Friday, December 31, 2004


Yankeebob will be incognito for this evening and probably most of tomorrow. I've been trying to catch up with everyone, but I haven't been able to.

At any rate, I want to wish all my blogger friends and anyone else who stops by, a very Happy and Safe New Years.

See ya in 2005!

The Year In Review

I’ve noticed a bunch of ‘Year in Review’ posts recently. Here are some things I remember about the past year. (Maybe I’ll do a more personal one tomorrow. Or the next day. Maybe.)

Janet Jackson started it off with a bang, or should I say a boob? And that weiner Justin Timberlake came up with “Wardrobe Malfunction”. A new term for “I really planned this but I’m trying to cover it up”. I’m not opposed to nudity, but in a situation where so many kids are watching, that was wrong. Kids have enough things to confuse them these days. They didn’t need that.

It was an Election Year. Probably the most contentious election I remember. I still don’t think it was ever clear as to what the candidates stood for, especially Kerry. The mud slinging took center stage. Bush can probably thank dopes like Michael Moore for his win. Maybe he was actually on the Bush payroll?

The Yankees had a great year. I learned that I could still live after they lost to boston. (Small b on purpose.) It hurts still, but the season was still a great one. Their pitching weakness finally caught up to them, as did the Cardinals’ weak pitching staff.

The Sunami. The biggest story of the year, by far. So far, over 120,000 people lost. Untold destruction. God help those people. This story puts everything into perspective, or at least it should. Tomorrow is never promised to us. We need to appreciate every minute we are allowed.

Kobe Bryant got off. I guess this was expected, whether he was guilty or not.

Scott Peterson got the death penalty. Personally, I think they can’t kill him soon enough. This has sparked off a flurry of death penalty pro/con discussions. I believe that when someone voluntarily murders a person, takes away their right to live, they have decided that they are no longer a part of the human race. They have become one of the animal kingdom. And you don’t murder animals, you kill them. They can’t kill him soon enough.

Hockey is on strike. (Sorry Mel & J) I’m not a fan, but in reading the reasons, it sounds like the players want no salary cap, but the owners say they need one to stay in business. Take a lesson from Football boys, where it has helped. Take a lesson from Baseball, where the money rules. It’s better to still have a sport than to lose it completely because of greed.

Blogger became huge! Blogging has become so big that it has begun to surpass mainstream media for news. There are no restrictions when blogging. I found it this year and have become hooked. I’ve made many friends in places I probably won’t ever get to see first hand. It’s been the most fun thing I’ve found this year. (That and Apple Jacks with marshmallows.)

Iraq, the black hole for American money. What else needs to be said about that mess? We need to resolve whatever the true reasons were that we went in there and get our people home. God bless them.

Sandra Bullock has a new love. She just hasn’t figured out that she wants me yet. Oh well, tomorrow starts another year. Who knows?

Thursday, December 30, 2004

More Answers To Questions

OK, the final installment to your questions. For those of you on vacation wondering where this all came from, this is where:

I snatched this from El Sid. This looks like it could be interesting. (Originally posted 12/26/04)

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

(B) Ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. Answers will be posted next week--great time for strangers to say hi.

(C) Then go back to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything; say that you stole it from me.

We'll see where it goes.

(If you haven't added to this thread, feel free to do so.)

John's questions:

1b. What is your name? You know this one John. "Robert Preston".

2b. What is your quest? To build the perfect mousetrap. Failing that, I want to continue to put all the crap from my past behind me and see where it all leads. No specific goal or quest comes to mind other than that.

3b. What is...... your favorite color? The color of my blood, Yankee blue. (I really like Orange too.)

Nina's questions:

Q1: What do you think makes you unique? I think my ability to adapt to almost anything thrown at me. I don't have trouble finding a way to deal with most any situation. I'm not a panic person or a worrier at all.

Q2: Whose blog are you utterly obsessed with? Well, this is a tough one. More and more I think I'd have to say my own. I always want to improve it. But I love so many. Everyone has such a unique perspective on life. My links list keeps growing because I try to keep up with so many. Some that are linked have links to others that I check out regularly, like yours is linked to Michael's. It's very habit forming.

Q3: If you had to leave the US never to return where would you move and why? I would move to Ireland. There's something about the Irish I really feel close to. My family has very strong Irish ties and I'd love to go there and track down some long lost family.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Answers To Your Questions

Some more answers to your questions. I'll finish the remainder later today.

J's questions:

1. Do you speak a foriegn language at all? I speak a little Spanish. I had 4 years of studying it in high school, but I've managed to forget most of it.

2. What's your wife's pet name that you call her? Actually, any time you see me mention Nicci in a post, you've seen it. That is her pet name. Her real name is pretty unusual and I prefer not to publish it to keep her anonymity.

3. Have you ever played frisbee golf? Nope, and what I do on the real golf course can only be loosely called golf.

Karen's questions:

1. Were you ever tempted to become an Orioles fan? Never! After the red sux, the O's are the next most hated enemy. Although I have been known to follow ex-Yankees with other teams a la Tino with the Cards and Devil-Rays. I like when they win, as long as they aren't playing the Yanks.

2. If you could live anywhere outside of where you are now, where would it be? New York City. Downtown Manhattan. This is a dream I've had for a long time. I might find that I don't want to stay, but I really want to give it a try.

3. While living as The Highwayman, do you ever sing in the car? The Highwayman, not unlike other super-heroes, has an incredible singing voice that he uses quite a bit. His alter-ego, semi-mild mannered Yankeebob, also likes to sing in the car, but only when he is alone.

Grace's questions:

b1. have you ever beaten the shit out of a red sox fan? In my mind, many times. In reality, I think I'd get my ass kicked more than I'd be able to kick ass, so I try to avoid that kind of thing. It's more likely that I would end up pounding an Orioles fan though. I think I'd like it.

b2. how many women have you slept with? 27, that I can remember.

b3. how many times a week is too much? (you can make your own assumptions here) Let's see, for work, 2 times a week is too much. For the Yankees to win, it's never too much. For sex, 4-5 times is enough. (I'm getting old.)

Shannon's questions:

2a. What was your biggest dream as a little kid? The one that I can remember is wanting to play shortstop for the Yankees and win a World Series game by making a spectacular diving catch behind second base.

2b. Who was your first childhood hero (baseball, or otherwise)? My Uncle. He was the Fire Chief of my hometown for many years and everyone looked up to him. He's still my hero and I still look up to him. He's a great guy.

2c. Who is the most important person in your life right now? Currently, my wife Nicci.

How Jedi Are You?

I got this from Autumn. I guess I'm not a Jedi at all. Oh well. At least I get the girl.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Latest Poll Results

These are the latest Poll results. I guess this could have been anticipated. The new Poll is posted on the right sidebar.

What’s your favorite part of the Christmas Season?

Visiting with family 6% 1
Visiting with friends 0% 0
Getting presents 0% 0
Giving presents 19% 3
Christmas Carols (any seasonal music) 0% 0
The food 6% 1
The sales (before & after Christmas) 0% 0
Traveling 0% 0
Being off work 0% 0
All of the above - or at least a combination of several 69% 11

16 votes total

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Questions? - Answers

Thanks for all the great recommendations from everyone. I'm making a list. At least this new year will have some new entertainment possibilities in it.

OK, I'm going to have to tackle some of these questions. They are piling up. In order of appearance.....

Summer's questions:

What did you dream last night? I dreamed that I won the lottery and went out immediately to find a 1963 Chevy Impala SS convertible, but all I found was some funny looking VW type thing. Sad.

If you could look like any person, who would it be? I'd like to look like Brad Pitt. I'm not gay, but that guy is hot looking!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Something cool like Buck Naked. ;) Seriously, this is a tough one. I like few guy names. Maybe something unusual like Rupert. My name is so boring I could see me doing that.

Peachy's questions:

1.What is your favorite board game? Axis & Allies

2.Where is the coolest place you've been? Yankee Stadium, of course! Next would be Copenhagen Denmark. It's a great city.

3.How old do you want to be when you die (ok, a little morbid, but still)? I think I'd like to make it to 100. I really look forward to being a dirty old man.

Lars' questions:

1.) How old are you? Physically I'm 41, mentally I'm 67, emotionally I'm... ???

2.) What's your greatest disappointment? Game #7 of the 2001 World Series, easily my biggest heartbreak. Personally, the fact that I quit Art School for stupid reasons.

3.) If you could do one other career that you've never done, what would it be? I'd love to play 2nd base for the New York Yankees. That's a tough one, so to simplify, I'd love to have finished school and become an artist. Portraits of people, specifically.

CL's questions:

1. Who inspired you to start a blog? Karen of 'Complete and Total Bisch'. I followed her's for a year before deciding to leave a comment. When I did the registration thing, I decided to try a blog on my own.

2. Are you a grudge-holder? Definitely. I'm a sneaky one too. Sometimes you can't tell for some time.

3. Have you ever seen a ghost? At the risk of sounding weird, yes. My friend and I were staying at someones house, a very old place, and we both saw some kind of glowing form walking through the bedroom. When it went by the light, the light came on and it disappeared. I'm not making this up.

Evile's questions:

1. what was the first movie you remember seeing in the theatre as a child? Moby Dick with my younger brother.

2. do you ever have trouble spelling really simple words? like for a long time i couldn't ever spell "tongue" right. you have that problem? Yep. Sometimes I still mess up the i before e thing. And for some reason, I mess up people's names regularly.

3. have you ever had sex that was so incredible it made you cry? Yes, for good and bad reasons. Bad because it was a last fling before never being able to see the woman again. Good because it was the most amazing physical thing I'd ever experienced. (Sorry, modesty doesn't allow for details here.)

OK, that's half of the questions. I'll tackle the rest of them tomorrow, or maybe the next day depending on the time I have.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Community Involvement (Blogger Community, That Is)

I snatched this from El Sid. This looks like it could be interesting.

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

(B) Ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. Answers will be posted next week--great time for strangers to say hi.

(C) Then go back to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything; say that you stole it from me.

We'll see where it goes.

I Want Another Vacation

Well, my weeklong Christmas vacation is now over. Back to work tomorrow. I don’t even feel like I had a week off really. Every day turned into one long errand running nightmare. Oh well, that’ll teach me. Next year I’ll take the week after Christmas off. No, I’m not complaining. I wasn’t working at my job all week. But it was still like work.

Getting past those tears, I just finished watching one of my Christmas gifts. I, Robot. I wanted this movie for 2 reasons. #1. I really like Isaac Azimov’s writing. The book is great. 2. Anything Will Smith does is worth checking out. He’s one of my all time favorites.

I thought it was great. The whole movie kept my attention throughout. I just have one question; when did Will Smith become an Arnold wannabe? I was shocked when he took off his shirt! He has been working out, to be sure. Sheesh! So much for the Fresh Prince, skinny boy stage of life. But check out the flick if you haven’t already. It’s worth a view.

I have another question. (I have the TV on and that’s why I just noticed this.) Who the flock is Star Jones? And why is she constantly on commercials for red carpet stuff? I have no clue who this is, plus I thought Joan Rivers did all that red carpet crap. Maybe I’m out of touch or something, but this person seems awfully obnoxious and I wonder where she came from. A singer or something?

Whatever. I hope everyone’s Christmas was great. I’ll be checking in tomorrow from work. The bright part of that is I’ll probably be able to keep up with everyone. This week sure didn’t go like I thought it would.

Merry day after Christmas.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Personal Christmas Memory

The ‘A Christmas Story’ marathon is on again this year on TBS. Every time I see A Christmas Story is on, I have to make sure I catch the part where Ralphie’s Dad gives him the Red Ryder Rifle. That part gets me every time. It reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas memories.

I once had a Christmas present just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. It was a football.

I know that doesn’t sound like a big thing, but when I was 11, in my neighborhood, it was huge. I was into Baseball and Football heavily back then and to not have my own football was horrible.

We weren’t well off then. Actually we were very poor. My Dad was only a couple of years from being dead (booze) and my Mom was essentially trying to make it on her own with 4 kids. It had to suck for her.

Anyway, no matter who asked me that year, all I ever said I wanted for Christmas was my own football. Nothing else ever came out of my mouth. Just a football.

Looking back, I believe I would have been just fine if I had gotten just a football. I didn’t even think about anything else. I remember every night checking out all the loot beneath the tree, feeling up all the stuff, trying to find the one true object of my desire. Never did it show. As Christmas got closer and closer I got more and more anxious. I just knew I had to get one. I was just like Ralphie, stressing out over this one thing in all the world that would make me happy.

Well, on Christmas morning, as we ripped open all the presents, my spirits got lower and lower. After all was said and done, I had no football. I was so bummed. My Dad asked me if I got everything I wanted. I never saw the childlike gleam in his eye as I glumly answered “Almost.” I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I was very sad.

Then my Dad started looking toward the small couch. He was exaggerating his movements so I would notice him looking. After a few minutes I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Hmm, I think someone missed one. Isn’t that a present still wrapped up?” I looked but, of course, I saw nothing. He kept egging me on until I went and found a package shoved behind the couch. And it had my name on it! I couldn’t stand the suspense and began ripping the paper like a mad person. And there it was, my very own genuine, official league football! It was so awesome I could have cried. The best part was the look on my Dad’s face. He was always just one small step from still being a kid. Especially at Christmas.

He even decided we should go outside and break it in together, right away. That year was a cold one. I remember being outside with my Dad and the greatest gift I’d ever received, freezing to death, but loving every second. We couldn’t take it too long, maybe 15 minutes or so, but that football had been broken in just right. My Dad and I freezing together for that short period of time is one of the fondest memories I have of him.

Every time I see the scene where Ralphie’s Dad gets so excited seeing Ralphie unwrapping the Daisy Red Ryder, I think of my Dad. I find it ironic that a movie scene is so much like one of my fondest personal memories. But I do enjoy reliving it over and over again.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Wishes

OK, I've been trying to get to all of my blogger friends blogs to wish them a Merry Christmas, but I've managed to lose track. This has been a hard week for keeping up with everyone and I'm still behind.

So, if I've missed anyone who I normally would visit, it is not intentional. I apologize for the oversight.

To all my blogger friends and anyone else who may stumble by tonight;

Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!

God Bless & Good Night.

Good Morning From Starbuck's

Well good morning everyone. Happy Christmas Eve to all.

I just had another successful venture to Starbuck’s. This time they forgot to charge me for a venti latte, (that’s the big one) but I caught them in time. I did end up paying for it, but my lucky streak at Starbuck’s is still intact.

Not to mention that a very attractive young lady who works there was being the hostess and was setting up the displays. Every time she knelt down to get something from her cabinet shelves, her low rider slacks went way down in the back and a pretty pink, shiny thong was exposed. Very exposed. Way down exposed.

Ok, I’m a guy. I liked the view, but I like her too so I casually mentioned it to her. I wasn’t sure what to say and felt a little shy about bringing it up, but I thought maybe she didn’t know. She was embarrassed and thanked me a lot. She kept kneeling down to test what I had told her, looking over her shoulder trying to see what was happening back there. That in itself was enough to raise the heart rate. Finally she decided that it was too much of a show and put a wrap around apron on so it wouldn’t happen again. While I waited she came over and said to me, “That was a Christmas present for you.”

Gee, I like Christmas presents!

So, needless to say, I’m still on a big winning streak at Starbuck’s, the day has started out quite well and I’m ready for some more serious Christmas cheer!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Googlism, Yeah I Finally Got Around To It

I had to delete a lot of these. Bob is a common name, after all. I'll try a different variation later.

bob is dead; long live bob - I hope.
bob is a politcal prisoner - of love
bob is king - of the Pepsi cooler
bob is slinging out a new life - this sounds cool
bob is confused - usually
bob is mel's husband - Who knew? Mel, I didn't tell anyone.
bob is available for educational speaking engagements - as soon as I get me some education
bob is back in the ball game - at second base, I hope
bob is sick? please help
bob is cool - as if you ahd to be told
bob is proud to announce - that uuhmm... something
bob is stupid - what's that mean?
bob is an atheist - not quite
bob is a swell guy - aww, shucks
bob is whack? - this is a question?
bob is well known on alt - what's alt?
bob is hott - well duh!
bob is getting a divorce - someone better tell the missus
bob is a movie about a mans struggle to find out who he - What struggle?
bob is really going to enjoy the march - The thousand Mom march.
bob is a moron - at times
bob is the machine - the sex machine
bob is love - Awww!
bob is #1 by kirkstir - thanks kirkstir
bob is scheduled to start at 5 - I've already started
bob is an idiot - at times
bob is important to me - cool. Who are you?
bob is maximum bad - Just try me!
bob is cool i like bob - Me too. Oh, thats me.
bob is an original cartoon character - he's a cute one too.
bob is forever cooler - than you
bob is swweet - lemme tell ya!
bob is a proud member of the association for josta saving - Yep, what's a josta?
bob is getting ready for a long day of fishing - no way. That won't happen.
bob is expanding - I need a diet
bob is in bloom - how pretty
bob is my hero - OK, that's more like it.
bob is 100% right - 100% of the time
bob is the one with three long tentacles - and no need of viagra
bob is cool - you already knew this
bob is a swell guy - aw, shucks!
bob is mel's husband - I swear I didn't say anything!
bob is an ineligible bachelor - how is that possible?
bob is going to the big apple - where the Yankees rule!
bob is king - of your heart
bob is an inspiration - to everyone
bob is the coolest member of pavement - concrete cranium, that's me.
bob is ready product # - I'm ready all right, but what's the number
bob is on vacation - permanent vacation
bob is an eskimo who lives with his friend alfozno in the arctic - me and the Fonz are chillin!
bob is a great and versitle actor - if I'm so good, how can you tell I'm acting?

It's Not The Having, It's All About The Hunt

I noticed something strange today. Actually all this week, but mostly today. When people are trying to get to a place to shop, they are total assholes. They will run you down, cut you off, flip you off, totally drive like idiots. It’s a scary thing to try to get to a shopping place. I was nearly run off the road several times trying to get into a parking lot today. One jerk in a ‘big ol pick-um-up-truck crossed 2 lanes from a left turn lane, nearly bounced off of my bumper and slammed on his brakes in the right turn lane right in front of me. Then he started waving his hands around like I was doing something terrible to him by sitting there waiting to turn.

But when you are inside the store, people are friendly. Everyone I talked to this week in every line I was stuck in was friendly, smiley and nice. Whether it was Lowe’s, Best Buy or Starbuck’s, I met some friendly person or persons to talk to.

I wonder what the difference is? It really makes no sense. To think that the nice old lady buying giant bags of food for her cats would squash me flat if I got in her way in the parking lot is kind of disturbing. And the nice college administrator I met at Starbuck’s would run me down if I was getting in the way of her chosen parking spot. It’s a weird conundrum.

It’s not the having of the place in line, it’s the getting of the place in line? That idea sounds vaguely familiar.

The Loneliest Girl I Ever Knew

For some reason this morning I found myself thinking about a girl I knew over a decade ago. She wasn't a girlfriend per se, but we did share some personal moments.

She lived next to me and we were introduced by a mutual friend, who was an on again - off again girlfriend. My first impression of her was very favorable. She was pretty, in an 'all American girl' sense. She was very outgoing and friendly with a great sense of humor. I immediately liked her.

After the introduction, I would stop and speak to her when I'd see her out. Sometimes she would stop by just to say hello. Minimal stuff. She'd come over when our mutual friend would be visiting.

One night, very late, I was watching 'Creature Feature' (an old scary movie program) when there was suddenly this frantic pounding on my back door. I hurried back to see what was going on and there she was, almost hysterical, crying and asking to come in. I left her in and we sat on the couch for quite a while with me just holding her and letting her calm down. I waited for an explanation, but none came. I took her upstairs and put her in my bed, then went to the spare room. At some point in the night, she came into the spare room and snuggled up with me. In the morning I pressed her for what was wrong. She explained that she was lonely and got herself into a crazy state of mind just sitting alone in her place. I guess that should have been a warning to me. But, being the softhearted fool that I can be (notice I didn't say I'm always that way) and soft headed fool that I am, I didn't think twice about it.

Over the course of the next month or so, we started doing things together and hanging out a lot. She had quite an active dating life, but regularly she would come over after she was out and tell me all about what she had done that evening. She was pretty popular, it seemed. Then came the times where she just 'didn't want to leave and be alone'. She started spending nights at my place. We ended up sleeping together a lot.

It took me a while to see that I had become some kind of crutch for her. She always had a boyfriend or boyfriends. Always had someone to go out with. But she ended up at my place almost every night, when I didn't have someone there with me. Finally, I started to wonder. I liked her company. I liked the idea of nothing being expected between us. But I was getting uneasy about the neediness she had for not being alone.

Then one night her boyfriend (the latest to have that name attributed to him) was at her place and she decided she would come over to my place. She just left him there asleep and came over and crawled into bed with me. I asked her where her guy was and when she told me, I really got worried. She said she felt much more safe with me. Safe? I wasn't too sure about that one, but I could see this was going in a strange direction.

We ended up talking for hours about this 'Safe' thing. She admitted she always felt alone. Always felt like she had to have someone. And that she felt like I would be the person who would always welcome her in. She had no intentions of quitting her hectic social dating. She needed that many people to feel comfortable. She also hoped one day to find a guy just like me to (maybe) be able to settle down with.

"A guy just like me." Not me, just like me. Funny how many women have told me that in my lifetime. Weird.

Now things changed. I kept seeing her for a while, but I noticed that I thought of her as this vulnerable little girl that needed protecting. Not the sexy, modern woman that I thought she was. And she was a needy person. Becoming more and more demanding of my time and 'protection.' I started resisting time spent with her. Sometimes she would start crying and I'd have to break down and change my plans, but those times became less often. Then I got an opportunity and ended up moving away. She was not happy that I decided to do that. At one point she started crying like a baby and called me selfish. But I moved away.

I heard that shortly after I moved, she had an affair with her best friends brother, broke up his marriage and married the guy. All in very short order. Our mutual friend told me that she never really stopped her 'socializing' and that the new husband didn't last long. She wasn't very discreet anymore.

This was a strange episode in my life. Here is a beautiful girl with a lot going for her. But the picture is far different than the reality. I believe she will always be looking for something that, even when she finds it, she won't be able to see it. Is terminally lonely a reality? In my personal experience, I believe so.

I guess the Christmas season makes you think about people you’ve known. People you love and even people who, after many years have passed, you find yourself worrying about still. I hope she’s managed to find whatever will satisfy her loneliness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Most Recent Poll Results

Here are the results fron the last Poll. (Yes, I'm a couple days behind. I need to get back to work so I can be more attentive to my blog.) It's A Wonderful Life is the most popular. That's no surprise.

For some reason, I'm glad that Frosty didn't get any votes. I'm not too hot on that one either. The new Poll is posted. (Right sidebar.) Another one for the Christmas Season.

Which is your favorite Christmas special?

A Charlie Brown Christmas 17% 4
It's A Wonderful Life 21% 5
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Original) 8% 2
The Nightmare Before Christmas 17% 4
Scrooge (tough to pick one version - write ins welcome) 4% 1
Frosty The Snowman 0% 0
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 8% 2
Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer 4% 1
Miracle On 34th Street 8% 2
A Christmas Story 13% 3

24 votes total

By the way, that blurb about getting back to work was very much 'tongue in cheek'. ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Could You? Would You? Part 2

I tried to write this as a comment, but it was getting too long:

So, the predominant idea is that being single and doing a celebrity, even a married one, is more acceptable? What if it was just someone you really wanted bad and you knew you would only get one chance?

Lars is dedicated to his wife only. Ian is an old fashioned guy and would skip the opportunity. (Assuming he was in a relationship.)

Mel has a good point in that the chance missed is a future regret.

CL & Yankeebob would have a threesome? Oops, excuse me. I got sidetracked there.

OK, I'm back, CL & YB feel definitely it's not something to be missed. (I think Mel said that too?)

This is pretty interesting. Several different reactions and none ashamed. I freely admit that when I was single my 'girlfriends' included several married women. I didn't really think about it too much back then. But my feelings changed when I was in a relationship in this way; If I had made a promise to only be with my girlfriend/wife, I wouldn't even consider shopping around. No qualms when I was single. No chance when I'm attached.

I feel lkie the temptation would be too much for me in an extraordinary circumstance, like the Sandra thing. It would take something like that to cause me to compromise myself, but I still think it's entirely likely that it would happen.

I don't feel like I'm an immoral person even fessing up to that. I do know that I've learned to take opportunities when they are available. As Mel pointed out, someday I could regret missed chances. I don't like that idea much.

Christmas Quiz

I got this from Meritt. At least I'm a warm gift, no?

You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm... but easily lost.
You make a good puppet.

Could You? Would You?

Lately I’ve been having conversations with a friend via the Internet that have gotten my mind working again. She recently had an encounter with a celebrity and he wanted her to come up to his hotel room. Apparently they’d had several cell phone conversations and he really wanted her. She was seriously tempted, but didn’t do it. Mainly because she’s a good girl and secondly, I believe, (she hasn’t directly said this) because he’s married with kids and is a self proclaimed ‘super family man’. She did find that false image a bit distressing though.

On this blog we did a poll where we were able to pick which person we would spend one night of passion with if there were no repercussions, no strings, nothing to answer for. It was fun, but here’s someone who had that opportunity and passed. Now I’m wondering about the reality of it. It’s fun to fantasize and plan in our minds what we would do, but could we really do it if it was right there in our face, begging to be done?

I can sit here right now and say that if Sandra Bullock (by some miracle) and I ran into each other and she asked me up to her hotel room for one free night, no strings, I’d go for sure. (Yes, she would probably have been knocked in the head or something for this to happen, but bear with me here.) I have no doubts that I would. But when if and when it’s in my face, would the doubts be more real or do I know myself well enough to be correct before I’m faced with the issue? Gotta wonder.

I guess it’s a question of morality. A person’s moral fibre is pretty subjective, I think. What I consider to be morally correct isn’t necessarily what another person would believe. There are some things that society dictates are properly moral, (ie.: murder, rape, that kind of stuff.) but what about the small personal stuff, like having sex with someone you really like, not necessarily love? Or boinking a celebrity just because you probably will only get one chance in your lifetime? What about the person who prefers multiple partners to settling down with one person? Funny thing about that one. A woman is still called Slut, but a man is called Pimp. What’s the difference there? (A few years ago a Pimp was a bad thing.)

I’m not sure about what someone else thinks or feels on this. I don’t think anyone can be sure, especially about someone else. I’m pretty sure I know what I would do, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t waffle if I had the opportunity. I know this, I’d like to find out! So Sandra, I’m waiting for that call.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Busy Day For A Slacker

I started out this day with an imitation of my blog bud Meritt. I think some Coffee Talking karma rubbed off. I ended up with a very busy schedule that would rival her normal one. Problem is, I’m not accustomed to it, so I found this day ‘out of the ordinary’.

It started innocently enough. On my way to the Post office, the one and only errand I had planned, I decided to be Mr. Nice-guy and deliver a Starbuck’s fix to Nicci and her boss, who is like a walking coffee pot. (Incidentally, I ordered the smallest and they gave me the largest again. Wouldn’t take any money for the difference either. I’m still lucky there.) After delivering the coffee and starting to leave, I was asked to do another errand. No problem, it’s not like I have anything planned. Well then, since I was going in that direction, could I do this and maybe that…? You see where this is going?

My day ended up including trips to the Post Office, CVS, Grocery Store, The Bank, and Checkers for a lunch delivery, the Mall, Gas Station and Toys R Us. That last one was pretty cool though. I love Toys R Us. Not my usual day off. I’m not complaining. It just was different.

Toys R Us was fun. No one tagging along and it was my last stop, so I could take my time. There weren’t even that many people there either. There was one family there that I did have to follow for a while. They were too entertaining not to. A Mom, Dad and 2 little boys. The boys were into everything. The kind of kids that were there to try out everything they could reach. At one point one of them had a big truck of some kind and was pushing it up the aisles, running as fast as he could, screaming as loud as he could. The Dad was chasing him around, trying to look cool and not run, but not catching him either. It was funny to watch.

Then in the game aisle, (I was looking for a Spirograph) one of the kids started slicing cheese. The first fart I heard was sort of at the peripheral of my attention until the Mom started giving the boy crap for doing it in public. He was just giggling and then he did another loud fart right near an older couple. The Mom was freaking out, apologizing and acting like he had just committed a major crime. The kid was just laughing away.

I’m now going to admit to something here. I found 2 DVDs of the Amanda Show and I had to have them. If you’ve never seen the Amanda Show on Nickelodeon, I think you should. It’s silly and stupid, but I love it. Amanda Bynes is hilarious! And yes, I got the DVDs for myself. This is something I’d never have seen if I hadn’t inherited a kid via marriage. I guess there are some small perks to having a kid around sometimes. Go ahead, let the hassling begin. Yankeebob likes a kid’s show from Nickelodeon.

One other interesting thing that happened was that I stalled the car in the drive thru line at Checkers. That’s not really a big deal, but I did it when I was talking to the guy at the window and he was about to hand me a Coke. I forgot to take the car out of gear and when the car jumped forward I damn near got whiplash. When I looked up at the young guy in the window, he had stopped smiling and wouldn’t look at me. Obviously he was fighting the urge to laugh at me. So I thought I’d give him a break and said, “I guess I should remember to take the car out of gear first, eh?” He quickly looked at me and looked away again, but I saw the smile start on his face so I told him I almost got whiplash doing that. Then he started laughing and the Manager guy beside him did too.

I wouldn’t think of this as a big issue normally except he had the courtesy not to laugh in my face. I appreciate good manners. I’ve seen people act worse than just laughing for some minor thing happening, so this guy got some brownie points with me for not being rude. Everyone, go to Checkers.

It’s been a busy day. It’s been OK though. No complaints. Excuse me now. I have to go see what Amanda is up to…

Trying To Get Started

So, this is my first day of the Christmas week off. I've got to spend some time getting caught up with my blogger friends. It's been a hectic weekend.

First, I started the day with Starbuck's French Roast, made at home, in my favorite Starbuck's mug. Mmmm. (Ok, I borrowed that beginning from Meritt. Thanks for the loan.)

Has anybody else discovered Apple Jacks with little marshmallows yet? They are really good. I highly recommend you try some out.

Next I decided to see what was happening with the Football scores, but I got bored. (It's just not Baseball.) So I managed to accidentally find a Buffy rerun! This day is starting out great so far! Buffy and Apple Jacks. It's the episode where the whole town goes nuts and tries to burn Buffy, Willow & Amy at the stake. The best part is the end when everything is over and Oz and Zander fall through the ceiling, look around and Oz says "We're here to save you." Ok, enough television.

I hope Mel is feeling OK today after her birthday. I remember champagne hangovers. They suck. Hopefully you didn't inherit one of those today, Mel.

I'm going out for a small shopping excursion today. Got to get the Laffy Taffy sent off. So far only Shannon has e-mailed me with an address. Grace? Veronica?

It's freakin cold out there! 10 degrees with a wind chill of 0? That sucks. I hate Winter. After the Christmas season is over, it's just pain & suffering until Opening Day. I need to live somewhere that's warm all the time.

I think I'm just blabbering on like this due to withdraw. Normally by this time of day, I've had several conversations with someone other than myself. A lot of them irritating, to be sure. But still, I guess changing routines can throw off your game a little.

Time to get going. Hmmm... while I've been writing this another Buffy has come on. (Back to back in the A.M.?) Good thing I have the DVDs or I might get a little distracted again.....

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Truth In Advertising

I saw a car a little while ago with one of those dealership plates on the front. The ones that have the dealer name on it. It said 'Dix Honda.'

I don't think I've ever seen a car dealer that truthfully advertised their intentions that way. Maybe a new trend?

The Day Is Starting Out OK

Today must be a lucky day. Already this morning I’ve had some lucky things come my way. For instance; my very best favorite sweatshirt need some repair again. It’s an awesomely soft, well broken in Yankee sweatshirt (of course) that I’m now trying to make last forever. So, instead of wearing it again without fixing its ailments, I searched my dresser for a temporary replacement and found a Hard Rock Café sweatshirt that I got in Stockholm. It’s been is storage for a long time, buried deep in the bottom of the drawer. I forgot about it. Now I can work this one over while old faithful is getting cleaned and repaired. Too cool!

I found 2 pennies on heads this morning. That’s always a good sign.

When I went to Starbuck’s, the Barrista made me a giant latte even though I ordered a medium. She didn’t even want me to pay for the difference once I told them.

On the way home from Starbuck’s I saw this really big guy out for a morning run. I think he was trying to run. He had on running type clothes and was breathing very hard. His face was beet red, but he was walking when I noticed him. I couldn’t miss him. He had the brightest pink and white colored sweat pants I’ve ever seen. These things would look normal on a teenaged girl, but on this middle aged chunky man, it looked hilarious. Yep, I think seeing things like that are lucky. It put a smile on my face.

The best thing on my mind this morning is that my nephew is doing much better. I got in to see him yesterday and he looks and acts so much better than earlier this week. I even had him laughing, teasing him about getting hooked on Soap Operas since he has nothing else to do all day. It’s a good feeling to know he’s doing better.

Today is a thank God for small favors day.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Laffy Taffy Contest Results

We have a winner!!!

Actually 2 winners. Grace is the Grand Champion of the Laffy Taffy Contest. She managed to guess correctly first. (By 14 minutes.)

Shannon also got the right choices, so she's a winner too.

Veronica, you chose correctly, but changed after seeing your choices were taken. I admire your sense of individuality, so I name you the 3rd place winner. (It's a darn good thing I don't host a game show. No one would lose.)

If the 3 winners would e-mail me mailing addresses, I'll get your prizes on their way. (

This was just a 'spur of the moment' idea, but it was kinda fun. Thanks for playing along everyone.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Laffy Taffy Joke Contest Update

OK, in the interest of making sure someone wins, I'm forking out a hint.

Shannon got one of two. Ropemonkey got one of two. Peachy got one of two.

Meritt, I haven't posted about the Yankee deal yet because it's not finalized. When it is, it will be gloatsville in Yankeebob-land. Believe me.

J And Veronica, your jokes were hilarious! I really do like dumb jokes.

Here's another: What did one bean say to the other bean? How've you bean?

I'll check in later to see if another hint is needed.

I Like Dumb Jokes

I have this big bag of Laffy Taffy. In case someone reading this has never had Laffy Taffy, it's yummy taffy candy with dumb jokes written on the wrappers. I like dumb jokes sometimes. Here are a few:

What do Bulls write with? A Bullpen.

Do seals wear shoes? No, they wear flippers.

What did the Horse say when he tripped? Help, I've fallen and I can't giddy-up!

What do you get when you cross a steam shovel with a hot tamale? Hot Diggity!

Boy Melon: Honey, can we run away and get married? Girl Melon: Sorry, I cantaloupe.

Why did the bowling pins stop working? Because they went on strike.

What does the sun skate on? Solar blades.

What kind of fish tastes good with peanut butter? A jellyfish.

What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm.

What did the rug say to the floor? I've got you covered.

What did the wall say to the corner? I'll meet you at the roof.

What's the difference between a train and a teacher? The train says "choo - choo" and the teacher says "spit it out".

Yeah, they are goofy, but I like silly things sometimes.

I just had an idea; There is only one Banana candy wrapper. In the spirit of the season, the person who can guess which 2 jokes came from the banana wrapper wins a free bag of Laffy Taffy. I'll get you your very own bag and send it, along with a nice Christmas greeting from Yankeebob, hopefully arriving before Christmas. No guarantees there, though. (Please, no checking out your own bag to see if they all have the same jokes printed on them. I don't know if they do, but that wouldn't be fair.)

I'll accept guesses until noon Saturday, EST. (Assuming anyone wants Laffy Taffy, of course.) I hope someone wins. Otherwise, I'll be scarfing down taffy for a week. No wonder dieting is so popular after the holidays.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

A View From The Other Side

Well hey there little feller! Yep, it's me, Joe Sixpack (six pack'a PBR pounders, that is), the redneck from West by God Virginia here to screw up your mornin co-mute but guud once agin. I knowed ya'all done bin missin me, so's I made it a special point to git right in front'a ya and I in-tend to stay put fer a few miles.

Wass a matta, dontcha like the way I'm stickin right here in the fast lane doin 50? All right, I'll just speed up a bit fer ya... oops, sorry bout that little fella. I dint notice you was trying for going round me like that. Too bad yer still stuck behind me agin. Jus to keep us safer, I'ma gonna slow down fer ya agin, you know, cause I cares fer ya n all.

I noticed you checkin out my purty red Ford Ranger truck. Yep, it's a gen-u-ine 1986 model with all the trimmins. You know what trimmins I mean, dontcha? Thas riight, this here big ol seat is all the trimmins I need! This is where my sister ooops! I mean my wife and I did our honeymoon thing. Then we went on inta the trailer, but it weren't so good in there. Yep, lotsa sent-e-mental stuff happened right here on this truck seat. Don't tell no body, but her Mama was purty happy on this seat a few times too. *wink* Awww, don't make me blush. I know I'm jus an old time ro-man-tic kinda guy.

Whoa, little fella! You almost got by me there! Good thing I was able to put the pedal to the metal there. I mighta lost yer comp-ny. That there big ol dumper truck should keep you pinned behind me fer a little while longer, yessiree.

Anyhow, I seen you lookin at the purty paintin job I done on my truck. Yep, I chose that there bright red all by my self. Did the sprayin all by myself too. I got a good deal on the cans of that there Rust Oleum spray paint down to the Dollar General store. Didn't take too much time neither. Only thang that pissed me off was the way that darned ol paint would get all over my hands and stuff. I damn near had to take a whole bath after paintin, and it wasn't even Saturday night yet!

Whoa little buddy! Ya darn near made it past me that time! That little rice-burner auty-mobile thingy yer drivin is pretty darn quick. I had to almost blow up my motor to keep you from passin. Now that we're forced back inta the same lane agin, I'll continue my story. I likes yer com-pny little fella!

You see that there con-fed-rite flag in my back winda? That there will be the countrys flag agin some day. Don't let them commie bastards in Warshingtin fool ya. The south will rise agin! And them there holes around my window where the gun rack used to display my beautiful Bambi killers will be filled once agin when the south finally wins. Like they shoulda in the first place.

Wow little fella, that there little vehicle of yers sure can move! I guess I'll be seein ya another time since this here highway done started bein 3 lanes and you are on yer way to - wherever. Ya'all take care now. Thanks fer the nice wave as you went by. But ya gotta be careful, little fella. Where I come from, wavin yer middle finger like that is a form a courtin and another man might not take that quite right. They might think youse queer or somethin.

Now me, I'm alright with that cuz I knowed you was probly jsut bein friendly. But just in case, I want ya to know that you kin come on over and check out this here truck seat any time ya want. Yer OK wit me, little fella!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My Pretty Face

This is a portrait my niece Meg did of me. She was killing time while we were waiting in the hospital on Sunday. I love it! Sort of Picasso-like, don't you think? Look closely. There is a New York Yankee emblem on the shirt. Smart girl!

By the way, it really does look like me. ;)

I'm A Weird Friend

All the introspective stories over at The Spin Cycle have gotten me thinking about myself again. One of the first thoughts I've had is I think I would be a weird friend to have. I can be very moody, very temperamental and very egocentric. I tend to take things to heart. Sometimes I don't take time to find out the way things were actually meant until a bit of a mess has occurred. I drive me crazy at times.

The reverse is that I can be very sensitive to others, very caring, a good listener and can be capable of total support in tough times. I am fiercely loyal to those I have decided are friends. My friends are family and I'll never let them down. Not intentionally.

For instance, I have a friend who is separated and working on a divorce. I've spoken to him about it and most times I've expressed how good life will be, all the new opportunities on the way, yada, yada... But when someone other than him speaks to me about his situation, I repeat his concerns and disappointments almost verbatim. I usually won't force my ideas out, I guess for fear that someone might mistake them for his views.

Also, when a subject or issue comes up, I have this strange habit of 'feeling' the other side of almost every story and taking the other side. It's just reactionary and I don't even realize it happens at the time. Almost without fail, when someone starts talking about something I'll start thinking about the opposite side and begin to express my thoughts, usually in contrast to their view. The ideas I express may not even be my final opinion after all is said and done, but I will 'think out loud' a lot. I do not know how I've developed this, but it happens a lot. I don't do it to be contentious, but it sometimes ends up that way.

It's a strange dichotomy I've struggled with always.

Most of my friends are quite predictable. (I do not mean this in a bad sense.) But I've been told many times that I'm not. From one event to the next, I've been told many times that it's nearly impossible to decide how I'll feel about something. Not often can it be pre-determined if I'll go along with a plan for the night, or even if I'll be receptive to phone calls. My moods are unpredictable and I can be very standoffish (is that a word?) or I can be very receptive. That would drive me crazy (if it were someone I was dealing with), but it is how I am.

I've also been described as "Opinionated to the point of being obnoxious." A few years ago, this was absolutely true. I think back to some conversations and reactions I've had in the past and I wonder how any of my friends ever put up with me. I've learned to hold back (a lot) now adays, but it's taken a while. I *usually* won't force in my opinion without it being asked for anymore, but a few years ago, I believe I needed my ass kicked more than twice.

Sometimes I think about how I've put people close to me through the ringer and they still call me friend. The mood swings, the obnoxious and belligerent attitudes, the idea that I have to be different from everyone I've ever met, the stupid life decisions I've made, sheesh! this list could go on. There are some good people in my life who I can absolutely say I love dearly. I can also say I don't know for sure why they've put up with the weird side of me for so long. My point here is I'm sure glad they have. I'm a lot different now than a few years ago. I like to think that I've managed to incorporate the best stuff from those who are my friends and whom I call friends to get me to the person I am right now.

Still, I think it's probably been a hard time for them. I think I would be a weird friend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hockey Anyone?

For those of you who are suffering from Hockey withdraw, here's some good Hockey action for you. See, I do care. Enjoy!

Morning Thoughts

Umm, I'll bet Scott Peterson is second guessing his choice between murder and divorce now, don't you think? Dumb ass.

So Pedro is going to the Mets? Good. If we have to put up with interleague play at least one of our pitchers can pound him with a fastball when he bats. Payback is a bitch, Princess Pedro.

Is anyone other than me sick of those annoying E-Harmony ads? Geez, how sickening. I don't think I can take hearing about someone meeting their 'soulmate' via the internet even once more. I may have to break the nob off my radio.

By the way, I think soulmate is becoming the most overused word now, even more so than Diva.

I got some ad in the mail last night for a free copy of the Paris Hilton sex video. All I have to do is buy a bunch of other porn stuff. 1st - how did I get a porn ad in the mail? Don't you have to buy something first to get on their list? 2nd - I guess Paris is no longer too interesting since they are giving the video away. Sad, she's just another has been already.

2 sisters have come forward claiming that they were 'touched inappropriately' by a teacher some 27 years after it supposedly happened. They 'found out' this happened after being hypnotized. Well, how is it that this can be taken seriously? Hypnotize me and I'll probably say anything too. Even something good about a certain ball team from Boston. (Nah, I do believe that is impossible. But you get the idea.) The world is getting stranger everyday.

I'm hanging up my new calendar today. Classic pin-ups by Gil Elvgren. It probably won't last. Some PC pain in the butt will cry about it even though it's pretty tame and no one ever comes in here anyway. We'll see.

I noticed in January that the 4th is a public holiday in Scotland. It says 'Scotland only'. I wonder what that is? And on the 10th it says 'Coming of age day'. That one sounds interesting. Anyone know anything about those?

Monday, December 13, 2004

This One Is Revealing

Another one from El Sid. I had to find out. (The lower the score, the less pure you are.)

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 28.9%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 94.6%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick68.1%
Dipped into depravity
You are 47.06% pure
Average Score: 72.7%

A Monty Python Quiz!

I love Monty Python & the Holy Grail! It's one of my favorites ever.

Thanks to El Sid for the link. (She always finds the coolest quizzes.)

You are King Arthur of the Britons! You let no-one stand in your way, you are brave and strong! Keep searching, you'll find the grail yet!
You are King Arthur of the Britons! You let no-one
stand in your way, you are brave and strong!
Keep searching, you'll find the grail yet!

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?
brought to you by Quizilla

Latest Poll Results - New Poll Posted

Here are the latest poll results. The new Poll is more conventional. Please write in anything I've missed via Comments. There isn't enough room sometimes to put all the choices. Personally, I love the old Bob Hope Specials. Just not enough space for all the past variety shows.

Previous Results:

Why did Santa really hire Rudolf?

Tax purposes (Rudolf's nose was considered a handicap) 21% 4
He was blackmailed by Rudolf's Mom 0% 0
He felt bad for treating Rudolf like a weirdo 11% 2
He secretly wanted to polish his red nose 0% 0
He gained weight and needed an extra reindeer to fly 16% 3
Hermey the Elf bribed him with free dentistry 5% 1
He considered it Rudolf's Christmas present 0% 0
Mrs. Santa held out on him until he did 11% 2
His image - Rudolf plays to a younger crowd 11% 2
He didn't want to get a bad rap in the song 26% 5

19 votes total
Results subject to error. does not pre-screen the content of polls created by Pollhost customers.

Thanks To All

Just a quick thanks to everyone for the prayers and good vibes sent for my nephew. He made it through yesterdays rounds of surgery, less a few links of (real) backbone. The Doctor is pretty sure he won't be walking again though. He said the percentages are in the teens, meaning he has less than a 20% chance. He's a pretty determined young guy, so I won't buy into that one immediately, but some injuries can't be overcome. We'll see.

He's not anywhere near out of danger yet. The Doctor also warned us that with the sheer number and type of injuries, he could easily develop complications. We'd appreciate everyone keeping up the prayers and good thoughts for a while.


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Asking For Your Help

Well, I haven't been much of a blogger today. I went on another shopping trip and I wanted to write about it tonight, but once I arrived home I got some bad news.

My nephew was in a pretty serious car accident. He has already had surgery to remove his spleen and fix a lung. Tomorrow they will be doing surgery to try to repair his broken neck, back and pelvis. The broken leg has also been attended to. Unbelievable! How much damage can one person take?

I'll be sitting with my brother in the hospital as all this takes place tomorrow. Please say a prayer or at least send some good vibes for my nephew. Include my brother too, if you don't mind. This has obviously taken a lot out of both of them and it's no where near over.

Thanks to all.

Oops! Pardon Me!

Did you ever walk into someplace and find yourself in a situation that kind of freaked you out? Found yourself in a situation that has shocked you so much you’ve actually been stunned enough to freeze up for a moment in time? I’ve had that happen to me more than twice, let’s say, and I got to thinking about it today for some reason.

Once I went to see some friends play an opening set for a popular local band. As the main band was playing their sets, I noticed a pretty hot looking babe was right up against the stage dancing hard and eyeing up the lead singer. Between sets, she would go right for him, so openly flirting that no one there had any doubts as to what she wanted.

After they were done playing and we were breaking down and loading stuff up, I decided it would be a good time for a pee break, so innocently I went to the restroom because that’s where you take care of problems like this. As I arrived there was a small crowd waiting and one guy who was insistent that he had to go, but one other guy who was blocking the way. The insistent guy got around him, opened the door and there was the lead singer standing with his pants down and the hot babe was on her knees giving him a blowjob.

The action just froze for an instant, inside the room and out. The girl rolled her eyes out at the crowd, never letting the mini-microphone leave her mouth, paused to look us over and just started going at it again. The singer just smiled and pushed the door closed. Talk about feeling out of place for a moment in time. I found out later that the singer was married, just not to BJ girl and the wife had found out about the incident. Oops!

Another time I stopped in at work (my previous job) to check in on how things were going. (Good Supervisor, I am) I think it was close to 9:00 P.M. When I got to my department, surprise! No one was there. Hmmm… So I go in search of my people. I found most of them in the break room taking a break. That was ok. I asked where the Lead Operator was and everyone looked around sheepishly, looking at anything but me. After a bit of prodding I was told the Manager from another department had come in and asked her to meet with him. Something about tomorrow’s schedule. Sooo, me being the dense dumb ass that I can be at times, I went to see what the problem was. I didn’t want any surprises when I got in the next morning.

As I approached the Manager’s office, which had the only light on in the whole department, I should have been more cautious, but again, dope that I can be, I just went right in. She was there all right, sitting on his desk with her legs wrapped around his waist as he stood in front of her, both naked from the waist down. They were doing it and I just walked right in on them.

You can guess our surprise. It was worse for them, I think. And yes, they were both married at the time, to other people. Smooth guy that I am, I put my hand over my eyes, quickly turned around and left. The next day when they wanted to ‘talk about the incident’ all I had to say was that they should learn to lock the door. What was I to do?

I’m pretty good at finding myself in shocking situations, I guess. The times I have it’s been mostly due to my thick headedness and lack of reading between the lines. These days I’m more cautious, but a few years ago, not so much.

Pre-Coffee Musings

As I was leaving Starbuck’s this morning, I noticed a woman doing that fast walking thing people do to work out. She was walking really fast and had weights in her hands. As she took steps, her hands would really fly way forward and back. Her hands actually went way above her head; her elbows went so far back I thought she might break her shoulders. She looked pretty ridiculous.

I started wondering about this a bit. I’ve read that this arm flinging doesn’t do anything for you. The walking is supposed to be the best exercise there is. But how does someone go out in public and do that? I think it’s someone who either doesn’t know how ridiculous they look, or truly doesn’t care. Either way they are safe within themselves. I don’t think I could go around in public looking like I was having spasms as I hurried down the street.

I wonder what it takes to be able to do that? Is it someone who isn’t very self-aware? Is it someone who figures that this is the way they think it should be done, so who cares what it looks like? Or maybe it’s some kind of exhibitionism. I don’t know. I don’t even know why it interested me so much this morning. Lack of coffee most likely. My mind works in funny ways early in the morning.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

It’s a fair question, I think. Not in the physical sense. We know that Joe has passed away. But in a real sense, I think he and his kind have died a slow death too.

I’m talking about our sports heroes. People we looked up to when we were kids, all wide eyed and full of wonder. So sure that our favorite Baseball player, Olympic athlete, Hockey king, Basketball stud, etc… were beyond reproach. Someone we could count on to bring our team(s) a win. Someone we could count on to be a stand up kind of person. Our hero was a person we could brag about and no one could laugh at us because they were decent people. Respectable. Just like we hoped they would stay. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Of course, that wide-eyed innocence doesn’t last. We become older and wiser. We see our heroes are not perfect. In fact, they have problems just like we do. We sometimes end up admiring them even more once we learn about some of the trials they endure. Some time ago, at least this was true.

Joe D. and his era are long gone. He was not perfect, but he knew he wasn’t. He knew he was indeed a role model, a front man for his team. Even after retiring it was his obsession that he not do anything publicly that would embarrass the Yankees or the game of Baseball. This is the era Joe and his compatriots were from. It is sooo far gone now we don’t even realize it.

Now our heroes claim, “I am not a role model”. Charles Barkley made it a famous statement. His peers make it a lifestyle. Charles also claims he’s happy he isn’t in Basketball anymore because the guys coming into the league scare him. “If they didn’t have Basketball skills, they’d be in jail” is a Charles quote. Can you imagine scaring Barkley?

Today’s modern athlete is a different breed altogether. Look at where we are now. We have players fighting with people in the stands. They get into scrapes with the justice system (so called) and get right back out again. We have drug abuse running rampant, not just recreational, but even worse, performance enhancing drugs that help our heroes look even more godly. Until the truth comes out. Until their bodies break down way before they should.

The final straw for me happened this week. Carmelo Anthony standing with drug dealers, supporting them as they blatantly threaten people for helping the authorities to catch them. I guess he’ll make a lot of money from that DVD, but what about the cost for his team and his sport? WTF was he thinking?

A few facts:

Our modern heroes are over paid. They make gross amounts of money to play a kids game.

They are liars. We see them get out of murder raps, rapes, and drug dealing cases. They lie about their illegal drug use.

They are cheaters. They gamble on their sports. They drug themselves into a state where their accomplishments and the records they set cannot be considered real. They bite their opponent’s ears off when they start to lose.

They are not really heroes any more. They have no respect for their sports, none for their franchises, none for themselves and most of all, none for their fans. They are less than us and they don’t even know it. Their egos keep them shielded from the real world. The real world where a little kid can only see the bright shiny hero. The one where that kid grows up. They become an adult.


They aren’t totally to blame. We are too. The modern fan has become a big part of the problem. Attacking the players, throwing stuff on them, incessantly badgering them, stalking them. We complain bitterly about their pampered ways, their high salaries, their frivolous strikes, but we keep on supporting them. We keep up the hero worship. We put them on impossibly high pedestals and bitch when they don’t live up to the standard we’ve decided is right. We are partly to blame. We cannot be self-righteous.

I dearly love the game of Baseball. I won’t stop following it. But I admit to feeling guilty. I’m a die-hard fan and I don’t want to miss out on my hero worship. I’m guilty. The whole idea of it all is really absurd, if you think about it. The biggest heroes fail 70% of the time. For one at bat they make more money than a lot of people make in several months of real work. Playing a kid’s game. And most of them, not all, but most are no longer role models.

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? Mrs. Robinson said Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away. That song was written a long time ago. Quite prophetic, eh?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Almost Makes Me Miss Hockey

Ok, this is what the Hockey strike has done for us. ESPN 2 just had The World Eating Championships on. The person that won ate 53 hot dogs in 10 minutes! Buns included. I love hot dogs but I don’t think I have that many in a year.

The best part was the commentary. They actually were saying things like “She has such a good rhythm while she eats. She’s so smooth.” and “Kobyashi (I think that’s how it’s spelled) is doing his shuffle. His fans call it the Kobyashi shuffle. They love this guy.”

No, I didn’t make that up. And the third place winner was a woman. She beat this huge, giant sized guy they were saying was ‘a fan favorite here in the states’. Yes, they really said that.

You really can’t make this stuff up. It was too funny, almost like MST 3000 with a sports spin. To date, it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on television.

That’ll only last until the Thumb Wrestling Championships are televised.

There's A Service For Everything.

I heard this on the radio this morning. There is a shop advertising their special for servicing your model train. The one you bring out yearly for under the tree. It's $29.95 and they guarantee your Christmas train will run at peak efficiency for the holidays.

Isn't that strange? I can see where a model train enthusiast would maybe use this service, but then again, wouldn't they already know how to keep the thing running well anyway?

I dunno. For $29.95 I'd just go buy something new if my old one didn't work. Now we have little train doctors.

I wonder if they have little tiny wrenches and screwdrivers. They probably have little tiny hands so they can work the little tiny tools. Those tiny engines are hard to see too, so they probably have super strong magnifying glasses to see the parts.

Or maybe they just have elves working round the clock servicing mini trains for the holidays. After Christmas, they go back to the North Pole. I guess Santa can spare them since all the toys have been made. He only needs to keep the shipping crew around to get stuff ready to go on Christmas Eve. Yep, I'll bet it's the elves.

I'd buy a little tiny train if I could meet an elf.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tonight’s Thought Parade

I saw an old Seinfeld where Jerry was giving George crap about re-reading books. His point was that once you read a book, you’re done with it so you should get rid of it. As he was talking I started looking around me. I have 3 books going right now. I have a bookshelf behind me full, a cabinet nearby full, many boxes in storage full and an even larger bookshelf upstairs full. Yep Jerry, I do keep all my books. And I do reread them. Most of them.

Should I get rid of them? Nope, I don’t think so. I’ve read many of mine several times. I feel like I get something different out of them if I revisit them later. Yes, there are some I think suck, but basically, I keep almost all of them. To me, print is not dead.

I see Clay Aiken has a Christmas special on. Why? This whole American Idol thing is getting annoying. So they can sing. Doesn’t mean they are interesting. The interesting thing is the first few episodes of the show when Simon let’s the bums have it. That’s OK. This is a show that needs to go away along with the pop singers it pukes out.

Two movies I’ve seen ads for recently are Blade 3 and Electra. I thought Electra would be hard to make a whole story about, but the previews (E had a preview show on) look really good. Looks like it will be much better than Daredevil.

The Blade trilogy is an acquired taste I think. I like it. I’m looking forward to the 3rd one coming out. Wesley Snipes plays that part like it’s really him. Maybe it is and we’ve been fooled all this time.

Billboard Music Awards eh? No thanks. Just how many awards shows are there now? I couldn’t begin to name them all. Doesn’t it kind of cheapen the original awards by flooding the world with wannabes? Does a Grammy or an Oscar still mean something? Maybe the new stars prefer an MTV award now. Who knows. I just feel like there is a new award show every month.

By the way, I heard that Dick Clark had a stroke. He’s 75 years old. Doesn’t look a day over 50.

I saw something where Britney Spears was wearing her cut-off shorts so short that the pockets were hanging way below the remaining denim. It looked pretty bad. Now I’m not knocking short shorts by any means, but that was not a good look. Kinda sorry looking. Her t-shirt said MILF in training. Sheesh! I guess when you get rich you don’t notice it so much when you are making an ass of yourself?

See what happens when I get time alone with a remote in my hand? I need Baseball to come back so I can avoid nights like this.

I just flipped back to the awards show. Sheryl Crow is doing some country song. I might be able to take it if she’d get rid of the guy. (Sherrrryl…! ) Can that guy be any more of a rocker wannabe? It's country dude! Way too animated for the 3 chords he’s strumming. Chill out guy! Geez! I don’t get why Sheryl does these things.

Click! (That was the remote turning the tube off.)

I Still Think They Are

OK, I'm blowing it with the hourly posting. Damn work getting in the way of blogging! Oh well, my funky mood has passed anyway. I had my one bad day alotted to me, so I'm good.

Bad moods don't last long with me anyway. Sometimes I just need to blow off a little and then all is well.

I spoke briefly with the possible cheater guy (cg) today. (See the post from 12/3/04 - I Think They're Doing It) He was saying that cheater girl (cgrl) was out for a few vacation days and he wished he was. He said she was doing some shopping and stuff. Then he proceded to give a pretty detailed description of her house and the way she was doing some remodeling in it. Hmmm. (I wondered how he knew so much about that?) So I said "Have you and (insert his girls name here) been there to visit?" He seemed startled for a second and then said something about cgrl telling him all about it. Uh huh. Maybe they didn't visit. Maybe it was just him visiting.

As I said before, he's not the brightest bulb in the bunch, so when the opportunity arises, I can't resist messing with him. I don't really care what they do. It's not any of my business. But I just can't resist playing.

Customer Service?

I received a new Visa Check Card recently for an account I closed several years ago. Neat trick eh? So I call this morning to ask why. I get the first person who acts like I'm seriously bothering her just by being alive. She goes through all the personal info and talks for a while about what my problem is and then finally gives me another number to call for help. Why not just tell me right away that you are just wasting my time and give up the right number sooner?

So I call the new number. I get to choose between the long list of possible departments etc... Then I get to hear all the specials going on right now. Advertising over the phone. All about certificates and interest rates and all that o-so interesting stuff. I thought it would never end. Then I'm on hold for over 10 minutes listening to the generic jazz stuff they play. Where do they find that crap? I think they just want to annoy you enough to get you to hang up. Next a message comes on telling me I've been connected to the message center and any message I leave won't even be delivered until tomorrow. Huh? This is a new one. They will have an interesting time with my message. I was still trying to wrap my brain around that idea and was saying what the... as I was hanging up.

So I redial and get back to the 'on hold' status after all the boring ads again and the phone on the other end finally rings. I get excited. I hear what sounds like someone answering, and then the phone goes dead. Disconnected. Sheesh!

I gave up. I just wasted 20 minutes of my life (not to mention company time) for nothing more than the reminder of why I stopped banking there in the first place. They had the absolute worst customer service ever. I see it hasn't changed.

Top Of The Hour Post

OK, I haven't hardly left my desk yet, so this will be a tough hourly post.

Here's something. Coffee. There is a 'special' coffee pot in our semi-private office (2 people) that we like to keep going with good coffee. Mostly funded by myself and my partner. There are a few people who either pitch in a few bucks toward the costs or are just exempt from having to, because we like them. Those friends usually bring in something special at times anyway, so it's no big deal.

Well, there is this one guy, we'll call him Mr. pseudo-engineer-coffee-stealer-sorry excuse-for-a-co-worker guy. He just left after mooching another 'spot o java'. He's a funny guy. (Funny as in weird.) Never once has pitched in. Never has asked, just helped himself. But he has complained often when the pot is empty. ??? I really don't think he has any right to complain about it if he doesn't help out. I couldn't do that.

We don't say anything to him about the mooching. It's just not that big a deal. But to complain about anything? What a goober.

Truth is, it's looking like he won't be here that much longer anyway. He's in over his head. He'll either get the hint finally and leave (which I've heard he's looking into) or he'll be canned soon (which I've also heard is looming).

Well, this post has taught me something. I need to leave this desk.

Melancholy Bob

I'm feeling very melancholy today. I even have the Moody Blues song "Melancholy Man" in my head this morning. It actually started yesterday. I think the daily grind is getting to me. I started thinking yesterday how everything we do becomes a routine. We have morning routines, routines at work, evening routines. We have routines inside of the routines. Like the way you go about brushing your teeth to accomplish part of the morning routine & evening routine. That's a routine. The whole day is one big fat boring routine. It gets to me sometimes.

A few years ago I would have done something spontaneous to break the routine somehow. A needed sanity saving excursion. Can't really do that now. Too many responsibilities. Then there are other peoples feelings to be careful of. (Tell me again why being in a full time relationship is supposed to be better than being free. I'll need to hear it today.) Nope, gotta be responsible.

I even have a blogger routine. I check in at regular intervals and post something I think is interesting or leave comments (when the blogger is working). The best part is the different blogs out there. Nothing is routine in the different posts. Anything and everything can and will be discussed or laughed at or cried about. There's always a surprise. I guess that's why it's so habit forming.

Plus you can post something like this piece of poop and make yourself feel better. It's a very self indulgent forum. But it helps you to learn to care for others at the same time. (If you allow it to, that is.) For instance, I'm pretty concerned for Mel's family. She hasn't posted since she let us know about her Grandmother's stroke. And Meritt has an Uncle that's very ill. That's in my thoughts a lot. So maybe it's not just the self indulgence thing I like. Who knows?

At any rate, I'm done crying for the day. Peachy and I were talking about doing a 'post an hour' kind of thing today to see if it would help the mood. I'll try, but what could be so interesting every hour? We'll see.

Hey, thanks for listening.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What A Wuss

I'd like to hear more about this story. A Navy Midshipman is assaulted by a woman and sues her for $20,000. I'm just finding this hard to understand. I'm no sexist or anything, but if a woman did the assaulting, is the man just a big weiner and he couldn't defend himself? I know, there are many women out there who can kick butt (like Quyen, the martial arts master) but you would think a Navy guy would #1 - be able to handle himself and #2 - keep his dirty laundry out of the news.

And to sue for a measly $20,000? What's the point of that? If you really have the "mental and emotional shock and distress" he's claiming he has, isn't that worth a few more bucks?

I do think it's funny that he got his ass whipped though. I wonder if the whole story will come out about what happened to provoke the incident. Could be interesting. I'll bet he's just a big wuss and she got tired of his wimpy ways. Strong women can be very sexy!

Monday, December 06, 2004

New Poll

The new Poll is ready. (Right sidebar) This one is inspired by CL and her review of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Romantic Side Of G

One Friday we didn't have band practice so G and I went downtown to a bar to meet the Drummer and his fiancé for some beers. When we arrived we got about one step inside and immediately noticed someone was having a really good time. This loud, obnoxious voice and laugh could be heard over all other sounds in the place. We looked at each other and G laughed and said, "We'll end up with that one. It feels like that kind of night." I always hated when he said stuff like that. It usually came true.

After we grabbed a brew we started going through the place to find the Drummer and his girl. The more we searched, the closer we came to the loud person. Finally we found them at a table and, of course, the loud person was at the table with them. Turns out the fiancé had brought a friend along. She was a big girl, not the fat kind. More like the Russian stereotype, very bulky, strong looking with a huge mouth that when it was opened all the way, her face disappeared. Just a large person.

G immediately said to them, "If I knew you had brought the human bullhorn along, we could've found you quicker by following the noise." We hadn't even been introduced to the friend yet and G was insulting her. I could tell the girl was going to bug G so I did what any good friend would do in that situation, I sat at the only chair available opposite her leaving the seat next to her the last available. See, I'm a good friend.

After a little while and a bit more booze, the loud girl was getting even more obnoxious. The whole time G was picking at her, asking questions like, "How's the weather in Moscow these days?" and "How much Ridilin would it take to make you human again?" you know, the typical flirtatious kind of stuff you always hear in pick-up bars.

At some point a friend came by and she wanted me to go to the bar and do some Margarita slammers with her, so me being the accommodating friend that I am, I was forced to assist my friend with her excursion through the crowd.

After being away for maybe a ½ hour, I came back to a completely different scene. I got to the table just in time to see the Russian nibbling on G’s ear. And he seemed pretty cozy with her, letting her go for it. I stood stunned for a long enough period that he noticed. As soon as the Russian went to the can, I started to ask WTF, but G cut me off immediately and started to say stuff like, “I think I’m gonna.” And “Don’t rain on my parade, man!” Once the ‘rain on my parade’ thing came out, I was sure there was no going back, so I left it alone.

I sat and took in the scene for maybe another hour before I had to leave. The Russian became more boisterous and loud and once they started making out, I decided to go. I thought she was going to swallow his whole face when she was kissing him. It was gross. Even the Drummer and fiancé would look over and just roll their eyes. G had been nothing but rude to her, but here they were, doing the bunny imitation. Yep, I left.

I didn’t see any of them again until Sunday afternoon. G had even cancelled our Saturday morning recording session. Weird. Sunday came and I headed to his house. As I was walking up toward his porch, I noticed 2 things; his parents were there and the Russian was walking toward me leaving. I started to say hello, but she gave me a look that scared me, grunted something like ‘freakin musicians’, and stomped on past. As I got to the house, I saw G and his parents on the porch. I went up and greeted them, (G’s parents are awesome people) and his Dad started laughing, asking me if G had introduced me to ‘his new girl’. Apparently G had tried to introduce her to them, but he had neglected to find out one important part of the introduction process; what the girls name was. She had been with him all weekend, had provided as much sex as G could stand, had been using a credit card to buy everything for him and the Drummer w/fiancé including most of the bar tab Friday, breakfast and dinner Saturday, brunch Sunday, and G had no idea who she was. His Dad had a good laugh at him for it. His Mom didn’t.

I just patted him on the back and told him that maybe he should keep using the insulting pick-up lines because he had done pretty well and didn’t have to call her again, since he had no idea what her name was anyway.

Epilogue: The Russian did return to G’s house about a month later. She just showed up and G told me that he was trying to make conversation with her for about 20 minutes when she said “Hey, I’m not here to talk. Are we gonna fuck or what?” He did learn her name this time though.

Latest Poll Results

Poll #1:

Which is your favorite holiday?

My birthday 8% 2
Your birthday 4% 1
Christmas 38% 9
New Years 0% 0
Halloween 21% 5
Easter 0% 0
Baseball's Opening Day 21% 5
Marilyn Monroe's Birthday 0% 0
Yom Kippur 0% 0
St. Patrick's Day 8% 2

24 votes total

Poll #2

Which pet is your preference?

Dog 64% 14
Cat 36% 8

22 votes total

OK, I need to assume that those who voted for my birthday were either being funny or thought the vote was for their own birthday. Either way, I think 2 votes for my birthday is cool. And check out the votes for Baseball's opening Day! Tied with Halloween. I expected Christmas to win.

The Dog vs. Cat thing was no contest. Cats did have a better showing than I expected. For the record, I voted for Cats.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ending The Evening On A Lesser Note

I’m really bummed! I just saw Amy Weber in a country music video. There’s a countdown of the 20 worst songs of 2004 on VH1. This song is number 4. Someone named Toby Keith. ??? The song is about a girl who doesn’t like any drink but whiskey.

First, it’s a pure country sound, so I feel like throwing up. Second, if I ever met a girl like that I’d run quick. I’ve never seen a person who drinks a lot of whiskey that was very stable. Usually a whiskey drinker will tend to be a fighter too. Third, who’s supposed to believe that a fancy girl like Amy wouldn’t prefer wine or some light beer over whiskey anyway? (Champagne anyone?) I’m not buying it.

Damn, I hate when people I like show up in places I detest.

Ok, it's time to crash for the night. I changed the cannel and there's Sandra Bullock. Cool! But the joy is short lived. It's Speed 2. Bleech! Just reinforces my earlier point.

Good night all.

Trump On SNL

Donald Trump is on Saturday Night Live. It's weird. I know he's a big business superhero and all that, but watching him dance is kinda painful. I wonder if that's how he will dance at his wedding? You'd think a few billion would provide for some good dance lessons. Ah well, no one will laugh at him anyway, at least where he can see it. He's the boss after all.

He's a bit stiff doing the lines, but I guess that's to be expected. The board room is what he's used to, not the stage. He gets an E for effort at least.

This skit making fun of Amarosa is great! (Did I spell her name right?)

Wouldn't it be weird to 'do lunch' with Trump? I've had a few business lunches in my time but to sit there with the Donald and talk business would be tough. What do you say to someone who already has proven they know how to succeed in the business world? I think it would be cool if you didn't talk business at all. I think I could hold my own on other subjects with Trump. Except dancing. After seeing him dance tonight, I'd start laughing right away if the subject came up. That wouldn't be good. Can you get fired from a lunch?

Friday, December 03, 2004

YB Likes The Young Chicks

Yep, Yankeebob was doing his best Nina impression tonight. I had the young chicks all over me. Problem was they were waaay too young. The first babe was probably 3 years old. She did find me quite fascinating though. At least Nina waited for 11 year olds to show up.

Nicci and I went out for dinner. (Not my idea. Spaghettio's were my craving tonight.) While sitting waiting for our table a mother came in with 3 little girls. They ended up sitting near us waiting too. The littlest girl, an adorable blond cutie, was on her Mom's lap to start with when she noticed the 'eyes' I was giving her. Yep, it's one of my weaknesses. I can't resist playing with little kids, especially in very public settings. Anyway, she looked over at me and my first reaction was to cross my eyes at her. She wasn't sure what to think at first. She buried her face in her Moms sleeve to hide, trying to decide about the weird guy making faces at her. And then the inevitable happened; she peeked at me again.

This time I gave her the crossed eyes and the stuck out tongue. She immediatlely started giggling and buried her face in her Moms sleeve again. The giggle was the hint I needed. I knew I had her now so when she peeked again, I gave her my super-secret kid magnet weapon. I have this thing I do where I cross my eyes and then roll them straight up, outward to the left, straight down till they're crossed again, back up and all the way around right and back to crossed again. Kids get a kick out of it. Well, once she saw that she was off Mom's lap sitting beside me giggling and begging for another show. Her Mom was surprised at first but was relieved to find out that it was just a bigger kid having fun with her little girl. She laughed and said "I wondered what was going on." The whole family was pretty nice, but the little one was hooked on YB and his magic eyes.

Sadly, our table was ready and we had to go. While we were having dinner, a family of 4, Mom, Dad and, guess what, 2 more little girls! were seated at the table next to us. The girls were maybe 3 & 2 years old. (I suck at ages, but I think it's close.) The one facing me kept staring at me, so taking that as an invitation, (what else?) I licked my spoon and stuck it onto the end of my nose. As I took my hands away and the spoon stayed there, the little girls eyes got really big and round and her mouth formed a perfect O. It was so funny seeing her react. She started pointing at me. Both her parents turned to look just as I added the crossed eyes routine. (No, the spoon didn't stay in place during the whole eyes routine. I wish.) They had a good laugh too. Then I borrowed one of her crayons (blue) and drew a nice cartoon character for her. It was a funny looking Baseball guy with a Yankee hat on. (What? You expected something else?) I hope she keeps it and some day becomes a Yankee fan.

I kept up the entertainment until their food arrived and then quit. They were there to feed their young, after all. I was worried a bit that the little girl might not want to eat and would just want to play some more, but I didn't have to. Apparently she was starving because when the food arrived, she had no more interest in anything else. Whew! Dodged another bullet fired from a non-appreciative parent.

All in all, it was a sucessful night. I now have 2 young admirers somewhere in the world. It's a good feeling to know they are out there somewhere. I just hope they don't expect that kind of thing every time their parents take them out. That would suck for the parents.

I Think They're Doin It

I'm starting to wonder about a couple of my co-workers. They are pretty cozy together. Not just a little cozy. A lot. They always go out to lunch together. Always work together on projects. Always socialize together. They're pretty touchy-feeley. (Is that how it's spelled?)

The woman is recently married. She and her husband lived together for some time before being married. She works, he's in school full time.

The guy is engaged. He's been living with his girl. They bought a house together within the past year. She owns him. No, that's not a sexist remark. She has him take days off so he can help her finish projects, has him shopping and cooking and cleaning. It's like all she wants is a handyman/sex toy, as long as he doesn't disagree with her about anything. (He tells all his secrets at work. People shouldn't do that.)

These two seem like an unlikely couple. She's short, he's tall. She's loud, he's quiet. She's silly, he's got quite the temper. She's smart, he's kind of smart. It's got people in this building wondering.

Maybe the speculation is unwarranted. I like to float through the area listening to others talk about stuff like this. I don't pursue information. I just catch bits and pieces. Normally I won't get involved with the gossip mongers. But sometimes it is fun.

If they are, that's their business. If they're not, that's their business too. One way or the other, it is making for some interesting 'water-cooler' discussions.