Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Really Don't Know What To Say.......

These are strange days indeed. What can you say about the 2008 underachieving Yankees? This will probably be the first time in 14 years we aren't playing October Baseball. I just can't imagine it. If/when it is reality I'll try to deal with it. Right now it's just not something my brain can wrap around.

Last night was disgusting. When you tie your hopes on Ponson you know things are bad. It's just sad, this season. It's tiring. We are not out of it yet but the team seems to play like they are out of it already.

And wtf are they doing with the ESPN telecasts showing the red sux winning the pennant and calling it one of the greatest moments in Yankee Stadium history? It's the last year for the greatest stadium in the history of baseball and they are showing moments from other teams. They showed several sux moments and called them great. There is something really wrong about that.

Last night made me feel really tired. If the Yanks don't get on a very serious tear we (Yankee) baseball fans will be having an apathetic playoff season.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What Would Joe D. Think?

The Yankees are playing like a scrub team. How can you make a run and get from 9 games back to just 3 games and then make a run the other way? We are 6.5 games back almost instantaneously.

Play baseball for shits sake.

Play like Yankees.