Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Talk Is Cheap

I am getting really tired of 'corporate speak' or whatever they want to call it these days. The terms and catch phrases the management use bug me. I think most of that crap is made up so they actually sound more intelligent than they are. Then they can talk to their boss(es) and sound like they are being effective and really know what they are doing. Mostly they are just pushing the talented people around them hard enough to make themselves look effective.

I am sick of hearing about "thinking outside the box" and "taking ownership" and "Value Added". WTF does "Let's Interface" have to do with anything? And anyone "Touching My Base" will get a smack in the head. (Unless it's a case of sexual harrassment that I would like to happen.) Complaints that employees are not "being proactive" suck too. Mostly management really means that they have someone to blame for not thinking ahead for them when they throw that one around. How about this one, "problem space". It's a problem dorks! Not a space. And I still dont get the term "Robusticity". I think thats is a made up word.

I just want to work around people who speak english. lol

OK, got that off my chest. Thanks.

Not everyone is like that. I like the people who go about their business and get things done without trying to be more than they are. Those are the valuable employees. I get wary of people who like the flashy terms and mumbo-jumbo talk. Those are warning flags for me.

So these days have been flying by me. The around-the-clock schedule has been a bitch. More so for the operators. But it has made days just run together.

Nicci and I have been hitting the Tennis courts every day now. It's a good stress relief. Last night we had a little extra fun playing. We got a bunch of new tennis balls and when one of the old ones got mixed into the game somehow we would see who could be the first to hit it way out of the court. We planned on leaving all the old ones there wherever they landed. People with dogs love to get the old ones. What is strange about last night is that normally when a ball goes over the fence people will just walk by and not help you out by throwing it back in the court. Not so yesterday. Several people came by and threw the balls back in to us. It got ridiculous. We hit 6 out and got 4 returned. Usually we have to go run for them ourselves. Of course last night we didn't want them back. Go figure. I guess it was 'nice people walking through the park' day.

Unfortunately the work schedule has left me with precious little blog material. Just what is in my head. So lately this blog is lame-o. Soon I hope to be social and start living again. Then I can tell you all about the weird people and strange observations I usually have here. I'd love to talk about the Yanks too but I am too superstitous. When I talk about a game they lose the next one. So I won't do that until they win the Series. Then I'll mention them again. ;)

Like my title there says, I'm feeling cheap right now. So, see you later.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Assessing My Mental Health

I took a mental health day today. I put in for it Wednesday and on Thursday I knew I was going to need it. I did.

Now I'm trying to assess my mental health. It still seems a little loose. lol

But the day has been awesome. No one bugging me. No hassles from so-called superiors. No dorks making me worry for the human race. Alone with myself. Well, almost. Me and a nice Margarita. Nothing like a Cuervo Gold Margarita made just right. Ummmmm....

So I was wondering something. Why do people leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put their useless junk in the garage?

Have you ever wondered that? Around here you see it in every other house. The garage opens and there is no room in there for a car. One guy on our street has 3 cars and none go into the garage.

Personally I think that is mental.

I also wanna know why a Doctor calls what he does "practice". If he's practicing, I don't want him touching me. Get good, then call me.

I also wonder why I wonder about some things. :)

So soon I will be reunited with some high school buds. Maybe as soon as next weekend (or was it the weekend after that?). But the big reunion (all 5 of us) is happening later in August. I am kinda psyched about it. There have been a few emails passed back and forth about it so I know it's for real.

I stink at keeping up with people via email and other means but I am making an effort this time around. Considering that email is so simple you gotta wonder about a guy like me. But thats me.

I think the weekend will be odd. Nothing but free time. Those are dangerous times to be around Nicci. Usually she comes up with some annoying project to do. But this week she has been talking about getting a BMW again. Even surfing the net looking for one. Maybe we will finally get rid of that stinky old Scion and get the Beamer back. Well, not the Beamer. Another Beamer. You know what I mean. That would be a good project. Ler's wait and see, shall we? OK.

Well, gotta go now. My girls are waiting for me. You know, my WoW girls. They get impatient waiting so I gotta run. I'm feelin the love. lol

Great weekend to all. Who knows? Maybe I'll even blog over the weekend. Stranger things have happened. I'm here this evening so I guess you never know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Super Premium Post

I just don't know the difference between Premium and Super Premium stuff. Anyone out there able to explain to me what the difference is? Maybe I don't even know what the difference between Premium and Regular stuff is. The ice cream place near us has "Super Premium" ice cream. Its good stuff but it doesn't seem any different than other ice cream. The sugar container beside my coffee pot at work is "Premium Sugar". The stuff I have at home is the same but it doesn't say it is Premium.

I guess modern advertising doesn't work on me. To me, if something says "Super Premium" I expect to notice a difference. Otherwise it just means "More Expensive".

I've noticed more and more station wagons on the road lately. Not just normal, every-day station wagons either. Mercedes and BMW wagons. This morning I saw a SAAB Station Wagon. Those cars can't be inexpensive. I'm not real sure why someone would spend so much on a station wagon. That normally will mean kids are in the thing. We all know what kids do to a car. If I had that kind of money I'd wait until the kids were older and then spend it on a nice car, not waste it on something for them to destroy.

I remember when I was a kid there were station wagons everywhere. It was very common. I guess the mini-van has replaced all those. Too bad too. I remember one of my friends parents had this huge Chevy wagon. It was white with wood grain on the sides. In the back there was this seat that folded down so it was out of the way when not needed but when it was upright it faced out the back window. We always begged and begged for the parents to lift that seat up so we could ride looking out the back. It was the coolest thing ever.

I remember the day my Dad found the wagon he wanted. He wasn't a fan of big cars and one day he found this 1967 Mercury Comet Station Wagon. It was baby blue with wood grain on the sides. It was considered a mid-size car I guess. But he absolutely loved that car. Talk about something making someone happy! It was funny for a while how he would keep suggesting we take a ride for no real reason. We did take a lot of rides that year.

It had this weird quirk too. The front passenger door sort of stuck half way when you opened it. It would get to a point, then stop and you would have to bump it a little and it would make this loud pop sound and open all the way. My Dad swore he'd never fix it. "Gives it something unique" he would always say. "No one elses car sounds like that." lol

After he was killed I remember feeling bad that the car went to someone else. He probably would have kept that thing forever. Then a few years later my friends and I were running around just outside of town when we came across an abandoned car that looked just like my Dad's old car. I was sure it was his so I tested the passenger side door. It was the car. The thing was sitting there all rusted and unkept. It brought tears to my eyes. Funny how that stuff happens, eh? If I knew where that thing was today I'd buy it and get it back into good shape.

Speaking of mini-vans, I saw one this morning that had lightening style racing stripes all along the sides. Why? It had all the mini-van stuff on it too. The shades on the windows where the baby sits, the baby-on-board yellow window thing, the bumper stickers about how their elemtary school kid was doing. But it had big old lightening stripes all over it. There's someone who's not quite buying into their lifestyle. Thats the impression I got.

Today I feel very introspective. The days are running together now and I'm feeling like I'm not going to put up with it much longer. I'm redoing my resume and will be sending it around everywhere. I think if I finally win the lottery I will build a Rita's near my house and just run that until I am too old. Then I won't have to deal with psychos like we have inherited at work this past 2 months. Besides, free Rita's every day sounds good.

And yes, I would make mine for free. RHIP you know. :)

Time to run.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Biting The Weiner Of Death

There is this sign above the urinals in the restroom that says "Lean = Less Waste". I'm thinking it's someone's weird sense of humor that made them post it in that particular location. I could see me doing that.

The weekend was pretty cool. We are up to about 2-2.5 hours of Tennis every morning now. I'm at the stage where I don't get tired any more. Just like the old days. OK, maybe just similar to the old days. No way I have the stamina I did when I was playing daily. Nicci and I have been playing on Wednesday evenings too but we've decided to start playing on Tuedsay and Thursday evening now instead of just Wednesdays. Maybe in a few months I'll start getting into some decent physical shape again.

I went to a baby shower yesterday. That was a first for me. Never been to one. But Nicci was there and she called and told me that most of the guys were there too, hanging out together. So I went. Out of curiousity I checked out the women stuff while I was there.

One conclusion I came to was that the goofy games they play have to be unique to those occasions. No way a regular party would ever see that happening. Women can not sit around playing guessing games the and clothes pins game at a regular party. Can they?

I also got a smile when the pregnant girl mentioned that she had forgotten her engagement ring at home. Then she corrected herself and said "Oops! I forgot, I don't have a ring." The father of the kid on the way just rolled his eyes. Different perspectives there, eh?

Jersey Girl is back from vacation. It was a quiet week without her here last week. Funny how you don't know when you'll miss someone until they aren't around. Then it's obvious (and sometimes too late).

Harry Potter.

I had to add that here just because the whole world around me is all about Harry Potter. Personally, had he gotten a decent name I might have read one of the books. But who wants to read about a guy named Harry? How can you take a guy named Harry seriously as a hero?

I felt KB cringe just now. lol

This post started being written first thing this morning. About 6:45 a.m. It is now 1:47 and its not done. Thats how my day has been. Someone out there find me a new job please. This one has started biting the weiner of death.

I was wondering something; how did the restroom start being called "The John"? I understand the can, the pisser, the pee house. All those. But the John? If my name were John I'd be a little upset about that.

OK, time to fix another problem. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am these days.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Today Is The First Day......

....of the rest of your life. Ever heard that one? It's an oldie but a goodie. It's in my mind for a reason. Yesterday my boss told me that his boss warned him to "learn as much from ***(Persons name)*** about what they know and do it as fast as possible. Like, tomorrow."

In other words, squeeze all the info possible out of him today so they can fire him.

This is not knowledge I want nor need. So I am now stressed because the guy is a genuinely decent guy with family. He isn't right for his current position but still, all I can think of is his future. I wish I didn't know about it.

This morning I am meeting with him to get some info that I need should he not be here again. I do not look forward to it.

Other than that things are peachy. *sigh*

I did manage to find some Yoo Hoo last night. I have a craving for Yoo Hoo lately. So I brought a six pack in. I also have the craving for PB&J again but no luck this morning with the lunch room machines. They say ("They" is Terra btw, as I found out recently) that cravings only really last about 90 seconds. I think maybe They (not Terra of course, who is never wrong) is wrong this time. Once I crave a PB&J it sticks with me until I take care of it. Like a Big Mac attack. When it hits you have no choice but to get a Big Mac. It will ruin you for days until you do.

So how many have Big Mac attacks right now? Your welcome. ;)

A good friend asked me recently to come and help him finish some drywall and then painting. Normally I don't mind helping anyone with things. Especially good friends. The thing is, the one thing I hate most in the world to do is painting. It sucks! I can paint pictures all day long. Painting and trimming and all that just bites ass. So I'm stuck. I guess I'll help him out. The funny thing is his wife keeps telling me not to help. She is pissed because he wasted several weeks getting the project started and now when he has a deadline he is pushing to try and get it done. (They have a thing on Sunday.) I think it's funny the different views between men and women. lol

Lisa just made me think of something from my childhood. She mentioned butterscotch. I really don't care for butterscotch. I remember when I was a kid we rarely got candy of any kind. But at holidays the old folks would bring bags of candy and there was always butterscotch candies mixed in. They stayed there until the bitter end. And then after being desperate for some sweets, I would go ahead and suck on the butterscotch candy just because it was the last candy to be had. I hated almost every minute of it but it was candy. Isn't that hilarious? Kids!

These days it's still Smarties for me.

Ok, time to go have my meeting with the short-timer. Everyone wish him luck. I sure will be.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Minor Annoyance

I have been noticing people here saying this a lot just before asking a question: "I have just a quick question...." or "Quick question....." or "Can I ask a quick question..." Then they ask a question.

Usually there is nothing quick about it either.

WTF does that mean anyway? How did it become so common? If someone is going to ask a question then they should just ask it. Why ask a question to ask a question? Plus, if they claim it's going to be quick, they should stop lying and make it quick. By the time they ask if they can ask the quick question they could have asked it and gotten started on a response. That would be quicker.

Get it?

"A quick question..." pffft!


This morning I noticed something about myself. I am amused by any type of face a person has. If someone walks by me and is smiling I think thats pretty OK. If someone is frowning I am amused at them. In other words, I think it's Ok if someone is happy or sad as long as it makes me laugh. And it always does. No matter what I don't mind laughing at someone or with someone. I do both all the time. Every face is different and they all amuse me. If you are having a good day I am right there with you. If you are having a bad day I feel nothing but satisfaction somehow. Is that sociopathic? Maybe?


I noticed over the weekend that there are handicapped parking spaces at this State Park I like to go to. That may not sound like a big deal but the thing is the spaces are only beside this trail that winds up into the mountain. It is a 1.5 mile hike to some rocks overlooking a valley. The beginning of the trail warns you that the first .7 mile is all steep uphill.

So why are there handicapped parking spaces there? Unless there are now 4 wheel drive wheel chairs it is pretty much a waste. Actually none of the park is handicapped accessible. But they have those spaces anyway. I think the park planners are handicapped in the head.

Work really sucks lately. (Yes, I feel like bitching.) It was fun until the past month or so. We are literally working round the clock, 7 days a week. I sometimes have to actually look at a calendar to see what day it is. It's a weird thing to know what the number of the day is but not what spot in the week it is. This schedule will continue until early October. I wonder how many of us will break by then? I've been missing appointments and forgetting dates of pre-planned events. This is no way to spend a Summer.

And my darn Lotto tickets were broken again. Someday they won't be and then lookout, the world will be in trouble when I am free and turned loose to do whatever I want to. LOL

Until then, we'll survive somehow.

Not much else to say so far today. Uhmmm..... see ya?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PB and J For Breakfast

Have you ever had a craving that you just knew you couldn't fulfill right away? I did this morning. I really wanted a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I love those. So I went to check out the machine in the cafeteria, just for the shits and grins (as Austin Powers would say) and there was one there! I was shocked. Plus the machine had been filled yesterday afternoon so the sandwich was pretty fresh. It was awesome! Talk about a good start to the day. :)

Normally I will make my own. I am picky about the jelly. Has to be Grape Welch's or Smucker's. No other. I don't care what PB it is. They are all the same to me. Usually I will get Peter Pan just because the label is cuter. Thats my whole manner of shopping. Whatever is cuter on the label. lol

So the day has started good. PB & J & Starbuck's. It's probably all down hill from here but right now I don't care.

Yesterday was such a long day. The work schedule was brutal. I woke up today thinking it had to be Thursday but then I remembered that just one day had passed. Thats when I realized just how long a day it had been. Those types of days wreck a week. Maybe I'll have to try and skip out on Friday. Yeah, thats the ticket. Friday off. Gotta work on that.

Our old lady neighbor, Old Sexy, was out again yesterday in her underwear. That is so funny. I will have to get a better pic of her so everyone knows what I am talking about. I posted one last Summer but it was a sneaky one from my phone. Wasn't real good. I'll get a better one soon. C'mon! I know you are all anxious to see a 93 year old woman walking around the yard in her lingere. Isn't everyone interested in stuff like that?

She's a strange old bird too. She comes out in her lingere with tree trimmers and butchers a side of one of her bushes/trees/shrubs. Whatever they are back there. Then she lets the stuff lay for a few days. Then she cleans it up and repeats the process. The shrubs are shrinking more and more. Plus, they are totally uneven and look funny. But I think its her new hobby. Butchering shrubs and trees. At that age any hobby is a good one, eh?

I have another craving lately. I feel like watching While You Were Sleeping. I know I haven't spoken about my one true love, Sandra Bullock, in a while. Not since she married beneath herself (in my opinion which doesn't count for anything). But I am missing her lately. I may have to break down and watch the movie again. Or maybe it's because her birthday is almost here again that it is coming to mind. Whatever the reason is, I have to admit that Sandy is still my fave.


Today is starting out OK. I'm not even scared yet. Wish me luck with the rest of the day.


Right back atcha. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Stopping By.....

Again, the new schedule at work won't allow me any play time on blogger. Imagine that! I do need to start again from home. Be back as soon as I can. xoxo

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging From Home

Hello blogger world. Here I am blogging from home. It's rare that I take time to blog from here but the internet at work has been miserable for two days. No blogs would load, so I couldn't even post. I'm not sure why the internet at work is so bad but it sure is.

So, for two days I've been blogger blind. I'm going to have to try and catch up with everyone.

The work thing has been crazy. WE are working round the clock. The directive is to get as much through the production schedule as we can. Shooting for 100% utilization of the equipment time. The problem there is that anyone knows that running equipment 100% of it's capabilities means you are 100% guaranteed to break it pretty good. I expect we will. Or we will break some of the people and they won't keep coming back. But the cheeses have dictated this so who am I to blow against the wind? They have been warned.

Otherwise I have been emailing back and forth with 3 old classmate now. It's amazing how things work out when you update your high school class site's webpage. I am totally psyched to meet up with them again. It will be a blast.

I'm thinking that I should start a new update spot here on YB. The Jersey Girl is giving me daily descriptions of her underwear emsemble. She wears the best sets and her descriptions are amazing. I'm not sure how she got started telling me this but I do not mind at all. But seeing as this is a family show here..... lol

OK, enough of this. I need to see what been going on, then check emails and then relax. Nice to be reconnected for a little though. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Morning Experiences (So Far)

Hello Mr. Minivan driver. Yes, I know you have testosterone image levels when driving that thing. But do you have to try and race me when I'm going around you? You were doing 5 mph under the speed limit before I started to pass. Then you decided that I shouldn't be allowed to pass you and ended up going 15 mph over the speed limit, pretending you were a nice little sports car. You make no sense because your dingle is still the same size and it is still owned by the situation that put you in that minivan. Besides, I still left you in the dust. It would have been better for you not to have tried because I'm sure it was more emasculating after I easily moved by you. You should have stayed where you were instead of pretending to be something you are not. Have a nice day. :)

Good morning Ms. Baseball Poser person. Yes, I am wearing my Yankee colors again. And yes I am very proud of it. Yes, I believe you have seen me wearing a Yankee emblem on my shirts pretty often. I never leave home without something Yankee on me somewhere. So you are a red sux fan? Yes, I knew that. What's that you say? The sux aren't doing well this year? They kinda stink you say? Huh. Funny, I believe they are up in the division by 10 games. That tells me you are not really a fan, just a poser. I get you now. So go away and talk your uninformed, fair weather fandom crap to someone else today. Came back when you really know something about "your team". Thanks. Have a nice day.

Hey there Mr. Old School Good Guy to everyone. You came in late last night to check up on the equipment? Again? You are here early, concerned about it running well? You are the best, you know that? Never do I ever have to worry that you will let us down. You are no slacker. Hopefully the new guy you are training will be half as good as you are. I know you will be retiring in 2 years. You will be missed then. For now, we really appreciate you. Have a nice day.

Hello Mr. Coffee alarm. The Starbuck's Italian Roast is ready? I'm so very happy to hear that. I know it will be excellent as always. Thanks a lot once again.

LOL :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Chunky Milk Anyone?

It sucks to have to grow up. So I try to avoid it at all costs. :)

What made me think of that this morning is yesterday's Tennis session. Nicci and I have been playing Tennis since our vacation. Every morning that we are off we play early, as soon as we are up and around. Yesterday I just didn't have it in me. I felt like my legs weighed about 200 lbs. each. I couldn't run. So I adlibbed.

I decided to start imitating the pros. Not their styles of play. Their noisy grunts. They make some obnoxious noises on the court. So I would imitate them. Nicci joined in too. It got pretty noisy on that court for a while.

Later I decided that I would play Tennis ballet. I made some awesome shots while doing ballet moves to hit the ball. Plus I looked stunning in my majestic poses and graceful when I moved so gently around the court.

Then I decided not to use my arm for shots. Only my wrist and hand moved. I actually held my own doing that. Of course, it was probably because Nicci was laughing too hard to hit the ball back by then. But I prefer to believe it was because I was so good. :)

Growning up is for sucks. Good thing the courts are deserted that time of morning, eh?

Meritt mentioned last week how my morning post sounded like I was grumpy. I reread it and thought it really did sound grumpy. The funny thing is, I wasn't feeling grumpy nor trying to be grumpy. I was mostly sarcastic. Nicci tells me all the time that she can't read me. She can't tell when I'm serious or being sarcastic or just what my mood really is. Maybe thats translating to blogging now? Hope not. Sorry Meritt.

We were researching something on our house over the weekend when we came across the original deed from 1954 when the house was built. There is a line in the deed that specifically excluded "colored people" from owning in the neighborhood. It says "No colored persons may reside in any lot except as servants." It is its own line in the legal mumbo-jumbo. Isn't that weird? I was shocked to see that. But those were the times back then.

Yuck! I just went to put a little milk in my morning coffee and big white chunks came out of the container. The date on it says to sell by July 5th. Guess they know their shelf life pretty well. So I went to the machines to get new milk and all the milk in them have the same expiration. Weird. Guess its non-dairy creamer for me this morning. Its almost enough to make a person skip morning coffee.

Almost. Calm down Meritt. Just almost. lol

This morning the new, big promotion will be presented to the department. I officially re-enter the world of supervision. Yay me. I'm not real hot on the managing people side of it. I quit that long ago. But it's a good group so I'll give it a whirl.

I tried hard to blog over the weekend again. I just can't do it. I have so many interesting things to talk about too. My brain is much sharper but I can't do it. I can read blogs but writing takes away from outside time and Baseball time. So I can't. I try. Maybe in the winter I can again. We'll see.

Coffee isn't bad today, minus the chunks. I do wonder what milk chunks taste like. Anyone else ever wonder that? Has anyone ever tried them? Maybe they are really yummy and we are all missing out. I like cottage cheese. Maybe it's similar? Someone try it and get back to me, OK? Thanks.

Time to go. Hasta la vista. :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quote Of The Day

I’m OK at those meetings because I know I am wearing very sexy underwear and I look fabulous in them.

They Say.....

I want to know who the "They" is when people say, "Well, They say that......." Have you heard someone say that? It's so annoying. They are experts on everything. They know all about what you need to do in every situation that ever comes up. The problem is, you can never meet They. No one really has met They. People just like to quote from They so they sound like an expert too.


If I ever meet They I think I'll punch them in the nose for getting into my business so much all the time.

Yesterday was a weird day. My Aunt had her big family thing like every year. When I talked to her last week she said to come by around lunch time, like always. Then she called on Tuesday and changed the time to 4:00. Naturally we had plans at 5:00 already since we thought her thing would be done by then. Then she proceeds to tell me that both my brothers and their kids would be there. So I told her that was not sweetening the deal for me at all.

Have you noticed how people don't listen when you talk? Everyone knows that I don't care for my family all that much. Telling me that the whole annoying bunch will be in attandance somewhere is just cause for me to cancel on you. Duh.

But we went anyway. Luckily we had an excuse to leave early. It wasn't too bad but the truth is, I prefer to visit my Aunt & Uncle without all the losers hanging about. Makes for a better time.

I remember when I was younger we always would take blankets and walk to the school and watch fireworks. Every year I am reminded of those times. I hated doing that. I just didn't see the point in it. Uncomfortable and noisy and semi-interesting. Thats all I remembered from the years past. But every year we were forced to go again. I never go to the local fireworks displays anymore. Especially after seeing the real thing at the beach or in Washington D.C. Local shows are even less interesting now. I guess I just don't get it, eh?

But I am a very patriotic person. Don't get that wrong. Right now I have 12 flags displayed all over my house. I just don't get into some traditions, thats all. I pick and choose the ones I like. Don't we all?

Anyway, the visit was Ok. I met my youngest brother's kids for the first time. One is 9 now and the other is 5(?) I think. Yay. My favorite neice was there but she was acting like a spoiled 15 year old. All sulky and non-communicative. Apparently she wanted to do something else and was there instead. So she acted like a butt the whole time I was there. Teenagers are so emotional and silly sometimes. I remember those days. No one ever realized that the world revolved around me back then either. lol

Not much else to say about the holiday. It was a day off. That was cool. I didn't win the lottery so I came back to work. Not cool.

I bet I'm totally annoying at those things. I have so little interest in what is happening with most of that crew that my attention span is the size of a gnats. Many times people would repeat things to me so that I could respond. I'd have to ask what they were talking about a lot. My mind was always somewhere else. Like on when my next guitar lesson would be (ie: the person I was teaching to play). Or what new quest I'll be working on when I play WoW again. Or how come I wasn't born rich so I could hang with Paris Hilton. You know, simple little things that occupy all of us every now and then. Someone like me would bug me at a party. They didn't seem to notice.

At a regular party I am the opposite.

I realized some thing else yesterday. I miss seeing Peachy. I'm going to have to force my way into her busy schedule soon so I can get my fix. lol I do miss you a lot sometimes Peachy. :)

Ok, too many interruptions already. People here really want me to work for some reason.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

He Didn't Know Who He Was Dealing With

I am struggling with getting back into the swing of the work week. You know how it is, having a week + off and then going back to work. Same old routines, same old issues, same crap. It's hard.

I enjoyed my vacation so much too. Tennis every day. Golf every other day. The pool and/or the beach every day. Totally a fun time. (With the minor issue of me being creeped out by all the gross people who inhabit those places.) It was so fun and then we came home. I got a little bummed so I knew exactly what to do. I bought lottery tickets. Even an extra one.

But they were broken.

So I am back at work, feeling the pain.

Yesterday was totally weird too. My boss comes to my office and chats for a while. Then he gets up and closes the door for a "private talk" (his words). I knew something werid was coming. They decided they need me to do something a little different. They are promoting me, more money, more responsibility... yada yada. They need to reorganize to make things better. I was thinking "Here we go again." These reorganization things almost never work. If they did then they would never do them again. Here they reorganize everything. The people, the responsibilities, the walls and rooms (I am not kidding). They need to reorganize the big cheeses and get some better ones. That would help.

So I will be promoted. Big fat hairy deal. Maybe I should be happy/proud/excited and all that. But to me it's just another day.

Later in the day they dissolved the Engineering department. Fired the big cheese engineer and spread his people around within the operations group. My 2 engineer friends broke the news to me after coming into my office and closing the door. Twice in the same day I had a closed door conversation. I usually have about 2 of those per decade.

It doesn't really affect me much. I just hope they know what they are doing.

I have to tell this story: While we were at the beach last week my friend's daughter Lindsey called. She was at another beach having a long weekend there. She started out by saying that she was calling before the cops called. Her Mom just laughed. You have to know Linds to know why she laughed. She is a very beautiful 20 year old who is also the most outspoken and non-bullshit taking person I've ever known. She is by far one of my favorite people in the world. Always has been.

Anyway, she tells this story about how her and her girlfriend were walking down the boardwalk and these drunk guys started hitting on them. They wouldn't take no for an answer either. They wouldn't leave them alone. One of them was apparently very obnoxious about it to the point where Linds asked him if they had whore tatooed on their foreheads or something. Then guy then spit on her.

Oops! He didn't know who he was dealing with.

Lindsey walked up to him and punched him hard in the eye. He then started to try and choke her so she kicked him in the crotch. When he went down she then proceeded to beat the crap out of him. The cops had to come by and get her off him. LOL

The cops had a hard time keeping the smiles off their faces. Lindsey is model material and she does not look capable of doing something like that. They were very amused. They just told her to move on but did take a report. Thats why she called her Mom.

She is so cool. That guy needed his friends to help him walk away. Bet he never saw that one coming. :)

OK, I guess I need to get going here. No motivation for me yet. Going to the coffee trough to try and find my motivation. Wish me luck.