Monday, January 21, 2008

New Song, New Day

Today I woke up with the song "Southern Cross" by CSN in my head. Don't ask. I don't know why. Just like the Springsteen song from Friday, I haven't heard it for years. But unlike that Friday song, this one left me in a very mellow mood. Kind of appropriate for a Monday morning.

Good thing too because I was sure I would come in and delete my blogs today. I am really burnt out. But at this moment in time, I don't feel like it.

BTW, can someone tell me how to delete that Myspace thing? I do want that one to be gone but I can't seem to figure it out.

There was no traffic this morning at all. Schools are out this week plus its a government holiday today. I wish it was like that all the time. As I drove by the local high school and saw that it was deserted, it made me contemplative. I looked at the deserted parking lot and the empty bus ramps. I looked at the dark windows and had this thought; "Gee, I'll bet it is a germ fest inside that place." It gave me a chill thinking that. LOL

The weekend was sweet. Not much to write about (as usual). Just that it was freakin cold! Geez, it was 8 degrees at our house. No going outside for me, I promise you. My Lisa kept chatting with me yesterday about calling in today. She was in the mood for a day off. Now I see she isn't here. Lucky girl. But I'm glad I didn't skip out today. I'll do that on a regular traffic day to add some extra satisfaction to my lazy day off.

Thats about it. Not much interesting happening here. Sorry to bore you all with the blah-blah-bliggety-blah but thats all I gots this mornin. Jersey Girl is due any second so maybe soon I'll have something amusing to tell.

Until then.............

Friday, January 18, 2008

Springsteen O'Clock

I woke up with a Bruce Springsteen song in my head this morning. Darlington County is the song. I have no idea why it was in my head when I woke up. I'm just lucky something was in there I guess. LOL

Anyway, I kept singing that song all morning and it kept reminding me of back in the day when it was new. The "Born in the USA" album was one I wore out back then. I was driving my 1963 Chevy SS, had a steady woman and 2 other girlfriends for fun. Always out and about, having a kick-ass time of it. So naturally singing that old song has put me in a great mood this morning.

Its funny how something like that, just an old song, can trigger not just memories but the feelings that went along with that old song. I suppose it would be the same if you have an old song that you cried to after a bad life incident too. But I don't know any of those right now. Right now I'm feeling like cruising with one of the girls, playing loud music on the way to our favorite parking spot, feeling totally carefree. But of course that feeling will fade fast since in reality I am now at work and the day will wipe that all away. So I'm sitting and enjoying the feel for just a little while longer.

I was chatting online last night with a friend who was telling me how she is really enjoying being "over 40". She said she once thought it would be the end of the world but now she is so happy she got through her 20's (especially) and her 30's and would never want to go back. I smiled because I can see that. But I'd like to have another shot at those years just to avoid the dumb-ass stuff. (I'd also like to redlive a few moments.)

She is an interesting lady. She does between 30-40 TV commercials yearly. Manages to get into them because she sells TV ads for a living. In her neck of the woods, she is becoming a minor celebrity. Kind of a neat thing to be doing.

So today should be a fun one. I had planned on having lunch with my guitar student. Hopefully she is still able to go. Thats always something fun to look forward to. Also, Lindsey will be here sometime today. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Plus, I have only one 30 minute meeting scheduled today. That is a huge bonus!

This day has all the makings of a pretty darn good one. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday

It was a quiet weekend. For me anyway. Nicci had her son this weekend and for her, those weekends are anything but quiet. Nor restful. You would think the teenage years would be an improvement but they really aren't. It's all just a different set of stresses.

Now Nicci is feeling bad. nausea and all that. On top of not having much of a weekend now she is sick. I feel bad for her.

Tell me again what it is people get out of having kids? I have yet to see any kind of happy advantage to it.

So I spent a lot of time alone this weekend. We all know I do not mind that at all. Got to see the Football Playoffs. Only the Colts losing surprised me. The other games I kind of expected. Especially the Dallas game. I had a feeling they wouldn't make it and they didn't.

I noticed something this weekend. Yawning is not only very contagious it is one of those little 'feel good' things too. I think it feels good to get out a good yawn. We tend to take the little things like that for granted. I don't mind seeing someone yawn because I fully expect to have one of my own shortly after. (I'm not real happy to see someone yawn without covering their yaps though.) It feel kinda nice somehow. :P

It's the same with letting out a good burp. Sometimes that is such a relief. Releasing a loud belch can be very satisfying. Farting can be a good thing too but I am pretty happy that farting isn't contagious like yawning.

Apparently my weekend was full of these things? If so, I don't remember it. I just remember thinking about it. lol

Not too much to talk about this morning. Like always. Hope everyone's weekend was great. Happy Monday. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Morning Coffee With Jersey Girl

JG: Did you see the visitor this morning?
YB: Yes, she’s a hottie.
JG: She’s tall.
YB: I think tall women are sexy.
JG: Tall women?
YB: Yeah, they are sexy.
JG: What, like in general or just a few specific tall women?
YB: Just tall women.
JG: Oh, like Julie Strain..... “6’1” and worth the climb”? lol
YB: Yeah, that’s a good example.
JG: But what about short women? You don’t think they are sexy?
YB: Oh yes, they are very sexy too.
JG: So you like short women and tall women.
YB: Yes.
JG: What about the medium height women?
YB: Very sexy also.
JG: So short, tall and anything in between......
YB: Sexy, sexy, sexy.....
JG: OK, height doesn’t matter then?
YB: Not to me.
JG: What about hair?
YB: I love red hair!
JG: Just red hair?
YB: No, blond is hot too.
JG: Brunettes?
YB: Very hot.
JG: Ooookay..... so height doesn’t matter nor does hair color?
YB: Nope, not to me. *smile
JG: Well, I am happy I fit in there somewhere.
YB: You know you do. You are a very attractive woman.
JG: Not sexy?
YB: Oh yes, very sexy. You know that.
JG: Yes, I know. I just wanted you to say it.
YB: Sheesh
JG: So getting back to it..... you think all women are sexy?
YB: Nope. Not the unsexy ones.
JG: Uhmmm, which are unsexy?
YB: Well, theres the preg--
JG: ---Yes, the pregnant ones. We all know how you feel about that.
JG: What about weight? Heavy women?
YB: They can be sexy too.
JG: Really? Skinny women?
YB: Definitely!
JG: So weight doesn’t matter?
YB: Sometimes it does. I believe all women have the chance to be sexy in some way.
JG: Sexual orientation?
YB: Lesbians are hott!
JG: Hmmm..... that is true.
JG: *sigh OK..... Let’s try this in another way..... Which women are not sexy?
YB: *thinking....
JG: ....Well?
YB: The dead ones.
JG: Oy! I should hope so!
YB: Well, I have to draw the line somewhere.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Engineer returning from a recent business trip:

"Going to Montreal was a nightmare. Everything was French. The road signs, the menus, the people all spoke French. I didn't have a clue. I was never so happy to get back to the good old USA and hear some Spanish."

Not Sure What To Call This Post

This week is flying by. No, that’s not a complaint. Just an observation. It’s been kinda fun too.

We have this new Process Engineer at work who has been entertaining. In a sense that he seems to know very little about Engineering. He set up 2 visits this week to go and look at equipment. Stuff that should have been relevant to our current equipment replacement projects. Both times the visits were pretty much a waste of time. Neither trip had much focus on what we were looking to do. Especially the second one. That vendor didn’t even have a machine to show us. It was just a tour of a place that had some equipment in it, unused so far, that wasn’t anywhere near to what we do. The Tech. that went along and I kept looking for something that pertained to what we thought we were there to see. Then suddenly the visit was over. So we shrugged our shoulders and went back to work.

You know how sometimes you can talk to someone and just know what they do for a living? Like, when you talk with a Baker you can tell by what they say that they know what they are talking about? That’s the way I am with Engineers and Maintenance people in general. This new guy in no way talks like an Engineer. You would never know what he was employed to do.

Winter time sure is a quiet time. There really isn’t much to do at all. Plus, it’s dark when we leave for work and its dark when we get home. Nicci and I have already started to get bored with the routines. We both hate the cold and being cooped up. Cabin fever will come even earlier this year. I think we need to find some kind of outside activity before we get too nuts about it.

I went for a haircut recently and while I was there I noticed a really old lady getting her hair done. The young girl was just clipping away and messing with her hair. But the woman had some really yucky hair. Plus she was there to get an ‘old-lady-doo’. You know the way old ladies just get trims and curly perms and all that. They get really short cuts. I guess women get tired of messing with their hair eventually? I don’t know. Anyway, I started wondering if hair stylists get bummed out when a person comes in with really bad hair or with requests to do boring, ugly things. That young girl working with that ugly haired old lady sure hid it well if that is the case.

I bet when someone (like Nicci) comes in, with super nice, beautiful hair, they get all excited. It’s probably like an artist with a blank canvas and nothing but time and ideas to cover it.

Guys like me are an easy money fix for them. I’m in and out in about 10 minutes. lol But old-lady-doos can’t be much fun for a hair stylist. They probably get really disappointed with clients like that. It’s kinda like what I think a Gynecologist feels when a 500 pounder shows up for a check-up. Well, maybe that’s a worse thing.

So today will be another quiet one. Just the usual routines. The usual “Oh-shits!” Nothing much more to chat about. At least the coffee is good………………

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bi-Monthly Posting

Welcome to my bi-monthly post. LOL

I have no intention of posting bi-monthly. I just haven't felt like it at all lately. When I get the urge I get distracted and suddenly it just isn't very important anymore.

So, updates.... OK, Christmas was great. Nicci and I stuck to what we said and did not participate in any gift exchanges. Not with each other and not with family. She did get her son a few things but there were no surprises. He asked for specific things and she got them. This is the first time we have said we would skip exchanging gifts and we actually did it. It was nice.

Christmas isn't about exchanging gifts and all that crap anyway. I have never liked that part of it (after being a kid of course).

We also managed to not visit the family over the holidays. Neither of us wanted to see my mother. Nor did we want to hang out with my Aunt & Uncle's loser family members. So we called in sick. No kidding. It was just like calling in to work. We called and told my Aunt that Nicci was sick and we skipped the family thing on Christmas altogether. We made ourselves an awesome Filet Mignon dinner and hung out together. Filets, good wine, fire in the fireplace, nice music..... what else do you need? Nothing.

New Years was the same. We had offers to go places but all of them involved us sleeping over. Neither of us will drive on New Year's Eve. But neither of us likes to sleep over at friends homes either. That stuff was fun (and usually mandatory) 20 years ago. I'm not into it anymore. So we stayed home and had a nice time together.

I feel like I haven't had a days work in weeks. The week between Christmas and New Year was so quiet at work. I like being here during that time. I get so much accomplished since no one was here bugging me. I finished everything I was behind on and managed half days the whole time. It was like being on vacation anyway. Nice.

Since then things are just cool and calm. Not much else going on. I spent a lot of time with Lisa over the past several weeks. I managed to hang with Lindsey twice too. Bonus. The Patriots kicked butt this year. The Yanks are dealing. I guess I'll have to learn to live with ARod for a while. Hopefully he continues to be great and doesn't choke in the post season this year. Thats about it.

I have been lax with emails and blogging. I'm not sure if it will get better or worse. I suppose time will tell. Hopefully no one is offended much. I do read blogs a lot. I just do not feel like much of anything else.

So thats my update. I hope to be back again later today or early tomorrow. If not, remember, I'm keeping an eye on you anyway.

Yes, that was meant for you.

You know who you are..........