Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grats To The Phillies

Congratulations to the Phillies and all their fans. Grats especially to my friends Kent and Rob, the only 2 Phillies fans I know personally. (One would think I'd know a lot more since I live in PA. Hmmmm....) It's a great feeling when your team wins it all. Enjoy it. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"I Feel So Bad..............

...........just like a ballgame on a rainy day." Remember that Elvis song? Thats what I was thinking last night watching the World Series. Just before the Rays scored to tie the game. I felt like they would stop the game and the Series would end on a rain-out. That would suck. No matter who you want to win, thats a crappy way to win.

Luckily the Rays tied the game and then they called it. That made me happy.

One other thing I have been meaning to post about. Has anybody else been as disgusted by the choices for singing of the National Anthem? The singers and the way they have butchered the song have gotten progressively worse with every game. That fat-ass singer from Game #4 made me turn the TV off until it was over with. She really sucked ass! Last night was the only decent version done so far and it was John Oates called in at the last minute.

Anyway, thats my bitch for the morning. Hopefully the weather clears up and the game(s) can resume soon. So far it's been a well played Series with the only blow-out being Game #4. Let's hope it stays that way.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll Watch The World Series This Time Around

If you heard a huge sigh of relief over the weekend it was emanating from PA. I am still feeling the relief thanks to the Rays eliminating the sux. Last week when they dropped Game 5 after being up 7-0 I was freaking out. I was sure they would choke after that but they didn't. Now I can watch the World Series and enjoy it. :)

Yes, my hatred for the sux is that strong. If the Yankees can't be in it, they can't be or I go nuts. Enough of that...........

So tonight the Rays and the Phillies start thier World Series. I'm going to watch it with a calm, cool spirit. No angst at all because I don't care who wins. I just hope for good games.

I suppose some would think that I would be rooting for the Phillies since I am in PA but thats just not the case. I don't mind them. But I'm not a fan. Besides, they are National League. It's hard for me to root for a National League team. I would have if Joe T. would have gotten the Dodgers into the show but.....

That being said I'm not big on the Rays either. They have a fun team to watch. I'm just not a fan.

So tonight I will watch for the love of the game. I will appreciate it for what it is, the greatest game there is, and enjoy it while it lasts. After this series the off season comes again. That is the worst time of the year. So Baseball fans, enjoy this next week. I know I will savor it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The End Of The Greatest Era Ever

I'm sitting here watching the many ESPN specials about the last day of Yankee Stadium. I'm not afraid to say that I have a lot of tears in my eyes (and on my face) right now. As I take it all in I realize that I am part of a blessed generation. Watching all the amazing memories that others share and seeing the replays of great times in Yankee Stadium I realize that a lot of those are my memories also. I have been a Yankee since 1970-ish, avidly, living and dying with them pitch by pitch. In that time frame there have been some amazing moments.

My earliest memories, the ones I can remember clearly, were watching them play in the 'other' New York baseball park. When they were actually on television and my parents would allow me to watch them anyway. Mostly back then I had to try and find them on the radio. I remember laying in the sun as a kid, ear to the radio, listening intently to every game I could get reception for. I wondered back then why they didn't play very well. I took me some time to realize they were away from Yankee Stadium while it was being renovated.

I was only 10 when the Steinbrenner era began. I remember watching the A's teams of the early 70's and wishing the Yankees would get to the World Series. Then once Yankee Stadium was renovated and the boys moved back home, things changed. The 1976 Yankees were a good team. That season was the one that really made me eat, sleep and dream Baseball. Chris Chambliss sent the Yankees to the World Series that year with his walk-off homer. I could hardly stand to go to sleep between games. Unfortunately The Yanks ran into the Big Red Machine that year. I remember being so crushced by that loss. But they had been in the Series. I was happy with that.

Then came 1977. That season started for me with so much excitement. Somehow I knew we were going to the Series again. I just felt it. I watched the magic of Graig Nettles and the heroics of Reggie that year. Reggie and his 3 homers on 3 pitches off 3 different pitchers. I was psyched.

In 1978 when the Yankees were so far behins in August I was sure we would come back. Guidry was 25-3 that year. I expected him to win every time he pitched. So when he pitched the one game play-off I felt confident. Then Bucky Dent buried the sux and we were back to the World Series.

I had an Algebra teacher that year who was a Yankee hater. My first experience with one of those. When the Yanks lost the first 2 games of the series, he bet me they wouldn't come back. He ate his words (and paid up too) when the boys won 4 straight and the World Series.

Watching the show I realize just how much Yankee history I have experienced. I remember crying when Thurman Munson was killed in 1979. That afternoon game after the funeral was televised and Bobby Mercer single handedly won it for them.

I was watching when the "George Brett pine tar incident" happened. I remember when Billy Martin removed Reggie from the game because he felt Reggie wasn't putting in enough effort. (Then Billy got fired again.) I watched as the Yanks went down in the Series against the Dodgers in 81. I thought for sure they would win that one since it was Los Angeles again. No such luck.

I remember watching Rickey Henderson run the bases in New York. That was great. There just wasn't a great team around Rickey or Dave Winfield. Too bad too. Rickey sure put a spark in a Baseball game. I watched both perfect games by David Cone and David Wells, saw both no hitters by Doc Gooden and Jim Abbott. I somehow missed the one by Righetti.

Naturally I got to see the Yankee resurgence of the 90's. I was crushed again by the loss to Seattle in 1995. I remember in 1996 wondering who the heck that new Shortstop was. I had heard rumors about Derek Jeter. Now look where that has gone. He is a true Yankee. I cheered hard in 1996 when the boys won. I died a little when they lost in 1997. I was in New York, at a Yankee bar, when the Indians knocked the Yankees out of the post season. Talk about a somber bunch when that game ended. I was there to try and get tickets but that didn't work out. The bar was fun though.

I knew 1998 was going to be special. After the ending in 97 I just knew the season would be great. It turned out to be the best season a Baseball team ever had. The best any team may ever have. That year was the best. I just knew every game the Yankees were going to win. I had that feeling every time they took the field. They won most. After the World Series sweep that year I managed to get autographed balls from Andy Pettite and David Cone in the off season. That 98 team was the best team ever. I really believe it was. They proved it for 2 more years after 98.

The mystique and aura of the Yankees always seemed to come out in the post season. The Ghosts took good care of the team. Those ghosts seem to have left us after the announcement of the new Stadium was made. I think the old Yankees are pissed about their home being abandoned. Personally, I think it sucks too. There can be no other explanation for the end of the 2004 season. Joe Morgan just said he believes the mystique will transfer next door to the new Stadium because of the fans. If the fans go along, so will the mystique and aura. I hope so but mostly I hope the ghosts forgive Steinbrenner and move in with the team. :P

Just walking into Yankee Stadium you know there is something very special. If you've never had the chance to see it, you really have missed something. If I had known the last time I was there that the Stadium was going to be lost to us, I would have brought more than just the memories back home. The first time I walked into The Stadium was awe inspiring. I was amazed by how things just opened up when you walked through the entryway and could see the field the first time. It was quite a sight. I was star-struck when I waled thru monument park and when I looked out on the firle where all the best of the best played Baseball. It's hard to describe. If you experienced it, you know what I'm trying to say. If you haven't, I'm sad for you.

The memories keep coming thanks to the ESPN specials. The Aaron Boone homerun is probably my favorite memory of all time. Playing the post season against the sux is hard. To play extra innings in game 7 was more than most people's nerves can bear. I was a wreck. When Boonie came up in the 11th I remember thinking "Good, he is a good hitter." One pitch later and I was stunned with the rest of the world. I stood as Aaron swung and found myself hopping up and down until the ball was officially called a home run. Then I was freaking out. All alone in my private basement with no one to share it with. That is a vivid memory for me.

I think game 4 & 5 of the 2001 World Series rank up there with that one. Those come back wins by miracles on both nights give me the same excitement. I don't know that there ever was a better 3 games played in a World Series than the ones the Yankees won that year.

Back to the show...... Wow, the ovation for Bernie Williams was amazing. We all love the Yankee great and Bernie has been away too long. Seeing Paul O'Neill and Tino back in uniform brought tears to my eyes. I sure miss David Cone, Bernie, Scotty Brosius, Paulie and those great guys. The biggest rounds of applause are for Bernie, Scott, Paulie and Tino. It is huge for Bernie. I guess I am not the only one who misses them.

If you can't understand all this sentiment, you arent a Yankee. I get it and so do the other Yankees around. To me, being a Yankee is not about being a fan. It's about being a part of something a bit above a Baseball team. Thats how I feel anyway. The truth is that there is The Yankees and there are 29 other teams trying to be like them. There are fair weather fans who can call themselves fans. I am not a fan. I am a Yankee. It's been in me since I first saw a Baseball game. I don't know why but that's just how it is. I'll borrow a quote from The Yankee Clipper, Joltin Joe DiMaggio to explain it to you. "I wanna thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee." I was made one too and I am happy with that. lol

I'm very sad that the Stadium is going away. The Stadium is the hallowed ground for Baseball. Even the haters respect what has happened there. It's more than a place to play. It's the center peice of Baseball history. It can not be replaced.

I like the quote from the first show I saw today. "There may be another Yankee Stadium..... but there will never be another House that Ruth built." The new Yankee Stadium just can't be the same, can it? Maybe in another 85 years someone else will be melancholy about the great moments in it as it is being closed. Let's hope so. But this one true original Yankee Stadium will be sorely missed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Really Don't Know What To Say.......

These are strange days indeed. What can you say about the 2008 underachieving Yankees? This will probably be the first time in 14 years we aren't playing October Baseball. I just can't imagine it. If/when it is reality I'll try to deal with it. Right now it's just not something my brain can wrap around.

Last night was disgusting. When you tie your hopes on Ponson you know things are bad. It's just sad, this season. It's tiring. We are not out of it yet but the team seems to play like they are out of it already.

And wtf are they doing with the ESPN telecasts showing the red sux winning the pennant and calling it one of the greatest moments in Yankee Stadium history? It's the last year for the greatest stadium in the history of baseball and they are showing moments from other teams. They showed several sux moments and called them great. There is something really wrong about that.

Last night made me feel really tired. If the Yanks don't get on a very serious tear we (Yankee) baseball fans will be having an apathetic playoff season.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What Would Joe D. Think?

The Yankees are playing like a scrub team. How can you make a run and get from 9 games back to just 3 games and then make a run the other way? We are 6.5 games back almost instantaneously.

Play baseball for shits sake.

Play like Yankees.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just one word... Pudge!

I have always been an Ivan Rodriguez fan. Now I have an even better reason to cheer him on.

I can't wait to see him in pinstripes.

The Yankees have made some nice deals lately. We have unloaded some dead *coughfarnsworth*cough weight too. I'm feeling it people. :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Can I Say?

All I have to say about last night is that every single time Kyle Farnsworth comes in to "pitch", I have that nasty sinking feeling in my gut. Then he validates that feeling. *sigh

LaTroy Hawkins gives me that same feeling.

The Yankees are consistent at least. Over the past decade they have wasted more time and money and ultimately games on pitchers that everyone in the Baseball world knows are useless. But they don't seem to get it. The list is getting large. Along with the 2 listed above we had gems like Sidney Ponson, Randy Johnson (who everyone knew would not be effective in the AL), Roger Clemens, Hideki Irabu, Jaret Wright (who was the worst decision they ever made), Tom Gordon. I'm probably missing some more.


The lack of relief pitching is going to hurt. I sure hope they have something special planned for before the trade deadline.

Monday, June 02, 2008


I have been away living at the Beach for a week. It has been sweet. 10 days away from work makes for a happy YB. :)

But now here I am back at work. There is nothing that fills a person full of dread like the last day of a great vacation. Knowing that you have to get to bed early and will be up early to get ready for work really screws up a nice day. Yesterday everything was discolored with a touch of grey.

Even the Yankees lost. But they are on a good streak and are not far from first place so I am still optimistic about the season. They have won 10 out of 13 and are now out of the basement. Truthfully the rest of the division isn’t all that impressive other than Tampa Bay. Who woulda thought that one? The Devil Rays remind me of the Oakland A’s from a few years ago. Their pitching is awesome. But unlike those A’s I don’t know that they have the offense to sustain the momentum. They are good though. At least the bums from Boston aren’t in first place. That’s a plus until the Yanks get back where they belong.

I had an interesting experience on my birthday. Yes, last Tuesday was my Birthday. Birthday at the Beach this year. Too cool! We went to a nice restaurant for dinner after being beach bums all day. When we arrived we were the only ones in the room. They seated us by the big picture window looking out over the water. Then another couple came in and during their conversation with the Hostess (whom they were related to) we learned that it was the guys Birthday too. We laughed about it and chatted back forth for a little while. I had only ever met one other person that had the same Birthday as me and it was kind of neat.

Then another couple was led into the room and seated near to us. There were only 4 tables along the big window and the whole room was empty so I wondered about it. Then the Hostess started laughing and told us she had to seat the new couple at the window because the woman was having her Birthday also. She said when that couple walked in she jokingly asked if it was one of their B-days and the woman told her it was hers. lol

So now we had 3 people celebrating a Birthday at the same place.

Then a younger couple came into the room with a small child. A cute little girl. They were seated nearby but not with us Birthday people. The Hostess told them about the 3 b-days and they thought it was hilarious. Then it happened again....

Another couple was led in and seated at the last window table. That woman was also celebrating her Birthday. Now we had 2 women and 2 guys all in a row having birthday dinners. We ended up seated boy-girl-boy-girl too. It was an odd occurrence. I have now met 4 people with the same birthday as mine. After all this time never having met more than the one person and now I know (of) 3 more. What are the odds? lol

Anyway, here I am once again, back to the grind. Not much to look forward to except seeing the Yanks on TV tonight. There is no Lottery drawing until tomorrow night so I don’t even have that to look forward to. But maybe by Wednesday I will be able to retire. There’s something to hope for. I’ll let you know. :P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breaking The Silence

Some time ago I decided that when/if I posted about the Yankees they would lose. It was one of those silly superstitions I developed from the Yanks actually losing after I would post about their exploits. lol Most Baseball people have silly superstitions galore. Its one of those odd things about being a Baseball person that comes with the territory.

So the past 2 months have taugh me a lesson. The Yankees lose plenty with or without my blogs influence. Now I have to face the truth.... I have absolutely no affect on the outcome of the games whatsoever. All I can do (as always is the case) is live and die (inside) when they play. So now I'm thinking this blog can be a Yankee blog once again, especially since I have no interest in blogging about anything else anyway. :P

So, this years Yankees...... Oy! The season started out rough but all during April I kept telling people that having a totally new Manager and coaching staff was the issue. The players aren't. I figured that the team would come around once they all got used to each other and then the Yanks would get on their usual roll. Well, we're all still waiting for that aren't we?

I really like Joe Girardi but so far I'm wondering if he isn't quite the motivator the team needs now. I have seen quite a few games this year and the basic team feel is odd. Kind of like they don't care. I thought that near the end of April and then I watched the Mets series and the team as a whole seems worse. Like they are just going through the motions.

As I watched the Yanks and Mets I was thinking that someone more like Willie Randolf would be a good Manager for the Yankees. Joe Girardi seems like a better fit for the Mets. Willie is a lot like Joe Torre and teh Mets need someone who handles that young group better. Wouldn't it be cool if 2 teams who think they have Manager issues could trade Managers for a month? Exchange Willie for Joe and see how things go. If things work better, then they could make a deal. That would be a sweet idea.

Not that I think Girardi won't turn the thing around. I still believe he will. The Yankees are too good a team to not turn things around. Plus the Yankee farm system has a lot of good youngsters that Joe G. will be a help to. But for now I think the team as a whole hasn't gotten behind the new management style yet. But thats just my feeling at the moment.

Being in last place and especially losing to the stinky old Orioles sucks. I sure hope they get it going soon.

It all will be a distant memory once the Yankees are back in first place where they belong anyway. I'm not too scared yet but I sure will feel better when they start playing like Yankees again. *sigh

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Most Disturbing TV Commercial Ever

I saw the most disturbing TV commercial this morning. Keep in mind I didn’t have sound on when I saw it so I wasn’t sure what was happening until the last seconds were showing.

It was a commercial for Charmin Bathroom Tissue where the 3 Bears theme was used. The Baby Bear came from behind a tree and had white things all over his butt. Mama Bear tried various ways to get the white things off his butt, including wiping with a towel and even using a vacuum. Nothing worked. Then they showed Baby Bear coming from behind the tree after using Charmin. (This is when the light bulb in my head went off.) He shook his butt showing no white things were stuck.

I realized then that this commercial was implying that we have toilet paper bits stuck on our butts all the time. Not just dingle berries, but used, sticky, gross toilet paper bits. Worse yet it implied that people were inspecting each others butts and (maybe) even removing those bits of used toilet paper.

Who do you know that has someone inspect their ass for left behind toilet paper? I don’t know anyone.

Then they showed a test where “another leading brand” and Charmin were wetted and drug along something and the other brand left bits behind. Typical BS thing you see in commercials. Charmin left no bits behind. I’m sold!

The coup de grace was the ending. Papa Bear came from behind the tree, complete with a newspaper under his arm, and shook his butt at Mama Bear and Baby Bear to show them he had no left over bits of used toilet paper stuck on his ass. That to me means Mama Bear must have been helping him out with the same problem.

I’m sorry. Maybe I’m over thinking this but no way is there anyone checking out someone else’s ass crack for toilet paper residue. Who would even consider doing that? What would make the Charmin people decide to put something like that in a commercial? Plus, I can’t imagine that being a great selling idea for poop paper. If a person has a problem with a dirty butt after going to the can, it’s probably not a toilet paper issue.

Maybe the ad people are truly out of good ideas.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Shopping With Lisa

YB: Hey, look over there.
L: Yes, Victoria’s Secret. I saw it.
YB: Well....???
L: I know, I model & you buy..... I remember.
YB: So? Finally going to give in?
L: No. Trust me, you don’t want me to model that stuff for you.
YB: Oh please. Every guy around would love for you to model for them. You know that.
L: No I don’t. Besides, we’re friends.
YB: Yes, but not forever.
L: What does that mean?
YB: Seriously? We’ve talked about this.
L: About us being a couple? Yeah, I remember. Probably will happen someday.
YB: Is that bad? lol
L: Nope. But it might be weird after all this time.
YB: Oh well, you know the truth Lisa. Someday we’ll just give up trying to find “the right one for us” and accept that we are the only people who can put up with us for long periods of time.
L: Yes, we are like mirrors of each other. It’s weird.
YB: You know it’s true.
L: I know but it’s still weird.
YB: So we’ll never stop wasting our time then?
L: Probably not. It’s our way.
YB: Yes, you are right. But still I think when we are about 85.....
L: 85?
YB: Yeah, we’ll be 85 and everyone we know will be dead.....
L: Nice.....
YB: ......then we’ll finally get together and be a couple.
L: Why so old?
YB: Because we never do things the easy way.
L: True. Well you better start working out now.
YB: Working out?
L: Yes. Even when I’m 85 I will be wanting good sex. You need to be ready.....
YB: Oh boy.....
L: .....when I am ready. You know I’m demanding.
YB: So I better start stocking up on Viagra?
L: No, no drugs. You better be ready because you want me.
YB: Hmmm..... at 85 that could be hard.....
L: It better be.
YB: LOL, you know what I mean. Hard to be ready on demand.
L: Yes, but at 85 I’ll still be me, ready when I’m ready.
YB: Yeah, probably. Will you wear Victoria’s Secret when you are 85?
L: Why would you want me to wear Victoria’s Secret then?
YB: Because some day I will get you to model for me. Even if it doesn’t happen until age 85 I’ll feel like I accomplished something.
L: OK, I get that. At 85 I will model for you.
YB: Good, then I promise you I will be hot and ready for you when you do.
L: How can you promise that?
YB: After 55 years waiting for it? Please!
L: LOL Good answer. But I will want it more than just the few times I wear Victoria’s Secret.
YB: Yes, that’s where Viagra comes in.
L: Maybe I will have to allow it sometimes.
YB: Yeah? Why the sudden change of heart?
L: I want the full treatment. You better be as good as I think you should be.
YB: Hmmm...... what the heck does that mean?
L: You are no secret to me. Remember some of the girls you were with are my friends.
YB: .....aanndd....
L: ...aanndd we all talk. Believe me, that is the truth about women.
YB: So you know my secrets then?
L: All of them.
YB: Not all.
L: All.
YB: Oh....
L: So you better work out and have Viagra. I have expectations.
YB: Oh.... just what have you and ‘the girls’ been talking about?
L: Everything.
YB: Everything?
L: Everything.
YB: Oh.... hmmm.....
L: What?
YB: Maybe we need to go to Victoria’s Secret now.
L: I told you not today.
YB: But think of it as an investment in your future.
L: Huh?
YB: I need more practice to keep up with your expectations. Model for me so I am inspired to go ‘practice’.
L: Ha ha. No.....
YB: Why not?
L: We’re not old enough. Talk to me when we are 85.
YB: *sigh

Friday, March 14, 2008

Todays Fabulous Menu Item

OK, here’s something to try. I just put Kosher Dill flavored potato chips on my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. It is pretty darn good.

Before you are all “Well that has to suck!” try it. Trust me; I am a semi-professional connoisseur of fine food.

Have I ever led you astray?

Friday, March 07, 2008

I Usually Don't Like These Touching Stories But.....

Sometimes these 'heartwarming' stories are a bit too sappy for me but this one is truly interesting...

In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University .
On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.

The elephant t seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully.

He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it. As carefully and as gently as he could, Peter worked the wood out with his hunting knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather curious look on its face, stared at him for several tense moments. Peter stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled. Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned, and walked away. Peter never forgot that elephant or the events of that day.

Twenty years later, Peter was walking through the Chicago Zoo with his teenaged son. As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of t he creatures turned and walked over to near where Peter and his son Cameron were standing. The large bull elephant stared at Peter, lifted its front foot off the ground, then put it down. The elephant did that several times then trumpeted loudly, all the while staring at the man.

Remembering the encounter in 1986, Peter couldn't help wondering if this was the same elephant. Peter summoned up his courage, climbed over the railing and made his way into the enclosure. He walked right up to the elephant and stared back in wonder. The elephant trumpeted again, wrapped its trunk around one of Peter legs and slammed his stupid ass against the railing, killing him instantly.

Probably wasn't the same elephant.

LOL Dumb ass.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quote Of The Day

"Well, he’s from Brooklyn. They read people quickly. They step on dead bodies the way we run over road kill." JG

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


This is my brain when left on its own....

.... I wonder if Hanna Montana would even exist if not for that nasty song “Achy Breaky Heart”. I think not. Daddy did that song and it made him popular. Then he got a TV role and off it went from there. Now his little girl is even bigger than he is/was. All because of that nasty song (and that big ass mullet he had for so long) lol What a song...

...(new thread)...

It reminds me of when that even worse song, “Elvira” was new. We had these neighbors in the apartment building beside us that thought that was the greatest song ever written. One night they were playing it super loud and over and over. After about 20-25 times in a row and the hour getting to be a little past midnight, I remember sitting my big speakers up in the window, aimed right at their open window, and playing as loud as I could “Hush” by Deep Purple. My stereo was the shit back then so I easily blew theirs away. They got the hint and got quiet. lol

...(new thread)...

What is really funny about it is that I never realized the irony of the song I chose to blast them with. A song called “Hush” to try and get them to be quiet? Ha ha! 25 years later and I just realized that. Duh!

...(new thread)...

But Deep Purple was a good band. I don’t think the version of Hush I have (on 45 rpm record lol) featured David Coverdale but I did see him when he was singing for Whitesnake. Back in the 80’s I saw Whitesnake and Great White opened for them. That was an awesome concert.

...(new thread)...

But the best concert I ever saw was when I went to see B.B. King in the little tiny MD Theatre. B. B. King’s band was amazing and so was he. I am glad I got to see him. Musicians like that are a rare breed. They don’t make them like that anymore.

...(new thread)...

I’ve noticed that a lot of people talk about “The good old days”. But back in those “good old days” they were talking about “The good old days”. I mean, the people I have known for a while are the same ones using that term no matter what time period. So to them I say the good old days must never end, right?

...(new thread)...

“But the good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow isn’t as bad as it seems…..” Hmmm, Billy Joel. More music. My mind is feeling music today. Must be a music kind of day in my head.

...(new thread)...

My mind wanders so much anymore. I had a meeting this morning with a guy this morning and every 5 minutes I found myself thinking about almost anything but the subject at hand. He talks so much he didn’t even notice. He’s one of those that talk and talk and about 1/5th of everything is relevant to the subject at hand. It was tiring. But in my mind, a lot of the meeting was good since I wasn’t really even there. :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Song, New Day

Today I woke up with the song "Southern Cross" by CSN in my head. Don't ask. I don't know why. Just like the Springsteen song from Friday, I haven't heard it for years. But unlike that Friday song, this one left me in a very mellow mood. Kind of appropriate for a Monday morning.

Good thing too because I was sure I would come in and delete my blogs today. I am really burnt out. But at this moment in time, I don't feel like it.

BTW, can someone tell me how to delete that Myspace thing? I do want that one to be gone but I can't seem to figure it out.

There was no traffic this morning at all. Schools are out this week plus its a government holiday today. I wish it was like that all the time. As I drove by the local high school and saw that it was deserted, it made me contemplative. I looked at the deserted parking lot and the empty bus ramps. I looked at the dark windows and had this thought; "Gee, I'll bet it is a germ fest inside that place." It gave me a chill thinking that. LOL

The weekend was sweet. Not much to write about (as usual). Just that it was freakin cold! Geez, it was 8 degrees at our house. No going outside for me, I promise you. My Lisa kept chatting with me yesterday about calling in today. She was in the mood for a day off. Now I see she isn't here. Lucky girl. But I'm glad I didn't skip out today. I'll do that on a regular traffic day to add some extra satisfaction to my lazy day off.

Thats about it. Not much interesting happening here. Sorry to bore you all with the blah-blah-bliggety-blah but thats all I gots this mornin. Jersey Girl is due any second so maybe soon I'll have something amusing to tell.

Until then.............

Friday, January 18, 2008

Springsteen O'Clock

I woke up with a Bruce Springsteen song in my head this morning. Darlington County is the song. I have no idea why it was in my head when I woke up. I'm just lucky something was in there I guess. LOL

Anyway, I kept singing that song all morning and it kept reminding me of back in the day when it was new. The "Born in the USA" album was one I wore out back then. I was driving my 1963 Chevy SS, had a steady woman and 2 other girlfriends for fun. Always out and about, having a kick-ass time of it. So naturally singing that old song has put me in a great mood this morning.

Its funny how something like that, just an old song, can trigger not just memories but the feelings that went along with that old song. I suppose it would be the same if you have an old song that you cried to after a bad life incident too. But I don't know any of those right now. Right now I'm feeling like cruising with one of the girls, playing loud music on the way to our favorite parking spot, feeling totally carefree. But of course that feeling will fade fast since in reality I am now at work and the day will wipe that all away. So I'm sitting and enjoying the feel for just a little while longer.

I was chatting online last night with a friend who was telling me how she is really enjoying being "over 40". She said she once thought it would be the end of the world but now she is so happy she got through her 20's (especially) and her 30's and would never want to go back. I smiled because I can see that. But I'd like to have another shot at those years just to avoid the dumb-ass stuff. (I'd also like to redlive a few moments.)

She is an interesting lady. She does between 30-40 TV commercials yearly. Manages to get into them because she sells TV ads for a living. In her neck of the woods, she is becoming a minor celebrity. Kind of a neat thing to be doing.

So today should be a fun one. I had planned on having lunch with my guitar student. Hopefully she is still able to go. Thats always something fun to look forward to. Also, Lindsey will be here sometime today. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Plus, I have only one 30 minute meeting scheduled today. That is a huge bonus!

This day has all the makings of a pretty darn good one. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday

It was a quiet weekend. For me anyway. Nicci had her son this weekend and for her, those weekends are anything but quiet. Nor restful. You would think the teenage years would be an improvement but they really aren't. It's all just a different set of stresses.

Now Nicci is feeling bad. nausea and all that. On top of not having much of a weekend now she is sick. I feel bad for her.

Tell me again what it is people get out of having kids? I have yet to see any kind of happy advantage to it.

So I spent a lot of time alone this weekend. We all know I do not mind that at all. Got to see the Football Playoffs. Only the Colts losing surprised me. The other games I kind of expected. Especially the Dallas game. I had a feeling they wouldn't make it and they didn't.

I noticed something this weekend. Yawning is not only very contagious it is one of those little 'feel good' things too. I think it feels good to get out a good yawn. We tend to take the little things like that for granted. I don't mind seeing someone yawn because I fully expect to have one of my own shortly after. (I'm not real happy to see someone yawn without covering their yaps though.) It feel kinda nice somehow. :P

It's the same with letting out a good burp. Sometimes that is such a relief. Releasing a loud belch can be very satisfying. Farting can be a good thing too but I am pretty happy that farting isn't contagious like yawning.

Apparently my weekend was full of these things? If so, I don't remember it. I just remember thinking about it. lol

Not too much to talk about this morning. Like always. Hope everyone's weekend was great. Happy Monday. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Morning Coffee With Jersey Girl

JG: Did you see the visitor this morning?
YB: Yes, she’s a hottie.
JG: She’s tall.
YB: I think tall women are sexy.
JG: Tall women?
YB: Yeah, they are sexy.
JG: What, like in general or just a few specific tall women?
YB: Just tall women.
JG: Oh, like Julie Strain..... “6’1” and worth the climb”? lol
YB: Yeah, that’s a good example.
JG: But what about short women? You don’t think they are sexy?
YB: Oh yes, they are very sexy too.
JG: So you like short women and tall women.
YB: Yes.
JG: What about the medium height women?
YB: Very sexy also.
JG: So short, tall and anything in between......
YB: Sexy, sexy, sexy.....
JG: OK, height doesn’t matter then?
YB: Not to me.
JG: What about hair?
YB: I love red hair!
JG: Just red hair?
YB: No, blond is hot too.
JG: Brunettes?
YB: Very hot.
JG: Ooookay..... so height doesn’t matter nor does hair color?
YB: Nope, not to me. *smile
JG: Well, I am happy I fit in there somewhere.
YB: You know you do. You are a very attractive woman.
JG: Not sexy?
YB: Oh yes, very sexy. You know that.
JG: Yes, I know. I just wanted you to say it.
YB: Sheesh
JG: So getting back to it..... you think all women are sexy?
YB: Nope. Not the unsexy ones.
JG: Uhmmm, which are unsexy?
YB: Well, theres the preg--
JG: ---Yes, the pregnant ones. We all know how you feel about that.
JG: What about weight? Heavy women?
YB: They can be sexy too.
JG: Really? Skinny women?
YB: Definitely!
JG: So weight doesn’t matter?
YB: Sometimes it does. I believe all women have the chance to be sexy in some way.
JG: Sexual orientation?
YB: Lesbians are hott!
JG: Hmmm..... that is true.
JG: *sigh OK..... Let’s try this in another way..... Which women are not sexy?
YB: *thinking....
JG: ....Well?
YB: The dead ones.
JG: Oy! I should hope so!
YB: Well, I have to draw the line somewhere.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Engineer returning from a recent business trip:

"Going to Montreal was a nightmare. Everything was French. The road signs, the menus, the people all spoke French. I didn't have a clue. I was never so happy to get back to the good old USA and hear some Spanish."

Not Sure What To Call This Post

This week is flying by. No, that’s not a complaint. Just an observation. It’s been kinda fun too.

We have this new Process Engineer at work who has been entertaining. In a sense that he seems to know very little about Engineering. He set up 2 visits this week to go and look at equipment. Stuff that should have been relevant to our current equipment replacement projects. Both times the visits were pretty much a waste of time. Neither trip had much focus on what we were looking to do. Especially the second one. That vendor didn’t even have a machine to show us. It was just a tour of a place that had some equipment in it, unused so far, that wasn’t anywhere near to what we do. The Tech. that went along and I kept looking for something that pertained to what we thought we were there to see. Then suddenly the visit was over. So we shrugged our shoulders and went back to work.

You know how sometimes you can talk to someone and just know what they do for a living? Like, when you talk with a Baker you can tell by what they say that they know what they are talking about? That’s the way I am with Engineers and Maintenance people in general. This new guy in no way talks like an Engineer. You would never know what he was employed to do.

Winter time sure is a quiet time. There really isn’t much to do at all. Plus, it’s dark when we leave for work and its dark when we get home. Nicci and I have already started to get bored with the routines. We both hate the cold and being cooped up. Cabin fever will come even earlier this year. I think we need to find some kind of outside activity before we get too nuts about it.

I went for a haircut recently and while I was there I noticed a really old lady getting her hair done. The young girl was just clipping away and messing with her hair. But the woman had some really yucky hair. Plus she was there to get an ‘old-lady-doo’. You know the way old ladies just get trims and curly perms and all that. They get really short cuts. I guess women get tired of messing with their hair eventually? I don’t know. Anyway, I started wondering if hair stylists get bummed out when a person comes in with really bad hair or with requests to do boring, ugly things. That young girl working with that ugly haired old lady sure hid it well if that is the case.

I bet when someone (like Nicci) comes in, with super nice, beautiful hair, they get all excited. It’s probably like an artist with a blank canvas and nothing but time and ideas to cover it.

Guys like me are an easy money fix for them. I’m in and out in about 10 minutes. lol But old-lady-doos can’t be much fun for a hair stylist. They probably get really disappointed with clients like that. It’s kinda like what I think a Gynecologist feels when a 500 pounder shows up for a check-up. Well, maybe that’s a worse thing.

So today will be another quiet one. Just the usual routines. The usual “Oh-shits!” Nothing much more to chat about. At least the coffee is good………………

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bi-Monthly Posting

Welcome to my bi-monthly post. LOL

I have no intention of posting bi-monthly. I just haven't felt like it at all lately. When I get the urge I get distracted and suddenly it just isn't very important anymore.

So, updates.... OK, Christmas was great. Nicci and I stuck to what we said and did not participate in any gift exchanges. Not with each other and not with family. She did get her son a few things but there were no surprises. He asked for specific things and she got them. This is the first time we have said we would skip exchanging gifts and we actually did it. It was nice.

Christmas isn't about exchanging gifts and all that crap anyway. I have never liked that part of it (after being a kid of course).

We also managed to not visit the family over the holidays. Neither of us wanted to see my mother. Nor did we want to hang out with my Aunt & Uncle's loser family members. So we called in sick. No kidding. It was just like calling in to work. We called and told my Aunt that Nicci was sick and we skipped the family thing on Christmas altogether. We made ourselves an awesome Filet Mignon dinner and hung out together. Filets, good wine, fire in the fireplace, nice music..... what else do you need? Nothing.

New Years was the same. We had offers to go places but all of them involved us sleeping over. Neither of us will drive on New Year's Eve. But neither of us likes to sleep over at friends homes either. That stuff was fun (and usually mandatory) 20 years ago. I'm not into it anymore. So we stayed home and had a nice time together.

I feel like I haven't had a days work in weeks. The week between Christmas and New Year was so quiet at work. I like being here during that time. I get so much accomplished since no one was here bugging me. I finished everything I was behind on and managed half days the whole time. It was like being on vacation anyway. Nice.

Since then things are just cool and calm. Not much else going on. I spent a lot of time with Lisa over the past several weeks. I managed to hang with Lindsey twice too. Bonus. The Patriots kicked butt this year. The Yanks are dealing. I guess I'll have to learn to live with ARod for a while. Hopefully he continues to be great and doesn't choke in the post season this year. Thats about it.

I have been lax with emails and blogging. I'm not sure if it will get better or worse. I suppose time will tell. Hopefully no one is offended much. I do read blogs a lot. I just do not feel like much of anything else.

So thats my update. I hope to be back again later today or early tomorrow. If not, remember, I'm keeping an eye on you anyway.

Yes, that was meant for you.

You know who you are..........