Saturday, April 30, 2005


It's been a busy day here. I even went to Starbuck's twice. My regular morning Latte then one of those caramel macchiato things. (Thanks for introducing me to them Meritt.) Not much to talk about though. Just a lot of boring errands and stuff.

One thing I have noticed lately is that there must be one of those ribbon things for every occasion now. The kind you see stuck on almost every vehicle on the road. I have seen so many variations that it's impossible to give a crap about anything they are trying to say. I think the "Support Our Troops" one was the first I had seen and then came the pink one. Now there are so many that I just ignore them. I saw a black one for POW/MIA's today. Personally, I think it's gotten ridiculous. Enough is enough.

I also wonder what geek invented those "My kid is an honor student" stickers. I always wonder how the kid in question really feels about those. It's cool to be proud of your kid and all, but do the kids like those? I dunno.

I'm watching one of those cool cheesy Sci-Fi movies right now. It's ManThing. I remember that comic when I was a kid. I love these cheesy B movies. They are pretty entertaining.Usually on Saturday night they have a new one on. Tune in all you Sci-Fi geeks. Those of us who actually have no other fun stuff to do that is. Those of you out there having fun, you better write something good so I can live vicariously through you tomorrow

Friday, April 29, 2005

Another New York Minute

So the show was great. It actually ended earlier than expected because it was the last day. We got time to walk around for a while then we headed back to the station, thinking that we shouldn't miss the train. (Duh!) Funny thing about walking around New York, you notice things you normally wouldn't think much of. Like all the black circles on the sidewalks that once were someone's gum. The sidewalk is covered with them. It's like a Dalmatians butt looking at the sidewalk. You know there had to be a lot of pissed off people walking around stepping in some pigs gum that they just spit onto the sidewalk.

Also, no parents walked with their kids without holding their hands. If they were with more than 1, they were holding onto both. I saw one woman walking with 4 kids, all holding hands. There's a good practice. I was glad to see it.

I also noticed that when a younger person was walking with an older person (presumably a Grandkid or kid of the older person) they would be holding their hand too. I wouldn't think much of it normally, but I saw about 10 different people doing this.

Inside the train station there was this irate woman getting on the Customer Service guy because she wanted to use her ticket for an earlier train. He nicely told her that she would have to stand in line and exchange it for another one. She started getting on him about how absurd that was and how it made coming to New York less attractive. She was insinuating that if he didn't do something maybe she wouldn't come back again. Like the guy could give a crap if she never returned. A few million other people would visit. Plus, he couldn't do anything about it anyway. She really thought she was going to get some special kind of treatment somehow. Maybe she was special?

Then there was Inspector Gadget in line. A mini version though. The guy couldn’t have been more than 4’ 10” tall, but he was dressed like Inspector Gadget. The hat and trench coat, everything. It was cool.

On the train home there was this guy sitting in the ‘Reserved for groups of 3 or more’ section. That’s the section where two seats are turned facing another two. He was sitting with his feet stretched across to the seat in front of him and the ticket guy came by and told him he had to take off his shoes if he was going to prop his feet on the other chair. So the guy takes his shoes off and puts them on the seat beside him. So now, not only is the seat in front of him dirty from his shoes and his stinky feet but the seat beside him is dirty from his shoes sitting there. Makes sense, no?

There are lots of other people things to discuss but I’m really busy today. I’m sure they’ll come out over the next couple of days. I actually started writing this post over 2 hours ago. I’ve been adding bits and pieces in between taking care of work stuff. It’s kinda hard doing that. I need time alone just to catch up, darn it!

Hoo Boy!

I just had a bunch of Green M & M's. ;)

A New York Minute

OK, here's a brief account of my New York trip yesterday. I apologize for the weird sounding audio-posts. It was really hard to concentrate on the one sided phine thing with a million distractions/distractors around.

Speaking of phones, I was once again reminded of the amazing impact that cell phones have had on society. Immediately. On the train going to New York we were surrounded by people jabbering away on cell phones. It was constant. No breaks. A lot of business calls and personal stuff too. Mostly business. There were a pair of guys one seat back and to the left that stayed on their phones the entire trip. If I were a thief I could have written down the one guys phone number, business address, his credit card number, including the extra numbers on the back, almost everything about him. It's no wonder people get their identities ripped off. When we were getting off in New York, the one guy looked at the other and said "Well, that trip wasn't too long." I guess not since you were busy on the phone the whole time.

One of the first things you notice when leaving Penn Station is the traffic in the city. Not the volume so much as the content. The street was fairly busty but there were maybe 2-3 personal vehicles in it. The rest were Taxi Cabs. There were maybe a hundred in sight. It was like a sea of Yellow Cabs out there. Cracked me up. Luckily we already knew where we were going so we walked to the show. It was just 4 blocks. 4 city blocks, but I need the excersize anyway.

I won't bore you with too many details about the show itself. Just suffice it to say that everything and every service available for the BioTech & Pharmaceutical Industry was represented there. Old friends too, like the guys I made say hi on the audioblog. I've worked on projects with them several times and it's always sweet to know someone in the business when you're in the city. (They thought I was nuts doing that, btw.)

The guy that I referred to with the bow tie was a trip. He had a big bow tie with suspenders over a white shirt and dark pants. The pants were several inches above his ankles. Floods or high waters they were called when I was a kid. At first I thought the guy was just one of the side show types, but he was dead serious. He got to the booth I was standing at and butted right in. Seemingly unaware that anyone else was talking to the reps there, he started out with a big "I'm sooo glad I found you guys!" He then monopolized the 2 guys there with some project he was working on. I found him amusing. I think he had to be an R&D guy. Had to be.

Then there were the babes I mentioned. This booth had some kind of demonstration of their rubber rpoducts tensile strength going on and they were stretching the stuff out to it's limits. They had two sexy women in skin tight, shiny blue outfits doing a stretching routine at the same time. I wondered how many people were paying attention to the product demo. I wasn't. Only in New York!

There was a really cool booth where the company was a Mechanical Contracting group. These usually are the best ones to visit. They had one of their circulating chillers set up with this blue liquid flowing through it. It looked really cool. Turns out the blue liquid was a blue martini mix. They had the real thing flowing through their machine and were giving out free shots. You got to keep the shot glass after the shot too. There's a tip for you, the best places to visit are the mechanical and industrial contractors. They always give out free booze. (Actually the equipment manufacturers also do that. They had big coolers of beer to hand out.)

I have a lot of people stuff to talk about later. This is long now and I do need to get caught up on some work. I'll post more later. (Damn work. Interfering with blogging again.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'll Miss You All

Just an FYI, I'll be hanging out in New York all day tomorrow so I won't be blogging at all. Yeah, it's tough getting paid to play in The City, but someone has to do it.

I wanted to post this now because I'll be tied up tonight for most of the evening. (No, not the good kind of tied up either.) I may get to blog tonight, but if not, everyone have a great day without me. :)

Today's Helpful Tip

From your helpful friend, Helpie Helperson.

Tip: When you go bowling, roll the ball in such a way that it knocks down all the pins. This makes for a very enjoyable time and you get a better score.

Remember, Helpie says any help is good help. :)


I just got a mini-lesson about how big weddings have lists of invitees. A lists, B lists and even sometimes C lists. Apparently there can be people on any list you do want to come, but priorities must be set. I wonder if I was ever one of the B or C listers? It's really not an insult because for various reasons some people are alternates, but I still wonder.

I wonder more than that just how a Wedding got to be such a huge enterprise. It seems like a waste to have 250 people come to a wedding. Just how many times do you really see most of a group of 250 people? And really, how many of them come for the romance of it? It's probably a lot of people feeling obligated and others are there for the reception. (Party!)

The expense has to be huge. A newlywed couple can't possibly afford that, can they? Unless they are already rich or the family is paying for it. I guess it makes sense to invite lots of people for the gifts you get though. Lots of gifts are welcome for a newlywed couple. Still, it's a lot of money spent for a moment that really should mean a lot to only 2 people. (Maybe 6 people, including parents.)

It also seems like a huge expense for something that has a 50/50 chance of success.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Whaddaya Think Of This Guy?

Nicci stopped at the ATM this morning before work. Early, before 7:00 a.m. Nothing open. No one around. When she gets to the ATM there is a guy in a pick-up. He does his thing, rolls his window up and moves forward about 1 foot. Then he stays there.

Now, Nicci isn't known for being patient, but she waited several minutes for the guy to move. When it was obvious that he wasn't going to, she tapped the horn once, real quick, just to let him know someone was behind. She was thinking that he didn't notice her. When she did that the guy turns around and starts yelling at her through his window. Of course she can't hear him but he was apparently pretty irate. He then peels out and goes around the corner out of sight.

Nicci pulls up to the ATM and the next thing she notices is the same guy pulling up into the lane next to her. He had driven all the way around the bank to come back and cuss her out. He did a lot of swearing at her, nasty name calling and foul things usually reserved for a sworn enemy and then peeled out again and finally left.

What would drive a person to act like that? That's a lot of effort to prove yourself to be a king sized a-hole. Sometimes you have to wonder about people.

Latest Poll Results

Here are the latest Poll results. Ian has won as the Hottie-est. We need to get him elected as the new Pope. He even beat Johnny Depp by 2 votes. Peachy in her biker leather was third. (Trust me, I voted for that one too.)

Which brings me to this weeks Poll(s). Inspired by Peachy's leather attire and requested by Grace, (yeah Grace, I know you only suggested the Peachy vote) this week we are voting for 2 of our own. This time you can vote as many times as you want, so keep em coming.

Which Hottie is the Hottie-est in the given role?

Kelly Hu in Scorpion King 2% 1
Brad Pitt in Interview w/ Vampire 5% 3
Patricia Velasquez in The Mummy 3% 2
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 12% 7
Angeline Jolie in Tomb Raider 9% 5
Orlando Bloom in LOTR 5% 3
Kate Beckinsale in Underworld 5% 3
Vin Diesel in XXX 2% 1
Salma Hayek in Desperado 7% 4
Russell Crowe in Gladiator 7% 4
Martha Stewart in Jail 2% 1
Colin Farrell in Alexander 0% 0
Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge 3% 2
George W. in The White house 2% 1
Sandra Bullock in Anything 3% 2
Ian as the Pope (soon) 16% 9
Janet Reno in Playboy 2% 1
Justin Timberlake in gay porn 5% 3
Peachy in her Biker Leather 10% 6
John Kerry in his long face 0% 0

58 votes total

Monday, April 25, 2005

30 Things About Me?

I've seen some of these thingys popping up in places. Can you tell by reading this what kind of mood I'm in tonight? Some are true. Which ones???

- You can't screw up my name. Forward = bob, backwards = bob
- I think Bugs Bunny is hot when he's disguised as a girl bunny.
- I've been camping.
- If people yell my name, I say "huh?"
- I wish I would lose a tooth so the Tooth Fairy would come by.
- I got a black eye from a bounced check.
- I once liked dogs best. Now I like cats better.
- I like doing laundry.
- I like women who are smarter than me.
- I laugh at everything.
- I would like to meet the person who invented Jell-O.
- I believe the Bee Gees were married... to each other.
- I wonder why sometimes.
- I hate camping.
- I would like to soak in a tub of melted cheese.
- I like to give massages with wine.
- I believe that all hot babes should wear thongs.
- I believe that bird names for sports teams sound wimpy.
- I wouldn't want to be known as a Packer. (A la Green Bay)
- I think that Carmen Garcia is sheer perfection.
- I remember when being a porn star wasn't cool.
- I feel that Charles Schultz was a genius.
- I think bumper stickers are stupid.
- I like the word Groovy.
- I won't go camping without guaranteed sex.
- I think having fun is fun.
- I invented balled up tin foil and the left footed limp.
- I sang a song once and almost remembered all the words.
- I remember life before cell phones.
- My underwear always matches my shirt.

Is This For Real?

Smashlee had a link to this on her last post and like a sucker for these things, I checked it out. A Turd Twister? I just can't believe something like this is real. It has to be a joke.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lame Weekend

For blogging, that is. Myself included. I guess everyone was preoccupied. I just haven't felt too much inspiration. It's been a good weekend otherwise.

The Yankees are beating me down. Geez, they look lame themselves. Hopefully soon they'll get going.

Meritt is back from her vacation thingy. That made me happy. There is coffee-talking again. Funny how you can get into a routine and not realize it. I miss it when bloggers are away. It breaks up my personal routine. Weird.

I did have a couple of posts at Stream Of Consciousness. It's easy to be inspired over there since the previous post gives you your first line. I think I like that blog a lot.

Well, here's my lame post for the weekend. Was it good for you?

Friday, April 22, 2005

I Want This For My Birthday

This is the original Elaine Mannequin from Seinfeld. I found it at an auction site. I would love to have this in my place. Yes, I would display it... Proudly.

Anyone with a few thousand to spare, be a pal eh?

More Stuff I Just Don't Get

Another addition to the ever growing list.....

- Guys wearing sweat pants to dinner

Last night we took one of my Aunts out for her birthday. We went to a nice restaurant (her choice) and it was a pretty normal evening. Then a group of 6 were seated nearby and I couldn't help but notice that one guy was wearing maroon sweatpants. Of course this got me looking around and I noticed that his group were all well dressed and looked nice. The women wore dresses and heels, the men wore dress pants and polos. He looked like a slob. Later, when he stood up to leave I also noticed that his t-shirt didn't reach down over his belly and part of his gut was hanging out from underneath. Now, I like that look when women do it with little t-shirts that don't cover the whole boob, but a big fat gut peeking out from an old t-shirt over dirty sweats? No thanks. As he walked by he slapped this old ratty looking baseball-type hat on his head and quickly turned it backwards. I'm not sure I understand wearing sweat pants out to dinner at any time in life but this guy easily takes the prize for ‘Worst Dressed Diner”. Can you say “black sheep”?

- Cell Phone Fakers

I heard a story this morning about people who fake cell phone calls just to impress people. Apparently this is a big enough occurrence that they are doing some kind of study of the phenomena. I just think it's pretty stupid. Why fake a cell phone call? They are annoying enough in many instances. Are these people that desperate for attention or acceptance? I'll tell you where their cell phones should be shoved.....

- Fear This

I keep seeing pick up trucks with the logo "Fear This" in large enough letters that it covers the whole back window. Why? What am I to fear from a doofus in a truck that has to advertise such a thing? Go back to the hills of West Virginia pal. I'd be afraid if I met you there, I think.

- Fish Tremble At My Name

Along the lines of the last item, I've seen a lot of stickers and bumper stickers that say "Fish tremble at the sound of my name". Must be fishing season or something because I’ve seen a lot of them lately. Can you advertise that you are a big dork any louder than that? I don't think so.

- Bennifer II

I sure don't like hearing that term when it comes to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. The first edition of 'Bennifer' was a circus (to say the very least) and I think these two are keeping things low profile and decent. The media just likes to stir things up I guess. I saw a story where the paparazzi were hounding them so much that they even hired helicopters to hover above an outdoor party they hosted just to spy on them. What does it take to be a paparazzi or a writer for a tabloid anyway? Getting rid of your soul and all decency, I think. They should just be left alone.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A New Quiz

I bummed this one from LZ. I don't know about that Dixie part....

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

20% Dixie

10% Yankee

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Maybe It Was A Sex Change

We just had a consultant come into the lobby and I heard her say her name was Dawn Henley. I thought this was amusing for some reason.

I wonder if she sings.

I should go back over and ask her if she’s staying at the Hotel California.

Latest Poll Results

Seems like we all have a thing for people falling down and someone else getting a ticket. (I voted for both of them too.)

Check out the new Poll on the right sidebar. I tried to make it with some variety. If I missed your favorite, say so in the comments section. ***Remember, you can choose multiple answers.

Which of these gives you a private, evil laugh?

Seeing someone fall down. 19% 15
Seeing someone *secretly* picking their nose. 6% 5
Seeing someone *secretly* picking their butt. 3% 2
Seeing someone *secretly* kissing someone they shouldn't. 4% 3
Farting in public (SBD of course) 6% 5
Witnessing an enemy getting screwed. (Not the good kind) 10% 8
Seeing and 'old friend' and looking better than them. 18% 14
Getting away scott free! 8% 6
Having the guy in front of you get the speeding ticket. 21% 17
Having a cooler blog than anyone else. 6% 5

80 votes total

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm Back

I haven't been able to blog at all today. I took the day off and went with some of the guys from work to play golf. I love to play, but it is a bit frustrating at times. It's not an easy thing to learn.

Sometimes I wonder why. It was much easier for me to learn to hit a baseball than to hit a golf ball. The baseball is moving too. It moves fast with motion in several different possible directions and I could hit pretty well. That damn golf ball just sits there and it is very hard to hit and make it go where you want it to go.

Worst is when it is sitting on a tee. The ball is elevated to whatever 'perfect' height you want it to be. It has no possible interferences with the club face, like grass or dirt. It still isn't easy to hit it properly.

You would think that somewhere over the years someone would have invented a fool proof method or fool proof equipment that would make it easy to hit the ball correctly. But no, it's still hard. And we fools still try to perfect some kind of method somehow. Ah, the joys of good weather activities. Whoever invented the game sure had a good sense of humor, that's for sure.

Well, time to do some catching up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just A Quick Note..... all of you who are expecting some questions from me. I haven't forgotten. I'll try to get them to you soon. I've been really busy and so far I've only managed to send Quyen hers. (She was the first to volunteer.) Soon, I hope, we'll be checking out her answers.

I don't just ask any old thing. I try to think of questions that will tell me more about you. I'm crafty like that. That's why I haven't sent them yet. I want them to be good. So expect them soon, in the order that you volunteered in my comments section. And don't forget to check in with Quyen to see how it went for her.

Question Of The Day

How come I can't have a hunk of the cheese?

Bitch Ass Night

Last night was a bitch. Yes, that's a heck of a way to start this post, but I just didn't have it in me to post anything last night. Here's why.

I already had a tough day at work. Not hard, just busy. My car was in the shop for something simple and when I called to make sure it was ready before I left work, it wasn't. It was going to be another 1 1/2 hours. I was bummed. That would put me right into the heart of rush hour on the beltway. Not something to look forward to. So I hung out at work longer than usual (which always sucks), finishing some paperwork and then decided that I'd be better off crossing the city and waiting at the dealership, at least missing that part of rush hour. Good thought. Too bad it didn't work out.

I got to the beltway without incident and right after the entrance ramp, I found myself in a parking lot. Yep, there was an accident ahead and all but 1 lane was closed. A 6 car bumper bender. As I crawled along I once again was reminded how these things are usually caused by some dork not paying attention to changing traffic ahead of them. One bumps the rear of another and it just snowballs. It really disrupts a bunch of people's lives just because one person is negligent.

Well, I finally get past and get to the dealership. A 10-15 minute trip turned into a 50 minute one. Naturally I'm now a bit irritable. I get my car, no problems there. It's running perfectly and looks beautiful, just having had it detailed. I leave the dealer all happy, ready to face the rush hour traffic. I get 2 blocks and I'm sitting at a stop light when suddenly, without warning, my car moves forward without my permission. Yep, you guessed it, some a-hole not paying attention just hit me from behind.

I see the guy get out of his truck and come to my window. I'm still a little stunned, but I roll the window down and the genius says to me "Did I hit you?" I know the look on my face had to scare the crap out of him because he took a step back and I just said "What the f$@# do you think? Who else do you see in front of you?" (Or something along those lines at least. I'm still not too clear on the exact phrasing.)

Anyway, we pull over into a parking area and exchange info. I call the Police because I know better than to let Einstein leave without having a report in my hands. We end up waiting there 40 minutes for the Police to show up. Apparently there are quite a few dorks like this one running into people tonight. While we're waiting the guy calls home and tells his wife that he just hit me. I hear her going off over the phone. It makes me smile. Then the idiot says "Yeah, it had to be a BMW. I couldn't hit a piece of shit car." I stare at the guy wondering how that makes any difference at all. First, hitting any car will piss off it's owner, no matter what kind it is. Second, hitting a car that is completely stopped and is in plain sight means you're an idiot. What a stupid thing to say.

Well, the Police Officer shows up and here is the only bright spot to the evening. It's a really attractive lady cop. (At this point, I needed a positive, thank you.) I didn't know they made pretty cops outside of television shows. She handled everything and we were finally on our way.

I finally got home some 5 1/2 hours after I left work. A normally 1 hour commute turned into a nightmare. Now we get to go through all the pain in the ass stuff with insurance people and getting the car fixed. The damage is not really too bad, but it shouldn't have happened. We shouldn't have to go through all the crap because some idiot couldn't pay attention. Sometimes you have to wonder how some people survive.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Questions From Yoj

This has been a hard day. I've had almost no blog time. Stupid work! I just got this from Yoj. I guess I've been tagged. here is how this works. Yoj got interviewed by a fellow blogger, and now I'm being interviewed by Yoj. The interviewer gives you 5 questions that you post on your blog and answer. Then you extend the invitation to other blogging buddies to be interviewed. So, if you would like to be interviewed by me let me know in the comments and leave your email and I will send YOU 5 questions to post on YOUR blog and answer... whaddya say?

#1. What was the most memorable expierence to date in your life? I'm talking about the one, that while it was happening, hit you and you thought, "Man, I'm never going to forget this."

I'm not mentioning any sexual escapades here. I could probably make you blush with the thoughts in my mind right now. But I won't.

I'll instead tell you that when I walked into Yankee Stadium the first time (it was 1997) and got to the end of that tunnel and saw the field, it was like I was stunned with an electric zapper. It was the most breathtaking sight I'd ever seen. A dream come true for a lifelong Yankee. I closed my eyes and I saw the Babe calling his shot, I heard Lou letting the world know how lucky he felt, I watched Joe gracefully glide and catch the fly he shouldn't have been able to catch up to, I saw Roger hit #61, I felt the raw emotion of Billy kicking dirt onto the Umpires shoes, I rolled in the dirt celebrating when the last out was caught by Charlie Hayes. I really had all those things go through me just as I stepped out and saw that Baseball field. There is nothing like it anywhere. Only a Yankee could understand.

#2. How did you come about to eat Speghetti O's? Do you eat them with the meatballs?

I started my SpaghettiOs addiction right after I got my first job. I didn't have to eat the disgusting 'healthy' crap my Mom would make anymore because I bought my own stuff. I knew I loved SpaghettiOs before hand, but I think the freedom added to the experience. I went to the Cannery Store and bought cases of them. All my life since that first teen job I've had Os of all kinds. With hot dogs, with meatballs, plain, made into some crazy self invented recipe, it doesn't matter. They are all great to me. My favorite way is to simply pop the top and eat them right out of the can. Yum!

#3. What is your greatest accomplishment in your life so far and why?

I guess I have to consider the best accomplishment is quitting being a drunk. It was a lifestyle and I loved it. I thought I was living the 'Rock Star' life and I didn't have any reason to stop. It was hard to quit because I really didn't want to. It was necessary. I really liked the action and everything that went with partying as often and as hard as I could. I would have been a complete burnout by now if I hadn't quit when I did. I got tired of the cops kicking me around. I wonder if they miss me?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

This May Be My Longest Post Ever

On one of my earlier posts a mini-discussion happened about kids in school being labeled ‘freaks’ and ‘odd’ and the possible results of trying to control their ‘creativity’. I got to thinking about how about the stages of acceptance and rejection in early life can be so different.

When I was young I remember being labeled as ‘creative’. ‘A future artist’, ‘imaginative’. I remember being in 1st grade and doing some kind of sculpture thing with clay that just kept growing and growing until it was taking over an entire section of table. I didn’t notice that the teacher was moving other kids away from my table, letting me go with my creation. Later, when I stopped to take a break, I had 5 teachers hanging around talking to me about it and praising me for what I was doing. It was then that I realized something odd had happened. It was then that I also realized I liked the recognition.

A similar thing happened to me in 2nd grade. I was working on a giant mural during art class that wouldn’t stop growing. I kept adding bigger chunks of poster board to the thing and it got to be huge. It was a scene from prehistoric times with dinosaurs and jungles and all that stuff. Kinda like Calvin when he does his dino drawings. I never noticed how big it got nor did I notice the deference paid to me while I was creating. At break time, once again I had a bunch of teachers oohing and ahhing over the thing. Funny thing was this was a different city and school. Same result.

These types of things kept happening to me all through grade school. Everyone loved when I’d get engrossed with a project. That dino mural was kept hanging for weeks in the back of the classroom. Other kids would come to me asking for drawings. It was great. Then came Middle School.

This was a different world. Boys my age were expected to start being mini-studs. I was into Baseball (duh!) and the Tennis bug was just starting to get me too. But I was still all over the creativity thing. Kids my age were just starting to think it wasn’t quite so cool anymore. The teachers knew who the few of us were who were ‘creatively inclined’ though and they would always draft me and 2 others to do special projects. One was this giant mural that covered the entire wall of the hall outside the offices. It was literally about 50 yards long and floor to ceiling. We did it and from what I understand it was still there for years.

Then came Junior High. This is where kids learn to be assholes. It’s just a natural progression of development, I think. Anyone who was an ‘artist’ (which became an insult suddenly) and was a brain (I was in advanced college prep classes) and who belonged to the chess club (still love the game) was branded a loser and a weirdo. Suddenly, I became a social outcast. Not totally like some of the others since I was on the Baseball team and the Tennis team, but for the most part I was.

This was a new thing for me. It definitely changed me. It served to create in me a feeling of distain and negativity toward the cliques in the school. The jocks were friends, but I still thought they were jerks, especially toward girls. They were disgusting. I still have few real guy friends after hearing all the crap from Jr. High boys toward girls. The egg-heads accepted me, but at arms length. I was as smart as them but I was also a jock (of a sort). I was also an ‘artist’ and that wasn’t something they wanted to be a part of. Nor did they want the added negative tag next to their names. They had enough social trouble being the eggheads.

The rich kid cliques acted the worst. They were the ones who decided I wasn’t socially acceptable at all. Until they needed something, of course. Like tutoring for a class or help with their Tennis game (which I got pretty good at). They really learned to kiss my butt when it came to the social gatherings for the school though. They didn’t want me there, but they needed the decorations to be the best. That’s when I was cool. When it was time to draw and paint decorations for dances and stuff. They also kissed my ass when they wanted to impress someone with something ‘artsy’. I remember I invented this style of writing that was kind of Victorian (???) maybe and many teenage girls just “Had to have their boyfriends name” done in that script. Girls in Jr. High go through some boyfriends so that kept me busy. Also, they found out I could do a lot of cartoon characters. That was a popular request too, as long as it was understood they were doing me a favor by talking to me at all.

I never went to a prom when I was in school. Not with a date anyway. I was always there, but I went because I was one of the creators of the decorations and artwork that made the proms awesome. I didn’t really care back then either. I knew the thing went great because of me so I was cool with it. Jr. High is easily the weirdest, hardest time for a kid. Transitions are hard. Then came Senior High.

The first year of Senior High was nearly the same as the last in Jr. High. But as the year ended I noticed that people weren’t quite as big on the a-hole stuff. Eventually by the time I was a junior, it was almost back to the way it was in grade school. The creative people weren’t considered cool, just ‘different’. Once again I was somewhere in the middle. I had 3 art classes, but I also had elective Phys Ed daily. I was still a chess team guy, but I was second baseman on the school Baseball team and a good player on the tennis team. I was also part of the Stage & Lighting crew, a member of Glee Club, a member of the Yearbook Committee and as usual, a chief with the decorating committees for social events. I think it was hard to stick me into any cliques so I fared better than others.

Some of my friends weren’t so lucky. The ones who were strictly artsy and into the drama club stuff, they were considered the ‘freaks’. Not by me, but by a lot of people. Some of them handled it just fine, others didn’t. I can think of 2 friends in particular that didn’t handle the rejection well. They chose to become more anti-social and it hurt them. One overdosed and one blew his brains out with his Dad’s gun. It’s sad when that happens, but teens just aren’t able to handle stress as well as older people are, I guess.

Now things seem to have come full circle. When people come by my house they tend to ooh and ahh over the artwork. Sometimes I feel like its 1st grade all over again. Truthfully, I still like it.

These days I like to think things are different. The schools seem to be more geared toward developing creativity and individuality. I may be wrong, but there sure are more classes that weren’t available when I was in school. Like Guitar class for example.

No matter what, I guess there will always be the cliques and the in-crowds and the freaks. It’s a shame really. I have to believe that the so called ‘freaks’ wouldn’t be as anti-social without the help of negative peers or worse, parents that are no help. I hope the kid I was talking about in the earlier post has the strength to handle the scene he’s decided to make himself a part of. It’s not a fun way to try to get through school.

I have a little experience with this type of treatment. I guess my use of the term ‘Freak’ was not quite what I had intended. Perhaps I forgot what it was like back then. That’s what blogging is for. Reminders like this are invaluable.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Making Calvin Faces Day

Today I've been making a lot of Calvin faces. (Calvin & Hobbes) Almost everytime someone says something to me I find myself making a Calvin type face, mostly because everyone seems to be a little more stupid or something today. This was even more fun to do back in the clean area where I have a mask on and I don't even have to wait until they are past me or looking the other direction. I just make a Calvin face right at them and they don't even see it.

Everyone, when someone says something stupid, make a Calvin, you are so stupid, face today. It's good for the soul. :)

This Is Funny

I just went to see a guy we work with who is openly gay. He's not shy about it. He's a great guy and most everyone likes him.

When I went into his office area I didn't see him anywhere. When I asked the group of people standing there if he was out, one of them pointed to the back of the room and said "No, he's right back there in the closet."

As soon as she said that he popped up from behind a file cabinet and said "Oh no I'm not! I came out of that years ago and I'm not going back! Been there, done that!"

I just cracked up. To me it was pretty funny.

Maybe you had to be there.

A Few Things Going Through My Mind This Morning

Maybe it's too much coffee or something but I have the urge to post quite a few personal opinions here for your reading pleasure (or not):

I think the way the Post Office stays open extra hours for negligent people sucks.

I think the modern day liberal is mentally unbalanced.

I think Latina babes are sexy.

I don’t understand why anyone cares about wtf Britney Spears is up to.

I think Dean Martin was a better singer but Frank Sinatra had better songs.

I think people who believe ‘in the power of love’ are in for a lot of rude awakenings.

I think Crash Davis was a genius. ("I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.")

I think Unions are destroying the economy.

I think marriage is over-rated.

I think romance is under-rated.

I think Blogger babes are sexy.

I think the lack of personal grooming by the red sux is an insult to the game.

I think the new Pope should be Latvian Orthodox. (Then George Costanza could be Pope.)

I think Charles and his gross new wife should be exiled for what they did to Diana.

I think gun control nuts are committing treason.

I think anyone displaying the confederate flag is committing treason.

I think Congress passing a bill so fast during the Schaivo thing told everyone that they suck at their jobs normally. (Since they normally take forever to do stuff that really is their job.)

I think the state of Maryland sucks.

I think the modern day 'athlete' is a spoiled, overpaid, over-rated cry-baby. (Most of them anyway.)

I can’t understand why anyone likes “The Sound Of Music”.

I think all schools should have uniforms and a strict dress code. (Then the freaks would blend in and not get their asses kicked as much.)

I think people with too many opinions are annoying (at best). ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Some old guy just came stumbling by our building with a big bottle of booze of some kind. He stopped and puked, took a swig and kept on going.

I guess the puking was to make room for more booze?



The previous post was all about cg (cheater guy) and the way he's pissing everybody off lately. This guy is one of those who knows everything, can do anything and no one else is as good as he is nor ever right compared to him. He's a bona-fide dick!

Work stuff usually isn't something I'll post about but lately this is getting so out of hand. How do you work with someone who is a terminal fuck-up and doesn't even have an inkling that he just may be slightly less perfect than he thinks he is? Pity Peachy. She's been drafted to work directly with him this weekend. Sounds like a lot of booze will be in order for her.

This guy makes simple projects hard. He usually has to repeat eveything twice. Most times it's a third round for him. He always needs help but when he gets it, he gets offended if the help doesn't bow down to his genius. He also will not help when asked. (Which is very rare anymore.) He's always too busy. Uh huh. That's what happens when you keep repeating everything several times until it's 'good enough' to get by.

This week we discovered a problem that he was in part directly responsible for. Something he tried to explain away. Then once we went behind him to fix it before it got really out of hand, he's sending e-mails about how it "should be fixed", confusing some people. Here's a clue, stay the fuck out of it and let those of us who know what we're doing fix it permanently. Dork. He's pretty pissed about the fact that we fixed it so he can't mess it up again. Deliberately cutting his ass out of the loop was pretty fun, I have to say.

He's a no talent, no intelligence, little experienced, always annoying, big headed, butt-kissing bucket of pecker sweat.

Whew! I feel better now.

(Sorry to be so vague with details but I'm not comfortable broadcasting company stuff.)

That Guy

Peachy, he makes me sick!!!

I Fell In Love Again

Yep, I fell in love again last night. It was when I was at the dealership to pick up my car. She was a beautiful 2005 BMW 645 Ci Convertible. I don't know if I've ever seen a more amazing car anywhere. It was silver with black leather interior and a black top. It wasn't even an automatic, which is super cool. 6 gears and lots of power to boot. It was sweet!

What was really funny was that a sales guy came up to me like I was someone who could actually afford the thing. He gave me the full treatment, trying to sell it, but was he ever barking up the wrong tree. I told him I'd be back after I won the lottery. Then we could talk. Besides, BMW is coming out with an M6 Convertible next year so, if I were to spend more on a car than most houses cost, that's what I would get.

It's a cruel world where all the best toys cost too much. For those of us who would appreciate them the most, they are just out of reach. Oh well, maybe the Lottery Fairies will visit me this week. If so, I'll get the M6 and drive it all over the country until I can't stand being in it anymore. That may take a while.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm Trying To Figure Out.....

.... who it was that came up with the idea to put that little arrow on the gas gauge. The one that points to the side of the car that the gas tank filler door is on. Whoever it was is a genius.

This thing seems like it shouldn't be any big deal. I actually remember thinking the first time I saw it that it was a waste. I wondered how much extra it cost the manufacturer to put that little spot of paint on the gas gauge. I now see that I was wrong.

Having had to drive a lot of loaners and rentals this past year (including this past week) I realized that I do appreciate the little buggers. Changing vehicles often and not knowing for sure which side the gas tank thing is on is a real problem when you are heading to the gas station. Luckily there's that little arrow thing there to help me out.

So, for all the time I spent in the past laughing about the dumb ass arrow pointing out the correct side for filling up the tank, I apologize. I realize now there is a reason for the thing to be there. It's for all the times your real car needs a fix up job and you aren't sure which side of the gas pump to pull up to with your loaner/rental. Without that little arrow pointing the way you would be more frustrated and probably take it out on the service people.

Most likely a Service Rep. at a dealership came up with the idea. Self preservation is the mother of invention? Could be.

Desperate Housewives Quiz

Which Housewife are you?

I did this quiz that Meritt had posted 3 times and came up with the same answer 3 times. It's destiny! (And I'm not about to complain.)

Bob is likely to date or marry Susan of Desperate Housewives.

Susan. She's sexy, spontaneous and quite likely to lose her clothes in some bizarre accident more than once in the course of a day. You may be constantly applying band-aids and showing up with spare keys, but at least life with this single Mom is never dull.

P.S. You'll have to do all the cooking, but who's complaining?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Question Of The Day

How do people who live in igloos bathe?

Joggers Are Not Happy People

Last night as I was driving home through our neighborhood, windows wide open, enjoying the great weather, I noticed some joggers on the road ahead. It's been documented how I get excited seeing joggers in the distance, so I was looking forward to the encounter.

As I got closer I noticed that there were 4 joggers, 2 men and 2 women. I also noticed 2 things about them; they weren't looking like they were going to get out of the street and the men were on the inside. Both things were a concern.

When I was little I would take walks with my Grandmother and I can't count the times she would tell me how a good man, a gentleman, would never let his woman walk on the outside of the street. She said it was a safety thing and that in her day a woman walking on the outside *then she would whisper* looked cheap. (That still cracks me up.) So when you walk with me, don't freak when I change sides to keep you on the inside. I'm well trained.

Anyway, as I got closer I saw that these joggers were not going to get out of the street. I started slowing down, almost stopping because they just didn't move over. As they got near to me the woman closest started yelling at me and waving her arms like I was doing something horrible by driving in the street. She was really going off about me driving where they were running. ?????

At first I was annoyed, but as the absurdity of the scene registered in my brain my true nature took over quickly. So I started waving my arms like a freak and screaming in my best pseudo Italian dialect back at her. My windows being all wide open made it easy for her to get the whole gist of whatever it was I was actually saying.

Now, I don't know any Italian at all. Only what I've learned from my Dean Martin cd's, but I put on a good show. I screamed and yelled in some type of language, waving my arms, giving her the old thumbnail off the front teeth sign and the slapping the arm, up yours thing. It was really fun. I know I was speaking gibberish but in my mind I was saying "Where do you expect me to drive dumb-ass? There's a nice big juicy sidewalk to your left there and you are in my street. What is this, trade sidewalk/street with the pedestrians’ day? Go trip over some roadkill!"

I'm not sure what she expected of me. Maybe when I see joggers in the road I'm supposed to get onto the sidewalk? I don't think the walkers would appreciate that very much, not to mention the kids playing there.

As I got going again and looked in the rearview mirror I saw she was still going off, flapping her gums at one of the guys as they kept going. I felt sorry for that guy. He was in for a nice evening with Ms. Freak. I, on the other hand, well let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter and I was insufferably pleased with myself all evening.

Good weather makes for good times.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Latest Poll Results

Here are the latest Poll results. I'm surprised at the 1 vote for a partner who wants too much sex. I need to find out how that can happen. It seems that the partner who is overly needy is the biggest nuisance. That's one I picked too. Perhaps we're all more independant than we realize?

The new Poll is ready. (Right sidebar) Remember you can choose multiple answers. Happy voting!

Relationships! Which of these is the hardest to put up with?

A partner who wants too much sex. 1 vote
A partner who wants too little sex. 10 votes
A partner who is your opposite politically. 3 votes
A partner who is your opposite about religion. 3 votes
A partner who has a 'wandering eye'. 8 votes
A partner who is a bad money manager. 13 votes
A partner who snores. 1 vote
A partner wants/doesn't want kids. (Your opposite) 4 votes
A partner who farts and belches in public. 3 votes
A partner who doesn't realize they are obnoxious in crowds. 8 votes
A partner who is boring, doesn't want to do anything. 8 votes
A partner who pees on the toilet seat. 7 votes
A partner who 'knows everything'. 10 votes
A partner who works too much. 3 votes
A partner who is lazy, except for what they want to do. 12 votes
A partner who is your opposite intellectually. 5 votes
A partner who is a slob. 8 votes
A partner who is jealous of your success. 5 votes
A partner who is a perpetual partier. 5 votes
A partner who is overly needy, requiring too much of you. 15 votes

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nothin Much To Say

I'm just stopping by to say hi. I don't have anything interesting to say. It's a beautiful day here, just like yesterday so I think I'll be spending the majority of it outdoors again. I hope all youse peoples are as lucky with the weekend weather as we are this week

I made the most awesome, kick-ass burgers on my grill yesterday! I kept combining spices and they came out so good! It was amazing. I have been requested to try and duplicate it again today. I'm going to try but I'm not too sure exactly which combinations I used. Wish me luck. Don'tcha wish you were here for the taste test?

Everyone have a great day. :)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Starbuck’s…..

I headed out to Starbuck’s this morning as usual, just like almost every other weekend morning, enjoying the amazing weather. It’s really sunny and warm already and it’s still early morning. I feel different this morning. Maybe I’m getting out of the funk I’ve been in all week.

Anyway, I stop at the grocery store first to pick up some *ah hem* girlie things for Nicci and as I’m heading inside I realize I forgot my wallet. Now, I’m not too sure how I thought I was going to pay for anything without money or even a check card. Maybe if I were a teen and feeling adventurous I might have thought about lifting the *girlie things*, but there’s no way I’m getting out of Starbuck’s without paying. Sooo, back to the car, back home, grab the wallet and back to the grocery store. (Isn’t it neat how time can elapse so fast when blogging?)

As I’m heading into the store again, I start talking to it. I’m walking in saying, “Well, I’m back. Did you miss me?” To my surprise, I got an answer. A voice said “Yes, we sure did!” I look over to my right and to my relief (who wants to hear voices from a building?) there is a little girl walking in with her Grandmother. When I look over, she sort of giggles and hides behind the older woman. She was a cutie! I stopped and in my most proper English sounding accent, I said “Well thank you m’lady. I’m glad to be back a-gain.” She just started giggling and the two of them continued on.

I dodged one there, but it wasn’t the last. Next I’m in Starbuck’s and chatting with the Baristas as my coffee is getting done. When it is done I turn to go to the sugar/cream bar thing and there are 2 guys standing right in front of it talking. Not using anything on it, just talking. They were there when I came in, so I guess they didn’t expect anyone else wanted to use anything? I stood a few feet away, patiently, all the while being ignored. In my mind I was thinking “Any day now Gomer” when the one guy turned and said “What did you say?” I realized that those words weren’t just in my head. I had said that out loud. Oops!

I didn’t say anything back. I wasn’t sure what to say since I didn’t even think I was saying anything out loud anyway. He must have thought I was just waiting for him to get the hint since I was suddenly silent. He stepped aside and said excuse me, kinda snotty and he and his 2 friends left. I started laughing and one of the girls working at the counter burst out laughing too. When I turned around all 3 of them were standing there laughing at me. I guess they had heard what I said. I didn’t realize I could think so loudly! One of them told me those guys had been there for about 20 minutes and some other customers had been a little annoyed with them too.

Needless to say I think I’ll be staying away from the public today. At least until my mouth and my mind are back to working together again. One of these days I’m going to get myself into a real pickle when that happens. The good news is that it only happens when I’m feeling particularly good, so this should be a good day.

Of course, I do have to make a trip to Lowe’s today. I wonder how long until the brain/mouth re-fusion is completed? ;)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

What A Difference A Day Makes

Or maybe I should say a little bit longer than that.

I was looking at a poem I wrote for a friend recently (that I never gave her, I forgot) and I decided to redo some of it. Funny thing was, I found that the changes don’t come as easily as they once did. That made me start thinking about all the stuff I wrote a few years ago. Things way back when came to me fairly easily. I wondered if I would still like any of it. So I broke some out.

I started reading over some and I realized quickly that I could not possibly write like that now. The writing is much more emotional. It’s more intense and more free-flowing. I read it and smile because I remember being there. I remember writing it and why it was written. I don’t remember feeling like I was doing something to set the world on fire. It was all just a release.

This started me thinking about how we change so much over time and we may not even notice it. It’s almost as if I’ve become less free thinking or feeling, whichever it takes to be expressive. One would think that with age comes less inhibition. I don’t think that’s true. I think someone who was very creative and is stifled for a time has a not so good chance of getting back to where they were. I find that sad. A few years ago I could find that space where the emotions would fly and the words would come freely without much effort at all. I guess I took for granted that I always would be able to be that way.

“Youth is wasted on the young,” That’s what the old guy told George Bailey. Perhaps there is some truth to that one.

Question Of The Day

What can a person do if they are in a relationship that is obviously not working but they do really care for their partner?

Opening Day Contest Winner

Here are the totals for the contest:

Peachy 9 right
Karen 9 right
Jermey 9 right
Grace 11 right
Little Eyes 8 right
EJ 2 right (All 2 picks)
Cindy Lou 1 right (1 pick, sort of)
Michelle sorry about your Dodgers
Matt 6 right
Lars 7 right
Autumn 11 right
Yankeebob 8 right

So when it comes to picking the games, Grace & Autumn were tied. Grace had 6 runs for the tie-breaker and Autumn had 9 runs. The total was 11, so that makes Autumn the... GRAND CHAMPION OF THE OPENING DAY BASEBALL CANDY CONTEST! (You need to imagine a loudspeaker with lots of reverb and a Don Pardo voice to get the full effect of that.)

Everybody go over to Autumn's Blog and congratulate her on her win. (That's also the place to bum some candy.)

Go visit Grace too for some consolation. She lost by a mere 3 run difference in the tiebreaker. Sorry Grace. You really came close.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Baseball Contest Update

First, I have to apologize because I left my running totals at work yesterday so I need to go back some time today and count them all up again. (I'm not working today :0 )

From what I rememeber and judging by the lsat 4 game winners last night, I think we have a tie in games. Good thing we added the tiebreaker.

BTW, did everyone notice El Capitain Derek Jeter's walk off home run yesterday that won the game? If not, you know about it now.

(You knew I had to put that in.)

I'll do the totals later today and post the winner. Oh, the suspense!


An explanation of my ‘Poor Me Baby’ post from 2 nights ago. (The Sunshine & Roses one.)

I had a conversation that night with an old friend that brought all those thoughts and feelings to the surface. Everyone has old friends like that I think. One’s who have shared in all your triumphs and tragedies and you are still friends. Those people have certain liberties with how and what they can say to you. It’s just the way it is. They’ve earned the respect and right to be honest. You owe them their chance. I certainly do.

Anyway, the conversation turned to how I’ve changed and how I’m not attentive to those that should matter to me. Then we got into how I’m a total wimp when it comes to living the way I want to compared to how I actually do. All truths and all frustrations that I keep buried for …. whatever reasons one chooses to do such things.

Whenever I’m alone, a lot of these issues bug me, but I don’t let them run free. I do know what’s true and what’s false about me. I do a lot of introspective thinking, mostly to keep myself grounded. Trust me, I need to. Those who know me should realize that I struggle with staying grounded all the time. I’m still the same guy from a decade ago, inside. (Be afraid.) Outside, I have different responsibilities and promises to keep. I sometimes think I’m not cut out for it either. Maybe I’m not.

The bottom line is, I know my shortcomings and weaknesses. I also know my strengths. Worst of all, I really know what I’m capable of when I decide I’m going to be a selfish a-hole, so I fight to keep that guy buried. I do believe I need to alter the way I do/do not interact with those I care about. I just don’t want the conflict it brings. Not just from others but from my insides.

This is getting longer than I wanted it to be. It may only make sense to my close buds but it is something I need them to know. I haven’t forgotten anything or anyone.

So if/when the time comes that I do decide on a change, you will be the first to know. For now just grin and bear it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Opening Day Contest Update

OK, all but 4 games have been played and here are the current standings:

Peachy 6 right
Karen 7 right
Kat 7 right
Jermey 6 right
Grace 8 right (told you about that home team picking)
Little Eyes 6 right
EJ 2 right (But she only picked 2. Nothing like batting 1.000)
Cindy Lou 1 right (I'm giving you the one because you spelled sux correctly.) ;)
Michelle pending, even though she only picked 1 (the Dodgers)
Matt 4 right
Lars 5 right
Autumn 9 right

Other than those who really didn't pick the whole list, there still isn't a definite winner. Today’s games will decide the outcome. The Braves & Marlins play @ 4:05, the Dodgers & Giants play @ 4:15, the Cardinals & Astros play @ 7:05 and the Rangers & Angels play @ 10:05. (Times are EST)

For the record YB has only 6 right. (I will never pick the O's or the Jays and the sux goes without saying, no matter who they play. I'd rather lose, even though I'm not eligible for this prize.)

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Not Always Sunshine And Roses Here

I’ve noticed some things about myself lately. I’m a dope. I’m an idiot. I’m a dork. I’m a wimp.

I’m a dope because I sucker for things I shouldn’t. I talk myself into believing things that I shouldn’t. Like looking at a situation and knowing it isn’t right for me, but I talk myself into thinking I would eventually like it. That somehow it must be right. That what I see is really what I want, even when I truthfully know it isn’t. What a dope.

I’m an idiot because I think that somehow I can handle living life against my true nature. Against my true personality. That somehow I’ll get used to it and then I’ll be a little happy. That somehow by suppressing the real me life will be better. What an idiot.

I’m a dork because I don’t learn from my mistakes. I know who the people are in this life that truly are friends and who know the real me. But they still like me anyway. They get annoyed at me, with me and by me, but they still care about me. I care about them but I don’t let them know. I’m trained to be an ‘out of sight - out of minder’. What a dork.

I’m a wimp because I let this life roll over me. It controls me and changes me and worst of all, it restricts me until I feel like there is no air left anywhere. I allowed this to happen and because of the idea I have of what I ‘should be like’ I do nothing but muddle through. Can’t hurt other people’s feelings, not for what appears to be selfish reasons. What a wimp.

These are the things I learn when I take a look at me these days. Not real encouraging, is it?

Here’s some advice:

Don’t get sidetracked by an idea or an image of what you think is OK. If you have to think about it too much, it probably isn’t OK. Don’t talk yourself into an important decision. Go with what your insides tell you is right.

Don’t lose your ideas and personal truths. Be true to your core personality. Keeping your core person happy is your responsibility and no one else can do it for you. Besides, they have their own to keep happy. They can’t be trusted with yours.

Don’t lose sight of the people who are real in your life. They really aren’t that abundant, the ones who put up with all of your stuff and still like your company. A good friend once told me to “choose your direction with the wisdom of past experience”. Take that to heart.

Don’t let a someone be your reason. For anything. A someone is only a someone until they become a person that you know. Then they become a something and you may or may not like that something. Be your own reason so that when a someone comes along, you don’t end up needing them more than wanting them. There is a huge difference.

Thus endeth tonight’s philosophy lesson. Learn it, Love it, Live it. ;)

Where Are My Posts???

This is a third attempt at posting. There are two earlier ones lost somewhere out there. I didn't notice they were AWOL until just now. How strange.

Don't tell me Blogger has a new problem?

Here we go.....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Gimme The News

I saw a strange thing this morning during one of my many errands. I pulled up behind some guy at a stop light and noticed he was reading a newspaper while the light was red. Once it turned green, he quickly threw it to the passenger seat and cruised to the next corner where the light was still red. After stopping, he picked up the paper and started reading again.

The first time I saw him reading I didn't think too much of it. The second time I started thinking something was strange. But after following him and seeing this happen through 4 stops, I knew something was strange and that something was this doofus and his weird reading habits.

I turned off the street after stop #4, but I was convinced that when he got to the next corner, the old paper would be spread across his steering wheel again. I wonder if he does some reading at stop signs too? You know, knock off a few lines before the traffic behind gets too antsy.

What a weird way to get the daily news. He couldn't wait until he was somewhere safer to read the paper? Talk about being obsessed with keeping up with current events. Geez!

Are You Really A Fan Or Not?

I took a trip to Subway for a couple of veggie subs today. While walking across the parking lot I noticed a guy coming toward me wearing a black Baseball cap. It looked to be just a black, undecorated hat. I remember thinking that maybe he just liked hats and didn't care if it was plain or anything. Nothing wrong with that.

Then as he got closer, I saw there was something on it, but until he was maybe 3-5 feet away, I couldn't make out what. When he got close enough I saw it actually had a Yankee emblem on it. A black hat with a black Yankee emblem.

Now, as I've mentioned in the past, I don't go anywhere without something Yankee plainly displayed on me. (Except for going to work of course.) It's not a conscious thing. It's just something I've almost always done. This time I had my new "Empire Strikes Back" shirt I got from Paul Katcher's site and my 1998 World Series hat on. I once was told that 'You must be one of those obnoxious Yankee fans'. Nope, I'm not obnoxious, I'm obvious. Well, this guy wasn't.

He walked right up to me and held up his hand wanting a high-five and said "Alright Yankee. Tonight's the night!" I never had seen this guy before, but it is opening day, so I went ahead with the high-five. I felt like Seinfeld when Putty (or Puddy, I'm not sure of the spelling) kept insisting on high fives. I kind of hesitated because high-fives are OK with friends at games, but it is opening day and he appeared to be a Yankee.

Afterward I started wondering about this type of thing. I wondered if he was a Yankee really, or one of those band wagoners who likes the Yanks because of the last decade or so of winning. Those hats to me are more of a fashion thing than a fan thing. I've met people who had the solid colored hats with the barely visable emblem and the ones I've mentioned it to always have said they weren't fans, they just liked the hat. I think this guy was a fan, but was he a true fan? I wish I had thought about all this in time to talk with him to see.

I really don't care for those hats. There is a lot of that type around. Hats colored yellow, pink, orange, black & green. Always the emblem invisible until you get close to the wearer. I've never seen a blue one, which would at least make a little sense. (There probably is one. I've just never seen it.) It's all a marketing thing, I know. But it annoys me a bit. The Yankees have never changed their hats and I prefer the true blue Yankee wool cap with the white interlocking NY on front. Any other version and I wonder where your heart really lies. (The exceptions are the special edition championship hats which I have several of. They are licensed by the league and the Yankees.) Maybe that's too old fashioned for those who aren't purists, but that's the way I feel about it. I guess the fashion world melding with the basball world is another revenue producing thing. That I understand. I just don't have to like it.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Starbuck’s, The Elixir Of Life

Next to Cherry Pepsi, that is.

My usual Saturday morning run to Starbuck’s always gives me blog material. Today as I was going into the store a woman pulled in and parked next to me. She looked over as I was walking past and smiled at me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Heck, I smile at everyone anyway, especially when I’m so close to my morning coffee fix. I’m pretty sure most people who are so close to their fix are like that too. (Meritt?)

Anyway, by the time she came into the store, I had ordered and was waiting at the counter. I happened to glance over when the door opened and when I did her eyes caught mine and she again sent me a really bright, warm smile. I smiled back but now I was worried. I started thinking this was one of those situations where someone recognizes you but you have no idea who they are. I hate those times. When you maybe know someone but don’t remember them and they start talking to you. Then the worst part, they remember your name but you have no idea what their name is. (Like Jerry and Mulva.)

So I did what any grown up, well adjusted adult would do; I avoided eye contact with her, hoping to escape before she started an uncomfortable conversation. Needless to say it didn’t work out that way. Bad ideas like that usually don’t. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

I had my coffee and had added a touch of sugar and when I turned away from the sugar bar thing, there she was, about 3” away from my nose. When I turned around and took my first step I nearly ran her down because she was waiting to get sugar and/or cream. I took a quick step back and she started laughing at my reaction. I guess I looked surprised. (Yes, I can be oblivious sometimes.) She put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Sorry to scare you like that. I didn’t mean to crowd you.” I apologized and told her I was a bit preoccupied. She introduced herself and told me that she was a huge Yankees fan and how much she loved my Yankee sweatshirt. (I told you before; I don’t leave home without something Yankee on me.) She wanted to know where I got it. I told her where to order it and then we proceeded to discuss lots of Yankee stuff and I found myself really liking her. After a few minutes, pleasant ones may I add, she walked to the bar and started doing her coffee thing and I left.

As I left I started laughing at myself. I had gotten worked up over something that never was there in the first place. Because I got lost inside my own head, worried about what *might* be happening, I nearly lost the chance to make a new friend.

Sometimes it’s not so good to be out in public before the morning coffee.

Friday, April 01, 2005


For any of you that may be interested, The Yankee Crew has a new blog for anyone interested in talkin' Baseball. The link is the last one under the Crew's list.

Remember to get your picks for the Opening Day Contest in to me via e-mail or comments before 8:00 P.M. Sunday when the Yankees begin their walk to the Series. :)

I Think This Is Funny

The Highwayman Revisited…..

...or the continuing saga of the morning commute.

This morning we find our hero, The Highwayman, traveling his well known perilous route of destiny with super highway senses and his new road racing partner, the Yankee Blue Jeepster, both on cruise control. A quiet commute this morning, no enemies of the road visible yet. But our hero is always on guard nonetheless. He knows at any given moment an evil commuter could crawl out of the drainage ditch and attempt to disrupt his peaceful drive toward the future.

As our hero rounds a curve on the highway he finds his fears to be well founded. He suddenly comes upon a large grouping of very slow moving vehicles. Calling on his customary cool, calm demeanor, our hero slowly eases his way into the center lane, beginning his famous slow, safe maneuvering to get through the crowd unscathed. Soon our hero sees the reason for the lesser drivers’ panicked disruption of the commute, a vehicle that appears to be a police car is at the head of the pack. But the Highwayman, having observation skills far above those lesser, uncaffeinated drivers, instantly knows there is nothing to fear. The vehicle is only a Fire Company car. He continues his semi-professional weaving and maneuvering through the crowd of slow moving, unobservant, chicken drivers until he comes along side Fire Marshall Bill's shiny car.

As the Highwayman speeds past the crowd and past Fire Marshall Bill he shows his appreciation for the Marshall and sends him a jaunty salute. One never knows if Bill is a hero yet or is destined to be, so the Highwayman decides to let him know he is appreciated. The strange look on Fire Marshall Bill's face never fazes our hero. As the Highwayman passes him he lets out a small chuckle. A memory from the Steve Martin movie "Roxanne" crosses his mind: "It's not a cop; it's a Fi-er-maan!" (Funny movies are the Highwayman's friends) His happy memory is shortly interrupted however when a pair of real policemen enter onto the highway via the next ramp. One unmarked car followed by a marked one. Perhaps another of those rolling speed traps? A dastardly turn of events, isn't it?

Once again using his super powers of observation, the Highwayman notices that the 2 cops accelerate and go past him at a very high rate of speed and that the marked car has a person in the back, handcuffed and not looking too happy. They immediately get into the fast lane and roll on at over 80 mph. (Don't ask how our hero knows the speed.) Obviously they are escorting some vicious felon to the city for a trial or something. This is good news for our hero as he can now travel his normal speed unmolested, cruise control on, straight ahead steady course.

As our hero, the Highwayman, enters his chosen exit lane, he once again feels the calm satisfaction of surviving the morning commute. Once again defeating the enemies on the road, the Highwayman prepares to face the day knowing he has a momentary respite from the enemies of the highway, until another time...........

Tune in again next time for the continuing saga of, The Morning Commute.