, but it never got to be what it was.

A few months after that she called me up out of the blue and asked if I'd come and pick her up. She was living with a guy who she was afraid of and she wanted someone to come get her and take her home to her mother's house. Apparently this guy was a bit on the violent side. Earlier that day he had tried to run her Mother over with his car. He had smashed up the car port and the kitchen door before she agreed to go back with him. Now he was away and she wanted to escape. Me, being the dork I can be, agreed and went over to get her. On the way to her Mom's place she started asking me if she could just stay with me that night and go home the next day. She thought it would be fun. "Besides, I'm not a virgin anymore" she said. Needless to say, I skipped out on the fun and took her home.

A few years after all this a friend of mine asked me one day if I knew who *so & so* was. I said sure, she and I went to the Prom a few years back, why? He said she was married to a guy he worked with and when he mentioned me she got all offended. She then proceeded to tell everyone that I was a pervert and she had to dump me because all I thought about was having sex with her. Neat.

In a way she was right. When we were together most of the time I was thinking about sex with her.... and how to avoid it. That's not really too much of a lie on her part, I guess. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Question Of The Day

Did ACME stock drop a lot when Wile E. Coyote stopped chasing the Road Runner?

Cheater Girl & Guy

I have had numerous requests lately about our infamous office affair. I did slack on updates, mostly because I lose interest and also I have such a short attention span on things.

Anyway, Cheater Girl and Cheater Guy broke up a few months ago. It happened, coincidentally, just after Cheater Guy got married. Fancy that! They seemed to be having difficulties before that anyway. They could be heard sniping at each other a lot just before his wedding. I'm not really sure what was wrong with their relationship or why Cheater Girl would be so upset. She, being already married anyway. They had such a beautiful thing going too. It's so sad to see relationships end prematurely.

One day after Cheater Guy had returned from his 2 week honeymoon, they were in the back of the office area in our little kitchen place and started yelling at each other. It was funny. Cheater Girl can get hysterical anyway, but this really got her going. She was yelling at him that he had promised (something) and the he was a liar and that she had treated him well yada yada yada.... She actually had too. She was always feeding him something or helping him get projects done. Occasionally he would mumble something back but we were too far away to hear him. We heard her just fine. They definitely went out in a blaze of glory. Soon after, he transferred to another position and he rarely comes into this building anymore.

The best part is that Cheater Girl found another 'diversion' rather quickly. A guy was hired that one of our co-workers swore had to be from North Jersey. (I believe he was from New Jersey somewhere.) She said he was so stereotypical of guys from there. He always wore these 70's looking, big collared shirts with the top 2-3 buttons unbuttoned. He never tucked his shirts in. They just hung down around his waist. His hair looked so much like John Travolta did in Saturday Night Fever that I wondered if he did it on purpose. He talked like he was a disco dude too. Always pointing and/or winking and saying "Hey man! How's it hangin?" Stuff like that. When our co-worker saw that he drove a beat up old Camaro, she was convinced that he was North Jersey. Karen, help us out here. Is this what you have to put up with?

The guy was strange. He was going through some kind of financial crisis and would sit and talk loudly on his phone to someone, presumably a lawyer, about his filing for bankruptcy. He would have loud arguments with his ex-wife about visitation and how he couldn't afford this and that. Totally broadcasting all his personal stuff in an area that has little to no privacy. Weird.

Soon Disco Dude and Cheater Girl were talking. Being 2 fairly unpopular people anyway, it was probably natural that they did. Next thing you see, she's taking loooong lunches with him and his Camaro. They are walking around the building for no real reason. They are huddled in one or the others' cube whispering and giggling. Cheater Girl, being the discreet intelligent babe she is, would sometimes mention in public that they had seen each other over the weekend. It was kinda gross.

Alas, that didn't last too long either. Disco Dude and Cheater Girl were in their boss' office one day and they were arguing with him about something. Then the boss started actually yelling at DD and told him he didn't want to hear his crap anymore. Next thing you know, Disco put in his notice and quickly disappeared from sight.

Cheater Girl is still here. She’s still the same obnoxious person. She just doesn’t talk much to anyone anymore. No one really minds either.

So there you have it. Sorry I was lax in updating all this. It probably would have been much better had I done it in real time. If anything like this ever happens again, I promise to try and be better about it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Times, They Are A Changin

I guess I neglected to mention that I put in my notice last week at work. Yep, the 'Big Interview" I posted about back in September paid off. The new opportunity is too good to pass up, so next Wednesday will be my last day here. Personally, I think it's the suit. I only own one suit and every time I wear it for an interview, I get an offer. It's like a super-suit or something. Not like the Jackie Chan one, but just as good when it comes to interviews.

Things like this are happy & sad at the same time. I like what I do now. I love the people. It will be sad to go. I'm going to miss a lot of co-workers/friends at the old joint. I wasn't really looking to leave. They were looking for me.

But the new place is awesome and the opportunity for the future is far superior. The security is also more assured, which is a big thing with me. (Yes, the money is better too.)

This whole thing has me thinking about that rotten old saying 'All good things must come to an end'. I've mentioned before how I hate that saying. I just don't think it should be so, but it really is. For some time, working here was fun and the staff was great. But quite a few have left for whatever reason and it has changed quite a bit. It's a bummer.

Those kinds of changes happen with everything. Look at Blogger. There are a lot of missing persons there too. LZ, Ropemonkey, and most recently Grace (Gah!) have given up blogger. Many others are distracted or doing other things and don't post hardly at all. This time last year blogger was a happy, busy place.

I may end up like some of the old blog buds too. This job allows for lots of blog time but the new one probably won't. I could end up being a morning and evening only blogger. (With mornings being kinda iffy at best.)

See? Things change and not always for the better. So when I think of the new opportunity, which is a happy thing, I also think of the old place and how sad it is to leave. But thats always been my personality; never get so wound up in something new that you forget where you're from. Can we consider that a defect? Maybe.

But I really am excited about the new job. That thought seems to have gotten lost in this post somewhere.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I came across this news accidentally. They made one of my favorite PS2 games into a movie. BloodRayne is an awesome game and it should be an awesome movie. Check out the trailer and other stuff here.

Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez star in it too. The news just gets better and better. ;)

C'mon January 6th!

I Took Care Of It

For those of you ready for your morning commute, don't worry about all the jerk-off drivers today. They were all in front of me. I suffered through so you don't have to.

You're welcome.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Evil? Me?

Snagged this from Meritt. I didn't even ask. Is that evil too? ;)

Raw evil score: 55.56%

Fun Weekend - Not!

Once again, I am happy to be back at work. Other than going to a friend's surprise birthday party Saturday night, this weekend sucked. Weekends are supposed to make you sorry to go to work on Monday. I seem to get it ass-backwards a lot.

The stupid pipe that leaked all over my new carpet did much more damage than I thought. One entire half of the finished basement was totally ruined. I thought I could get away with taking the carpet up, replacing the padding and doing a good cleaning, but nope, of course it's not that easy. The dorks that installed the new carpet didn't remove the old padding that was glued down to the floor. (Which, btw, was already moldy and gross.) So, I spent the day yesterday tearing up my brand new carpet, scraping off the original padding (that they should have already removed) and getting the place ready for new flooring. Of course, we can't put carpet down unless we add extra padding since the other half of the room still has the double stuff under the remaining carpet. Besides, matching the original carpet has turned out to be an impossible task. With modern technology, one would think that colors would remain the same no matter what lot is produced. Nope. It doesn't work that way. I think I'm going to put a parque floor on that side of the room. I think it will look cool. Other than the expense, I think the room will look even better than before.

OK, enough crying. It could be worse. I could be in Florida with the latest hurricane or worse, have a disaster like the one Meritt's friends/family experienced this weekend. The family that lost their child has been in my thoughts constantly. You never know when disaster will strike I guess.

Well, isn't this the cheery post this morning? I think I'll quit while I'm behind.

It must be Monday.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

BS Friday Answer

This one was fun. The thing is, I always incorporate some real stuff with some not so real stuff. The whole basic story is false. I lied a lot on this post.

There was a girl that transferred from catholic school in 8th grade who was beautiful. I did meet her a few years after school and she was still beautiful. She was always nice, however, and I never had reason to dislike her.

I have run into people since high school who have become exactly what I described in the story. I have shunned some. Some I've talked to. Some I've managed to insult and they seemed not to notice. Mostly, I just think some of those things and I'm fairly cordial. Mostly. ;)

Yes Grace, I do enjoy seeing the 'elite' from high school looking average (or below average) after real life catches up with them. There's some kind of justice there I think.

The one truth, as Spacebrain eluded to, is that I have a mean streak and I do enjoy it at times. I do also, as Meritt mentioned, have 'foot-in-mouth disease' pretty often. This story could happen, on a far lesser scale, I'm sure. Beergirl was right; to be able to turn the conversation all the right ways would be hard. Fun, but hard.

Now, back in the day when G and I were together, he had a way of using that type of wording with almost anybody. We played off of one another and could really do a number on an 'undesirable' or even on someone we liked. Of course, the wording would be turned around to flirting or something along those lines. No, I'm not bragging. It's sometimes embarrassing to think about, but that's what heavy drinking and a nasty/naughty mind can do.

Soon another G story will be posted. I had forgotten that I'm overdue for another one. Thanks to Yoj for the reminder. Also Meritt, I haven't forgotten your reminder. It's coming soon. I'm sorta tied up right now with a bit of a disaster at home. My brand new carpet in the basement (yes, the carpet that is about 1 month old) has been ruined. I'm waiting for the carpet guy right now to see what can be salvaged. Stupid ass copper pipes!

It's always something.

Friday, October 21, 2005

BS Friday

Welcome to BS Friday. You know the routine, I'll write it, you tell me if it is truth or just plain old BS. This weeks edition is called "Revenge Is A Relative Thing"

I have a cruel streak. I think maybe everyone has the capability to be mean or cruel, but I like mine. Sometimes I embrace it and even have fun with it.

I laugh when someone falls down. I enjoy seeing celebrity divorces. I think it’s awesome when posers are exposed, like Jim Bakker and Milli Vanilli... oh and along those lines, Ashley Simpson. Sometimes I like to see bad things happen. I can’t help myself.

One time in particular I used this secret power for a bit of revenge. I ran into this woman that I knew from high school. I actually saw her in the mall and didn’t recognize her at first. When I did recognize her I thought I’d quickly go the other way. But after I got a better look, my cruel streak wouldn’t let me just walk away.

In school, she was one of the ‘Princesses’. Beautiful & popular, she seemed destined for some kind of special life. She had transferred into our class from Catholic school in Jr. high, 8th grade. Everyone immediately went ga ga over her. Beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. A well developed physique already. (That just got better as we progressed in grades too.) She was athletic and naturally was a cheerleader. She also got to be one of the more stuck up people in school. Her goal in life was to be a famous model or movie star. She just knew she would make it big. Everyone thought she would too.

I remember that I used to talk with her a lot since we had a lot of classes together. I thought we were friends but at some point in 10th grade (the first year in senior high) she decided that I wasn’t ‘her type’ anymore. She blew me off and never spoke to me much at all. She told everybody that she just couldn’t be seen with someone who ‘lived in that part of town’. Yeah, we weren’t well off but there was no sense in being like that. At least she could have kept that opinion to herself. In my mind it was “goodbye fake friend, hello shit list”.

Now there she was, right in front of me, and she was all fat, double chinned, waddling down the Mall hallway, dragging a kid around and married to her loser high school boyfriend, the grease monkey mechanic. Pure glamour. I had to say hello. ;)

She came right for me and moved to give me a hug. When she did, I intentionally let out a huge exhale and said “Whoa, you’re gonna crush me.” She laughed and we talked for a while. She told me it was great to see me and asked the usual questions, where do you work? Are you married? Have you seen anyone from school? The usual crap. I mentioned that I never got to see anyone from school, blah blah blah. Here is some of the conversation:

Her: “How have you been?”
Me: “Great. I never get to see anyone from school, especially someone of your stature. It's a biiig deal to see you.”
Her: “Aww, that’s nice.”
Me: “No really, I don’t’ come here much. It’s a fat chance in hell that we would meet. This is a pretty heavy moment for me.”
Her: “Thanks. It’s good to see you too. You look good.”
Me: “Thanks. You... er, um, look... um different somehow. I can’t figure it out.”
Her: “Oh, I think I’m basically the same as in school.”
Me: “No, there’s a big change in you. I’m just not sure what it is I’m seeing.”
Her: “Maybe it’s my hair. It’s shorter now.”
Me: “Maybe. I dunno, but there’s a biig change on you.”
Her: “It’s my hair. I finally changed the style after all those years of having it the same way.”
Me: “Well, I guess you outgrew that style.”
Her: “Yeah, it was time to grow up a little.”
Me: “Yep, looks like you did a good job of growing.”

Just then her kid piped up and asked who I was. I looked over and about cracked up. The kid had a huuuge overbite. I think she could have eaten a Big Mac through a picket fence. Wow! I mentioned that I knew her mama up until the 10th grade. Then I asked her if she liked Big Macs. She laughed and said she loved McDonald’s fries. So I said “I’ll bet your Mama loooves Big Macs, doesn’t she?” She laughed and said she really really did. I almost lost it again. I looked at her Mom and said “We all need to be Super-sized sometimes, eh?”

Then her Husband walked up. He stopped for a minute and when he recognized me he shook my hand and said the usual pleasantries. I was stunned. Here was Joe Jock, the love of all the high school babes, super-sized himself with almost no hair left on his head! He had this little tiny streak from ear to ear, but nothing else. Just a nice shiny head.

As we chatted I mentioned that his kid had taken a shine to me and that I had heard he had a fat career in spare tires and stuff. He laughed and told me all about how he was still working for his Dad at the shop and yada yada yada… I asked if he still played ball but he said that he couldn’t what with work and all the family stuff. He winked and said “You know, gotta keep the woman satisfied”. I laughed and said I bet he liked to roll around with her still.

Soon I said my goodbyes and told them I was happy to see they had a well rounded family and all. As I walked away with a smirk on my face I realized that most of that had just flown over their heads. But I had just had a great time. I felt satisfied.

Maybe this isn’t as cruel as some things. But I really had a good time with it.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

More Hilarity

Let's smile some more. Here are some actual newspaper headlines that are too funny to believe. (These are real. I didn't make them up.)

Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says

Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers

Iraqi Head Seeks Arms

Is There a Ring of Debris Around Uranus?

Prostitutes Appeal to Pope

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over

Teacher Strikes Idle Kids

Miners Refuse to Work After Death

Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant

War Dims Hope for Peace

If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last a While

Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures

Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges

Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge

New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group

Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft

Kids Make Nutritious Snacks

Chef Throws His Heart Into Helping Feed Needy

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sad News

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week.

Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.

They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.

Shut up. You know it's funny.

How Will You Die And Why?

I got this cool, weird quiz from Awna. It's a little freaky but I like it. ;)

Your death will be murder....Most likely because
your a very social person and everyone knows
you, but there is one person lurking in the
shadows that is so jealous of you or is so
obsessed they end up killing you...There are
many ways of being depends on the
person, but your death will either be slow and
painful (like being stabed to death) or quiek
and painless (like a gunshot to the head).

How Will You Die And Why? .:Beautiful Dark Pics:.
brought to you by Quizilla

Schmoopy Post Time

Here's the promised Schmoopy Post. I had to change the name of the person who inspired this so don't take that as real, but the feelings at the time were very real. Try not to cry too much. Also, keep a puke bucket handy. It may be needed.

A Vision...

... I’m standing in the middle of a long, long road. Don’t know how I got there. Don’t know where I’m going. Brains all foggy. Little bit confused. Feeling rung out.

I start looking around. As I look to the right, I see shapes along the road. Shapes that become clearer as my focus improves. That is the way I had come. That is what’s behind me. My past.

I start to look at where I’ve been. I see everything. Some hills that were tough to climb. Some valleys that were pretty deep. Some dark spots. Some bright spots. Some spots where I must have backtracked a bit. Some places where the footprints just go in circles.

As I stand mesmerized, I look back and see one very bright spot. A spot I remember well. And I smile. A giant toothy smile that threatens to crack my face. The spot is covered with Kristina. Everywhere there is the sight, sound, smell, feel and wonder of Kristina. I realize there are now tears on my face. That bright spot is the day my Kristina joined me on my road.

It’s easy to see this spot in the long road. After the day Kris shows up, the road becomes much smoother. The road becomes brighter and the hills and valleys are much easier to traverse. It’s easy to see when the light is so good.

It’s so bright it tempts me to go back, for just a little while. I turn for just a moment and feel the warmth of that bright day. That Kristina day. I close my eyes and bask in the warmth of it. I draw strength from it. I breathe better. I feel whole.

But I know I can’t go back, so I turn to the left. This direction is the right direction. The way into tomorrow. I’m drawn back to the Kristina day, but there is no going back.

As I look ahead, I see there before me the same smooth, bright road. The Kristina road. And I see that I don’t need to go back. That my love is waiting for me to continue on the road. Not alone, but together. There is no impatience in her eyes. Just understanding. Understanding that a dreamer like me can make the road rougher than it needs to be. The beautiful smile draws me in. The warm hand in mine renews my strength. No more brain fog. No more confusion. No more rung out feeling.

As we move on together, the road becomes brighter. The way is easier. I don’t know how I ever got so far without my Kris, but I know for sure, I won’t be on this road again without her.

I glance back once more at the past. It’s nice to look, but life must be lived forward. I turn again to the future. No longer lonely. No longer afraid. No longer lost. And I whisper a quick prayer of thanks for my Kristina as we move on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Weird Night

This is definitely a weird night. Not that it's bad or anything. Just weird.

I've been looking through my 'choice cheese' file for something appropriate to post tomorrow. I was thinking, "A Schmoopy Post shouldn't be too hard to come up with." It wasn't. For many years I wrote everything I saw and felt into journals, notebooks, on envelopes and napkins. I just recorded everything. Poems. feelings, reactions, song lyrics, everything I felt and saw most of the time was written down. It's all that stuff I came across that put me into this weird place.

If you've ever kept a journal and gone back to read what was in it, you know where my head is right now. I have writing materials from as far back as 25 years. It's funny to read them. I remember the people and the moments and they bring back all the feelings too. Probably not as vivid as the original time, I'm sure, but they are still there.

I'm having a kick-ass time reading this stuff. Memories that are good, bad, awesome, horrible, whatever. It's all good. Good because I can remember them all still. I also remember those times when I was a true blue emotional, no holds barred caring person. I wish I could say I was still that guy. I'm not.

I remember being younger and swearing that this world would not get to me. I despised those 'jaded jerks' I saw walking around lost in their own stuff. Oblivious to anyone else's stuff. Now when I read these recorded moments in time I realize I am one of those jaded ones. Lost in my own stuff. Just what I didn't want to be. Pretty much what most young, emotional, caring people swear they won't allow themselves to be.

Weird thoughts for a Tuesday evening, eh? Ah well, I sure am glad I kept all those moments. Sometimes we really need to see who we were and where we were to realize what we are now. Sometimes the revelations aren't so good. Sometimes they just are what they are.

I miss that guy. I think a lot of him is still in here somewhere. I wonder at how I allowed him to get so buried in all the "I-me-my" crap. I think that's what they call growing up. It's also why I despise having to face growing up. I do have a tendency to fight it. Pretty hard sometimes. From the looks of my recorded past, I am losing.

I think it's good to recognize the truth sometimes. I sure am glad I kept that stuff.

Good Ol Charlie Brown

Yeah Charlie Brown, we've all been there too.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ropemonkey? Ropemonkey?

Has anyone seen Ropemonkey's blog? It seems to have disappeared.

Ropemonkey? Bueller? Ropemonkey?

Some Thoughts I Had Today...

.....and I'm sharing them with you.

How come men don't wear those cool old style hats anymore? Like in the 30's, 40's & 50's. I would like that look. Maybe a fedora every now and then.

I think other drivers should stay off the road when I'm driving. That would definitely help my demeaner.

Are Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs real?

Why do the behemoths at work have to hold meetings on the stairs? It's annoying trying to squeeze around them. Roll somewhere else please.

How does anyone eat stewed tomatoes? Those things start out looking like puke.

Why is that 'stop ahead' warning 20’ from the stop? Genius.

Hello ex-sweetie. Glad to see you got that car you always talked about. That makes me smile.

Why does it hurt when I pee?
(Just kidding about that one. I was actually thinking about Frank Zappa music.)

WTF is a Hokie? Does it mean that everyone who goes to Virginia Tech. is a phony?

Welcome to my mind. ;)

It's Monday Already

Say that again using Eeyore's voice. OK, now you've got it right. That's the proper Monday feeling.

The weekends are always too short. I vote for mandatory 3-day weekends from now on.

Not much to say this morning. Sorry for wasting your time.

One thing, Wednesday will be Schmoopy Post Day. I didn't have time over the weekend to contact everyone who said they wanted to do it, so I think we need a couple of days to get our Schmoops on before posting. The players who said they wanted to do a post were:

Jody (I think she was in)
Jen H. (are you in?)
Saurabh (He's a pro at this)
Grace (weren't you volunteering?)

Antone else feeling like they want to do a Schmoopy Post, be it real or whatever, feel free to join in. There is no pre-determined form. Just a poem, a letter - whatever.

The first Sex Poll is finally posted. (Right sidebar) The topic of sex was overwhelmingly voted for (surprise) and the amount of e-mails with suggestions were so varied I think I will have to do several different types of Polls just for this topic. I think I'll do the old "who, what, where (already done this week), when, why & how" deal. Looks like we'll be talking sex for several weeks to come.

OK, enough wasting space. Let's get this week headed toward the next weekend.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

BS Friday Answer

Here is the long awaited answer to yesterday’s BS Friday story. OK, maybe not long awaited. How about highly anticipated? No? Hmm... how about eagerly awaited? No? How about “just get on with it”? OK, sounds good.

The BS Friday story is true. All true, even the sniffing parts Peachy. :) To this day I still can’t resist Loves Baby Soft. Any woman wearing that already has a chance with me. (For what that’s worth anyway.)

It’s true what they say; you never forget your first love. Cindy wasn’t my first girlfriend but she was my first love. They also say that you never love like that again. I think maybe that’s somewhere close to true.

OK, now that we are all mushy and stuff, everyone who wanted to do a Schmoopy Post, which day should we pick? I’m thinking either Sunday or Monday. I can’t today. Busy day on the way. Hey, that rhymed. I’m already working on my poetry.

I think there should be no rules to the Schmoopy Post either. It could be a poem, a little ditty, a letter, whatever. Just so it’s Schmoopy.

Lemme know via comments your ideas/interest. We’ll get it going. Have a great weekend everyone.

*BTW CL, her name was Cindy Lou also. ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Question Of The Day

I got to thinking about the weird names famous couples are given by the Paparazzi like Bennifer, TomKat and Brangelina. This makes me wonder what mine would be if the press was interested in my relationship.

It would be something like Bicci or Robicci or, using my blog name, Yicci, which is hilarious.

So here's the question; What would you & your significant other's Paparazzi name be?

Or what would you and your dream man/woman's Paparazzi name be?

BS Friday

Welcome to BS Friday. I'll write it, you decide if it's true or just plain old BS. Today's story is called "You don't stink so bad!"

I remember my high school sweetheart very well. A lot of people remember theirs too, but not very vividly. My memories won't go away. You see, when I was reading a post on Meritt's blog I was reminded of the scent "Loves Baby Soft". This of course reminded me of my high school sweetheart because that is the only perfume she would wear. I started out liking it very much and then it became my absolute favorite. So did she.

Her name was Cindy and she was not the typical YB crush. That is to say I didn't pursue her for looks. Although she was pretty, she was not they type that guys went crazy over. Actually, she was the 'the girl next door' type. (Maybe Beergirl was right about that being my preference.) We were in the same homeroom from 10th grade until we graduated. Sometime in the middle of 10th grade, she decided she liked me. A lot. Me, being me, well I was totally oblivious. We would go to parties and to football games and dances and she would always be around. I never noticed she was always around. Always calling. Always asking what I would be doing this day and that day.... OK, so I can be dense as a rock.

Then one day her best friend, who had been my friend for a very long time, asked me what was wrong with me. Why didn't I like Cindy? Of course I told her I liked her just fine. Then she made it clear that 'like' meant 'like'. OK, now I'm getting it. After hearing her tell me of the frustration Cindy was having trying to get through to me, I naturally started seeing her differently. I kept trying to decide if I 'liked' her too. At least enough to give it a go. It took a while. I've never been big on commitments.

One night we were at a school dance thing and she came over and asked me to dance. We went out on the floor and naturally it was a slow dance. We chatted a little and I started having one of those high school boys’ moments. The kind where your hormones started taking over your brain. So I backed off a little. She stopped and asked what was wrong so I decided I didn't want to hurt her feelings and pulled her closer again. I held her close and when I did I smelled her perfume. Loves Baby Soft. I loved it. I don't know if that was the breaking point for my brain or what but I remember that moment vividly. It was when I decided I liked her too. Liked her. That perfume broke down the defenses and sent those boy hormones racing through my system. Before the night was over we had our first make out session and the game was on.

We ended up being inseparable for months. Even through the Summer. We did everything together and all through it the Loves Baby Soft was there. She even had some of it for washing clothes. I remember being so glad that I had caved and decided on a steady girlfriend. She was my best friend and more. But all good things must come to an end.

After almost a year of this relationship, Cindy didn't come to school one day. Then she didn't come a second day. She didn't call. She didn't return my calls. Then she contacted me through our mutual friend and told me she was scared to go on with our relationship. That she felt we were too close. I remember thinking, "Well, aren't we supposed to be close?" For about a week she left it at that. A total YB block out. It was so aggravating. Soon I was pissed. Then another week went by where she just wanted to talk over the phone, not get together. I was even pissier.

Then, after a third week she decided she was wrong and that she shouldn't feel so scared and that she needed me back blah blah blah.... That's when I decided I didn't need to hear that crap. I had had enough. My first real sweetheart had screwed me over and hurt me for what I perceived as being no reason at all. I wanted nothing to do with that scene. That's what I told her too.

Now there were copious amounts of tears and demanded explanations and all the crap that goes with a woman scorned. Didn't matter to me anymore. I wanted to believe she was sincere but it just wasn't in me to be able to. So we parted ways.

We ended up being casual friends after a few months but we talked very little. I remember one day I was walking down the hall and I saw her at her locker talking with friends. I got this lump in my throat and just walked up to her, leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Then I put my nose at her ear and took a deep sniff of her perfume and walked away. I was told she shed a few tears but I never saw them.

By our senior year, we were almost back to being the same as before 'the great boyfriend/girlfriend experiment'. I remember I would stop by her desk or at her locker and lean in just for a sniff of the Loves Baby Soft. She always knew what I was doing. Sometimes she'd stop by my desk and lean down, putting her neck right near my face so I could get a good whiff. We never got back together in any sort of relationship kind of way. But every time I would smell that perfume I would think of her. No matter when or where, to this day, I get a little melancholy when I smell Loves Baby Soft.

I hope she's doing OK, wherever she is now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

You're My Schmoopy

*I apologize for posting this link after lunch. Luckily I have a strong stomach and didn't barf when I read it.*

So now Demi Moore and Ashton are called "Dashmi"? How come the press or whoever makes these things up can't just be shot for their sickness? It seems to be an epidemic.

Anyway, the part I had to post about was the poetic side of Ashton. He said "I hope the love that we share can resonate around the world so that someday I can hear its echo."

For real. He did. Read the story.

I haven't heard anything so schmoopy since high school. I remember those feelings too. Back then the 'love that will never die' feelings brought about lines like that all the time. Of course, those high school love affairs usually lasted until somewhere around lunch time. The good thing was that after lunch you could recycle the lines for the next 'love to end all loves'.

Girls came up with the good stuff. Guys sucked at it (usually). I did have one girlfriend who kept sending me sweet little notes and she would sign them "Puppy love is great!" I did not make that up. Funny stuff, eh?

Truthfully, love is grand. New romance is the most fun. It is the best when it is new and exciting and all that romantic crap keeps pouring out of you. Too bad those new feelings fade. But without the beginnings of relationships, the poetry would all end up kinda lame or just uninspired Hallmark poopie.

I think some bloggers could do a lot better than those Hallmark people. There are some good writers in the blogworld.

Maybe we should have a 'Schmoopy Posting Day' on blogger. Just to see who really is a romantic at heart. I have noticed that some of my blog friends are still quite enthralled with their significant others. Those who aren't could write something about a crush then. Or just making up something would be fun too. Like Jack in "As Good As It Gets".

Or better yet, recycle something from their past. That would be the best. Recycling is good for the environment. Well, maybe not this type. But it would be fun.

Who's game for a Schmoopy Post Day?

Latest Poll Results

The latest Poll results prove that we all like a bit of sex in our lives. ;) The new Poll will be a sexy one. Next week will be a movie one. The following week should be interesting since we voted to do a Blogger Poll. I'm taking this to mean "Bloggers we know (and love)". I'll need to think about that one.

I have decided that Thursday will be the day to renew the Polls. It's a light blog day since HNT is such a big thing now (for me too) and everyone is busy checking out all the half-nekkid creativity (me too!). I'll have the new Poll posted soon. Gotta first go see some nekkidness!

What should the next Poll subject(s) be?

Romance 2 votes
Movies 5 votes
Music 0 votes
Bloggers 4 votes
Television 2 votes
Sports 2 votes
Sex 9 votes
American History 1 vote
Politics 0 votes
Whatever 2 votes

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I wanted to be cool like Yoj & Osbasso so I decided to do this nifty little FYI about myself, using Google images. Here's the directions:

Go to Google and click on the images link.
Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.

- The name of the town where you grew up
- The name of the town where you live now
- Your name
- Your Grandmother's name (pick one)
- Your favorite food
- Your favorite drink
- Your favorite song
- Your favorite smell

The town I grew up in:

The fountain pre-dates the Civil War

The town I in live now (which is actually the town where I was born):

Townhall - built in 1881 as a Music School

My name:
My Hero

This came up when I searched my name. I had to post it, of course. ;)

My Grandmother's Name:

Good looking Gramdma, no?

My favorite food:

Nature's most perfect food!

My favorite drink:

Can't get enough!

This was my favorite drink for a looong time:

My favorite song (for the lyrics):

"Oh, I who long to grow, I look outside myself, and the tree inside me grows." --Rainer Maria Rilke

My favorite smell:

There's none better when you're driving down a back road on a Summer day and you catch a whiff.... ummmm.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Music Variety Is Cool

Yesterday on the way home when I turned on the radio the song "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas had just come on. I happen to like that song so I left the station on. Next they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Naturally, I had to hear that one too. I love Nirvana.

I started feeling like I might just be able to let this station play all the way home.

Next song that came on was "Blister In The Sun" by The Violent Femmes. I hadn't heard that one in a while. I remember I once really liked the Femmes.

Again, I was impressed with the station. Then came the commercial break. It lasted forever. One of those 10 minute breaks. (Or it just seemed like 10 minutes anyway.) Then the DJ came back and talked for too long and when he finally played the next song it was "Reminiscing" by the Little River Band. It nauseated me. I was sad because I thought I could leave the station on for a while. Then he played "Glory Of Love" by Peter Cetera and I had had enough. Time to search the dial.

I was lucky that I had turned the station on when I did I guess. How come a station can play good stuff for a while and then turn back into a crap station again? No wonder they put the radio controls on the steering wheel these days. I like variety but I don't like cry-baby music. Unless it's a quiet, romantic setting and we're getting close and cuddly..... you know the scene..... who pays attention to the music then anyway?


What a bummer. The Baseball season ended last night. The worst part is that the Yankees could have won. Pitching and defense wins championships. They preach that all the time. The Yanks didn't have quite enough of either to get past the first round. I had the feeling we might be in trouble when Crosby ran Shef over in the outfield and allowed 2 runs to score. My stomach started to hurt then. I was soooo looking forward to the ALCS. Especially against Chicago. Damn.

Well, let's try to look at some positives here:

The Yankees did win the division. After their horrible start, that is quite an accomplishment.

Also, the starting pitching should be in great shape next season. With Wang, Small, Mussina, Chacon & Johnson we are in decent shape. Unloading that bum Wright would be a good idea. That leaves us able to focus on the huge weakness of middle relief.

I hope Bernie returns in some capacity. I also hope his replacement really is Torii Hunter. That would be sweet.

The best thing to happen this year is that boston was eliminated. That was an orgasmic moment for me. The Braves losing was a close second to that.

Oh, and the sleep deprivation ended last night too. I won't be wasting precious sleep time on teams I don't really care about so I won't be so tired this month like usual.

OK, I guess there are a few positives. I'd still trade them all for a Yankee win and another shot at the ALCS.

I'm already anxious for next season to start.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Adventures With Lowe’s

I have done quite a bit of shopping at Lowe’s. It is a great store. For someone like me who is learning home improvement stuff as it becomes necessary, Lowe’s has been priceless.

That being said, this past week has been strange. The Lowe’s we have been to since moving just isn’t up to the standards of the 2 others we have used in the past. This one in particular seems to be devoid of helpful people not to mention their delivery system leaves a lot to be desired.

The latest fiasco was for counter tops and a tree we had purchased the weekend before this past one. The counter tops had been ordered and then delayed because the clerk had originally ordered the wrong thing. The tree we found there was awesome, but way too big for us to pick up, so the Lowe’s people claimed that it would be no problem to deliver it. As a matter of fact, the counter tops would be in the day before the tree delivery was scheduled, so they would do both at the same time. Sounded like a plan. Uh huh.

Nicci took a day off on Thursday to be home for the deliveries. (We had some other stuff coming too.) Well, Lowe’s never shows up. She called and found out that the delivery had been entered into the system for the following week. Of course, no one could figure out how that had happened. The girl who did it even remembered us and that Thursday was supposed to be the delivery day. So they promise to deliver the stuff the next morning.

Well, neither of us can be off for another day so we leave the breezeway open for them to put the counter tops into. The tree would be fine outside. (Of course.) I get home Friday night – no delivery. Now I’m thinking wtf? We call and find out that they didn’t want to deliver the stuff because of the rain. What? Since when does rain delay deliveries? It was a normal kind of rain. Not like we were having a hurricane or anything. Plus, it had actually stopped for the most part.

More apologies and promises for a Saturday morning delivery. Saturday arrives and they actually show up. (It’s now raining harder than on Friday, btw.) They have the counter tops but not the tree. The Delivery Manager starts telling me that they didn’t have the right truck and that the tree was too heavy (claims it weighs 300lbs.) and blah blah blah…. It sounded like excuses to me. No matter, it would be delivered first thing in the morning on Sunday. Before 9:30. Promised by the Delivery Manager.

I waited for the delivery on Sunday until 10:30. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. When I called, the guy in Deliveries told me that the Manager guy had entered us into the system for “sometime next week”! Now I’m really pissed! After a bit of stern talk and some conversation with the store manager, the first guy volunteered to bring the tree to us. When they finally arrived at 4:00 they told me they couldn’t understand the Manager guy’s problem. They had the exact same truck he had used the day before and one guy lifted the tree and brought it to the hole I had dug. Their opinion was that he just didn’t want to do the delivery. Nice. They were decent guys though. They even helped me get the tree into the hole before they left.

I have never had such a time with something so simple. Just goes to show that because a place has the same name, it doesn’t necessarily operate the same.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

BS Friday Answer

The BS Friday story is true. It was a great night all around, especially the part where I got to disown my friend when he became a total ass. Good job to everyone who guessed. You all got it right this time.

I don't have much time right now to blog. The Yankees are finally coming on TV. Tonight is do or die night and I'm more than a wee bit nervous. Wish the Yanks (and anyone around me) good luck.

Thanks. They'll need it. ;)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Something Fun

Here's something fun to do; type up a sickening sweet, gushy, lovey-dovey text message for your honey and then send it to a wrong number.

I did that recently.


Oh yeah.

BS Friday

I am feeling much better now, thanks. (See previous post.) Stuff like that never lasts too long with me. So now, back to our regularly scheduled program which just happens to be BS Friday. I'll write it, you tell me if it's BS or not. This one is called "I know you better than you know you".

NOTE: I won't be able to answer until sometime Sunday. I'll be away all day tomorrow.

A couple of years ago I went to one of the 'Concerts in the Park' that the city has every Summer. I usually don't go but this concert happened to be Nils Lofgren. If you don't know Nils, go here for info and a way cool music clip. Nils is an awesome guitarist who has played with Neil Young, Grin, Crazyhorse, Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr's All Star Band. He has always been one of my favorites. He plays a lot of blues and he never uses a pick. It's wild to see him play like that.

Anyway, I went to see him play. I was so psyched to hear he was in town because the big names usually didn't come our way. While I was there waiting I ran into a friend from work. He and his wife were there. They were big time Nils fans too. We chatted for a while about Nils and all the music we loved by him. My friend seemed to have a very good knowledge of Nils' music history. I was impressed.

The concert was great! He and his band are top notch and I loved every minute. After a second encore, we got a surprise; Nils had agreed to meet and greet fans behind the bandshell! There was a set of stairs that led up and around the back of the bandshell and people were going to be allowed to go single file up to the top to meet him. Well, my friend and I hightailed it over there quick. We were pretty far up in line and we got to watch as Nils talked with people who were ahead of us. Some got autographs, some just gushed, some got pictures. I remember wishing I had known beforehand that we could meet him. I'd have gotten an autograph or better yet, a picture of me with him. But I didn't have anything for him to sign and no camera. Damn!

We finally got to the top of the stairs and my friend's wife talked with him first. She got a hug and told him he was great yada yada yada... Then my friend started talking with him. At first it was a normal conversation. He told him how much he liked his music, told him about the other times he'd been to see him, then he told him his favorite song was **** (I forget which song he mentioned) ... and how much he like the album **** (again, I don't remember) Funny thing was, he had the wrong album. Nils politely corrected him about which album the song was on. Then my friend says, "Are you sure?"

Nils said he was quite sure.

That started it. My friend started telling him how he was sure the song was on such and such an album and how he remembered it because it came out right before such and such an album.... Nils then told him that he also had the album order wrong. The album he mentioned had come out after another one was released between the two.

Well that set my friend off. He again asked if he was sure. Nils rolled his eyes and looked back at one of the official looking guys standing behind him. That guy smiled and looked like he was holding back a laugh. My friend meanwhile was going on and on about how he was sure this album came out before that album and this song was on this album - Nils correcting him along the way.... He had so many things wrong that Nils finally just said "Maybe you should go and check on your collection again." Nothing smart assed or anything. Just a polite way to get off the subject, I think. Then my friend said, "No, I think you probably forgot some things. After all these years, it's no embarrassment." WTF???

Again an eye roll and a look over his shoulder, this time I think for help. The smiley guy finally stepped forward and gently nudged my friend the expert along, telling him that others were wiating. He went, but with a reassurance that he would be checking on those songs & albums as soon as he got home.

As I stepped up, Nils quietly said to the guy behind him, "Can you believe that?" Then he turned to me and said, "Do you know that guy?" I smiled and shook his hand and said, "Nope. Some people. I wonder who he was anyway?"

Things I’m Sick Of Today

I am a grouch this morning. I have no good thoughts at this time. Today almost everything is annoying to me. I have tried to force my way out of this funk but it hasn’t worked, so I am going to try and list things that are bugging me. Maybe I can vent a little and shake the negative feelings. Here’s my list of stuff that I’m sick of this morning:

Iraq – I am sick of all the negative stuff reported from Iraq. It’s a war zone people. We get it. There is some nasty shit happening there but I think there has to be something more to talk about. Something positive. The negative commentary is making me crazy.

The crybabies of the world are making me crazy too. All the goobs who insist that our troops just be pulled out of Iraq are idiots. Yeah, we shouldn’t be there in the first place. But we are and to just leave would be stupid. Remember Vietnam when we just up and left? We make the mess, we have to clean it up.

I keep hearing about the nukes that were dropped in Japan back in the 40’s. How we apologized and all that crap. That whole apology BS was nothing more than an ass-kissing move. That was a different era with a different set of problems. It was war and dropping the nukes ended the war before another 1,000,000 Americans were killed. Not to mention the untold number of Japanese people who would have died. So people should shut the f%#$ up about it. There is no way possible for this generation to understand what that generation had to deal with. Besides, ‘you mess with the bull, you get the horns’. Shut up.

I’m tired of all the “Help the Homeless” BS too. Homeless via disasters like Katrina, I understand. Homeless via drugs, laziness, and stupidity I can’t tolerate. The lazy bitches of the world should find a way to pay their way and we should stop enabling them to be worthless. The druggies of the world should just be allowed to croak and then we’d be rid of them.

High gas prices are unnecessary. It is just the result of greedy oil people looking for big profits at our expense. Crude oil prices have been steady and/or dropping lately but the gas prices are still high and in some places going up. Jerk-offs with their BS reasoning about why the costs are up are full of it. I think Bush must have stock in oil or something.

There is a new Victoria’s Secret in Virginia that people are getting all pissy about. Apparently they object to mannequins in underwear posed in the windows. Funny, I thought all VS stores had those. What makes these dorks so special that they think it’s wrong? F.O.

This whole Supreme Court nomination of the unknown woman is annoying too. WTF is her name? Yeah, it’s like that. No one knows her views on anything. Big deal. Isn’t the Supreme Court supposed to interpret the Constitution and rule accordingly? Who cares about someone’s opinions. Wtf is up with the ‘balance of left and right’ on the Court anyway? They are SUPPOSED to judge by what is in the Constitution, not what their opinion is. Oh yeah, they stopped that a long time ago. I forgot. As for Bush promising one thing and doing another; Gee, that’s surprising from a life long politician. Stop acting like you are surprised.

Ok, this is getting a little longer than I thought it would. Here are some other little things I want to vent about:

Bad apple dumplings – I hate it when the lazy bitches just core an apple and wrap it in dough. Slice them up!
Bad coffee - there is such a thing Meritt ;)
Chocolate ice cream – it sucks
Tomatoes – how do people eat those things?
Coconut – the scourge of western society
Bell bottom jeans – ugly then, uglier now
Cowboy stuff – in the city. Can you say “Dork” boys and girls?
Spam – jerk offs send it, almost as bad as telemarketers

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Laugh Break

In the wild 2005

Facing reality is hard

Romance is not dead.

Damn! Popeye is getting really old!

I work here.

This one kills me!

Peachy Fix & Stuff

I got my Peachy fix this morning! It was great!

Peachy has been away all week for training. It's been weird without her here. She stopped in for some stuff on her computer and I got to see her for a while. Funny how someone being away from work can be missed like that, isn't it? I feel better. ;)

Also, Miss Charming Jones did put in her notice yesterday. I knew it was coming, but it still sucks. She is going on to a much better position. A much better situation too, so it's a good move. I'm hoping they need other people too. *hint hint*

Now Peachy will be in a department with a new boss who isn't even here yet and one rookie co-worker. Sounds like time for a salary negotiation, doesn't it? Yup.

On a side note, does anyone else have a toilet at work that tries to sploosh you when you flush it? We have one here that I have learned to step away from before flushing. It sometimes flushes so hard that water flies out of it. Gross, to be sure. But it makes for great breakfast talk, don't you think?

Today is HNT. Possibly the biggest (if not the coolest) thing to hit blogs since, well, maybe blogs. Go here to see the list of participants. (Go here and here and here to check out some blog friends that participate.)

I hear Hockey started last night. It's all over the news. I guess after the lockout last year people are treating it like it's something extraordinary. I'm happy for the fans since I remember the 1994 Baseball season fiasco. It's all about money these days. Greed kills!

I can't wait to get home tonight. I am planting a tree. Yeah, that sounds really YB like, I know. All week long I have been digging this big ass hole in the ground to plant a tree that will be delivered today It is already pretty big, so the hole had to be pretty big. The tree is an oak maple. We didn't know that it was one that would grow to be a giant when we bought it. I just loved it when I saw it, so we went ahead and got it. It will get to be about 120' tall and the trunk will get a few feet in diameter. I hope I'm alive long enough to see it get huge.

Geez, that sounds way too domestic. Suddenly, I feel ill.

Ok, that's enough stuff for now. Later.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Say It Isn't So

I just got semi-official word that Miss Charming Jones will be putting in her 2 week notice. I feel so bummed!

It's not just that she is so utterly charming that makes this a bummer but she is also one of the few truly capable, dependable & professional people here. Plus, she is a friend.

I will really miss her.

Peachy, you better not get any bright ideas from this.

I mean that.

Yes, I'm still here. I'm keeping my eye on you.....

I'm Feelin Like...

Yep, that's how I'm feelin today.......

Latest Poll Results

Here are the latest Poll results. Looks like we all love Saturday Night Live the best. Good call.

The new Poll is posted (right sidebar). It will determine the future subject(s) for Polls. I'm feeling a little braindead this morning so I thought I'd let everyone decide what the next subject will be. Maybe even the next few, depending on how many votes are posted.

Keep in mind that the choices will have my own little twist to them.

Also, feel free to write in comments anything you'd like to see voted on.

Which of these classic silly shows was/is the best?

Gilligan's Island 5 votes
Get Smart 2 votes
Soap 1 vote
Mork & Mindy 1 vote
Hogan's Heroes 0 votes
The Beverly Hillbillies 0 votes
I Dream Of Jeannie 2 votes
The Monkees 2 votes
Taxi 2 votes
WKRP In Cincinnati 1 vote
Three's Company 5 votes
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 2 votes
Original Saturday Night Live 8 votes
Second City TV 0 votes
Monty Python's Flying Circus 4 votes
Benny Hill Show 2 votes
The Carol Burnett Show 5 votes
The Addams Family 0 votes
The Original Batman 3 votes
The Munsters 0 votes

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Question Of The Day

Have you ever seen someone leave the restroom with hairs sticking out of their zipper?

Celebrity Crushes

The Head did this first and his accounts are hilarious! He suggested that we all follow suit. Grace did it too and hers was also funny. So I'm falling in line (mostly because it's fun) and without further ado, here is my personal list of early life (maybe some continuing ones too) celebrity crushes:

Tina Louise aka Ginger Grant

Anyone who claimed that Mary Ann was hotter than Ginger was crazy. Probably a guy would only claim that when he was around another woman just to try and impress them, getting them to believe he was into the 'wholesome girl' thing. He was still lying.

Sheena Easton

Still one of the sexiest women anywhere. A great singer and a decent actress. That stint on Miami Vice was a bummer though. Otherwise, pure Scottish sweetness.


I don't know what to say about recent events but she will always be someone I greatly admire. Looks, talent and genuine personality. She's the whole package. (I'm getting a bit misty-eyed. I'll move on now....)

Lindsey Wagner aka The Bionic Woman

I believe she was my first real celebrity crush. I was madly in love with her when I was young. I watched the Bionic Woman religiously and any movie she made I never missed. I even read the book "Scruples" just because she starred in the mini-series. She is still hot today. Doing those infomercials is a bummer, but I like seeing her.

Justine Bateman

No young guy who watched Family Ties was safe from Justine's charms. I thought she was so sexy. I even loved her first movie Satisfaction. I watched it many times. (That was also Julia Robert's first film, I believe) She disappeared quickly after the TV show ended. Too bad.


A sexy and talented Saturday Morning Cartoon babe. Talented thanks to Britta Phillips. Loved the fact that she was a rock star and a super-hero. Britta still makes music. Check out Luna when you get the chance. (BTW, Britta was also in Satisfaction. Weird, eh?)

Teela (Masters of the Universe)

Tell me she wasn't a sexy animated babe! Plus, most times when she would show up she was bailing out He-Man from some mess. Proves the theory that behind every great man is an even greater woman.

Courteney Cox

My second huge crush. What can you say about her? Gorgeous, talented and those eyes... rowr! Now she's married to a somewhat strange fellow and also is a Mom. No matter what, I'm still a fan.

JoAnna Cameron aka The Mighty Isis

When I was little this Saturday Morning show had me hooked. A superhero who was so hot that my little boy hormones went racing with just the anticipation of showtime coming. JoAnna is still very good looking today. I met her at one of those autograph signing shows a few summers ago. Sweet!

Chrissie Hynde

The Pretenders were and are still one of my favorite bands thanks to Chrissie's amazing voice. I can't get enough of her sultry singing. They got big during the punk/new wave era and were one of the few bands to stay big. Love the Pretenders!

Barbara Feldon aka 99

One of my all time favorite shows is Get Smart. It is so goofy that I can't get enough. Of course, the sexy spy 99 helps a lot. A gorgeous babe to help Max get out of trouble. Another great woman behind the man example.


I never actually had a crush on her. I just admired a single woman in a community of all guys. She was the only female Smurf. Someone was getting lucky because I remember baby smurf showing up. No Father ever stepped forward though. The only one you knew it couldn't be was Grumpy Smurf. If it was him he would have had a better disposition, I think.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tagged By Lars

Lars tagged me to do this, so here we go:

Ten Years Ago: October 1995

A very strange time for YB. I was psyched out because the Yankees were playing the Mariners in the division series. I had no doubt that they would whip them. In my mind, we were already headed to the A.L. Championship. Shows what I knew. They should have swept them but blew the last game when they were leading in the 11th. Unbelievable.

I was also not so psyched because I had finally figured out that the drinking/partying/pseudo-rockstar lifestyle was killing me. I was well into the planning stage of changing my lifestyle and would soon be starting a 30 day rehab stint. By early October, my affairs were in order and I was finally ready.

Five Years Ago: October 2000

A much better time. I had recently returned from a trip to New York with my best friend Lisa and was getting ready for a week in Sweden. Back then, my job sometimes gave me that privilege.

The New York trip was a blast. We saw everything we could and ended up eating twice at the Hard Rock. The food was good, but it was the place that drew us back.

I remember that we walked everywhere and I was constantly looking for New York hookers. I just wanted to see one once. I never did. I did get yelled at by a drunken homeless man. We were in a huge crowd walking along and he singled me out and started yelling some gibberish at me. I had no idea what he was saying, but he was serious about it. Funny guy.

One Year Ago: October 2004

Not much has changed since last year. I actually had to look at my blog archives to see what was up. I had some serious anxiety about the Yankees in the post season. I had just seen Eight Men Out for the first time. I do remember being happy with my house and all the artwork. Feeling like it was finished at last. Who knew that less than a year would pass before it wasn't mine anymore?

One thing I found in my archives that made me laugh was a post about all those funny Emerald nuts commercials. I loved those! I wish they were back on again.

Yesterday: Sunday

Got rolling early and went to the Apple Harvest Festival. I always go there every year.... for the food, of course. They actually make apple butter right there. When you get a jar, it is still warm. I got pancake syrup too. Apple-Cherry, Apple-Grape and Apple Cinnamon. Got jelly in the same flavors.

Oh yeah, they have crafty type stuff and music too. I do like to see the antique car show. Did I mention how good the food is?

Five Songs I Know All The Words To: Only 5 eh?


Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas
In Bloom, Nirvana
Time Stand Still, Rush
Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme), From Dr. Zhivago
Everything Happens to Me, Frank Sinatra

Five Snacks:

Extra Sharp New York Cheddar
Ice Cream

Five things I'd do with 100 million dollars:

Pay off all my and my families debts (Some friends are considered family to me too.)
Travel, to Europe, maybe Egypt, Australia (New Zealand also)
Spend a ton on a blogger party! All expenses paid for everyone invited.
Spend some frivolously (I agree Lars). Finally get that vintage Strat and Gibson Les Paul, that old Chevy and the new BMW M6 Convertible, definitely Yankees season tickets.
Invest so I never have to worry about money again

Five places I'd run away to:

So Cal (probably not permanently though)

Five things I would never wear:

A Speedo
Anything Cowboy-like (Western wear?)
Nail Polish
Anything with a red sux logo (even if it only resembles it)
My heart on my sleeve ;)

Five Favourite TV Shows

Baseball Tonight
Desparate Housewives
Battlestar Galactica
Get Smart

Five greatest joys

The Yankees in the post season
My Friends
My Aunt and Uncle
Cherry Pepsi

Five favourite toys:

Playstation 2
My Alvarez
Nicci ;)
My imagination

Current Reads:

The Hard Word On Life by Ian Irwin
Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton
How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter

Five People I am tagging to do this: OK, I don't like these tagging things so I won't tag anybody. I would like to see these people do it though:

* Peachy
* Karen
* Awna
* Grace (because she always makes me laugh)
* April

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Division Champs 2005

The Yankees have won the division!!! Division Champs 2005! Isn't that a beautiful sound? Oh yeah! I cannot begin to write what that means to me this year! To try and express it on the blog is impossible. Just know that I am excited beyond words. This has been one of the toughest years I can remember and through it all I knew the Yankees would not let us down.

All those who bitched and complained and jumped ship can just sit and cry now. Don’t come back, btw. We only want real Yankees for the post season run to the Series.

I think I’m about to pop! I’ll bet the Yankees crew is celebrating just as hard as I am. Here’s to you crewmates. You are some of the faithful and I know you didn’t quit on the Yanks either.

The Yankees win, theeeee Yankees win!!!

BTW, for the next 2 days (hopefully) the Indians will be my second favorite team. :)

BS Friday Answer

The BS Friday story is false. Funny how everybody thought it was true. I guess we all did crazy stuff when we were kids. The thing is, we were exactly like that when I was a young teen. We raced our bikes and jumped over everything. Eventually a lot of us got sponsors and raced dirt bikes for a while. The river jump was definitely considered but never attempted.

The story of me jumping over the back of a tractor-trailer is true though. I did that and became a legend in my neighborhood. I paid for it for a while, but it was worth it. The short version is this:

We were in the field near my house one day and I noticed that the back of the tractor-trailer the place used for storage just happened to be at the bottom of the hill. Naturally I decided that it needed to be jumped. I believed that I could get enough speed up to clear the thing So we built a ramp above it and I jumped it.

There were a couple of things I didn’t think about though. First, I didn’t think about the fact that the hill kept going down on the other side of the trailer. It was a much longer way down on the other side. I also never considered that I would have to land after clearing the thing. Those are a couple of things I should have considered.

Well, I came down the hill, hit the ramp and easily cleared the back of the truck. It was a thrill that is hard to describe! Watching the trailer passing beneath me was exhilarating. Then all I could see was air and a long way to go before I hit the ground. That was another kind of thrill, not quite so fun.

I landed the bike exactly as I should have. I was told I had great form. But when the bike hit the ground, the back tire blew out. There was actually a flattened out area on the metal rim. Then the front of the bike hit and the front tire blew. My weight pushed me forward and the handlebars went so far forward that my nose was right with the tire. When I tried to right myself, I found out the hard way that I had broken the seat off somewhere during the landing and when I went back the seat post rammed into my butt and continued up the small of my back. I had a cut along my tailbone up to almost the middle of my back.

Finally the bike just gave up the ghost and the front wheel came off. I went tumbling down the hill over the handlebars. Once stopped I could hear everybody running toward me yelling. I was hurting! My arms and my right shoulder were throbbing. My tailbone was really hurting. But I didn’t want to seem like a wuss so I stood up (in great pain) and raised my arms like I was an Olympic champion or something.

The bike was a total loss. Even the frame had cracked where the handlebars were attached to it. Both rims were shot, the seat bar was severely bent and the seat was way back up the hill. It was done for, but I healed up just fine. After that, no one doubted that I would do almost anything on my bike.

Kids believe they are indestructible. Maybe that’s how we survive things like this. Don’t think, just do.