Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Coffee In A Styrofoam Cup

I tried coffee in a styrofoam cup this morning. I don't know why. Other than curiousity. I have this way cool Yankees coffee mug (naturally) at work that I got in New York and I always have my coffee in it. But today I tried styrofoam.

It was lame.

Live and learn.

Last night wasn't any big deal. No more sucky relationship talk. I was glad. It was business as usual again. Thats the way Nicci is. Sorry to disappoint all the drama story addicts out there but we are lame in that area too.

Lots of lame stuff this morning.

I did notice something odd though. I found myself watching and listening to Nicci more than usual last night and this morning. I listen to her accent more intently. I watch how she does things and her mannerisms. I listen to the inflection of her voice. When I noticed I was doing it it made me laugh. There is no reason for the scrutiny but it has happened. It was not intentional. I don't know why it happened. We are going out tonight so we'll see if it continues.

The Yankees hired Joe Girardi as their new Manager. I'm surprised at all the bummed Yankee fans out there who wanted Don Mattingly to get the job. Donnie was the popular choice for sure but when it comes to business you make the choice based on who will do the job best. Joe has good experience and did a kick-ass job in Florida with a sucky team. He has much better creds than Don so how come people can't realize it? It's about winning games. Nothing more.

ARod is leaving the Yankees too. That makes me happy. He is a great player, no doubt. But no team that has ARod on it will ever win a championship. I see that as the truth. You heard it here folks. When he retires without a championship ring you can remember how I told the truth years before. lol

Not much to talk about today I guess. I went through the blogroll I have here to see if anyone was still blogging. All of them are. That was weird. No one ever stops by here anymore and I never stop by there either. I think I'll take away the links that I never use anymore. That will cut it down to just a few. Blogger sure isn't what it once was.

Blogger is like coffee in a styrofoam cup now. Lame.

OK, enough lame talk. Lots to do today. See ya!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Need Frasier

Nicci and I had one of our “discussions” again last night. The discussions about how we suck as a couple. Mostly it was me listening while she ranked all the bad stuff. It sucked. But it was mostly truth.

We really do suck as a couple. There is no doubt about it. There have never been two more opposite people in a relationship than Nicci and I. The fact that we both hate relationships in general does not help a bit. So no matter how you slice it, we shouldn’t be together. It’s a miracle how we have made it this far. Amazing really.

If you’ve ever had one of those discussions you know how draining it is. It leaves you feeling wrung-out all the next day. Worn down and totally blah. Sometimes it lasts more than a day. Today has been hard. Tonight will be hard too since we have now been honest about the latest frustrations between us and the latest list of shortcomings has been aired. I’m not looking forward to it.

Soon I think there will be no more passes. No more ‘wait and sees’, no more ‘another day’. Soon I think we will have to just quit postponing things and make a decision. Either it goes on and we try to make it better or we just break it permanently. Truthfully, I don’t know which way I feel would be best. I’m no quitter. Quitting gets to me. But is it quitting if it just isn’t right? Is it possible that it is right and we just suck at seeing that it is? Are we just prolonging the inevitable? All good questions. No good answers.

Where is Frasier when you need him? Sheesh.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Noisy Crickets

You know it will be an interesting day when you walk into you office first thing and find that it has been invaded by large, noisy crickets. Thats what I found today. Big ass crickets who all must belong to the cricket choir or something. It took some doing but I managed to round them all up and deliver them where they really belong. I dumped them into the Maintenance offices. Nice of me eh? I have an advantage in being at work earlier than most other people. lol

Thats what they get for not taking care of the pest problems here.

Lisa called me to chat again this morning. She comes in even earlier than I do and lately she calls me and we get the day started together. I never mind chatting with her on the phone. Thats unusual for me too. I'm not a phone talker. As a general rule, I absolutely can't stand talking for long periods of time on the phone. There are a few exceptions to that rule, as there usually is with rules, but for the most part, thats the deal with me. I never even answer the phone at home. Unless Nicci is asleep or something which would mean someone is calling late and has made a big mistake. Calling me is bad but calling late is really bad. It's an instant abuse on the way.

I wonder what makes a person like that? I wasn't like that in my teen years. I guess no teen is like that though. But it came over me pretty fast in life after the teens. These days I can think of just a handful of people I don't mind phone conversations with.

Another YB quirk exposed.

Yesterday sucked a bit. As usual, I had a decent day planned but the machine we were running had different ideas. A process that should have taken maybe 2 hours ended up being all day. I never took a break yesterday. None. By 4:00, when we were finally done, I realized that I was a bit hungry. Funny how being focused on issues make you forget about everything else around you.

Lindsey came to see me yesterday. She left for Texas afterward. Its always great to see her again. She's such a teaser. But I like that so it don't think I was complaining. lol

Did anyone else catch that new FOX show that mimics American Idol? The one that has bands instead of single singers? I saw part of it last week. I wonder if it will catch on like AI did? It actually had some good talent showcased. It also didn't have too many losers showcased. I wonder if they did that on purpose? Maybe people are tired of that from the original AI. Who knows? I think I'll try to see it again tonight to see if it will be worth following. I love seeing bands far more than individual singers anyway.

Not too much to talk about today. Guess I should get ready for my 8:10 meeting. Yes, someone actually scheduled a meeting to start at 8:10. My guess is they needed time for the coffee to brew. ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Brady Bunch

Have you ever thought about the Brady Bunch and wondered where Carol & Mike's ex's were? How come they never had visitation or child support issues? How come Carol & Mike never bitched at each other about their ex being an ass or whatever? If you really think about it, it is a weird scene.

I think I have finally figured out the Brady Bunch. For real. Think about this, they got together so easily and never had an ex interfere. There were 6 kids involved for crying out loud. It is obvious. The truth is they were already having an affair and to get together permanently they killed off their ex spouses (who were probably not ex's when they killed them) and lived happily ever after. They both got insurance money and thats how they could afford the big house and the good living even with 6 kids. That has to be the answer.

The true way they got together is the reason they had all those issues behind the scenes too. Marcia and Jan fooling around. Marcia and Greg fooling around. Greg and Carol fooling around. Mike being in the closet. If all the truths ever come out I'm betting on a full blown incestuous orgy happening. You don't get that kind of dysfunctional family without some skeletons in the closet. They definitely killed off their ex's to get together and get on TV. Yep.

If Jerry Springer were around back then they would have been outed for sure.

I had to post this pic today. No choice in the matter.

What? I can't help myself where Roselyn is concerned. ;)

So the day should be a fun one. Lisa and I got huggy this morning. Tammie and I did too. It's a good day when pretty girls hug you just because they feel like it. Kinda makes the day start properly.

Now I need a hug from Roselyn. That would make for a good year.

I'm having a real hard time getting up for the World Series this year. I should be really pulling for the Rockies since I hate the sux so much. Yes, hate is a strong word but when it comes to the sux, it's not strong enough. But still, I can't find it in me to care this year. For me, Football season started in early October. Usually it doesn't start (in my mind) until the series is over.

I'm getting the impression these days that nothing is sacred. I read a story (here) about the many different groups who are now protesting Halloween. Excerpts: "Fundamentalist Christians warn the celebration promotes devil worship. Prudes and feminists say the costumes have gotten too risqué. Civil-rights groups complain that too many Halloween ghosts resemble lynching victims"

"In New Jersey this week, Cheryl and David Maines faced angry protests and death threats until they took down a holiday display that had adorned their house in Madison without complaint for the past seven years. The decorations included a ghost on a rope, which someone apparently saw as a metaphor for lynching." Uhmmm, excuse me, death threats for this display kinda sound like a form or lynching. I guess that part of Jersey is populated by idiots?

"In Chicopee, Mass., Kelly Lynch, who says she is a witch, is demanding that her East Street neighbor take down his Halloween display. It included a hanging witch. If he doesn't, Lynch demanded, he should be arrested for a hate crime." A hate crime? The witches portrayed during Halloween hopefully never existed and if they do, they should be lynched. (Oops! Guess I can't move to Jersey with that attitude.)

What is wrong with the world when the stupid asses get more attention and more validation than the normal, sane people. Pay attention here, Halloween is a time for kids to get dressed up in ridiculous costumes and get loads of free candy and pig out. The one time of year they are supposed to do that. It is nothing more than that. The ones who think they see something else are looking for things they probably are guilty of wanting to do or see in the first place. Leave things alone dorks or leave the planet.

Ok, enough ranting. Lets talk about something more fun, like.........

Whew! I feel much better now.

OK, I started this post early this morning. I think it's time to give up. Until next time then.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Week In Review

It has been a while since I had the chance (or felt good enough) to post. I know it's supposed to be "The Week in Review" but I honestly can't remember stuff from 2 weeks ago so I'll do my best with the week-ish that I can remember.

- We got the news at work on Friday (the 12th) that the psycho boss was no longer involved with our group in any way. There is no way to describe the mini party that ensued with the whole department. I knew it would be a great weekend.

- Saturday we had a mountain pie party. Had some of our best friends over for drinks and food. If you have never made a mountain pie, you are missing out. It's simply two bread sized metal plates that are connected with a hinge. They are on very long handles. You butter some bread and place one slice on each side and fill the middle with whatever topping you want. Then you close the plates together and put the whole thing in the fire. The edges of the bread seal up and the whole thing cooks and once it's done you have a mountain pie. We filled them with everything from pie fillings to burger stuff to pizza toppings. We cooked them in our fire pit outside. It was a great night.

- Sunday.......... uhmmmmm....... must have been quiet. I don't remember anything.

- Monday we got the official announcement of who was now our 'big boss'. Another celebration for that. We scored big in this personnel change this time. Later I had lunch plans with Lisa. We headed out to the sushi buffet. About an hour before leaving work I started feeling rough. On the way there I started wondering if I should have skipped it. But it was Lisa and it was the sushi buffet so hey, had to keep on going. We had lunch and a good time but once I was back at work things went south fast. I ended up puking twice before the end of the day. That evening I got a fever and chills and a sick stomach and all that crap. It sucked!

- Tuesday the fever persisted. But the schedule would not allow me to be off. We were doing the first big, expensive fill in the new area. The reason I was hired here 1.5 years ago. I was not missing it. So I trudged through the day and we managed to get the fill done and into the lyo. I really don't remember much of the details. I know that they took me to the sick room afterward and found that my fever was 103. That night was terrible. But I did realize one thing; I really think having the chills is fun. I like my teeth chattering too. Maybe thats weird but it was a fun thing to walk around with my teeth chattering. :P

- Wednesday I was still very ill. I was wishing for a day off but there just was no way. Came in and got things done but the 102 fever would not break. I don't remember many details here either. What I do remember was how all the joints in my body burned all the time. Even Advil stopped working for that part.

- Thursday I woke up feeling a little better. It made me happy. But by the midmorning I was feeling run down and sick again. I even ended up watching the production from the windows instead of participating. I don't ever remember feeling so wrung out before. Then the inevitable happened; I had to go inside the core for a problem. I ended up inside for 3 hours. That did not help me out. The evening sucked again. The fever returned and I just couldn't sleep for all the joint pains.

-Friday I woke up feeling even better than the day before. I planned on taking it easy to try and kick the illness. I had no choice as I was to find out. After everything else I went through I now had diarrhea. The fever was not as bad but that sure wasn't a help. lol

Nicci called me upset a bit. Her car (the stinky Scion) apparently needed tires because it was sliding around curves in the rain. Nice. $1000.00 for tires on a car I hated even before she bought it. I felt the beginnings of a plan.........

Joe Torre blew off the Yankees. I was so sad about that. But they screwed him badly. They offered him a contract they knew he wouldn't take. A cut in pay and incentives for getting through the playoffs next year. Essentially saying in public that the loss this year was all his fault. The Yankees need to wake the fuck up. No one in the history of Baseball has done what Joe has. They were in the post season all 12 years he was Manager. Won their division title 10 times. Got to the World Series 6 times, half the time he was there. They won the Series 4 times. There will not be a record like his again. Stupid asses. These are the same geniuses that went for and wasted lots of time and money on Clemens and Jaret Wright and Pavano and and Randy Johnson. I'm thinking something is really wrong with the Yanks front office these days.

- Saturday was better. I still felt tired as hell but it was obvious I was getting better. Nicci was the best through all this stuff too. The best! Nicci mentioned how we had planned on going for prices on tires that morning so I mentioned how I thought maybe we should take the opportunity to look at replacing the car. She just laughed but then saw I was serious. I told her we needed to get rid of that stupid ass toyota thing because I didn't want to put a thousand bucks into it. So then she got excited. To make the looooong story short, we had a BMW by the end of the day. Turns out she really hated that scion too but was trying to save face by sticking with it. She had missed her BMW since she traded it in on the thing. So now we are back to normal here. It is true, once you have a Beamer you won't like anything else.

Tell me now, how many other people do you know who go to buy new tires and get a car to go with them? lol

- Sunday I was still recovering from the sickies of the week. I did nothing. I tried to post something (again) but I just couldn't. Whatever had me made it so that the computer screen really bugged my eyes. I logged on to WoW several times during the week and it immediately made my head swim. Sunday was better but I still had to skip it. Rest and Football was my Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday was much better. Still some lingering effects from the illness but nothing really bad. I did manage to lose almost 7 pounds last week. Thats a bonus. But I do not recommend the diet I tried out. Trust me, call Jenny Craig before trying what I had. lol

So that gets me caught up (I think). I'm sure some interesting things have been missed since my blogging was interrupted. But if so, I don't remember anyway.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fevered Post

Anyone who saw the post from last night..... just ignore it. No one with a 102.5 fever should post on a blog.

I will be back soon.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Superstitions Never Work Anyway

The Baseball Season ended last night. I'm still feeling numb from it all. I just can't see how the Yankees could go out with such a flutter. One would hope that they would have put up a fight but to me, they didn't.

I stopped posting about the games early in the year due to my silly Baseball induced superstitions. It seemed like when I wrote about a game they would lose the next one. So I stopped and they proceeded to have the best record in Baseball the second half and almost win the division. But in the end, as all superstitions end up, they were useless to help the Yanks come through.

Yes I know. Superstitions are dorky and silly. No doubt.

So its now 18 weeks of frustration and boredom until the Yanks take the field again. Yes, I know. To some, it's just Baseball. But only a part-timer or a bandwagoner could believe that statement has any validity to a true Yankee.

As Karen so aptly posted it this morning, "Yes, it's my choice how much emotion I put into following something trivial like a sports team, but goddamn it, it's real, it's heartfelt and it fucking sucks when this bizarro extended family of men you've never met gets taken away from you for half a fucking year."

I can't say it better.

So I'm off work today to finally get a stupid garage door installed. I never considered that I would be taking down the Yankee flag from its rightful place on the pole out front this soon. With the season ending it has to come down now. Sad.

At least I have a full day alone to get over the latest let down. As for the superstions that make me do silly things.... I think I have learned my lesson and can put them aside now. (Knock on wood.) ;)

Friday, October 05, 2007

I Like Sluts

I was talking with someone yesterday who called someone a "slut". She apparently didn't like the woman she was referring to. Then shortly thereafter she started talking about her sex life and how wild she had been in her younger years and how she missed it and....yada, yada, yada..... That's when I started laughing. When she asked why I was laughing I asked her if she considered herslef a slut back in the "fun years" since she had just called someone else a slut. She didn't like it too much.

Which amused me even more.

Maybe I don't know exactly what the term "Slut" means. Perhaps i have a view of it that isn't quite right. Anyone want to correct me here? But to me, calling someone something and then bragging about being the same way is pretty stupid.

People really can suck sometimes.

Personally, I like sluts. At least the way I understand the word. If someone likes sex and isn't too inhibited, they are my friend. :)

I don't get the whole chastity is good thing. I don't believe that people really can ignore their sex drives. We all like sex. Everyone does. It's the ones who get all morally superior about it that cause the troubles. The ones who pretend that sex is a taboo and all that. Look at the Preachers of the world. Especially the Catholics. (Are they Priests?) They pretend to be married only to God but then they boink little boys. They lie too. Because boinking little boys is still sex.

Maybe their definition of sex is like Clinton's. If it isn't intercourse with a woman it isn't sex. Thank you Mr. President Role Model Guy. lol

So from now on when people mention sluts to me I will be the first to pipe up and tell them they are talking about my people. That they are talking about me. Oh yeah, I already do that.

OK, moving on..........

I don't get how people can live with a kid in the house full time. Nicci's boy is staying with us this week and although he isn't a problem at all, it feels so restrictive to me. I feel claustrophobic. I can not imagine having a kid in the house all the time. I'd be freaking out. What is really odd about my reaction is that he is 17. He has his own schedule,. I hardly ever see him anyway. It's all me and my psyche. I want to say I admire people who can live like that but I'm not sure I do. In a way, I just wonder why.

I made a microwave cake this morning. Anyone else ever try one of those? Its a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Cinnamon Swirl cake. 1 minute and 10 seconds in the wave and you are treated to Betty's yummy good cake for breakfast. I wonder if old Betty ever imagined her cakes only taking 1 minute and 10 seconds to bake? They are small, one person things too. Very good. So try one and quit scoffing as you read this. It was yummy.

Yesterday, the boss from hell was making more peoples lives miserable again. One of the engineers pulled me aside and told more insanity he was committing. He has this method of deciding something with one group and then later going back on that decision with another group. Not just going back on it but freaking out about it. I am convinced of 2 things now. 1, that he was sent here from a competitor to wreak havoc with this company. 2, that he is mentally unstable. It's like he has the worst case of ADD and spastic-ness (some word, eh?) ever. Secretly I am hoping he is one of those people who have that spontaneous internal combustion thing happen and I get to see it. I think it would make my year.

Is that wrong?

OK, lots of other things to talk about but I am out of time. Be back later. Till then, Peace out! LOL

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Suckage Issues

I have a question. What does "peace-out" mean? Where did it come from? OK, thats 2 questions. But I am wondering about it. I remember it was the hippies who started all that. Always flashing the peace sign and saying "Peace!" or "Peace, dude." Whatever. But where did the out part come from?

For someone like me...... who thinks about things way too much...... that could mean maybe that peace was 'out' and war was 'in'. Maybe people should think about those things before trying to make something sound more cool.

I just thought of something else...... where did "making out" come from? Thats another one that does not make sense. Yes, it's fun... but where do these terms come from?

We had one of those girl moments here yesterday and the tension was kinda high. What I mean by 'girl moments' is simply that our department consists of about 15 women and 2 guys. Yes, I love that ratio but the result of all those women wortking together all the time can be volatile. Even the women joke about how hard it is to work with basicall all women. But yesterday there was one of those things that we don't avoid. One of those "She said/ she said" things. It secretly amuses me but when it's happening the whole area is disrupted for hours. Plus the emotional spillover sticks for days (usually).

So today will be another busy one. With that hanging over us it could even be interesting.

In never did leave here early yesterday. That bummed me out. But I played counselor for a couple hours which kept me from leaving. I may manage an early day tomorrow. We'll see.

I heard a new song by Springsteen yesterday. I think he has a new album coming out. If so and the song I heard was from it, I'm worried. The first listen wasn't really impressive. But the classics are like that sometimes, aren't they? They change and 'grow' musically and then begin to suck. There are many examples. One of my favorite bands ever, Aerosmith, became a cry-baby, ballad band. Sheryl Crow totally lost me after the 3rd album. (And her newest stuff was loved more by critics!) There are many examples of musicians starting to suck and not noticing that they should have quit before suckage caught up to them. It's sad really.

Yeah yeah.... I know all about how life experiences and relationships and the world changes a person. Probably some kind of love thing made Steven Tyler 'feel' those cry-baby tunes and record them. But that is no excuse for going limp and lame. I have issues with good musicians who start to do things that sound forced and uninspired. Even if some lovey-dovey thing has actually inspired them, it still comes across as sucking. They are "sucking out".

Is there a term "sucking out"? LOL

I know there are some musicians who don't change too much too. I get that. There are just not as many who stay consistent. So I am wondering if Springsteen has gone soft also. He's all 'married with children' now so I bet he has a suckage thing going too. It would not be a fun thing to see.

Ok, time to go. Jersey Girl is due for our morning coffee meeting. Enough blog suckage for one morning, OK? lol

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Worthless Post

I went into Starbuck's this morning and immediately noticed that the whole food thing there was empty. There were just a few items left over from yesterday. I laughed and asked the Barristas if they had a run of very hungry people this morning. They said no it was just that the delivery was very late. (At least we know they really do get things fresh every morning.)

Then the girl behind the counter mentioned how a woman had been in earlier and was complaining about how fattening the coffee and food was there. Complaining and buying a Latte and one of the cakes they did have. I asked if she was joking or what and the girl said, "Nope. She was very serious about it."

Doesn't shit like that really piss you off? If she has a problem with the place, stay the f$%# out of it. It's retards like that who are screwing up all the good places like the way they have screwed up McDonald's. I hope that dumb bitch reads this (by some miracle) and now she knows what an ass I think she is. "Stay the hell home for coffee you anus."

Thats all I have to say about that.

For now. lol

OK, that was fun. What else???

I have been a real dork at work lately. I can't get over the screw job the dickless wonder from hell (that new big cheese guy I have mentioned) gives to everybody here. When I get another job I'm even gonna post his name on both blogs so someone somewhere will remember it and never hire him in their place. Is that considered slander? Probably not since everyone out there can insult the President and get away with it.

I think I'm going to blow off half the day today. Just because.

I think I'm also gonna have a PB&J for breakfast. Good for the soul.

Now there are a few fun facts that I am sure helped whoever read them get through their morning. You're welcome. :)

You know what else sucks? This whole delayed start to the playoffs. I was really jonesing for a Baseball game last night and none were on. That sucks. Talk about withdraw.

I am full or worthless fun this morning. I even blew off a morning meeting to write this stuff down. Oh, yeah, that was a good thing. Not worthless. Silly me. :P

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mick Jagger Rocks

I met Mick Jagger yesterday. It wasn't all that.

I went to Quiznos to get lunch for Nicci and I and when I pulled into the parking lot what appeared to be Mick Jagger pulled into the space in front of me. At first I thought, "Why is Mick in this little town?" Then when 'he' got out of the car I saw it was just a woman who looked a lot like him. A lot. That made me laugh.

So while inside she ended up in line beside me. That's when I noticed that she was really tall! This person had to be 6'7" tall. And they looked like Mick Jagger. It made me smile again. So much so that she mentioned to me that she noticed how much I smiled while waiting in that long line. Maybe I could share a little happiness. Then I should have felt guilty about my private smiles. But I didn't. :)

I saw a new 'memorial' alongside the highway this morning. I guess someone else died along the highway recently or something. It is close to where I know someone else had died one New Year's Eve. He was walking down the highway at midnight dressed all in black. A drunken arguement or something prompted the walk. Naturally someone hit him and he died. It made me think that if I knew someone like that I would go to their dead spot and put up a memorial too. It would be a board that simply said "D.A.D.H." That means "Dumb-Ass Died Here". Cuz you know, I have neevr understood the mentality of that guy and this morning it all came back to mind. When people do dumb things I think a memorial that tells the truth would be a deterrant to others.

The weekend was the usual. Nothing to write about really. It was nice to be away from work. Nice to have the windows wide open all weekend. I managed a few small home projects. managed to waste a lot of time too. Got to see the Mets make history. See the Yanks beat the O's. Had a few sips of good wine. Plus KFC didn't run out of chicken so that worked out.

Don't laugh. The local KFC has run out of chicken twice recently. There is nothing worse than when you have a craving and you go to the place and they say they are out of what you want. I just want to smack the manager in the head since planning the stock for a place that specializes in chicken can't be all that tough. But what do I know, eh?

So this morning we are headed into the clean room to do a process that has never been done here before. Thats something fun at least. A challenge is a good thing. It makes the day feel a little more worthwhile. It could be a mess or it could turn out simple. Who knows? But at least it won't be boring. So most likely I won't be available for all your calls and emails and blog questions. Sorry about that. "We ask that you please bear with us in this difficult time." lol

As if.