Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll Watch The World Series This Time Around

If you heard a huge sigh of relief over the weekend it was emanating from PA. I am still feeling the relief thanks to the Rays eliminating the sux. Last week when they dropped Game 5 after being up 7-0 I was freaking out. I was sure they would choke after that but they didn't. Now I can watch the World Series and enjoy it. :)

Yes, my hatred for the sux is that strong. If the Yankees can't be in it, they can't be or I go nuts. Enough of that...........

So tonight the Rays and the Phillies start thier World Series. I'm going to watch it with a calm, cool spirit. No angst at all because I don't care who wins. I just hope for good games.

I suppose some would think that I would be rooting for the Phillies since I am in PA but thats just not the case. I don't mind them. But I'm not a fan. Besides, they are National League. It's hard for me to root for a National League team. I would have if Joe T. would have gotten the Dodgers into the show but.....

That being said I'm not big on the Rays either. They have a fun team to watch. I'm just not a fan.

So tonight I will watch for the love of the game. I will appreciate it for what it is, the greatest game there is, and enjoy it while it lasts. After this series the off season comes again. That is the worst time of the year. So Baseball fans, enjoy this next week. I know I will savor it.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, you can't let your buddies Rob and Kent down. You know they are big Phillies Phans. Have a heart. R.W.